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absk007is there any hosts file manager e.g. hostsman for Windows06:05
wxlabsk007: http://alternativeto.net/software/hostsman/?platform=linux06:07
absk007wxl, nothing06:07
absk007already searched06:07
wxlabsk007: that's all i got.06:07
wxlabsk007: looks like you can run it in wine http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=14771006:08
absk007wxl, spybot Search and Destroy goes one step further by immunizing individual browsers06:09
shay_shayany installer devs here07:02
shay_shaymajor derp in the current installer images07:02
shay_shaybtrfs-tools is completely missing from the iso07:03
shay_shaywhich is one of the options in the manual partitioner07:03
shay_shayits fine for me because i made one with it07:04
shay_shaybut if you try to install on btrfs with the current installer it gets an error07:04
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jaredshay_shay: the developers aren't always around but if you think it's important you can log a bug for them to see.07:29
absk007how to use openvpn client easily?08:08
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Junkahello, when i start a guest session i get an error "No session for pid xxxx"08:44
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junka1i am junka. I switched to my home user account without loginout from the guest account09:20
junka1when i tried to go back i got a new guest session09:20
junka1with a different pid09:21
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CouchmonsterIs there anyone related to the lubuntu HP09:31
Couchmonsterthe documentation section is down09:31
user123321Please help, my machine crashed at 17.20 display time, rebooted with ctrl+alt+printscreen+r+i+u+s+b,  kernal log around that time: http://pastebin.com/mm0tUxzm12:06
user123321thanks :)12:06
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testdruser123321: your pastebin says: this paste has been removed13:03
JunKais there a way to make sylpheed use the native notify osd?13:23
JunKawhen i run users13:40
JunKai see my guest-xxxxx user account13:41
JunKabut when i do login guest-xxxxx and enter blank password it fails13:41
wxlphillw: not yet14:07
JunKahow can i create notifications?14:15
holsteinJunKa: for what? where?14:33
holsteinJunKa: you are trying to login as guest in a terminal? i dont know that you can do that.. guest is a "special" user account that doesnt remember things14:34
JunKayes i know holstein, but i haven't logged out so the session is still there14:35
holsteinJunKa: no14:35
holsteinJunKa: its not the way it works.. you get a new environment each time14:35
holsteinJunKa: if you want to be able to save states, you'll need a traditional account.. the guest accout is just for guests to use, to isolate and limit them14:36
JunKaholstein: have you tried ubuntu? if you select from the gear on top right the guest session it returns me to my session14:36
holsteinJunKa: ok..14:36
JunKaIF i haven't logged out14:36
holsteinJunKa: its still not designed to be that way, and lubuntu *is* ubuntu14:36
JunKabut just switched14:36
holsteinJunKa: if i want an account that acts like a traditional account, i make one.. thats what i suggest.. dont expect to leave the guest account and come back like that14:37
JunKai know but ubuntu's fast switch user was able to do it14:37
holsteinJunKa: if ubuntu is addressing that somehow, you can ask about it and apply it to lubuntu, since lubuntu *is* ubuntu14:37
wxl…though it will probably require tons of extra cruft14:37
holsteinJunKa: then, use the fact user switcher.. lubuntu is lxde + ubuntu, and lxde is *light* .. thats what the l is for14:37
wxlsince ubuntu == extra cruft14:38
holsteinJunKa: so, there are many things that are not in the "ligher" distros14:38
JunKai know i was just wondering if there was an alternative way14:38
holsteinJunKa: but still, even in ubuntu, the purspose of the guest account is not that.. i suggest making another user account regardless, if you want a traditional user14:38
JunKaholstein: -_- you missing the point14:39
holsteinJunKa: if you want to add that funcitonality, add the tool14:39
holsteinJunKa: im sharing my opinion that its a bad idea to trust the guest account in this way14:39
JunKai have no idea what tool is that, besides it's probably a gnome thing14:39
holsteinJunKa: the "fast user switcher" you reference14:40
wxlJunKa: and you're right it's probably built into the de somehow.14:40
holsteinJunKa: gnome is gtk.. lxde (at least for now) is gtk.. lubuntu *is* ubuntu, so add the tool from ubuntu to lubuntu if you want it14:40
holsteinJunKa: what notifications are you trying to create where? with what?14:40
wxlJunKa: so you have to decide how important it is to have the fast user switcher versus creating your own regular user account to act as guest14:41
JunKahere that;s the thing14:42
JunKai can go back and forth this way14:42
JunKabut not if i go back to lightdm14:42
holsteinJunKa: correct.. this is as expected, friend14:43
wxlthat's pretty much an intregal part of unity afaik JunKa14:43
holsteinJunKa: if you want to add that tool, you likely can.. but, i say, if prefer the way unity is working you may just want to use it14:43
holsteinJunKa: the guest account shouldnt be trusted that way, regardless. its not for that purpose.. its intended as an amnesia user that is isolated from your machine.. for guests14:44
JunKaok let's let it be this way then14:44
holsteinJunKa: you can create a user, which will work as you are needing easily from within lubuntu/lxde or any other de14:44
holsteinJunKa: or, you can ask upstream what it is specifically that faciliates that functionality, and add it to lubuntu14:45
JunKaas for the notification, i want to create a 'new email' notification for sylpheed. Sylpheed preferences allow me to add a command by i don't know what to input, notify-send wants me to install another package14:46
holsteinJunKa: i would expect to install whatever is already made that would facilitate the funcitonality.. is the other package a notification for sylpheed?14:47
holsteinotherwise, i would just try and test sending something til it works.. i have, in the past, switched notifiers for such functionality.. are you able to send a notification from a terminal?14:48
JunKasylpheed does not have any and i dont wanna install extra packages14:48
JunKai have xfce-notifyd, and i'd like to use that14:48
JunKabut i am not familiar with the command14:49
holsteinJunKa: notification systems are quite reasonable in size.. i personally would just use what is being suggested14:49
holsteinif you are so tight on space that a notification system cant fit on the hard drive, i dont think you'll be able to use the system for anything like downloading emails..14:49
JunKalubuntu creates notification by default14:50
JunKahow can i recreate one14:50
holsteinone, what?14:50
holsteinJunKa: what im saying is, i would test sending from the terminal14:51
holsteinJunKa: i hear you asking "how do i send email notifications from sylpheed" and it has a custom notifcation config space14:51
holsteinJunKa: i would use a terminal to test that i understand how to send, and that they are being sent.. notify-send 'Hello world!'14:51
holsteinJunKa: can you send notifications from the terminal?14:52
JunKano, notify-send is not the proper command14:52
holsteinJunKa: friend, using *any* command, are you able to send from the terminal? if not, what commands are you using? what are the errors? please us a pastebin to help the volunteers help you..14:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:53
holsteinJunKa: what command are you using? whats the output when you try "notify-send 'Hello world!' " ?14:53
JunKai don't know other commands besides notify-send, that's what i am basically asking14:54
holsteinJunKa: please, open a terminal, and run "notify-send 'Hello world!' " and paste the output here.. the errors14:54
JunKaThe program 'notify-send' is currently not installed.14:54
holsteinJunKa: why not install it?14:55
holsteinsudo apt-get install notify-send14:55
JunKaI don;t want it. My system makes notifications e.g. network manager14:55
JunKai just wanna figure out how14:55
holsteinJunKa: sudo apt-get install notify-send14:56
holsteinits quite small, and should allow you to send notifications as you are asking14:56
holstein!info notify-send14:56
ubottuPackage notify-send does not exist in trusty14:56
holstein!info notify-osd14:56
ubottunotify-osd (source: notify-osd): daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.35+14.04.20140213-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 100 kB, installed size 787 kB14:57
holsteinsudo apt-get install notify-osd14:58
JunKaok holstein thank you15:01
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Nklobehmm i cant get this irc going in my normal client... is there anyone who's got a working conf beside this webclient?17:22
wxlNklobe: yep17:26
Nklobecan you pass your url conf?17:26
wxlNklobe: what client do you have?17:26
wxlhuh never heard of that17:27
wxlsuffice it to say you need to use irc.freenode.org17:27
wxl6667 should work fine or use 7000 with ssl17:27
Nklobeim new into irc and i needed a client so i just did a apt.cache search irc and picked one at random... :D17:27
wxlif you're a noob you'd probably have better luck with xchat17:29
wxlf-irc is a console client17:29
wxlthen you should use irsii or weechat17:29
Nklobethere! thnx! i just missed the "irc." in the url17:30
wxli think chat.freenode.org works too17:30
Nklobeyeah i have friends complaining about me not using irsii17:30
* wxl shrugs17:31
wxli love irssi17:31
wxlbut it seems like f-irc might be the easier way to do things17:31
Nklobeyeah i just installed it and read the man page and i was good to go17:31
wxlNklobe: do you know if it can do split windows? just vertically or horizontally as well?17:34
Nklobehmm havent looked in to that... ill check i out17:35
wxlNklobe: i've been meaning to switch to weechat for the split options available but even outside of that i heavily use the windows and splits available in irssi17:36
wxli'm in 24 channels on freenode, and that's just this server, so i need the option to organize17:36
Nklobei do not think it has the windowsplit.17:38
wxlit's useless to me then :)17:38
Nklobebut it very easy to navigate the channels, and im not a poweruser when it comes to irc so im satisfied at the moment!17:38
* wxl nods17:39
prettyconfusedhi everybody20:03
prettyconfusedafter installation tried to change language to German20:03
prettyconfusedcannot apply systemwide, any hints?20:04
prettyconfusedGerman is still "greyed out"20:05
phillwprettyconfused: did you install the full language pack?20:05
prettyconfusedwent to preferences, language20:05
prettyconfusedwent to "install/remove languages", chose German, packages were downloaded20:06
prettyconfusedcannot apply changes, because German is not an option to choose :-(20:06
phillwprettyconfused: have followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/LanguageSupport ?20:06
prettyconfusedwill have a look20:07
prettyconfusedthis is exactly what I did20:07
phillwprettyconfused: you 1st have to install total language support. There is not room on the CD to hold multiple languages20:07
prettyconfuseddistro is LXLE, 1,2 GB on usb stick20:08
holsteinprettyconfused: this is lubuntu support.. lxle is *not* lubuntu20:08
prettyconfusedEnglish (United States) and English were preinstalled20:08
holsteinprettyconfused: you can try the ubuntu documentation that is linked, but, they (lxle) may have changed anything in the loop there that could break the way its done in lubuntu/ubuntu20:09
phillwprettyconfused: I do not know what lxle use for language support.20:09
prettyconfused@holstein: its base on lubuntu20:09
phillwprettyconfused: and lubuntu is based on linux, same as red hat is... same instructions will not work :)20:09
holsteinprettyconfused: sure.. and its *not* lubuntu. you can try the proceedure, and if you have issues, you must use lxle support.. we have no way of tracking what has happened to the base20:09
prettyconfusedfirst time this happens to me, worked flawlessly when i did install distro before20:09
Unit193prettyconfused: So is Peppermint last I looked,  LXLE support is in #lxle20:09
Unit193What's the pull for LXLE over Lubuntu 14.04 LTS?20:10
holsteinprettyconfused: let them know you are having issues with the product they make20:10
prettyconfusedi am not ware that there is a lxle channel on freenode20:10
wxlUnit193: um it's lts, ummmm, errrr20:10
prettyconfusedits 14.04 lts20:10
holsteinprettyconfused: try the one listed above.. or the one that the lxle site suggests20:10
Unit193wxl: Exactly..20:10
holsteinprettyconfused: its *not* though.. its lxle..20:10
prettyconfused@holstfein: you are totally right,20:11
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:11
prettyconfusedas there are many folks in the lubuntu channel and lxle is based on lubuntu I thougt i could get some help#20:11
wxlprettyconfused: we don't deal with lxle. they could have changed all sorts of things.20:12
prettyconfusedubottu, thank yuo20:12
phillwprettyconfused: http://lxle.net/support/20:12
wxlprettyconfused: the instructions WE have for lubuntu are documented above by phillw.20:12
wxlprettyconfused: if that doesn't work, then the problem probably exists in lxle.20:13
phillwthey seem to have some sort of IRC channel.20:13
holsteinprettyconfused: try the official ubuntu/lubuntu documentation.. but, there is no support for lxle here or at ubuntu20:13
wxlprettyconfused: i have an easy solution: get lubuntu.20:13
prettyconfusedwxl, lol20:13
holsteinyeah.. its a larger community, if support is what you need..20:13
wxlprettyconfused: i'm serious! we know that well and can easily support it20:13
prettyconfusedthanks anyway to everybody responding20:14
testdrprettyconfused: und Deutsch funktioniert einwandfrei sofort mit einem Lubuntu-14.04.1 Install von der Live-Version20:14
phillwprettyconfused: as our devs are spread across the world... one thing that does work... language support :)20:14
prettyconfusedi have installed and used lubuntu, and its a great distro, thank you all20:14
Replophow to open a terminal in a network share ?23:44
ReplopI browsed PCManFM  , it gave me an smb:// adress , cding toward that in a terminal doesn't give good results23:45

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