sergio-br2UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf0 in position 5: invalid continuation byte03:31
sergio-br2what's this?03:31
sergio-br2ah, i think i found the problem03:33
sergio-br2it's this03:34
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jgdx_anybody else having trouble pushing/pulling from launchpad? Known issue?11:16
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wgrantYes, we're just fixing it now.11:16
wgrantOne of the servers is a bit overloaded.11:16
jgdxwgrant, thanks11:16
patrickasi was about to ask the same thing11:16
wgrantShould be happier again shortly.11:16
karni_"ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" when bzr pulling -- known issue?11:46
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karniAnyone? Is this the right channel to ask for feedback on launchpad status?11:49
JoshStroblHey guys, I've been getting bzr ssh_exchange_identification issues when trying to push to bzr. Worked as of 15 hours ago. Any tips?11:49
karniJoshStrobl: same here, I asked a couple minutes ago. maybe someone will notice.11:49
JoshStroblkarni, nice to know I'm not the only one...I guess :D11:50
rmescandonJoshStrobl, me also11:50
JoshStroblyea, seems like a wider issue.11:51
rmescandoney, now it has worked!11:51
JoshStroblyep, just worked for me too11:51
karnirmescandon: heh, yup11:51
JoshStroblalrighty then11:51
JoshStroblRight then, guess I'll linger in case I have issues again.11:52
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mjthello.  What's a way to subscribe another my email address to bugmail in launchpad?  The link "Subscribe to bug mail" only allows to subscribe "Yourself"14:30
dobeyi don't quite understand what you're asking. you want to subscribe an e-mail address that doesn't have an lp account, to a bug?14:31
dobeyyou can't14:32
mjtmy intention is to subscribe mjt+$projectid@mydomain so bugs for that project will be sorted to the right folder14:32
mjti'm subscribed as mjt+launchpad@mydomain14:32
mjtah. i can add new addreses in personal preferences14:33
tewardi think it only subscribes your primary to the bug notices14:33
tewardcase in point i only get one email for my bug subscriptions, at my primary email addy14:33
dobeyyou can add another e-mail address to your account14:34
tewarddobey, can you route bug subscriptions to both, or only one?14:34
mjt< mjt> ah. i can add new addreses in personal preferences14:34
mjtit should ask which address to use, when adding, i think :)14:34
dobeyteward: https://launchpad.net/~/+structured-subscriptions14:35
tewarddobey, E: 404 failures14:35
teward(Lost Something?  window)14:35
dobeyteward: https://launchpad.net/~/+structural-subscriptions14:35
tewardahhh there we are14:35
dobeybut doesn't look like you can change the e-mail14:36
dobeyso yeah, bugs only go to primary14:36
tewardright, that's what I thought...14:36
mjtyeah, it doesn't ask which email to use when subscribing14:36
dobeymjt: if you just want to filter bugs to folders, there are special headers you can filter on14:36
mjti'll have to, apparently, yes14:37
mjtusing +foo is just so much easier14:37
mjtbut ok14:37
* dobey would just prefer to not get any bug e-mails ever14:37
tewarddobey, heheh, that works for me if and only if i weren't tracking all the nginx bugs xD14:38
teward(alas I have to :/)14:38
dobeyteward: well, launchpad has a really nice API. so a nice app to manage bugs would be nicer, i think :)14:39
tewarddobey, TBH I'm too lazy to code such an app, have fun if that's your thing :)14:40
* teward has to finish redoing his firewall anyways14:40
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sergio-br2I need to use a old gcc version in one package16:54
sergio-br2so, if i put this in the rules:16:54
sergio-br2CC = gcc-4.816:54
sergio-br2CXX = g++-4.816:54
sergio-br2and put this in the control: gcc-4.8, g++-4.816:54
sergio-br2will it compile against gcc 4.8 ?16:55
dobeyexport CC=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)-gcc-4.917:16
dobeyyou want to do something like that, but with 4.8 instead of 4.917:16
dobeyin the rules17:17
sergio-br2and for g++?17:19
sergio-br2export CXX=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)-g++-4.817:19
sergio-br2like that?17:19
sergio-br2great, thanks17:20
hassoonwhen i write   bzr branch lp:~bi0ha2ard/stellarium/planes, does that download the planes folder located there to my machine? i'm new with this launchpad thing17:26
dobeyplanes is the branch name, yes17:29
dobeystellarium is the project name17:29
dobeyand bi0ha2ard is the owner of that branch17:29
mapreriI can't upload to my ppa's:20:37
mapreriLogging into host ppa.launchpad.net as mapreri20:37
mapreriFailed to auth. Prompting for a login pair.20:37
mapreriplease login: Username: ^C%20:37
maprerisomething known?20:38
Sarvattare the builders broken? for some reason everything I upload is dying during the build and there aren't any logs, like https://launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+archive/ubuntu/sru5/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all20:42
Sarvatthmm seems to just me amd64 now, earlier it was both. https://launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+archive/ubuntu/sru9/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all from another PPA20:44
Sarvattlooks like its all fine now after a third rebuild attempt20:58
dobeymaybe some psychic was cloud busting? :)20:59
rocketninehey guys, i submitted an initial package 10-15 minutes ago, and haven't received an email and the PPA page hasn't updated.  the builders page lists a lot of idle workers.  is it still possible that it's just delayed, or did i goof?21:53
tsimpsonrocketnine: make sure you signed the .changes file and that the key you signed it with is registered with launchpad21:59
rocketnineaha, missed the step of publishing my key and setting it up in launchpad. thanks22:03
rocketninewhen trying to add my new ppa with add-apt-repository, i'm getting "Error: signing key fingerprint does not exist"23:01
rocketninei read that this can occur if the package wasn't built/published yet23:01
rocketninebut i've ensured that it was built successfully and published23:01

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