sleepy-owlhello folks, i am trying to set up a Qt development environment on my system. i saw qtcreator in the repos but before i go and wreck my system with whatever those packages install by default, i came here for advice. are there any packages in  particular that i have to avoid or get ?01:19
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MirvI wonder which app..04:07
Akiva-Thinkpadhey all04:19
Akiva-Thinkpadback from me uncles wedding04:19
Akiva-ThinkpadBye all. Be back in 9ish hours.04:25
dholbachgood morning06:45
nik90Mirv: the new clock ap ;)06:50
nik90Good morning everyone06:50
mihirpopey: ping07:31
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nik90popey: can you ping me when you are online.08:50
nik90davmor2: there you go clock reboot should be available as an update in the daily image.08:57
davmor2nik90: not quite the day you said though right ;)09:10
Saviqnik90, I'm afraid clock reboot fails to start on two of my devices :/09:11
* Saviq gets out logging09:11
nik90Saviq: did you search for "Clock" since apps don't usually launch after an update. Search somehow refreshes the desktop file I think09:11
Saviqnik90, indeed09:12
Saviqnik90, just noticed it's trying the wrong app id09:12
nik90Saviq: hmm it seems to work for me atm09:13
Saviqnik90, yeah, false alarm09:13
Saviqnik90, sounds like a bug in click scope09:13
* nik90 sighs a relief :)09:13
sergiusensSaviq: I've seen that more when installing with pkcon09:13
Saviqnik90, looking real good!09:13
sergiusensSaviq: if installed from the scope; I guess it triggers a signal or something to refresh09:14
Saviqsergiusens, yeah, that as well, but I upgraded from settings09:14
sergiusensthen ignore me :-P09:14
davmor2Saviq: do a search it will refresh the click scope old bug that still needs fixing damn it ;)09:14
Saviqsergiusens, yes it does, so we need a hook that will kick the dash to refresh09:14
sergiusenswow, bottom swipe and top swipe09:15
davmor2Saviq: of course I automatically blame you entirely for it being broken still  ;)  That should fix it :)09:15
Saviqdavmor2, lemme just deflect quickly09:15
Saviqdavmor2, dash can't assume there even *is* a click scope, let alone refresh it on app updates ;P09:16
Saviqnik90, looking first class!09:16
Saviqnik90, one nitpick, it's slightly too easy to go into "add city" mode when just scrolling around09:17
Saviqnik90, maybe it should check for a maximum movement velocity on release09:18
Saviqnik90, this way you'll make sure that the user stopped moving their finger before release09:18
davmor2Saviq: right but I'm assuming that the updater on finishing an update could trigger the scope to refresh right?09:18
Saviqdavmor2, the click scope should install a click hook to trigger a refresh on all click operations, yes09:19
Saviqnik90, ah, and one more - volume slider hint is semi transparent (and should probably say %)09:21
Saviqnik90, /me will file bugs09:21
nik90Saviq: go ahead, I am in a design meeting atm09:22
popeynik90: yo09:25
nik90popey: hi09:35
popeynik90: heya09:35
nik90popey: just had a meeting with the designers09:35
nik90popey: so the click package has been uploaded and approved!09:35
nik90popey: can you change the screenshots and the description for it.09:35
popeyI cant.09:36
popeyI dont have access to do that, I have to get someone else - sergiusens, mirv or balloons to do it09:36
nik90depending on who it is, I can send the screenshots and descriptions to them09:37
* popey pings sergiusens 09:37
Mirvpopey: not me, at least I don't know that I'd have09:38
popeynik90: I'd recommend emailing sergiusens the details as I know he can certainly do it.09:39
nik90popey: will do so now09:39
zyganik90: clock reboot is PRETTY, good work!09:47
md6sumnik90, since you released the new version of the clock-app, will it be part of the next promoted image on the devel channel?09:47
nik90zyga: thnx09:51
nik90md6sum: it should already be available as an update in the current promoted image09:51
nik90md6sum: in the next promoted image, it will come by default09:52
zyganik90: I installed the update09:54
zyganik90: but it would crash09:54
zyganik90: I then removed clock app09:54
zyganik90: and installed clock reboot09:54
zyganik90: I don't know if that's intended09:54
zyganik90: this was on rtm-809:54
md6sumthx, I just did the update. Does the new clock app rely on the system clock time to toggle the alarm?09:55
nik90md6sum: yes09:55
nik90zyga: hmm09:55
nik90zyga: apps don't launch after an update09:55
md6sumThe old clock app did not start the alarm due to the system time being stuck when the phone is sleeping09:55
md6sumSo the alarm will not work?09:55
zyganik90: oh09:56
zyganik90: so what should I have done instead?09:56
nik90md6sum: that was fixed in the system, the clock app alarms work as expected09:56
nik90zyga: you need to search for the "Clock app" which refreshes the click scope09:56
zyganik90: ah09:56
zyganik90:  should I remove the clock reboot app, reinstall clock app and search again then?09:56
md6sumI am on r203 so I need to wait for the next promoted image anyway?09:56
zyganik90: or will clock reboot keep being updated?09:57
nik90zyga: clock reboot will not be removed from the store actually :D. I say reinstall clock app09:57
nik90md6sum: that bug shouldn't be there in 20309:57
nik90md6sum: in my testing, the alarm worked (on N4) in 203.09:57
md6sumOk, I will test this and let you know tomorrow. ;)09:58
md6sumthx and bye09:58
nik90md6sum: sure. bye09:58
nikwennik90, md6sum: I've had that yesterday as well (on image 207), today (on r208) it worked fine.09:59
nik90nikwen: I haven't tried 207 yet, I went straight to the rtm images10:00
nik90nikwen: oh btw phablet-record is cool10:00
zyganik90: thanks!10:00
nik90nikwen: is there any way to increase the frame rate a bit?10:00
nikwennik90: Thanks. :)10:00
nik90zyga: sry, I may be a typo in my statement. Clock reboot tech preview *will* be removed from the store.10:01
nik90zyga: I just read what i typed before :P10:01
nikwennik90: I don't think that it can be increased with the current implementation. It uses phablet-screenshot to take screenshots and pull them from the device.10:01
nik90nikwen: ah so the framerate depends on how fast the phablet-screeshot takes the pictures?10:02
popeyoooh, where is phablet-record?10:02
nik90nikwen: np, still helpful to create a gif quickly10:02
nikwennik90: Sadly, mirscreencast crashes at the moment, otherwise we could switch to using that one.10:02
popeyI wrote a script yesterday but 14.10 is missing ffmpeg so i couldnt convert10:02
nik90popey: https://github.com/nikwen/phablet-record10:02
nikwenI'll post a link to the bug report.10:02
zyganik90: ah, ok10:03
zygaI cannot install it10:04
zygaclock is "installed" in the store10:04
nikwennik90: Here you go: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/135819110:04
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1358191 in mir "[regression] Clients are crashing (SIGSEGV) on mir_connect()" [Critical,In progress]10:04
zygabut doesn't show up in searches in the dash10:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1358191 in Mir "[regression] Clients are crashing (SIGSEGV) on mir_connect()" [Critical,In progress]10:04
zygaok, another uninstall / reinstall fixes that10:06
zyganik90: is there a bug for the click scope not refreshing?10:06
nik90zyga: I think so..not sure10:06
zyganik90: ok, I'll try searching and file one just in case10:07
zyganik90: awesome design and implementation :-)10:07
nikwenzyga: There is one. One moment...10:07
nikwenzyga: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtmir/+bug/136199810:08
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1361998 in qtmir "When applications update, a reboot is needed to open them" [Undecided,New]10:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1361998 in QtMir "When applications update, a reboot is needed to open them" [Undecided,New]10:08
nik90nikwen: thnx. marking as confirmed10:10
nik90zyga: thnx10:10
nikwennik90: You're welcome. ;)10:10
nik90t1mp: ping10:20
t1mpnik90: hi10:22
nik90t1mp: Hi, I am seem to be having an interesting issue.10:23
nik90t1mp: https://imgur.com/Uehbzm110:23
nik90t1mp: the slider value popup is transparent.. any idea why?10:23
nik90t1mp: I am using standard sdk component. no changes to it10:23
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nik90t1mp: on further testing, it seems that if the slider value popup is over the header, it becomes transparent10:24
nerochiarooSoMoN: release process question: how do I know if a bug marked "fix released" is actually in the image that i get when i flash with channel ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed ?10:25
nik90t1mp: I replicated that same component, put it at the bottom of the list and it is opaque10:25
t1mpnik90: strange10:26
oSoMoNnerochiaro, shell into the device, and check the version of the package10:26
sergiusensnik90: popey I was going to ask for new assets :) just send them my way (links or attachments)10:26
t1mpnik90: perhaps the popover is behind the header, and the header is transparent10:26
nik90sergiusens: already sent you assets10:27
nik90sergiusens: well 5-10 mins ago ;)10:27
nik90t1mp: hmm that could be it10:27
oSoMoNnerochiaro, or check the commit logs at http://people.canonical.com/~lzemczak/landing-team/10:27
nik90t1mp: let me play with the z value of the slider itself to see10:27
t1mpnik90: still it is wrong the popup should go on top of everything else10:27
nik90t1mp: +1. I will file a bug report with a sample app10:28
t1mpnik90: thanks10:28
Saviqnik90, sorry for the inflow of bugs, wanted to register everything I could find :)10:36
Saviqnik90, the app looks real great regardless10:36
nik90Saviq: no worries :) .. many of them require design feedback which could take some time.10:37
nik90Saviq: so its good to see them reported early10:38
nik90t1mp: bug 136211510:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1362115 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit "Slider popup is hidden beneath the header" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136211510:38
ubot5bug 1362115 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Slider popup is hidden beneath the header" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136211510:38
Saviqnik90, yup, I knew that10:38
nik90Saviq: I am aware of the accidental world city trigger bug. Unfortunately I am a bit stuck on how to fix it. I might need your expertise on it when you have some time later.10:40
nik90Saviq: btw, the alarm volume slider shows the alarm volume in db. So should it say 50 db rather than 50% ?10:41
Saviqnik90, I don't think users deal well with dB :)10:43
Saviqnik90, I think it should use % then, that's something people can relate to10:43
t1mpnik90: confirmed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/136211510:44
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1362115 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit "Slider popup is hidden beneath the header" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1362115 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Slider popup is hidden beneath the header" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:44
Saviqnik90, it does go from 0 to 100, are you sure it's dB?10:44
Saviqnik90, or well, it goes from 1 to 100 actually ;)10:44
nik90Saviq: well from the indicator-datetime spec, https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-datetime/trunk.14.10/view/head:/data/com.canonical.indicator.datetime.AlarmProperties.xml10:44
nik90Saviq: I remember charles saying it was db. I will have to check with him10:44
Saviqnik90, wonder if we need the value at all10:45
Saviqnik90, I think it should play the sound as you're changing the volume though :)10:45
nik90Saviq: that's interesting and more useful yes10:45
Saviqnik90, lemme amend the bug10:46
nik90t1mp: is it possible to not show the popup at all for a slider?10:51
sergiusenspopey: nik90 new screenies are now avail10:51
nik90sergiusens: sweet. thnx10:51
popeythanks sergiusens10:52
popeynik90: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/210.changes10:53
t1mpnik90: why would you want that?10:54
t1mpnik90: ah you already added a screenshot I see.. I was doing the same thing :)10:54
nik90t1mp: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/136207810:54
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1362078 in ubuntu-ux "Alarm volume slider should lose the hint and play the alarm sound while changing volume" [Undecided,New]10:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1362078 in Ubuntu UX "Alarm volume slider should lose the hint and play the alarm sound while changing volume" [Undecided,New]10:54
nik90popey: woohoo .. big jump 1.0.492 to 3.1.6910:55
popeyyeah ☻10:55
nik90popey: btw do you have alarm that you created in the old clock app?10:55
nik90popey: I am trying to confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/136208310:56
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1362083 in ubuntu-clock-app "Can't delete alarm" [Undecided,New]10:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1362083 in Ubuntu Clock App "Can't delete alarm" [Undecided,New]10:56
nik90ermm why two ubots?10:56
nik90ubot5 go home10:56
nik9012:56 PM <ubot5> Sorry, I don't know anything about 'go home'10:56
popeyyeah, will get one muted10:56
popeynik90: i was able to delete them10:58
Saviqnik90, on the "too easy to get into add city" I think it should be as easy as checking Flickable.velocity onRelease10:58
Saviqnik90, and only going through if velocity is small enough (I'd say really minimal)10:58
nik90Saviq: I did something like https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-accidental-worldcity-trigger/+merge/23123010:59
nik90Saviq: but it fails when there are less than 3 cities added10:59
nik90Saviq: also mzanetti wasn't happy about changing the listitem edge behavior. I will try your solution to see if that works11:00
Saviqnik90, yeah, I think it'd be better with velocity, you still get all the behaviour as usual, with overshoot and such, but it will only trigger the Add City mode if you stopped for a moment11:00
Saviqnik90, http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qml-qtquick-flickable.html#verticalVelocity-prop11:01
nik90Saviq: So I should be looking at http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qml-qtquick-flickable.html#verticalVelocity-prop11:01
nik90Saviq: :)11:01
Saviqnik90, yup :)11:01
nik90Saviq: thnx. Will give that a shot. For me that is the most annoying bug atm11:02
Saviqnik90, it is indeed :)11:02
popeybug 136208311:09
ubot5bug 1362083 in Ubuntu Clock App "Can't delete alarm" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136208311:09
t1mpnik90: I guess you need a feature request in UITK for bug 136207811:13
ubot5bug 1362078 in Ubuntu Clock App "Alarm volume slider should lose the hint and play the alarm sound while changing volume" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136207811:13
nik90t1mp: yes11:16
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t1mpkalikiana: if you can join on mumble, we'll divide the rtm14 bugs11:23
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t1mpzsombi: here is the list https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bugs?search=Search&field.assignee=tpeeters11:23
mihirpopey: ping11:30
popeymihir: yo11:46
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kunalzsombi, Hi11:50
zsombikunal: hai11:50
kunalI was looking at this bug11:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1357303 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Use different component instead of using Textbox or custom component instead of textbox. " [High,Confirmed]11:50
kunalcan you provide some information/background for this11:50
mihirpopey: WE NEED SOME INPUTS ON THIS https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/revamp-repetition-deisgn/+merge/23196711:51
mihirnik90: suggested to remove mon-wed-fri & tue-thu11:51
mihirrepeat option11:51
nik90mihir: I suggest you don't get blocked on it since it is a small thing.11:52
mihirkunal: he suggested to use abstract button , as the property we're using will depreciate in next release11:52
nik90mihir: if you can fix the functionality, then we can proceed with the merge.11:52
mihirnik90: i am not blocked , just if we can resolve can merge in same branch :)11:52
zsombikunal: the idea is not to use a TextField for a purpose that is not designed for it. Placing a MouseArea over it just to get what you need is a bit overkill, so it must be done with a different approach11:52
kunalso we are talking this only for Time/Date picker, right ?11:53
zsombikunal: beside that the highlighted property will be deprecated, there will be no such a state anymor eon the text inputs11:53
zsombikunal: yes11:53
mihirkunal: yes only for dates & time11:53
kunalI am using highlighted for other text field as well, like title,location11:53
mihirnik90: i am stuck at one bug , as soon as i resolve it , we should be good to go.11:54
zsombikunal: that will also suffer. There will be visuals for disabled, enabled and focused, no more highlighted11:54
nik90mihir: then we should move ahead since it is a matter of removing a few lines. I say we keep it for now then11:54
kunalzsombi, in that case I will use focused11:54
kunalzsombi, focused will change appearance as well ?11:55
nik90kunal: fyi, only the date textfield use them. In the new design revamp me and mihir are working we removed that from other textfield since it breaks ubuntu design11:55
zsombikunal: ok, but make sure you don't set it, just react on teh property. The text inputs will get focus when touched over them11:55
zsombikunal: yes, when a text input is focused, the background gets light and the text cursor will appear11:55
zsombikunal: if the OSK is hidden, text input will lose focus11:56
kunalzsombi, ok11:56
kunalnik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/trunk/view/head:/NewEventEntryField.qml11:56
zsombikunal: also, if you tap on a different control, the focus will be grabbed from teh text input11:57
nik90kunal: I know I saw11:57
kunalnik90, we are not using that anymore ?11:57
nik90kunal: I don't use NewEventEntryField else where11:57
nik90kunal: well in the revamp MP atleast. We are still reviewing it11:57
kunalnik90, ok11:57
nik90kunal: don't worry, all this will make into trunk only after your approval when it is ready :)11:58
mihirkunal: i believe we are not , as far as newevent is concern11:58
nik90kunal: so we won't push something without your permission :D11:58
mihirkunal: we have used page instead of dialog now11:58
kunalnik90, I am not worried, if you are looking at it11:59
kunalmihir, I saw comment , but not code yet11:59
* nik90 grinns12:00
kunalI was facing major crisis with my laptops, could not work with code, it just got ok now, still facing some problem12:00
kunalnik90, mihir , so you guys are also working on new timepicker stuff ?12:02
nik90kunal: we didnt change that afaik12:02
nik90kunal: what's wrong with it?12:02
kunalnik90, regarding the same thing, which uses textedit, hightlighted and timepicker12:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1357303 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Use different component instead of using Textbox or custom component instead of textbox. " [High,Confirmed]12:03
kunalthis bug12:03
nik90kunal: ah that. I think we should go with what you suggested which is to use focussed instead of highlighted12:03
nik90kunal: so on focussed, change the color etc etc12:03
nik90kunal: I think we will do that after this MP since the code diff is getting big as it is12:04
kunalnik90, that's better12:04
* nik90 is not a fan of big code diff..harder to spot issues in the code12:04
kunali agree12:05
kunalreview is lot difficult12:05
mihirkunal: nope , we haven't change it yet.12:05
kunalmihir, ok12:05
nik90mihir: ok lets try getting your branch merged into my branch then if you think it is ready12:06
nik90mihir: leave the alarm repeat days as it is12:06
kunalnik90, my QtCreate will not start, you know the issue ?12:07
nik90kunal: on laptop or VM?12:08
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nik90kunal: I had the issue of QtC crashing on my VM. On the laptop, it doesn't crash12:08
kunalyou were able to solve it ?12:09
nik90it was due to my VM GL graphics or something. I removed a driver and it started worked correctly12:09
nik90maybe launch qtc from terminal and see what the error is?12:09
kunalI tried, I dont understand it12:10
kunallet me see more closely12:10
kunal** (qmlscene:3934): WARNING **: Unable to register app: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Invalid application ID12:10
kunal<Unknown File>: Invalid empty URL12:10
kunalFail to connect with sync monitor: QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown", "The name com.canonical.SyncMonitor was not provided by any .service files")12:10
kunalintel_do_flush_locked failed: Invalid argument12:10
kunalyou know about this ?12:10
nik90hmm no12:10
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kunalrenatu, hi12:18
kunal Fail to connect with sync monitor: QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown", "The name com.canonical.SyncMonitor was not provided by any .service files")12:18
kunaldo you know about this12:18
kunalit came when running calendar.qml12:19
renatukunal, do you have sync-monitor running?12:21
renatuthis is used by the interface that activate the manual sync12:21
kunalhow can I check ?12:21
kunalor how to run it ?12:21
renatuare you running on device?12:21
kunalon laptop12:22
renatuor you can ignore it or you can install sync-monitor package12:22
kunalI am setting up new laptop and facing issue there12:22
kunallet me check12:22
kunalyes, now its gone12:24
zsombipopey: howdy, we have two bugs for the Button text alignment and color, which got tagged for RTM: bug #1357323 and bug #135733212:25
ubot5bug 1357323 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "There is no way to control text alignment of the button" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135732312:25
ubot5bug 1357332 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "There is no way to control text color of Button" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135733212:25
mihirnik90: sure , we can do that.12:26
mihirnik90: after i fix and test all the functionalities, after that i'll work on Autopilot tests.12:26
nik90mihir: yes AP is last12:27
nik90zsombi: I don't think those bugs would affect calendar app any more. Mihir can you confirm ^^12:27
zsombipopey: mihir: are those really that critical? I'd suggest to use AbstractButton12:27
zsombinik90: if not, I'll mark them as wish and untag them12:27
mihirnik90: i believe if we use abstract button we should good to go.12:28
nik90zsombi: I agree, but let me confirm with mihir12:28
zsombimihir: +112:28
nik90mihir: since with the new design we don't use abstract buttons, those bugs are not required for rtm12:28
nik90mihir: agree/12:28
mihirzsombi: if it is easy fix in UI kit , then we can easily use button , but we have an option. so not that criticial12:28
mihirnik90: agreed.12:29
nik90mihir: it might be easy to fix, but there are other critical bugs which need attention.12:29
zsombimihir: it perhaps can be easy, but a proper fix would take long... and I would not open some API which we will regret the next few years :)12:29
nik90zsombi: let's mark them as wishlist and move them post RTM12:29
zsombinik90: yea, agree12:29
mihirzsombi: agreed , we can move it to wish list12:30
zsombinik90: mihir: ok, done, thx!!12:31
nik90zsombi: :)12:31
zsombinik90: picking up bug #136211512:33
ubot5bug 1362115 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Slider popup is hidden beneath the header" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136211512:33
nik90zsombi: can I make a request for that bug?12:33
nik90zsombi: would it be possible to add a option to hide the popover?12:34
zsombinik90: that's API change, no way now12:34
nik90zsombi: the indicator-sound in the phone, has a slider which does not show the popover12:34
nik90zsombi: ack12:34
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zsombinik90: and there we have a problem: the z-order of the header is higher than the z-order of the popover12:39
zsombit1mp: ^12:39
nik90zsombi: yup12:39
zsombinik90: and that cannot be solved any other ways just by using a Window, so must be modal :/12:40
zsombinik90: and that may imply API breakage12:40
nik90zsombi: If I could access the header, I would have done popover.z = header.z + 112:40
nik90zsombi: oh12:40
zsombinik90: it doesn't work12:40
nik90zsombi: don't worry about it for RTM, I will move it to the middle of the list to ensure the popover doesnt touch the header12:40
zsombinik90: I've set the popover's z-order Number.MAX_VALUE, still teh same12:40
zsombinik90: I don't give up that fast ;)12:41
nik90zsombi: also tbh, I might make my own slider since I might need that to fix bug 136207812:42
ubot5bug 1362078 in Ubuntu Clock App "Alarm volume slider should lose the hint and play the alarm sound while changing volume" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136207812:42
t1mpzsombi: yes, the z-order of the header must be higher than the z-order of its contents.12:44
t1mpzsombi: why it cannot be solved except with a Window? Popovers go on top of everything right?12:44
zsombit1mp: so that's the problem, that's why the popover goes under it12:44
zsombit1mp: goes above the MainView in event handling, but that's a different order12:45
t1mpzsombi: ohh.. the popover does not go on top of everything it seems?12:45
zsombit1mp: hold on... that's not a Popover :D12:46
zsombit1mp: it just looks like12:46
t1mpzsombi: I know, it is a BubbleShape12:46
zsombit1mp: then we have a different story... no wonder changes on Popover do not help :D12:46
zsombit1mp: well, still doesn't help :(12:48
zsombit1mp: where do you set the z-order of the header?12:50
t1mpzsombi: nowhere12:50
t1mpzsombi: it is added after the contents item in MainView12:50
zsombit1mp: then how can it be that goes over it? or is the BubbleShape opaque?12:51
zsombit1mp: actually it is... the same effect is there in the toolkit's gallery in teh Sliders12:52
zsombinik90: ^12:52
zsombit1mp: or not.. maybe my eye is bad...12:53
nik90zsombi: it is opaque in the gallery12:53
zsombinik90: so it could be that it is not under the header, but it's opaque...12:54
nik90zsombi: could be, I was guessing in the bug report12:54
t1mpzsombi: you mean semi-transparent? Opaque means not transparent at all12:55
t1mpnik90: ^12:55
zsombinik90: ehh, yes, semitransparent, not opaque12:56
nik90erh yes12:56
zsombit1mp: ^12:56
t1mpnik90: ah then your initial guess that it was on top of the header was good12:56
nik90t1mp: yes but that seems a bit strange that when it is over a specific component (header) its opacity changes?12:57
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
t1mpshuric80: who is that ping aimed at?13:05
zsombit1mp: nik90: ok, so even if I have a Rectangle instead of that BubbleShape, it goes under the Header13:14
zsombit1mp: so it's not the item's transparency, but the header position in teh z-order13:15
nik90t1mp: so you were right, the header is transparent and over the popover13:16
zsombinik90: t1mp: and the Window doesn't help either13:16
zsombit1mp: updated https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/dialog-title-fix/+merge/23238613:17
nik90zsombi, t1mp: Clock started using QtQuick 2.3. Is that okay?13:18
nik90I didnt notice any issue after the transition13:18
zsombinik90: sure, why not?13:18
nik90zsombi: well it seemed like SDK, and other apps stopped at 2.2.13:18
zsombinik90: have you seen anything that comes in 2.3 you need?13:18
nik90zsombi: nope, just keeping up to date13:19
zsombinik90: :)13:19
nik90zsombi: since I rewrote clock, might as well do it13:19
zsombinik90: yep, good idea...13:19
nik90zsombi: btw I think you might like bug 1360840 (post-rtm ofc)13:20
ubot5bug 1360840 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Checkbox should provide an exclusiveGroup property similar to upstream Qt CheckBox" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136084013:20
zsombinik90: but seems the slider vs header is not an easy beast to solve... might need some rewrites here'n'there13:20
nik90zsombi: as I said before, no worries. Feel free to untag it.13:20
zsombinik90: yeah, I've been wining about that long time :D13:21
nik90zsombi: well things I look forward to post-rtm :D13:22
zsombinik90: but that's not enough, you need an invisible (or maybe a small frame around) component that drives the radio effect13:22
nik90zsombi: I just created an exclusiveGroup { id: group } and set that for a group of checkboxes and it seemed to work.13:23
nik90I suppose that's the invisible frame13:23
nik90kalikiana: hey btw would I benefit moving from u1db to qt.labs.settings to get a startup performance boost?13:24
zsombinik90: that's the invisible handler :) yes13:24
nik90kalikiana: it looks like a lot of startup time is spent on getting the value from the u1db document13:24
zsombinik90: for app settings yes, go that way13:25
nik90zsombi: yeah just for app settings like which clock mode to show (dig or analog) etc13:25
nik90zsombi: will give that a try13:26
zsombinik90: yep.... and perhaps we will provide a U1DB backend at some point for it....13:26
nik90zsombi: it seems offloading the alarm model to loading a bit later improves startup by 0.6 secs :)13:26
zsombinik90: some day ... in the future....13:26
zsombinik90: well... :) that's quite some time tbh13:27
mihirzsombi: also , checkbox doesn't have any text property, I feel it is very important :|13:27
zsombimihir: on desktop is, definitely13:27
nik90zsombi: I know..Kaleo gave me a script to measure app startup time..it is working wonders in seeing if something I did changes the startup time.13:28
mihirzsombi: i reported it , but in wishlist13:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1323238 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Checkbox text Property is not working " [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:28
zsombimihir: the whole instantiation, i.e. Checkbox does not derive from Button is bad13:28
=== _salem is now known as salem_
zsombimihir: yeah, it is not taken into account... and that is bad!!!13:29
* popey pokes balloons with https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-filemanager-app/add-lxml-depends/+merge/23145713:30
popeynik90: can https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/implement-location-finding/+merge/231793 land now?13:31
nik90popey: not until bug 1359866 is fixed13:32
ubot5bug 1359866 in location-service (Ubuntu) "Location trust service is not started on image 203" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135986613:32
popeyah okay13:38
popeynik90: did you tell me about some magical speed up for app starts, or did i dream it?13:39
nik90popey: this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/conditionally-load-alarmmodel reduces startup time by 24% :D13:40
zsombinik90: it is wise to use 1 alarm model in the whole app ;)13:44
nik90popey: I am planning to run Kaleo's script which measures startup time against my MRs to ensure we don't regress on it.13:44
nik90zsombi: I do use only 1 alarm model13:44
nik90zsombi: I put it in its own file to avoid cluttering my main ubuntu-clock-app.qml file13:44
zsombinik90: but one instance I mean... one AlarmModel instance13:45
zsombinik90: especially if the backend is EDS...13:45
nik90zsombi: not sure I follow13:45
nik90zsombi: I instantiate one AlarmModel and pass it around to the different pages13:46
zsombinik90: the MP above shows a removed AlarmModel... so I assume there were more than one instance in the app13:46
nik90zsombi: ah no, I removed it, and then made it load using a Loader right below it.13:47
nik90272+ Loader {13:47
nik90273+ id: alarmModelLoader13:47
nik90274+ asynchronous: true13:47
nik90275+ }13:47
nik90once the startup animation is complete, I set alarmModelLoader.source = Qt.resolvedUrl("../alarm/AlarmModelComponent.qml")13:47
zsombinik90: ah, ok, that's fine as well13:47
nik90t1mp: quick question, your Mp https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/10-headAnimate/+merge/232201 what does it animate?13:50
nik90t1mp: the app header entering the page? Or the app header contents when one changes them?13:51
popeyzbenjamin: bzoltan is there a way to re-run the qtcreator wizard?14:05
zbenjaminpopey: yes "rm ~/.config/ubuntu-sdk/firstrun"14:05
popeythanks! I'll remove the whole directory ☻14:06
zbenjaminpopey: if you want to reset the qtc configuration you also have to remove ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator i think14:07
zbenjaminyes, that should completely reset it14:07
popeyzbenjamin: https://imgur.com/yQM0eWM font there looks odd (title)14:07
zbenjaminpopey: yes i know, that came after a Qt update14:07
mhall119nik90: on http://askubuntu.com/questions/344831/how-to-access-geolocation-information-on-ubuntu-touch you said "worked with segfaulting" did you mean without?14:15
nik90mhall119: shite yes :D14:16
dholbachjdstrand, shall we do another upload of c-r-t to utopic and backport to the sdk release ppa?14:16
nik90mhall119: fixed14:17
jdstranddholbach: makes sense14:18
dholbachwill do14:18
dholbachzbenjamin, ^ an updated click-reviewers-tools (with click-review, which has the --json option) is ~now available in utopic and the sdk release ppa14:23
zbenjamindholbach: ok thx!14:23
dholbachzbenjamin, if you want any other options or any other changes, it should be very easy to accommodate that now14:24
zbenjamindholbach: ok i'll check it out. Thanks14:25
nik90popey: woohoo translations work https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app14:44
nik90popey: I guess we need to change the development focus for this14:45
justcarakasis akiva around ?14:50
mihirzsombi: yup14:58
mihirzoopster: i understand that, either we should remove that to reduce ambiguity for all the developers14:59
zoopstermihir: wrong "z" by chance?15:00
mihirzoopster: sorry :|15:00
mihirzsombi: ^^15:00
zoopstermihir: no worries15:01
zsombimihir: ?15:01
=== boiko__ is now known as boiko
mihirzsombi: nothing i read your bug comment15:04
zsombimihir: ah, ok :)15:04
* zsombi eod now15:04
matv1I am seeing error opening shm /lttng-ust-wait-5 in my app log but i have no idea what shm does. should i be bothered?15:09
matv1ah i see other app logs generate the same messages now.15:13
matv1matv1 is not so worried anymore15:14
nik90popey: Hey have you tried the app DowNow ?15:18
nik90popey: how is it downloading a torrent in the background?15:18
nik90popey: I downloaded a music file and it opens in the music app and plays it beautifully15:18
popeynot tried that, no15:18
nik90fginther: ping (if you got some time to discuss an idea)15:22
nik90fginther: ping (if you got time to discuss an idea)15:23
fginthernik90, sure15:23
nik90bah my internet is crappy15:23
nik90fginther: I remember at malta where you mentioned the possibility of jenkins running the core app AP tests on the device? Is that still the goal?15:24
nik90fginther: I was given this script http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8153032/ by Kaleo which measures the app startup time. I wonder if jenkins could run that and let the app devs know if they current MP is increasing/decreasing that start up time.15:25
nik90fginther: it will be an ideal way to prevent app startup time regressions15:25
fginthernik90, yes in a limited capacity. I can add mako testing as part of the autolanding process and have been working with balloons the past week to add some more projects to this list.15:26
nik90fginther: Is adding the script to the test results a possibility? (just checking to see if feasible)15:27
nik90s/a possibility/possible15:27
fginthernik90, the app-startup test is out of scope for what we can do right now because the work involved in running it is just behind other higher priority work. It's being run on a per image basis, just not per MP.15:27
nik90fginther: ah ok15:28
fginthernik90, we're still blocked on emulator support to add device testing as part of every MP test. It's something that kind of works, but not in the cloud environment we need it too.15:30
nik90fginther: ah yes, I remember following on a discussion about that in ci-eng15:31
Kaleonik90, fginther, we have better measurements being gathered automatically already15:45
KaleoI'm going to talk to some people about getting them to the devs15:45
nik90Kaleo: cool15:45
Kaleopopey, is dpm off?15:45
nik90fginther: quick question, why do I see two comments by jenkins https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/conditionally-load-alarmmodel/+merge/23241215:45
nik90fginther: it seems one is for lp:ubuntu-clock-app and the other for clock-app-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.015:45
popeyKaleo: yes, for 1.5 more weeks15:46
fginthernik90, ugh, the MP maps to both. I'll just need to disable the reboot jobs15:47
fginthernik90, disabled now, you shouldn't see that any more15:48
nik90Kaleo, kalikiana: Do you guys know where Qt.labs.settings stores the setting values of apps? I cannot find it inside the com.ubuntu.clock folder.15:50
nik90fginther: :)15:51
Kaleopopey, next in line would be?15:51
popeyKaleo: mhall11915:53
Kaleopopey, thanks!15:55
DanChapmannik90 I would presume it to be the same location as the QSettings default. i.e ~/.config/com.ubuntu.clock/com.ubuntu.clock.conf15:57
nik90DanChapman: ah yes there it is...weird though since U1db stores it in .local/share/com.ubuntu.clock/user-preferences15:58
nik90DanChapman: hope I dont run into any permission issues15:58
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popeynik90: oh, i know why i havne't tested DownNow - tpb is blocked here!16:01
DanChapmannik90, It's a standard local path so it should be fine. :-)16:02
nik90popey: ah yes16:02
nik90DanChapman: ok16:02
popeydavmor2: are you on virgin or O2 or giffgaff? if so can you confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/downow/+bug/135599616:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1355996 in DowNow "No results from search" [Undecided,New]16:14
davmor2popey: I'm on ee for phone and virgin for BB so i can have a look but might not be able to confirm16:17
popeynik90: does it actually work in the background?16:19
nik90popey: no I checked with a bigger torrent16:19
t1mpnik90: the headAnimate MR animates a transition between old and new header when you switch pages16:20
nik90t1mp: ah ok16:21
t1mpnik90: seems like that MR broke the coloring of the header icons.. I need to fix that before we land the next staging16:21
nik90t1mp: isnt the next already in?16:21
t1mpnik90: yes it is in staging, I mean before we land the staging to trunk (and image)16:22
nik90t1mp: ah yes..I thought your branch also made it into the recent landing in image. I was wrong16:23
nik90t1mp: if the old page didnt have a header, would that still animate the header in the new page?16:23
davmor2popey: I see nothing on ee or virgin bb16:26
popeyok, pls confirm the bug then, thanks16:26
dholbachbeuno, jdstrand: if you could review https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/modules-module-plus-tests/+merge/232444 I'd appreciate it16:27
dholbachbeuno, ^ now with tests to make sure we don't forget to run certain checks on modules16:27
beunothe "with tests" part is what sold it16:27
elopionik90: I've just found that you can add cities from the top of the app16:39
nik90elopio: oh you didnt see it yesterday16:40
elopiothat's nice but hard to find. Will there be a clue for that?16:40
nik90elopio: not for the action itself, but the clock app is supposed to have 2 cities added by default16:40
elopionot at all. I found it today because I confused up and down :)16:40
nik90elopio: this way the user will know there is the world city feature16:41
nik90elopio: if you report a bug I can assign it to the design team and see if they have any inputs16:41
elopionik90: I'll report the bug.16:42
elopioit looks pretty nice the small clock next to the city. I was wondering why so much empty space, now it all makes sense.16:43
nik90elopio: It is easy to add 2 sample cities, but I was told that the 2 preset cities would be based on which manufactures sells it16:43
balloonsahh, you want a graphical hint about the action? for reference I found it very easily..16:43
elopionik90: that makes sense too.16:44
beunodholbach, I like this very much16:44
elopioballoons: how did you know you had to swipe down?16:45
dholbachbeuno, so... is it good to go, or anything missing?16:45
elopiono other app has gestures on the top like that.16:46
beunodholbach, nitpicking and will submit my review soon16:46
dholbachbeuno, all right... wfm16:46
dholbachI'll take care of it tomorrow morning then16:46
dholbachmy EOD is calling :)16:46
dholbachsee you tomorrow!16:46
dholbachand thanks for the review!16:46
beunodholbach, sent16:47
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balloonselopio, I'm not sure eaxctly. I do remember my first run as confusing because I couldn't find any way to interact with the app. When I saw the bottom swipe, I thought I'd try the top as well. And it immeadiately tells you what it does16:48
balloonsI think a graphical hint there would aid discovery16:48
nerochiarobfiller: please when you have time don't forget to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/gallery-app/gallery-app-restrict-pick-content-type/+merge/23077617:11
bfillernerochiaro: yup, on my list17:11
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
balloonsahayzen, how's https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/ap-helper-refactor-002/+merge/231815?17:19
ahayzenballoons, good we just had an issue where upstream ms2 db schemas changed...just waiting for https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/patch-mediascanner-db-ap-tests/+merge/232337 to land :)17:20
ahayzenballoons, but if u could review the autopilot one I would really appreciate it as i don't wanna make the tests worse than they already are ;)17:20
balloonsahayzen, sure thing. I'll do so now17:22
ahayzenballoons, thanks :)17:22
ahayzenballoons, i'll merge it with trunk when victor's mp lands17:22
balloonsI'm stealing victor's changes too17:22
ahayzenballoons, will you and/or popey be able to push to the store when victor's mp lands? as we are failing in CI until then?17:22
balloonsahayzen, will your changes be ready to go also?17:23
ahayzenballoons, if u like them :) i'll merge with trunk as soon as victor' s is merged17:23
nik90t1mp: is what is suggested in bug 1362081 even possible?17:23
ubot5bug 1362081 in Ubuntu UX "Transition to alarms is jarring" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136208117:23
balloonsahayzen,  that's the plan then.. take everything17:23
ahayzenballoons, i can ping victor to check if he thinks it is ok17:23
balloonsahayzen, did you not plan to seperate out the tests into new py files?17:25
balloonslike test_nowplaying or something like that17:25
balloonsmaybe it doesn't make sense17:25
ahayzenballoons, i plan to go through the tests in separate(s) mp ... this mp is just setting up the helpers really17:25
ahayzenballoons, that sounds like a good plan though i may try it in one of the next mps17:26
ahayzenballoons, the problem we have is that it is hard to test just one page as for us u usually click on 2/3 pages to do things so as u said may not make sense17:26
ahayzenbut i guess a few would17:27
balloonsahayzen, right, which is why I think leaving it as one might be just fine17:27
ahayzenballoons, yeah :) i'm trying to get the helpers split up first :)17:28
ahayzenballoons, victor says he is good with merging in ap-refactor-002 ...so up to u now :)17:34
balloonsahayzen, just trying to figure out what the deal is with the device runs17:40
ahayzenballoons, as in it isn't running on device for u?17:42
ahayzenballoons, FYI the ap-refactor-002 passed jenkins with the merge of victors mp17:46
balloonsahayzen, I'm having a lot of trouble getting the app to launch on device and run tests17:59
ahayzenballoons, which image are you on?17:59
ahayzenballoons, u'll have to be latest for ms2 db changes to take affect17:59
balloonslatest proposed or rtm..17:59
ahayzenballoons, errr i'm on latest devel-proposed17:59
balloonsbut the app just isn't launching17:59
ahayzenballoons, what does it say in the log?17:59
balloonsit's introspect error.. nothing to do with the tests themselves18:00
ahayzenballoons, yeah thats what i got until i upgraded to the latest image18:00
balloonsI guess to be fair I got it running, but it failed on flo18:00
balloonslet me upgrade the mako18:00
balloonsand it fails on rtm for the same reason you mentioned18:02
balloonsahayzen, I approved18:04
ahayzenballoons, yey thanks :)18:04
ahayzenballoons, i've top approved... so when that merges are we able to push it to the store?18:05
balloonsahayzen, yes I will18:05
ahayzenballoons, awesome thanks18:06
balloonsI'm just concerned about it failing on rtm18:06
ahayzenballoons, yeah but i assume rtm will get the new ms2 package soon?18:23
balloonsahayzen, I just requested it so we are good18:23
ahayzenballoons, and how are we supposed to deal with this in the future? ... we've had the chicken and egg problem before18:23
ahayzenballoons, eg CI fails unless we update music-app to new ms2 api .... stable music-app will fail due to music-app using new api...18:24
balloonsahayzen, same as we always have.. just keep your eyes open for this ;-) But honestly it should be fairly sane since rtm is locked down much more, and soon utopic will be too18:24
ahayzenballoons, yeah i guess... at least this is only autopilot failing and not the whole app as we some previous18:25
ahayzenballoons, anyway gtg i'll be back in a bit :) thanks for reviewing18:25
balloonsyes, test failures are easy to deal with18:25
balloonsyou're welcome18:25
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
balloonsahayzen, ok finally got a good run on a device and I see a lot of errors18:36
balloonseverything but 1 test fails18:38
nik90Saviq: Can you check https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-worldcity-trigger-try2/+merge/232461 to see if it solves the accidental world city trigger.18:46
nik90Saviq: I was thinking of hiding the add city button as well, however practically it doesn't turn out so good when the user slows down the movement and the add city button appears out of no where.18:47
nik90Saviq: but it has definitely solved the issue of the add world city triggers.18:47
nik90popey: shall I remove clock reboot from the store?18:48
Saviqnik90, I don't think you need to hide it (although it could fade in to full opacity with the distance of the overshoot)18:49
nik90Saviq: at the moment it grows in size based on the distance of the overshoot18:50
nik90Saviq: is the fade required on top of that?18:50
Saviqnik90, "required" is a hard word :)18:50
Saviqnik90, I'm just rambling here :)18:51
Saviqnik90, maybe it doesn't even matter, but in any case that sounds like a UX decision to make18:51
nik90Saviq: Can you test the interaction? If it is acceptable, I will get a code review. Not sure how to get design to test this since it is a interaction issue and not just something UI.18:52
popeynik90: yes, i would.19:09
nik90popey: ?19:09
popey19:48:45 < nik90> popey: shall I remove clock reboot from the store?19:10
nik90popey: ah yes19:11
ahayzenballoons, wha? have you got a log?19:28
ahayzenballoons, oh and thanks for the comment on my decorator ;) hopefully i can use that on some of the other helpers as well19:29
balloonsahayzen, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8162115/19:30
ahayzenballoons, have you got the latest UITK autopilot helpers?19:31
balloonsit's possible I don't19:31
balloonsI didn't update today, heh19:31
ahayzenballoons, i think i had to update mine manually IIRC19:31
balloonsahayzen, ohh wait, no it's not possible19:31
balloonsadt pulls them19:32
balloonsyou can see that at the top19:32
ahayzenhmmm let me run that specific test again maybe something has changed in the latest image that has broken things19:32
ahayzenballoons, is that on mako latest devel-proposed?19:32
balloonsimage 210, mako19:33
balloonsI haven't pushed to the store because of it19:33
ahayzenok let me check my device...19:34
ahayzenballoons, just ran the first one that failed on yours on my device http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8162156/19:35
ahayzenhmmm unless something bad is happening19:36
ahayzenuhoh hang on let me clear my ~/autopilot/music_app19:36
ahayzenballoons, also note i'm running via $ phablet-test-run -v music-app music_app.tests.test_music.TestMainWindow.test_artists_tab_album > /tmp/out.log19:37
balloonsahayzen, glad it working for you!19:38
ahayzenballoons, but why isn't it working for u?19:39
balloonswell I can try a bit more now19:39
ahayzenballoons, all i am doing is installing via click-buddy and then doing phablet-test-run19:39
balloonsahayzen, bah, I forgot to build it first19:40
balloonsI used the pre-existing click19:40
ahayzenthat makes sense19:40
ahayzenas i changed the objectName's19:40
ahayzenballoons, hopefully it'll pass this time then :)19:41
balloonsahayzen, passing now ;-)19:49
ahayzenballoons, few thanks :) guess ur gonna push to store now?19:50
balloonsahayzen, I do see some graphical artifacts.. do you see them?19:57
balloonspart of the app is transparent to the dash19:57
balloonsin the now playing screen19:57
ahayzenballoons, like being able to see the dash?19:57
ahayzenballoons, yeah some funky stuff happens in autopilot...never seems to happen when running the real app19:58
Saviqnik90, I'll try it out tomorrow19:58
nik90Saviq: sure19:58
Saviqnik90, ideally you should be able to just send a designer the click package, right now it's not as easy as tapping on it somewhere in the ui19:59
ahayzenballoons, its like transparency doesn't quite work as the listitem actions bg used to be (probably still is) incorrect19:59
Saviqnik90, but it shouldn't be too difficult to get them to use pkcon-install19:59
nik90Saviq: true, I will do that19:59
ahayzenballoons, but it is only seen when running inside autopilot...i wonder what actually causes it?20:01
twstddevnik90, ping20:04
nik90twstddev: pong20:04
twstddevnik90, http://lousy-puppy-2058.vagrantshare.com/?lat=51.507351&long=-0.12775820:04
twstddevurl will expire in an hour20:04
twstddevoh, actually in 820:05
nik90twstddev: 8 hrs? I can test in about 30 mins.20:05
twstddevshould be fine. let me know when you are done20:05
nik90twstddev: btw, I need only one result20:05
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popeytwstddev: nice one!20:13
twstddevnik90, ok. let me reindex data and remove different languages first20:14
twstddevpopey, thanks. but sphinx is not that fast with coordinates search :\20:14
balloonsahayzen, sadly UI visual issues are SO hard to find via automated testing20:15
ahayzenballoons, yeah :/ oh well i'll continue ignoring them then :)20:15
balloonsahayzen, so I don't know persay, but it could be a weird interaction with the components, or maybe just a hardware specific thing20:15
twstddevnik90, I have to close the connection for couple of minutes20:15
nik90twstddev: go ahead.20:16
nik90twstddev: I cannot test yet fully20:16
twstddevnik90, ok20:16
balloonsahayzen, I will note it also happens on flo, so it's not specific to mako20:21
md6sumnik90, ping?20:21
ahayzenballoons, magic :)20:22
ahayzenballoons, did the flo tests pass in the end?20:22
nik90md6sum: pong20:22
md6sumThe alarm in the new clock-app does not work20:22
md6sumdue to the system time being stuck20:22
md6sumYou mentioned this morning it was fixed in 20320:22
nik90md6sum: What device are you running this on?20:22
nik90md6sum: so your system time does not update at all?20:23
md6sumRight now it says 7:54 in the upper left20:23
md6sumIn reality it is 10:2320:23
md6sum*upper right20:23
nik90md6sum: I am not sure why that is. I use my mako almost like a clock to check time and so on.20:24
nik90md6sum: its being spot on20:24
popeymd6sum: what image number you on?20:24
md6sumIt takes some time to update the time (Now it is showing 10:25 correctly)20:25
popeypretty sure this is a known bug.20:25
nik90popey: the system time is never off by so many minutes.20:26
nik90I agree it is sometimes off by a few seconds20:26
popey203 is old20:26
nik90isnt 203 the current promoted image?20:27
popeybut I'm sure it's fixed in a newer image..20:27
nik90I don't believe a bug as serious as this was left in the promoted image20:27
nik90md6sum: would you be able to test the latest-devel image?20:27
md6sumIt is an old bug20:27
md6sumNot sure why you dont see it, though.20:29
twstddevnik90, http://anxious-jerboa-3503.vagrantshare.com/?lat=51.507351&long=-0.12775820:29
nik90md6sum: I am running the rtm images atm20:29
dakernik90: if i define two alarms with 1min difference, they start to play both their alarm sounds20:33
dakeri suppose the alarm is not using media-hub20:33
dakeralarm backend*20:33
nik90daker: why does that matter?20:34
nik90daker: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/135889020:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1358890 in Indicator Date and Time "[Notifications] Competing notifications when two alarms kick at the same time" [High,Triaged]20:34
dakeryes that one20:34
nik90daker: we are still discussing what should happen if 2 alarms ring at the same time20:34
dakerthe first one stops & the second one start20:35
nik90daker: is that what happens or what should happen?20:36
md6sumnik90, not sure if I have the time to do the latest-devel switch back and forth now. Let's just hope we get an promotion on Thursday or Friday and I will test again.20:37
md6sumAnother note: I can't seem to create an alarm which does not repeat20:37
nik90md6sum: yes atm only recurring alarms are supported. However I am working atm on enabling single type alarms. It is almost done :-)20:38
popeyi have two phones on proposed20:38
popey(and a tablet)20:38
popeythey all show the right time20:38
nik90md6sum: ^^20:39
nik90told you20:39
md6sumIf only I hadn't sold my old phone and could video it...20:40
twstddevnik90, previous link is closed, was very inaccurate, here is another http://brazen-dugong-9871.vagrantshare.com/?lat=51.765606&long=-1.24699020:49
nik90twstddev: this seems much better20:51
nik90twstddev: did some web searches20:51
nik90yet to try with code20:51
nik90popey: do you know if jhodapp is US or EU timezone?20:54
jhodappnik90, US20:54
nik90jhodapp: :)20:54
nik90jhodapp: I had a quick question20:54
nik90jhodapp: I noticed that the Audio{} component offers a volume property which goes from 0.0 (silent) to 1.0 (max). Does this simulate the min and max platform volume levels correctly?20:55
nik90jhodapp: In the clock app, we are including an alarm volume slider which has a range between 1-100 db. I was hoping to connect that to the Audio component's volume property.20:56
jhodappnik90, that's not hooked up to anything20:56
nik90jhodapp: just wondering if that was the way to go.20:57
popeyballoons: ahayzen approved music into the store20:57
nik90jhodapp: I don't expect it to actually change the platform volume since I am guessing confined apps cant do that.20:58
ahayzenpopey, thanks :)20:58
nik90jhodapp: but would it simulate it on the sound it plays through the component somehow20:58
jhodappnik90, so what do you want it to do then?20:58
nik90jhodapp: I am trying to solve https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/136207820:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1362078 in Ubuntu Clock App "Alarm volume slider should lose the hint and play the alarm sound while changing volume" [Medium,New]20:58
balloonspopey, fyi, until the next rtm image the test will break20:59
nik90jhodapp: when the user moves the alarm volume slider, it should play a sample alarm ringtone in the appropriate volume for the user to judge if it loud enough or not.20:59
nik90jhodapp: I will be obviously playing it using Audio{}, but not sure really how to change the volume of the playback to help the user21:00
jhodappnik90, oh I see, well that would be needing to set the volume on the pulse audio stream type21:02
jhodappnik90, it's currently not supported, but you might ping rsalveti for his thoughts...he's doing the pulse audio work right now21:02
nik90jhodapp: ah will do21:03
jhodappnik90, I'm in the process of adding different stream types to media-hub right now that an app would set on the MediaPlayer or Audio classes21:03
jhodappnik90, so in theory, we could hook up the volume for certain stream types21:03
nik90jhodapp: but wouldn't the work you do in media-stream be sufficient for me?21:03
nik90jhodapp: since the alarm slider is supposed to only emulate the alarm volume loudness21:03
nik90jhodapp: the actual setting of the alarm volume will be done by indicator-datetime which rings the alarm21:04
jhodappnik90, yes, but I just recommend talking to rsalveti because he has more of a comprehensive view of how this should all work...he's been thinking about this specific issue a lot more than me so far21:04
nik90jhodapp: understood21:04
jhodappnik90, yeah and in that case, we might want another stream type such as "preview" or something like that21:04
nik90jhodapp: hmm wouldn't it automatically come under the ubuntu-clock-app stream? like every other app that creates sound?21:05
nik90plays a sound*21:05
jhodappnik90, it would if you didn't set the stream-type property in QML21:05
dakeris it me or the transfert indicator is buggy for more than a month ?21:15
nik90the transfer indicator is buggy21:15
nik90but I heard that a ton of fixes are incoming..so be prepared ;)21:15
dakerah ok21:16
ahayzenballoons, should i be doing get_count() or @property count in the python helpers?21:53
balloonselopio, preference ^^?21:54
elopioahayzen, balloons: I prefer methods to properties.21:54
balloonsgood, we agree :-)21:54
ahayzenelopio, balloons cool i'll continue doing get_count() then :) thanks just wanted to check before i go one way21:55
elopiobut in that case, I don't have a good argument. Do the one that gives you consistency on the module.21:55
balloonswe've already used methods, hehe21:55
ahayzenheh yeah i have like get_track(i) so get_count() makes sense21:55
ahayzenballoons, how would you recommend to get a track by a title/artist etc before we used to do select_many_retry() then for the objects until the title/artist matched....i'm thinking of doing for i in range(count) get_track(i) then compare the label in that row21:57
ahayzenballoons, or should the test just use known rows/positions and not search for things21:58
balloonsahayzen, we should be in control of all the data so there should be no reason to search21:59
ahayzenballoons, that was my thought21:59
balloonsif it should be the third track, it should be the third track right?21:59
ahayzenone would hope22:00
ahayzenballoons, then we could get rid of things like....22:00
ahayzendef get_songs_tab_tracktitle(self, trackTitle):22:00
ahayzen        tracktitles = self.select_many_retry(22:00
ahayzen            "Label", objectName="tracktitle")22:00
ahayzen        for item in tracktitles:22:00
ahayzen            if item.text == trackTitle:22:00
ahayzen                return item22:00
ahayzenballoons, which are pretty nasty ;)22:00
balloonsohh yes please22:00
ahayzenballoons, ok i'll do that :) ...i guess it will speed up the tests as well?22:01
balloonsmm.. it should simplify things I guess22:01
balloonsnot sure how much speedup we'll see, but some22:01
ahayzenballoons, at least this code is finally disappearing :)22:02
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danielholmHi, is it possible to show QML components in an online account plugin Main.qml? like a web view or textfields, or what ever other QML API syntax?22:26
danielholmnever mind22:35
Randy_Oare there any QML ubuntu SDK programmers around?23:23
Akiva-ThinkpadRandy_O, yah23:23
Akiva-Thinkpadhold on23:23
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, have you worked with orientation in the phone?23:24
Akiva-ThinkpadRandy_O, as in what? what does the app look like when it is oriented differently?23:24
Akiva-ThinkpadSay, landscape vs portrait?23:24
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, I'll explain, I'm trying to lock the orientation in either portrait or landscape. Using auto orient value forces the app to stay in portrait.23:25
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, know any tricks to lock in landscape?23:25
Akiva-ThinkpadRandy_O, hmmmm good question. I have never gone about making my app lock to an orientation.23:25
Akiva-ThinkpadRandy_O, sorry for this question, but why is it important to have your app appear sideways when you use it in landscape?23:26
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, It's for a reader app, locking orientation (in wither orientation) is a good feature when moving around with a phone or tablet23:26
Akiva-Thinkpadah this is a feature then?23:27
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, like reading sideways in bed23:27
Akiva-Thinkpadokay that makes sense23:27
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, yes, trying to find a way to lock (one way or the other way)23:27
Akiva-ThinkpadRandy_O, Do me a favour; ask this on askUbuntu, and use the tags qml, ubuntusdk, programming, qtcreator, ubuntu-touch23:27
Akiva-Thinkpadsend me the link once you do23:28
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, will do23:28
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, send link here?23:28
Akiva-Thinkpadyah just post it here23:28
Akiva-Thinkpadthis helps the community at large when you ask there23:28
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, for sure, I'm a huge fan of ask ubuntu23:29
Akiva-Thinkpadoh good :)23:29
Akiva-Thinkpadi'll give it an upvote and a bounty if you wish23:29
Akiva-Thinkpadshouldnt take too long to get it answered.23:29
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, http://askubuntu.com/questions/516947/how-to-lock-ubuntu-device-orientation-in-portrait-or-landscape-from-user-input23:33
Randy_OAkiva-Thinkpad, any help is apprecaited, thanks.23:33
ahayzenballoons, should dialogues have their own helpers? or should the methods go in the page they are spawned from?23:35
rpadovanimzanetti, ok, if you don't mind we'll do hangout on friday23:46

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