ToyKeeperIt'd be nice if freenode wouldn't freak out when I change the host connected to my proxy...  as I'm about to do.  Probably gonna get flood-kicked in a moment.00:04
sergiusenspopey my znc is all confused it seems :-P00:07
Wellarkgood "evening" all01:07
tedgWellark, Are you testing silo 19?01:16
Wellarktedg: which one is that?01:16
Wellarktedg: ...01:16
* Wellark goes to get a clue01:17
tedgWellark, connectivity api singleton01:17
Wellarkoh, that01:17
Wellarkjust land it01:17
Wellarkif it compiles, and tests pass it's fine01:17
Wellarksame for silo 1101:18
Wellarkthat can be landed as well01:18
tedgWellark, Is no one using connectivity api that we should check?01:18
Wellarktedg: not yet01:19
WellarkI landed it like on Friday01:19
Wellarkand have not announced it on the ubuntu-phone ml yet01:19
Wellarkwill do it when silo 19 lands01:19
Wellarktedg: so, please mark both silos "Testing Done"01:19
Wellarkwtf.. it's 4am already..01:20
* Wellark sometimes wonders what is the meaning of life01:20
tedgWellark, It seems that 11 should be installed on a device and made sure it's sane, we're definitely using indicator-network.01:22
ToyKeeperdobey: Around?  The ubuntuone-credentials test plan seems to be out of date.01:22
Wellarktedg: it's sane01:23
Wellarkit's just a try {} catch {}01:24
Wellarknothing more01:24
Wellarktry{} does not have side effects01:24
tedgWellark, Sure, but that can easily break something.It could catch something that went through and was used before elsewhere.01:24
Wellarkand it will fix the #1 crasher on touch devices01:24
Wellarktedg: trust me. it's a precision WMD01:25
tedgI'm going to be trying to land some other silos tonight so I'll be flashing, I can test that one too.01:26
Wellarktedg: ok, thanks01:26
Wellarktedg: the only "test" there is that indicator-network keeps running01:26
Wellarktedg: and you can connect to an accesspoint using it01:27
tedgWellark, K01:27
Wellarktrainguards: please publish silo 19 ASAP01:30
Wellarkit's an API break on a new QML module and we need it to land before users emerge01:30
Wellarkand I can't send an announcement email to the ML before it's landed01:31
Wellarkthat's critical piece of API for the developers01:31
robruWellark: will do, just afk now01:40
tedgrobru, You need to put it in language Wellark understands: "had an emergency, ran out of beer, getting more, be back soon" :-)01:41
Wellarkand don't know if it's sad or funny, but that is just so true...01:43
kgunnToyKeeper: copy/paste worked for me...from browser to notepad01:48
kgunni found an issue with msg app last week and had filed a bug01:48
kgunnseemed specific to msg app01:49
kgunnalso notepad-to-notepad seems fine01:49
ToyKeeperkgunn: From what I found, long-tap in the browser acts like a double tap, simply selecting the current word.  I couldn't get the context menu to come up at all.01:50
ToyKeeperkgunn: Then I tried copy from notepad to SMS.  I could select text, copy it, then long-tap in the SMS entry showed 'paste' greyed out.01:50
kgunnright...the greyed out paste is the bug01:50
ToyKeeperOkay, the test plan didn't note anything about that case failing.01:51
ToyKeeperkgunn: Any ideas what happened with the browser's context menu?01:52
kgunnalso, the browser is really fickle...but you can get copy to come up01:52
kgunni mean i can (on multiple devices too)01:52
ToyKeeperThe silo is approved since it fixes something and doesn't appear to break anything, but now there's a possible regression to track down.01:53
kgunnToyKeeper: whats the regression ?01:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1360429 in messaging-app "paste prompt doesn't highlight" [Undecided,New]01:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1322238 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Copy/Paste availability inconsistent between apps" [High,New]01:54
ToyKeeperkgunn: The browser's context menu on highlighted text used to work...  not sure when it broke.01:54
ToyKeeper(triple-click a paragraph to select it, tap-and-hold to bring up a context menu, and instead it just reduces the selection to the current word)01:55
ToyKeeperI can get it to copy a link, but it's supposed to be able to copy regular text, right?01:57
kgunnToyKeeper: oh, honestly, not sure about that....i've only ever copied like whole paragraphs01:57
ToyKeeperIn any case, it looks like this isn't a mir issue.  I originally thought it was because none of the copy/paste cases worked, but it seems to be individual app issues instead.01:58
ToyKeeperThe SMS bug is known, and it seems the browser needs a bug filed too.01:59
kgunnToyKeeper: yeah for sure...it really is fickle01:59
kgunni see what you mean now too01:59
ToyKeeperkgunn: Any chance you could update the mir test plan with notes about expected failures and/or more specific steps known to work?01:59
kgunnit has drag handles01:59
kgunnand you can't really drag to a smaller amount of text02:00
tedgThanks robru!02:02
ToyKeeperHeh, I haven't been able to invoke the drag handle in the browser at all today, and in other places it's really really finicky.02:02
robrutedg: you're welcome!02:02
ToyKeeperThen again invoking the drag handles on Android is usually difficult too.02:03
tedgrobru, If you're back at a keyboard I'd love a couple of silos as well please.02:03
robrutedg: sure just a sec, I'm doing your RTM one for 1902:03
tedgrobru, Cool02:04
robrutedg: also you didn't specify a series for line 6402:04
tedgrobru, Sorry, fixed.02:04
robrutedg: ok you got rtm2 for starters02:04
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 209 building (started: 20140827 02:05) ===02:05
robruthanks queuebot, you're the best friend a man could ask for.02:05
robrutedg: ok you got 12 and 14 for utopic02:08
tedgrobru, Great, will build away.02:08
tedgcharles, 14 is yours ^02:09
robruhold on to your butts, I'm gonna run the archive job, bot might freak out (but it really shouldn't!!)02:12
dobeyToyKeeper: sorry, the online-accounts trusted session stuff landing caused some visible changes, but the plan itself is basically the same. i've updated it02:16
robruok everything seems in order here02:17
ToyKeeperdobey: I got a little distracted mid-testing.  Mostly, I just noticed that some "<" back buttons aren't there any more, and the 'add account' thing is gone too.02:18
ToyKeeperdobey: And, er, is there a way to test account creation on staging?  I'd prefer if I don't have to delete accounts from production after each test.02:19
ToyKeeperdobey: I've also noticed issues getting to the account settings or to U1 accounts after going back, but it's not consistent and it's not just with the silo.  Are there any known bugs about that at the moment?02:23
dobeyToyKeeper: yes. the easiest way is to run the "setup-staging.sh" script that is included in the pay-service package02:23
ToyKeeperLike, tapping U1 then cancel repeatedly tends to make it stop working.02:23
robrualright, I am out. I may respond to pings later but no guarantees02:24
dobeyToyKeeper: i don't know if there are specific bugs filed or not. with online-accounts using trusted sessions now, there have been some behavioral changes as a result. but all those changes are in online-accounts itself02:25
dobeyToyKeeper: if you find bugs where system-settings or online-accounts stops responding or such, please file bugs against online-accounts for them02:26
ToyKeeperdobey: Just curious.  It's not a silo blocker (happens without the silo too), but it's an issue I was hoping someone already knew about.02:26
dobeyToyKeeper: mardy would be the person to ask about it. i suspect that issue isn't limited to the u1 account plug-in, and if you hit cancel repeatedly for twitter/google/etc it has the same results?02:28
ToyKeeperHaven't tried the other account types yet.02:28
ToyKeeperGot pulled away just after I found it, and haven't gotten back to it yet.02:29
ToyKeeperdobey: Approved.03:12
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 209 DONE (finished: 20140827 03:45) ===03:45
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/209.changes ===03:45
Wellarktedg: did you have time to test the $silo to get it landed+03:59
tedgWellark, The indicator-network one?03:59
Wellarktedg: yeah04:00
tedgWellark, Yup, merged and cleaned.04:00
Wellarktedg: thanks!04:02
tedgThought I could run through these ubuntuuitoolkit tests, but I might fall asleep before they finish.04:05
MirvWellark: let's see04:06
Mirvlooks like published04:07
MirvI think it slightly missed #209 image though04:08
MirvWellark: like, er, morning to you, or evening?04:09
WellarkMirv: something like that04:13
Wellarkor between04:13
Mirvnice, a crasher fix04:17
* Mirv updates mako04:17
* Mirv goes crazy and will update new shiny Qt DPI support there too04:18
ToyKeeperHmm, no thostr.04:40
ToyKeeperI wonder if anyone knows what bug is fixed in row 49 / rtm-013, "fix crash bug in network indicator".04:42
ToyKeeperIt has no MP or bug attached.04:42
MirvToyKeeper: looking at the PPA contents, it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+bug/134334104:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1343341 in indicator-network (Ubuntu RTM) "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/indicator-network/indicator-network-service:6:__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler:__cxxabiv1::__terminate:std::terminate:__cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw:core::dbus::Bus::send_with_reply_and_block_for_at_most" [Critical,In progress]04:43
Mirvsomething found from errors.ubuntu.com logs04:43
ToyKeeperThanks!  I didn't think about looking in the PPA.04:44
Mirvhmm, ken is not online. anyway, that line 21 conflicts witch the Mir 0.7.0 landing which is also in rtm silo05:08
=== asac` is now known as asac
asacsil2100: hello :)07:04
thostr_sil2100: I'm confused about rtm landing silo 807:07
thostr_sil2100: it says build fails because of missing libunity-scopes 0.6.3 which is exactly the version in pulls in...?07:08
thostr_sil2100: or, can I specify somehow that libunity is built before the shell?07:11
=== dbarth__ is now known as dbarth
pstolowskisil2100, hey! if we get our stuff src-copied from u to rtm, do we also need to merge it intro rtm branches? or can we remove/disable these branches for now since we don't diverge from utopic?07:25
thostr_sil2100: good morning07:31
sil2100pstolowski: you don't need rtm branches then, since you just need to make sure you release everything into both more or less07:32
thostr_sil2100: how can I tell the builder to build the src packages in certain order?07:32
sil2100thostr_: hey! Let me take a look on what exactly is happening07:32
Mirvsil2100: we've a process question. bzoltan has run the usual 8h of tests on UITK on ubuntu. will he need to separately run the same 8h of test on ubuntu-rtm?07:34
sil2100Mirv: from my current understanding, the testing will have to be repeated... but I'm not sure if that's the final decision and if QA doesn't have any ideas on getting this better07:36
sil2100thostr_: ok, I kicked a rebuild of those packages... normally it would be stuck in a dep-wait, but I think the debian deps (maybe) weren't bumped07:37
sil2100thostr_: so it's really hard to force a specific build order without build-deps, we might just have to rebuild the packages in this case (which is not a big deal I think)07:38
thostr_sil2100: that's why we bumped the version to 0.6.3 to enforce the order... anyway, I keep my fingers crossed07:39
Mirvbzoltan: ^ dual testing for dual landings for now...07:42
thostr_sil2100: what did you rebuild? I cannot see it building07:42
Mirvand after that, QA signoff07:42
sil2100thostr_: now things build successfully from what I see - I kicked package builds in the PPA07:43
bzoltanMirv:  OK, I charge my device and run the tests again07:43
thostr_sil2100: ah, ok, jenkins UI was slow07:43
sil2100thostr_: so, actually the problem that happened is that well, the ubuntu-rtm archive had currently the 0.6.3+14.10.20140820.is.0.6.1+14.10.20140809-0ubuntu1 version of the package (so the build-dep of 0.6.3 in packaging has been satisfied), but since this version is a revert it actually was 0.6.1... so there was no packaging dep wait, as the builder thought it's already satisfiable by the archive07:45
sil2100thostr_: that's a singular case, we rarely do reverts so such a thing should not happen again :)07:46
thostr_sil2100: yes, that was still fallout from rtm landing testing from last week07:47
sil2100brendand, davmor2: once you're up - there's a nifty list of QA sign-off tasks waiting for you :)08:01
brendandsil2100, so. many. signoffs08:03
=== moon127` is now known as moon127
brendandsil2100, i've still got silo 3 from yesterday. i'll probably sign it off in a minute and move on08:03
davmor2sil2100: I don't care :P08:26
davmor2sil2100: oSoMoN: did browser land in the end?08:27
oSoMoNdavmor2, looks like it did, thanks!08:27
thostr_sil2100: during the testing I got a crash, that's because mediascanner was now built before libunity... so, what we need to do is to combine the rtm silos 7 and 8 and rebuild the mediascanner part08:32
brendandsil2100, you need to remind people to set 'testing pass' even if they haven't done it08:32
brendandsil2100, otherwise it doesn't show up on the dashboard as requiring QA signoff08:33
mandelsil2100, morning! one question, I'd like to create a silo for location-service with two branches that should land in at least rtm (but would be nice to have it land on utopic too) what should I do?? I got lost with all those emails :-/08:37
sil2100mandel: one moment, I'll get back to you after the meeting08:38
mandelsil2100, awesome, thx08:38
robrumandel: make a regular utopic silo, basically sil will make the rtm silo and copy the packages for you.08:44
mandelrobru, ok, thx08:45
robrusil2100: check your emails, i updated the rtm copy script with a fix from Ursinha that finds the dsc files for you, much less work that way08:46
robru(Unless your train solution is working yet ;-)08:47
robrumandel: you're welcome!08:47
Mirvrobru: there'a also the simple copy-archive tool from ubuntu-archive-tools08:50
Mirvno dget/dput needed08:50
robruMirv: does it work across distros? I wrote a script specifically to download from a PPA, change distro, then upload to different distro PPA08:51
robruMirv: this was specifically for utopic to rtm08:51
Mirvrobru: yes, it works across distros and PPA:s (Debian/Ubuntu/PPA:s), pitti mentioned it on the mailing list08:53
Mirvrobru: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-tools/trunk08:54
robruMirv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8152711/ ;-)08:55
robruBut thanks08:55
Mirv./copy-package -d debian -s sid --to-distribution=ubuntu --to-suite=utopic --to-ppa=canonical-qt5-edgers --to-ppa-name=qt5-daily $1-opensource-src :)08:56
Mirvso that'd be probably -d ubuntu -s utopic --to-distribution=ubuntu-rtm --to-suite=14.09 --to-ppa=ci-train-ppa-service --to-ppa-name=landing-0xx08:57
Mirvso it's a LP operation and the copy happens immediately08:57
brendandsil2100, some lines don't have merge requests09:06
brendandsil2100, is that allowed?09:06
Mirvsil2100: on the latest rtm image I just got upgrade offer for Clock 3.1.6909:08
sil2100mandel: so!09:08
Mirvwhich is what I uploaded09:08
sil2100mandel: I see you already got an answer for your question ;)09:09
sil2100Mirv: oh, didn't know this tool actually worked for ppa's as well!09:10
nik90Mirv: so the next rtm image should have clock 3.1.69 by default instead of as an upgrade?09:10
sil2100brendand: which lines?09:10
ogra_nik90, yep09:10
Mirvsil2100: yeah, I've used for syncing from Debian to Qt landing PPA:s09:10
Mirvnik90: yes09:10
mandelsil2100, yes, I'll request the silo for utopic and then will do the testing, once that is done you take care of the rest, correct?09:11
sergiusensogra_: sil2100 in case you want to type it down somewhere, snakefruit syncs run at :11' and :41'09:11
Mirvmandel: when ou request silo you get a silo for both utopic and rtm, and you'll need to currently test them both09:11
sergiusenshttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/click_packages/click_list already has the latest clock09:12
ogra_shrotly after the publisher then09:12
ogra_so lets build an image :)09:12
sil2100ogra_: can you build a new image?09:12
sil2100Right ;)09:12
ogra_on it :)09:12
thostr_sil2100: but my last request on ice for time being09:13
brendandsil2100, lots of them at the bottom of the sheet09:13
ogra_asac`, utopic, then rtm09:13
sil2100mandel: so, in a nutshell: you request a silo for utopic, we give you a silo for both, you build your merges for utopic, test it there and when you say that it's fine, we copy those packages to the ubuntu-rtm silo for you to do a quick double-check from the ubuntu-rtm side :)09:14
* asac` waits for a new rtm image09:14
ogra_3h from now09:14
mandelsil2100, got it09:14
ogra_well, a bit more since janis server takes time to sync09:14
asac`maybe we have system-image before that09:15
ogra_high hopes09:15
* asac` hopes for a full moon night in porland09:15
ogra_then they will just drink more09:15
ogra_and not work :P09:15
asac`hah. think stephane can do this in whatever state as long as he is awake :P09:15
asac`a pro09:16
ogra_bah, the SIM unlocking is totally messed up in 20909:16
ogra_(i just did an OTA)09:16
ogra_oh and the carousel is back09:17
ogra_(for music)09:18
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 210 building (started: 20140827 09:20) ===09:20
Mirvthostr_: your landing conflicts with ted's indicator-transfer landing, so not assigning a silo yet.09:20
Mirvunless that gets sorted out otherwise09:21
Mirvtheir landing doesn't have a description even, though09:21
MirvI wonder if that https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/indicator-transfer/better-content-hub-use/+merge/232144 should be just taken to your landing09:22
thostr_jibel: when QA signing of silo 8 please make sure you test that together with silo 7 (or vice versa)09:44
brendandsil2100, did anyone else pick up reminders? elopio?10:00
brendandsil2100, i might have some breathing space from silos in a few minutes10:00
sil2100brendand: excellent! I didn't get any news from elopio, he was busy testing the clock up probably?10:01
sil2100So you can take a look at that10:01
brendandsil2100, ok once i finish with this silo10:03
Mirvmandel: ^ so there's the first double silo for you10:06
ogra_double plus good !10:10
ogra_looks like the utopic rootfs is done ... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-touch10:17
* ogra_ triggers an RTM build10:17
ogra_hmm, "starting in 26 minutes" ... :( ... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/ubuntu-touch10:20
cjwatsonogra_: that was just a temporary glitch for some reason10:24
cjwatsonit's building, there are plenty of free builders etc.10:24
bzoltanogra_:  is the phablet-click-test-setup expected to work with the RTM images?10:25
bzoltanogra_:  ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host10:25
brendandsil2100, can i get an answer on the spreadsheet question?10:27
sil2100brendand: what's up?10:27
brendandsil2100, i was wondering why some silos don't have any MPs associated10:27
brendandsil2100, line 48 for example10:27
sil2100brendand: these are RTM silos so we do them as source-package only10:28
sil2100brendand: so we only push source-package copies there10:28
sil2100(no MRs are involved in this)10:28
brendandsil2100, it makes it difficult to know what we're actually testing10:28
sil2100brendand: you need to check the "Additional source packages to land" for a list of what to test10:29
sil2100brendand: yeah, sadly, the package changelog should give info on what has changed10:29
mandelMirv, awesome, thx!10:29
brendandsil2100, yeah i guess i can look at the diff10:30
ogra_bzoltan, nothing changed between rtm or utopic images in that regard10:30
ogra_shoudl function exactly the same10:30
brendandsil2100, it's not as easy but oh well10:30
bzoltanogra_: all right.. it stopped working after i flahes rtm image after 20710:31
ogra_bzoltan, did you use --bootstrap ?10:31
bzoltanogra_:  not10:31
ogra_(to get an up to date recovery)10:31
bzoltanogra_: phablet-click-test-setup --wipe seems to help10:32
sergiusensbzoltan: ssh_exchange_identification during a click-setup means bzr (if using over ssh, most likely case) has errored10:33
bzoltansergiusens:  I figured that ...10:33
bzoltansergiusens:  I git this earler and I got it now too -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8158275/10:43
sergiusensbzoltan: update the clock app10:43
sergiusensbzoltan: that''s the same reason everything broke in ci10:43
bzoltansergiusens: I see10:44
bzoltansergiusens:  could the phablet-click-test-setup just skip the app and carry on with rest of tests instead of just failing?10:44
sergiusensbzoltan: not by default; this is more of a ci tool; we don't want silent fails10:45
bzoltansergiusens:  it does not need to be silent... but it should not fail. And it is not just a CI tool.  We have no other way to verify landings before going to the CI.10:46
sergiusensbzoltan: well pitti has been working on it's replacement for autopackage tests10:47
sergiusensbzoltan: in that respect; you just have a broken image; your verification would be incomplete10:47
sergiusensbzoltan: ask balloons about adt for clicks when he gets up10:47
bzoltansergiusens:  my verification takes 8-10 hours ... i could live that single 10 minutes app test to the end10:48
bzoltansergiusens: anyway, how to update the ubuntu-clock-app?10:49
sergiusensbzoltan: system settings, check for updates?10:49
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 210 DONE (finished: 20140827 10:50) ===10:50
bzoltansergiusens: ahh.. UI10:50
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/210.changes ===10:50
ogra_there we go10:50
sergiusensbzoltan: or install that image ^10:50
* psivaa goes and kick a run10:50
bzoltansergiusens:  is there an RTM image with the fix? I should test anyway on the latest image.10:50
ogra_psivaa, rtm should be ready in about 1h10:50
sergiusensbzoltan: wrt ogra_ would know10:51
ogra_no idea, what is that fix you are looking for ?10:51
ogra_https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/rtm-14.09-changes/2014-August/thread.html has all rtm landings10:51
bzoltanogra_: some clock app update what will unbreak the phablet-click-test-setup10:51
sergiusensbzoltan: anyway; I don't do click testing anymore; log a bug and someone from the ci team will look; or do like most of us and prepare an MP10:52
ogra_bzoltan, ah, yeah, thats the reason why we do all thae manually triggerd image builds atm10:52
ogra_you can watch the rootfs building if you are bored :) https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/ubuntu-touch10:52
bzoltansergiusens:  All right, thanks for your help.10:52
ogra_(still takes about 45min til it becomes a system-image after it built though ... and another 20-30 for krillin to pick up on it)10:53
bzoltanogra_: i think I will go with the manual update :)10:54
psivaaogra_: ack, was going to start krillin tests, will do once 210 appears in utopic-proposed then10:57
brendandogra_, do you know who'd be suitable to look at the add-apt-repository bug? it's really slowing down silo testing11:03
brendandogra_, cjwatson is at debconf or something, right?11:03
ogra_brendand, it needs launchpad changes first ... and afaik wgrant is looking into that (cjwatson told me)11:07
ogra_for now you need to hack up the sources.list.d entry i fear11:08
brendandogra_, yes - we're doing that11:08
wgrantWell, the trivial thing to do would pretty much be to just s/ubuntu/ubuntu-rtm/ in python3-software-properties' ppa.py in ubuntu-rtm.11:08
wgrantI hadn't realised citrain used add-apt-repository anywhere.11:08
ogra_everywhere :)11:08
ogra_well, not the train but the testers and tools11:08
=== jgdx_ is now known as jgdx
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
bzoltansergiusens:  I flashed the #8 rtm image, updated the clock app. Still the phablet-click-test-setup fails11:30
ogra_bzoltan, why did you flash the 8 image ?11:30
ogra_you want 9 once it has built11:30
ogra_8 is old11:31
bzoltanogra_: that is what i got when I flashed with --channel=ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed11:34
ogra_yes, because thats the latest11:34
ogra_read the backlog rtm will still take a while11:34
ogra_about 45min to 1h after the rootfs has built it becomes a system image ... for mako ...11:35
ogra_then it takes another 30min or so for krillin11:35
ogra_aaadn ... #8 for mako just showed up11:36
* sil2100 lunch o/11:36
ogra_*aaand even11:36
ogra_#9 for mako11:36
ogra_bzoltan, if you test on mako, you can now flash again11:36
bzoltanogra_: nice, the 9 is coming11:37
thostr_is jibel around?11:40
thostr_or, who can I contact for QA sign off?11:40
ogra_asac`, looks like rtm #9 for krillin is ready ... happy testing11:50
ogra_psivaa, ^^^11:51
ogra_psivaa, also one mako doesnt seem to be so happy in rtm testing11:52
ogra_looks like a bzr ssh issue on the server or so11:53
psivaaogra_: yea, i restarted a few of those bzr ssh ones. let me take a look at this11:54
psivaaand will kick the krillin off now11:54
ogra_default and install-and-boot seems ot have failed on one device ... funnily other devices (or at least one) seems to run its tests just fine11:54
ogra_the versioning on the dashboard seems to have been messed up by that appraently11:55
psivaaogra_: yes, i dash_ignored the touch ones, not touch_stable jobs. done and restarted those jobs too. things should look ok in a little bit11:59
psivaaogra_: sil2100: so the lp:ubuntu-clock-app bzr versioning wasn't fixed in 210?12:02
davmor2sil2100: hmmm so it looks like the current rtm image might of got in some of the fixes from the ubuntu line a lot of the issues I was having are no longer affecting me,  but it might be the unity8 silo I'm testing that is making it all smoother ;)  I'll keep an eye on things and let you know though12:03
psivaahmm weird.. http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/utopic-touch-mako-smoke-daily/786/console failed on clock click setup12:07
Mirvbzoltan: hmm, it looks like webbrowser would need similar unblocking, now that didn't get in to #20912:07
bzoltanMirv:  hmm... yes, it was cjwatson who unblocked the uitk12:08
Mirvbzoltan: I'm asking generally over there, since I believe he has finally went to sleep12:09
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ogra_psivaa, it wass supposed to ... we only built the images for this issue12:34
ogra_and looking it seems that 210 is just fine on both arches12:34
ogra_err, sorry 9 rtm that is12:35
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bfillersil2100: looks like a failure occured publishing rtm silo 3, do I just need to resync trunk with telephony-service branch? looks like a new version got released in ubuntu since the silo request13:33
sil2100bfiller: what failure happened?13:34
sil2100Something is missing?13:34
bfillersil2100: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?distro=ubuntu-rtm&q=landing-00313:34
sil2100Let me take a look at that13:35
sil2100bfiller: you used separate rtm branches for those, right?13:36
sil2100Like, bzr branches13:36
sergiusensyay, I'll keep making edits to the comments until it gets assigned :-P13:36
sergiusenserr, description13:36
sil2100sergiusens: ;) One moment13:37
sergiusenssil2100: it was more of a joke :-)13:38
bfillersil2100: yes13:38
sergiusenssil2100: I still want a silo though :-P13:38
bfillersil2100: there are separate rtm branches13:38
sil2100bfiller: so, yeah, it seems that there was some release happening to ubuntu-rtm directly... most probably re-syncing that branch with trunk should do it13:38
sil2100bfiller: and then just rebuilding telephony-service should do the trick13:38
bfillersil2100: ok, will do13:39
sil2100sergiusens: of course, you want an RTM counterpart as well, right? :)13:39
sil2100sergiusens: both assigned!13:41
MirvWellark: https://code.launchpad.net/~jpakkane/thumbnailer/embedded-album-art/+merge/231207 not approved13:56
MirvWellark: unping, wrong To:13:56
brendandthostr_, your silos are being tested13:56
brendandthostr_, 007 and 00813:58
brendandsil2100, please make sure to let people know about the trello board today14:00
brendandsil2100, and update the spreadsheet with a link14:00
Saviqrobru, hey with some change that you did recently for citrain device-upgrade, I have to apt update before I can install unity8-autopilot14:06
Saviqrobru, otherwise I get: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8159757/14:07
Saviqrobru, is that expected/feature/bug?14:07
sil2100brendand: sure thing :)14:11
brendandthostr_, there is this trello board we have as well: https://trello.com/b/AE3swczu/silo-testing14:13
brendandthostr_, for more detail status on what we're doing14:13
thostr_brendand: ah, good to know. wasn't aware of this, was waiting for a ping as described by asac14:20
brendandthostr_, yes - and sorry about that not happening14:21
asac`brendand: can you try to do those pings? helps a lot keeping transparency up etc.14:21
asac`at least initially until folks have gotten a feel how this works and that they won't be forgotten :P14:21
brendandasac`, yes i think it's okay to do initially14:22
brendandasac`, but as with all manual processes it can be forgotten so i do feel it's a bit error prone14:23
brendandasac`, but until we find a better way14:23
asac`brendand: well, what i learned is that this is just hard to start; after peer encouraging folks for a few days it will become natural procedure14:24
asac`and wont be an issue at all14:24
asac`anyway, yes, there can be misses, and hence i encouraged folks to ask early14:24
asac`rather than wait if they feel something isnt moving14:24
brendandasac`, yes people should be able to pull the info too14:25
brendandasac`, i feel the trello board once everyone is aware of it will serve that purpose best14:25
brendandasac`, but we can do proactive pings to landers as well14:25
mterrytrainguards: can I get a silo for line 55 of the spreadsheet?  It would help reviewers to have easier testing14:26
asac`brendand: can the trello board show who is in charge of coordinating in case there are questions?14:26
brendandasac`, yeah absolutely14:26
Mirvmterry: you have not marked it as ready14:27
mterryMirv, thanks, fixed14:27
Mirvmterry: assigning, and assigning RTM silo too14:28
mterryMirv, ah awesome14:29
sil2100Mirv: thanks :)14:33
Mirvbfiller: ^ is because https://code.launchpad.net/~bfiller/telephony-service/rtm-14.09-sim-presence/+merge/231914 was already merged. if the PPA is completely fine like QA says it is, the only problems may arrive in the merge & clean stage (but it might be also just fine)14:34
pmcgowansil2100, thanks for that list super helpful14:34
sil2100pmcgowan: yw! Hope it helps indeed, it might be a bit rough since it's auto-generated (to some extent) :)14:36
pmcgowanseems fine14:36
bfillerMirv: anything I need to do to fix? looks like it's complaining about unapproved MR but I don't see it14:37
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Mirvbfiller: I just published it. let's see later if there's a problem with M&C. so that MR was already "Merged" which != "Approved", that's why the complaint.14:38
bfillerMirv: ah, ok. thanks14:38
cyphermox^ already assigned, sorry14:54
cyphermoxbah, nevermind14:55
cyphermoxnah, I'm confused14:55
cyphermoxI just woke up :)14:55
alecutrainguards, hi! I need to request a srccopy for the click scope into rtm, but also need to do another landing into devel+rtm. Should I do the landing on devel first and then request one srccopy, or should I ask for two separate srccopys?14:57
sil2100alecu: so, both are for unity-scope-click, right?14:58
alecusil2100: yes14:58
sil2100alecu: if that's true, then it's enough that you request an ubuntu landing for the new thing - all previous changes will be pulled in if we do this for ubuntu-rtm14:58
sil2100alecu: so, request the new landings for ubuntu and we'll do the srccopy changes :)14:59
alecugreat, I'll do it like that. thanks!14:59
sil2100And everything you had pilled up will land with it14:59
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Saviqtrainguards, icanhasreconfigure on silo 17 please15:07
Saviqadded unity-notificaitons15:07
sil2100Saviq: yessir!15:07
sil2100Saviq: btw. you want a rtm silo for that?15:09
Saviqsil2100, I already have one in rtm-00415:09
Saviqsil2100, but15:09
Saviqsil2100, it has an old unity815:09
Saviqand davmor2's looking through that now15:09
* Saviq wonders if we want that still or shall we just skip the one currently in silo 4?15:10
sil2100Saviq: depends on how far davmor2 is with that15:10
sil2100Since if he's like almost done, then well, let's push this out and then prepare a new one for the new features15:11
sil2100Saviq: that's the previous ubuntu landing in 004, right?15:11
Saviqsil2100, yes15:12
davmor2sil2100, saviq I was close to finishing till the whole phone locked up15:12
sil2100Saviq: problems with reconfigure15:15
Saviqsil2100, lookin'15:15
sil2100Saviq: the last merge is wrong15:15
sil2100Missing one digit it seems :)15:16
Saviqsil2100, as usual15:16
Saviqsil2100, that's a gdoc bug15:16
Saviqand my ADHD bug15:16
Saviqcompulsive something disorder15:16
Saviqsil2100, fixed15:16
Saviqsil2100, but check it out: you start editing a field, you're at the last line, empty, after all the other MPs15:16
Saviqsil2100, go backspace15:17
Saviqboom, newline *and* last digit gone15:17
sil2100hah, damn15:17
cyphermoxsil2100: so I understand you guys now just sheperd things through to rtm ?15:31
cyphermoxsil2100: I'm done testing the MTP silo (silo 2); this fixes the frequent crasher in errors.ubuntu.com ;)15:32
sil2100cyphermox: currently yes - once my changes are in CI Train, those will be moved to RTM with a version change - but for now it's a source copy15:32
sil2100cyphermox: that's music to my ears15:32
cyphermoxso I don't need to touch line 36 I guess?15:32
sil2100cyphermox: no no, I'll assign that - it seems it got missed somehow :) Let me prepare all for you15:35
sil2100Actually a silo is already there, just the info seems corrupted again15:36
sil2100Ok, I know why it's like that15:37
sil2100cyphermox: so, there's an RTM silo for the previous release already in CI Train15:37
sil2100cyphermox: so let's maybe do it like this - let me reassign it for your changes now, update the packages15:38
sil2100So then now we'll just sync 2 versions instead of one15:38
* sil2100 copies the packages15:40
sil2100cyphermox: copied, they're in the 002 rtm silo - I publish the ubuntu bits now15:46
sil2100If you could give those rtm ones a spin later on - if all is ok, set testing to DOne for that silo and QA will pick it up :)15:47
kenvandinesil2100, i have an old settings landing in silo 1 for ubuntu-rtm15:49
kenvandinesil2100, can i just change that line on the spreadsheet dropping the MP to request a package sync?15:50
sil2100kenvandine: sure thing :) Where should we sync from? Actually I'm just testing a feature where you can request syncs from selected places (like the archive or another PPA)15:50
sil2100So soon you'll be able to request that in CI Train without having to poke anyone15:51
kenvandinejust from utopic15:51
sil2100Ok, excellent15:51
kenvandineneed me to do anything?15:51
sil2100kenvandine: no, I'll do everything needed now15:51
kenvandinesil2100, note: the line number referenced in citrain doesn't match the spreadsheet from some reason15:52
sil2100Yeah, just noticed that o_O15:53
sil2100kenvandine: so...15:54
sil2100kenvandine: it seems your landing might not be required!15:54
sil2100kenvandine: I see silo 013 has ubuntu-system-settings in it15:55
sil2100kenvandine: since it's also a sync, then it will pull in your changes if those are in utopic15:55
kenvandinesil2100, cool15:55
sil2100kenvandine: I'll free up that silo15:56
sil2100cyphermox: is this merge approved by someone? https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/mtp/greeter-crasher-fix/+merge/232317 ?15:57
thostr_sil2100: the landing of the network indicator crash bug in line 45, shouldn't that automatically synced all earlier features that haven't been in rtm?16:02
davmor2Saviq: unity8 on silo rtm004 is now passed I think sil2100 is publishing it now :)16:10
Saviqdavmor2, awesomes, sil2100, we could use a srccopy from silo 17 then16:18
Saviqsil2100, we could hitch a rid with tedg's silo 14 if no one is looking at that yet16:18
davmor2Saviq: I think 14 got failed due to the setting not being able to be raised by indicators16:20
Saviqdavmor2, mhm16:21
davmor2Saviq: I think that is an old issue that victor might not of been aware of, so I'll catch up with him and double check16:22
tedgdavmor2, Cool, thanks. I'm pretty certain it's not related to that silo, it can't really effect menu behavior.16:23
Saviqdavmor2, it could've been bug #136201716:23
ubot5bug 1362017 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Focusing already-focused apps does not close indicators" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136201716:23
Saviqdavmor2, although Victor said he had the dash focused16:23
Saviqoh Ugo just filed bug #136223516:24
ubot5bug 1362017 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1362235 Focusing already-focused apps does not close indicators" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136201716:24
brendandthostr_, finished testing the mediascanner silo16:28
brendandsil2100, oh - please mention the trello board in the landing email!16:39
brendandsil2100, please :)16:39
balloonsso ogra_ re: community testing, do you think it's useful to switch to the rtm branch from devel-proposed on mako?16:45
sil2100brendand: this time for sure!16:45
sil2100(I hope!)16:45
ogra_balloons, no we will all do rtm testing anyway, but we will lack utopic testing16:45
ogra_balloons, thus my idea to ask the community for some help with that16:45
balloonsogra_, ahh, so that makes more sense :-)16:45
Saviqtrainguards, silo 17 is ACK for release, can I have a corresponding silo for rtm please?17:15
sil2100Saviq: o/17:15
sil2100robru: handling that ^17:15
robruSaviq: one sec17:16
sil2100robru: thanks :)17:16
robrusil2100: you're welcome!17:17
robrusil2100: so i think my package-copy.sh script is better than copy-package... with copy-package you have to specify all kinds of ppa and package names on the commandline, it makes a long command to type. with mine you just type silo numbers and it copies the whole silo for you quickly ;-)17:18
sil2100hah ;)17:18
robruqueuebot: done17:21
robruSaviq: uploaded unity8 to rtm-117:21
Saviqrobru, thank you17:22
robruSaviq: you're welcome!17:22
robrusil2100: something has gone horribly wrong in utopic-10, it's been cleaning for like 2 days17:23
sil2100robru: uh?17:26
sil2100Yeah, so I remember wgrant mentioning about this once17:26
sil2100Let me try finding it in the logs...17:27
robrusil2100: yeah I dunno... the ppa says it's empty but the citrain script is totally stuck on that17:27
sil2100robru: it's not entirely empty, I mean, the insides still say it's not empty sadly, and I wemember William mentioning somehting about that17:28
sil2100robru: since it's still listing something here http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-010/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/binary-armhf/17:30
robrusil2100: I just requested another delete from the lp interface17:31
sil2100robru: that might help, wgrant mentioned it might have been a race with build completion and deletion17:31
sil2100And that a second delete should pick those up17:31
davmor2thostr_: I'm just starting silo008 on rtm17:33
thostr_davmor2: thanks17:33
brendandthostr_, i see you put a note about testing silo 008 and 007 together?17:34
thostr_brendand: yes, that would have eased up testing a little bit...17:34
brendandthostr_, but they should be independent17:34
brendandthostr_, thus 'silo'17:35
brendandthostr_, can they be landed independently?17:35
brendandthostr_, i.e. testing them together is optional17:35
charlesthostr_, thanks17:35
thostr_since you already tested silo 7 successfully that answers the question to yes :)17:36
brendandthostr_, that's why i asked :)17:36
thostr_anyway, either way is fine17:36
thostr_brendand: just to be sure: when we do a srccpy from utopic to rtm then we basically include all changes made in between, right?17:37
davmor2brendand: I can carry on then?17:37
brendandthostr_, sil2100 or robru can answer that17:37
brendandthostr_, it looks like 007 has a problem though17:38
thostr_which problem?17:38
davmor2thostr_: not building by the look of the silo page17:39
davmor2dashboard is the word I was after17:39
thostr_davmor2: was building earlier when we tested it...17:39
davmor2thostr_: Can't publish: Some projects (mediascanner2, unity-scope-mediascanner) that were in the silo configuration list were not built17:40
thostr_so, where do then the packages from ppa come from?17:41
davmor2robru: ^17:41
robruthostr_: what do you mean "changes made in between"? when I assign an RTM silo I do a verbatim copy from the utopic silo. it doesn't gain any changes made anywhere else.17:41
davmor2thostr_: all of that side is way out of my league :)17:41
robrusil2100: you know what we need? the stupid build job to realize when it's NOP'd itself and stop calling that a success.17:42
thostr_robru: the missing rtm changes mail  included a change to indicator-network. but tonight indicator-network was srccpied, see line 44 in ci sheet17:42
davmor2robru: I think the issue here is the packages built for qa sign off, that happened but now it can't be published17:42
thostr_robru: therefore I thought that all the changes made between rtm branching and that silo request are automatically  included, no?17:43
robruthostr_: what about line 44? it just says it's Landed.17:44
robruthostr_: also I have no idea what is a "missing rtm changes mail"17:44
thostr_robru: but target says rtm17:44
robruthostr_: I literally don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about17:45
thostr_robru: that was the mail sent by sil2100 "Landing team: convenience list of ubuntu landings not yet landed in ubuntu-rtm"17:45
thostr_robru: so, you're saying that line 44 does actually not mean that this change is landed in rtm?17:46
sil2100thostr_: let me make sure it did17:46
sil2100Maybe it landed in the archive, but it wasn't in an image yet17:46
robruthostr_: I'm not saying that? how do you read that from what I said?17:46
robruthostr_: line 44 claims indicator-network=0.5.1+14.10.20140826-0ubuntu1 was landed and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/indicator-network agrees with this17:47
sil2100thostr_: as mentioned in the e-mail, there might be some inconsistencies here and there as it was automated in generation, and the snapshot was made from the last ubuntu-rtm image17:47
robruthostr_: sil's mail says a different version17:47
davmor2tvoss: silo 011 on rtm have you tested it, and is it good to go?  I'm asking as you must not of set the spreadsheet tested part to true as there is no QA-signoff on it yet17:47
thostr_robru: sil2100: ok, then it might be a inconsitency17:48
thostr_sil2100: I just wanted to make sure that if we now srccpy things to RTM that all prior changes that means changes between RTM branches and the MP the silo was requested are actually included17:49
sil2100thostr_: yes, anything that you request an srccopy for now will include everything that it had in ubuntu already17:50
thostr_sil2100: ok, that means the change listed in your mail should be resolved with the latest indicator landing, so we're good17:50
sil2100thostr_: so for instance, if by some magical way there were 2 releases of package foo to ubuntu and then you request a sync for the second landing to ubuntu-rtm, all 2 changes will land in ubuntu-rtm17:50
sil2100thostr_: excellent :)17:50
thostr_robru: thanks for starting silo 3 build... I'm just wondering why I don't see the build log for the build I triggered 20 minutes ago...17:55
thostr_robru: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-rtm-landing-003-1-build/4/console17:55
alecutrainguards, can I ask for a silo for landing 58?17:55
alecuI mean, for row 5817:56
robruthostr_: because you started it too soon, this is a known bug in citrain when it comes to manual source uploads like we are doing in RTM. it can't get the list of packages to watch, so it finds an empty list and reports "yep, this empty list built successfully!". I saw you did that so I had to recon the silo, wait for the PPA builds to finish, then re-run17:56
robruthe build17:56
thostr_robru: ah, now this is also known to me17:57
robruthostr_: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-rtm-landing-003-1-build/4/console here is the build you triggered. "Nothing happened... Success!"17:57
thostr_robru: stupid question part II: and where did it get the package from https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu-rtm/landing-00317:58
thostr_robru: that package seems older then you when you triggered the build17:59
robruthostr_: I lovingly hand-plucked your packages from the utopic silo and painstakingly copied them into the PPA one by one. apologies if your packages are a little bit sweaty, it's hot down here in the salt mines18:00
robruthostr_: the build job only builds MPs, these aren't MPs, they're source copies. so you copy them in first, wait for them to build, and then the build job is just there to acknowledge that they've been built.18:01
robruor rather "*I* copy them in first..."18:01
thostr_ah, that explains18:02
robruthostr_: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/05agcR87bKo/hqdefault.jpg somebody took a picture of me transporting your package from the utopic silo to the rtm silo.18:04
thostr_now I'm feeling bad...18:04
robruthostr_: well, it's not  your fault...18:05
balloonscan we get this into rtm as well? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/mediascanner2/0.104+14.10.20140825-0ubuntu118:08
robruballoons: can you make a spreadsheet request for that? I'm getting to them slowly18:10
balloonsrobru, sure, not sure I know the proper spot; I don't have perms anymore for the CI Train sheet18:14
robruballoons: you don't have perms anymore? I'm not aware of any policy for revoking those....18:17
balloonsto be fair, it's been awhile since I've had to request something18:18
balloonsty :-)18:19
robruballoons: ok, well I added you. just fill out the next available row and just leave the MPs blank, say the package name in the sources column, and in the comments just say "please sync from utopic archive" or something18:19
balloonsdone, ty robru18:21
robruballoons: you're welcome18:22
tedgWhere does autopilot put its results?18:26
ChrisGagnontedg: to stdout unless you specify -f18:27
robruballoons: oops, just noticed mediascanner2 was already in an rtm silo. published that one for you ;-)18:27
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tedgChrisGagnon, Oh, I thought there were more logs than that. Like attachments for each run. Is that something that's just done on the server?18:28
balloonssilo-007 looks like it needs the new mediascanner package as well ;-)18:28
balloonsrobru, I just noticed the same, but ^^18:28
ChrisGagnontedg: if you use subunit it will attach results, when the tests add attachments18:28
balloons+1 for subunit..18:29
balloonslook at the artifacts18:29
tedgHow do I use subunit?18:29
robruballoons: right, so once it hits rtm archive silo 7 should be fine18:29
robruballoons: no wait, what? silo 7 *has* the new mediascanner already. I confirmed the version numbers18:29
ChrisGagnonautopilot3 run -f subunit -o /tmp/mytest.subunit18:29
robruand that's the one I just published18:29
balloonsrobru, ok, I trust you then18:29
balloonsthere's also thomi's tool tedg .. https://launchpad.net/trv18:31
ChrisGagnontedg: autopilot3 run --help will show you all the options.18:31
tedgAh, okay. Thanks guys. That's what I need. Should be default :-)18:31
robrubfiller: conflicts with camera-app in silo 1018:40
bfillerrobru: checking18:40
bfillerrobru: I'll manage the conflicts if any occur and do rebuilds, etc..18:42
ToyKeeperrobru: FWIW, I synced the current rtm silos to trello.  I'll probably do that each morning, and I think davmor2 is also doing that when he starts his day.18:43
robruToyKeeper: cool thx18:43
robrubfiller: ok you got 1818:43
bfillerrobru: thanks18:43
robrubfiller: you're welcome18:44
ToyKeeperCurrently rtm 008 in progress, 001 claimed, 003/004/005/015 waiting.18:44
ToyKeeper... and a format change as of just now, to disambiguate silos.18:44
robruralsina: tvoss alecu boiko: only 2 silos available. ping me if you're actually around to test a silo i can potentially give you right now18:44
ralsinarobru: mine I can test quick18:45
robruralsina: sweet18:45
robruralsina: ok you got 1918:46
ralsinarobru: on it!18:46
davmor2ToyKeeper: no we, brendand and I are just updating as we go18:48
robruralsina: thansk18:48
brendandToyKeeper, no silo should ever be on the board twice, so the need for disambiguation isn't really there18:49
brendandToyKeeper, it doesn't hurt to have the cards a bit more verbose though18:49
davmor2brendand: silo 008 got refilled after I finished testing it18:49
brendandToyKeeper, but i like having the PPA url there because that's primarily what you need to get testing18:49
ToyKeeperbrendand: The dashboard and trello have no automatic sync, so there are a lot of situations where the silo contents can change without trello noticing...  and then we have info about the wrong landing.  I'm planning to always include more info, to help avoid that.18:50
davmor2brendand: so you had 2 silo 008's on the board18:50
brendanddavmor2, yeah - one in the Passed column though :)18:50
brendandToyKeeper, davmor2 - anyway the new format is fine18:51
ToyKeeperbrendand: Like, right now rtm/landing-014 is marked as failed, and I can't tell if it's the same packages that are currently in 014 or not.18:51
brendandToyKeeper, yeah it's good to have that extra bit of certainty18:51
brendandjust to cross check it18:51
davmor2brendand: but was that the one that was there now and I just forgot to mark it passed or was that another app in that silo and it was 004 not 00818:51
robruI'm glad to see such a vibrant software ecosystem growing up around ci train!18:52
* robru sheds a single tear, so proud. so proud.18:52
davmor2brendand: before we just put the url for the silo so that can be anything ;)18:52
brendandrobru, speaking of which - what do i need to use to hook into the spreadsheet? is python fine?18:54
davmor2brendand: ToyKeeper is going to take on silo001 so I can take the uitk one in the morning and free you up for the smaller ones or visa versa18:54
robrubrendand: don't you touch my spreadsheet boi18:54
robrubrendand: just kidding, what are you doing?18:55
* davmor2 prods robru spreadsheet and runs18:55
robruI'll cut you!18:55
brendandrobru, i'll cut you back18:55
davmor2robru: oh get you waving you're piece of paper....ouch paper cut.....okay you win18:56
robrudavmor2: http://media.giphy.com/media/gmQNYr9nnbXxu/giphy.gif18:56
brendandrobru, i want to automatically create cards on our board when a silo is set to Needs QA sign-off18:56
robrubrendand: oh yeah, you can do that in python.18:56
ToyKeeperSaviq: I see 14 changes summarized on the unity8 silo's description (row 47), which is longer than the actual test plan.  Any chance of adding more info about what changed and how to test it?18:56
brendandrobru, and the inverse, to set it to Granted when it goes in the Pass column18:56
robrubrendand: yeah no, you can't poke data into the spreadsheet18:57
robrubrendand: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/queuebot/view/head:/plugins/landing.py here's how we poll it in queuebot with python, it just gets a read-only CSV, hope that helps you18:57
davmor2robru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAGysJe_js018:59
alecurobru: any silos left for me?18:59
robrudavmor2: http://youtu.be/9Fvpyo2WuVY?t=2m59s19:05
robrualecu: sure19:06
=== plars_ is now known as plars
davmor2robru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01NHcTM5IA4 :)19:06
=== plars changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | CI Train support: trainguards | Vanguard (general help): cihelp | CI Train Status: #203 promoted | CI Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA silo sign-off status: https://trello.com/b/AE3swczu/silo-testing | Known issues: queuebot has temporarily lost the ability to read from the spreadsheet. This means you must manually ping trainguards when requesting
robrualecu: you got silo 619:07
robruwoops, screwed up the timecode19:08
robrudavmor2: http://youtu.be/9Fvpyo2WuVY?t=1m54s19:09
bzoltanis anybody from QA would be available for checking the UITK in silo5?19:18
robrubzoltan: you'd be looking for ToyKeeper or brendand I guess19:19
robrulunchtime! bbl19:19
davmor2bzoltan: that'll probably be me in the morning dude, ToyKeeper is hitting the unity8 silo19:19
bzoltandavmor2: thank you :) and good night for now19:20
davmor2bzoltan: indeed same to you dude :)19:20
davmor2bzoltan: You'll be able to check on the status here https://trello.com/b/AE3swczu/silo-testing19:21
davmor2bzoltan: https://trello.com/b/AE3swczu/silo-testing-for-questions-ping-eu-jibel-us-jfunk-nz-thomi-or-ubuntu-qa-on-ubuntu-ci-eng even19:21
asac`ok, iuf zoltan is out, maybe focus sign off on those that are still awake in that list?19:21
asac`think the other three would be cool19:22
jfunkToyKeeper: it might make sense to do the short ones first19:22
jfunksince U8 is a long haul testsuite19:23
brendandToyKeeper, perhaps tedg's indicator-transfer one19:23
davmor2jfunk: that was kinda why we wanted it out of the way.  with unity8 and uitk both being big it would mean mean and brendand would be out of action for most of the day19:24
davmor2s/mean mean/ mean me19:24
brendandToyKeeper, clear that out first and then sort out the unity8 one19:24
jfunkdavmor2: ack, but Selene starts late and can pick those up later on, during peak hours at the start of her day she should focus on the smaller ones19:24
brendandToyKeeper, Saviq probably won't notice the difference :)19:25
asac`bzoltan: Q: did you test your silo against rtm?19:25
bzoltanasac`: yes19:25
asac`bzoltan: ok, thanks for confirming19:25
bzoltanasac`: strange, but the results were even better than against the 205-207 ubuntu images19:26
=== fginther changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | CI Train support: trainguards | Vanguard (general help): fginther | CI Train Status: #203 promoted | CI Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA silo sign-off status: https://trello.com/b/AE3swczu/silo-testing | Known issues: queuebot has temporarily lost the ability to read from the spreadsheet. This means you must manually ping trainguards when requestin
pmcgowansil2100, you said in landing mail that all landings go through QA but in fact the traincon rules apply so only as needed19:27
ToyKeeperI'm perfectly okay with focusing on smaller silos.19:28
ToyKeeperBesides, I think the unity8 silo may have already failed.19:28
davmor2sil2100: so it looks like some of the fixes that landed in the unity8 silo from early are to blame for the bugs being fixed ;)  in the default image they are still there,  I assume that silo will land in the morning image thought right?19:28
asac`bzoltan: thats good news :)19:29
asac`bzoltan: means stabile branch is stabilizing more than we knew :)19:30
asac`davmor2: not sure i can parse your question19:31
asac`we want everything landed tonight that can be landed19:31
asac`at best i wake up and all the silos are empty or rejected :P19:31
asac`we want to bake a great image tomorrow for our milestone19:31
kgunnrobru: yeah, i'm aware of row 55 conflict with the other 2...all of which i got my eye on19:32
kgunnbut needing a silo to get a jump on it19:32
* tedg counts and realizes kgunn has 3 eyes19:32
davmor2asac`: but it uitk and unity8 are still in place tomorrow they both take around 4 hours to test fully,  so if that is the case then not much would land tomorrow.   If ToyKeeper takes out the unity8 silo it means I am free to take on the uitk silo and brendand can take on the smaller ones similar to today or visa versa19:33
asac`davmor2: rigth19:34
sil2100pmcgowan: right! Yeah, true, this might have been not clarified there, the official announcement is right here19:34
asac`start with the light ones19:34
asac`davmor2: and continue with big ones after19:34
asac`davmor2: also check if the owner are online and take that that has someone committed to stay around while testing first19:34
davmor2asac`: indeed and that is what we settled on19:35
ToyKeeperdavmor2: Unity8 is really not looking good so far, but I'm not sure if it's the silo or the base image yet.19:35
ToyKeeperIn any case, I'm happy with focusing on smaller silos and/or silos with someone around to answer questions.19:36
asac`davmor2: yeah, key is checking with him that he is on and that he will stay on :)19:36
plarsrobru: sil2100: would it still be possible to get a silo for that MP I mentioned earlier in the call? It's in review still at this point, but mterry already took care of the comments I believe and I would like to get the process started.19:36
asac`if you need a priority decision :)19:36
plarsrobru: sil2100: it's #4319:37
ralsinarobru: silo 19 tested, good to publish and srccopy into a rtm silo when you can19:38
robrukgunn: ok you got 219:51
robruplars: I dunno dude there's like 3 other silos with unity8 in it already. the more of those we have going the harder it is to juggle (whenever a package gets published, any other silos containing that package need to get rebuilt, it's a tight dance to coordinate). can it wait a bit?19:53
robruplars: or maybe merge your MP into an existing unity8 silo, if you can coordinate that with somebody19:53
plarsrobru: I'm talking to Saviq and mterry about it. We can't wait too long but we have a little time. When ogra_ finishes up the stuff he's working on though, our autopilot tests will break without this if it doesn't land before the adbd as phablet user stuff19:54
plarsrobru: he's well aware of that though19:55
rsalvetirobru: hey, can we trigger a new image now?19:55
rsalvetia bunch of things landed19:56
plarsrobru: so let me continue to work through Saviq and mterry, maybe they have some recommendations for combining these so it doesn't create chaos19:56
robrursalveti: go for it19:56
rsalvetirobru: great19:56
robruplars: thanks19:56
pmcgowanthanks sil210019:59
ToyKeeperrobru: Do we have a log or list of what landed in rtm?  I found a regression since yesterday and don't know what caused it.20:00
robruToyKeeper: ask ogra? he's got the script that reports what landed in the images.20:01
robruToyKeeper: although I don't actually seean RTM version of that20:01
ToyKeeperI haven't seen anything like that either.  :(20:02
robruToyKeeper: so... no. there's no changelog for what lands in rtm20:03
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 211 building (started: 20140827 20:05) ===20:05
ToyKeeperrobru: That certainly makes regressions harder to track down...20:05
sil2100ToyKeeper, robru: yeah, currently there's no such thing :|20:05
ToyKeeperWe might want to do something about taht.20:06
ToyKeeperthat, even.20:06
sil2100ToyKeeper: ogra_ has more pending work to do - I could also modify my scripts to not depend on ogra's anymore, but I would also need time for that ;)20:06
sil2100While we're all busy busy with everything20:06
ToyKeeperDefinitely.  So much to do, so little time...20:06
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
balloonssil2100, will rtm see a new image soon?20:08
cyphermoxsil2100: can we land mtp in rtm now?20:08
sil2100balloons: depends if ogra_ kicked a new one - but there's a cronjob that does it once a day anyway20:10
rsalvetido you guys need a new rtm soon?20:10
rsalvetiI guess I can trigger one20:10
sil2100cyphermox: did you test the packages in the ubuntu-rtm silo? Is this an bugfix-only release?20:10
mterryrobru, plars: regarding unity8.  Looks like we can add the MP plars wants to my silo easily enough.  Other unity8 silos aren't ready yet20:11
balloonssil2100, ohh excellent. what time does it happen daily? I need a new rtm so I can push new apps to the store without breaking rtm20:11
balloonsit's that rock and hard place between -proposed needing fixes vs things as they are in rtm20:11
robrumterry: can you update the spreadsheet and reconfig it? thanks20:11
mterryrobru, sure can20:12
robrumterry: thanks!20:13
ToyKeeperWell, whatever changed, it worked in image 8 and broke in image 9.20:16
mterryrobru, if I just delete a row in the spreadsheet, is that a problem?20:16
robrumterry: nope, that's how we roll ;-)20:16
robruralsina: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/183311115/buildlog_ubuntu-rtm-14.09-armhf.ubuntu-push_0.63%2B14.10.20140827-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz does this make any sense to you? your ubuntu-push landing from utopic failed to build after I put it in an rtm silo20:19
ralsinarobru: not really! looking...20:19
robruralsina: possible causes are: transient infrastructure error, or some necessary dependency is missing in rtm (although the failure is only on armhf, so that option is less likely).20:19
ralsinarobru: looks like a tiny timeout20:20
ralsinarobru: can you rebuild once?20:20
robruralsina: yeah20:20
ralsinaa test has to be done in 1.15 seconds and it took 1.151955 seconds20:20
ToyKeepertedg, charles, rsalveti, tiagosh, pete-woods, Satoris: Anyone awake?  Deciding which silo to start next.20:21
robruralsina: ah ok, could be the build server was overloaded or something. we'll solve it by triggering more builds!20:22
ToyKeeperAt a guess, probably rtm-004, based purely on who is online now.20:22
* tedg is awake, though curious what trouble admitting that gets him into :-)20:22
* charles blames silo 002's merge conflict on tedg for being awake20:23
tedgToyKeeper, What's up? Satoris and pete-woods are probably asleep.20:23
ToyKeepertedg: Looks like I'll take rtm/landing-004 next, then (indicator-transfer).20:23
* tedg goes to bed20:23
charlesindicator-transfer would be a good one20:23
ralsinarobru: trigering enough more builds we'll either fix it or break it again :-)20:23
ToyKeepercharles, tedg: Any testing at all done for rtm-004 on an RTM image, or was it just utopic?20:24
charlesToyKeeper, utopic image 21020:25
sil2100robru: yay! I think the preprod sync feature works \o/20:25
ToyKeepercharles, tedg: Okay.  I'll see what I can do; future RTM landings should be tested on an RTM image though.20:25
sil2100Too late for me to switch everything, but yeah, tomorrow might be a good day20:25
charlesToyKeeper, ack20:25
sil2100Less work for us (probably)20:25
ToyKeepercharles, tedg: Got a working URL for the test plan?  The URL in the spreadsheet is 404.20:26
sil2100robru: good luck in the meantime o/20:26
ToyKeeperAh, found it.20:26
robrubfiller: you got silo 820:27
ToyKeepercharles, tedg: I may have more questions while looking at the attached bugs, especially if the bugs aren't covered in the test plan and/or have no tests otherwise.20:28
charlesToyKeeper, unfortunately there's not a single concise answer for this, however20:29
charlesToyKeeper, the download-an-image test case at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-transfer/trunk.14.10/view/head:/tests/manual handles several of these bugs20:29
kenvandinemterry, you have system-settings in silo 9, how close is that to being ready to land?20:31
charlesToyKeeper, not handled there is the case of app updates and MMS messages should not appear in the transfer indicator, the steps to confirm that are exactly what you'd expect, though I'll make sure to add them to that list of tests for posterity20:31
kenvandinemterry, i have a bunch of branches i need to land :)20:31
mterrykenvandine, great question.  I need the two unity8 branches reviewed, but after that it can land20:31
mterrykenvandine, if you want to go now, go20:32
mterrykenvandine, I'll gladly rebase20:32
ToyKeepercharles: Thanks.  Just trying to make sure test plans are fairly complete to avoid regressions.20:32
kenvandinemterry, cool, thx20:32
ToyKeeper(though I can't say I've ever heard of a regression or any severe bugs for the transfer indicator)20:33
charlesToyKeeper, the other issue to be aware of is that there's currently a severe regression for the transfer indicator, bug #135030820:34
ubot5bug 1350308 in indicator-transfer (Ubuntu) "Blank entries in transfer indicator" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135030820:34
ToyKeeperHeh, I stand corrected.  ;P20:34
charlesToyKeeper, until the rendering in unity8 gets fixed, even with the MP you're looking at now, the title, progressbar, and download status text are all missing20:34
ogra_ToyKeeper, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8162569/ save that as "compare-manifests" ... it will spit out the changes for you, but you need the rootfs versions for this ... i.e.: ./compare-manifests  20140827 20140827.1 would be for the diff between the last two rtm images20:34
charlesToyKeeper, but hey, the icon is correct now20:34
ogra_ToyKeeper, i'll get us automated changelogs tomorrw20:35
ToyKeeperogra_: Thanks!20:35
mterrykenvandine, didn't you just land some USS silo today already?20:41
kenvandinelast night20:42
gatoxfginther, hi, do you know why approved branches are not landing? https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/pay-ui/last-payment/+merge/23228420:46
gatoxfginther, too recent or something wrong?20:47
fginthergatox, looking20:47
fginthergatox, it's building now20:48
gatoxfginther, ack, thanks20:48
pmcgowankenvandine, I turned pin on, hit cancel, then when I turn it off it still took me to the set pin popup20:49
kenvandineoh... cancel should have left it unchecked...20:50
pmcgowankenvandine, what happens if I actually set a PIN, can I unset it?20:52
kenvandineyou can unlock it20:52
kenvandineor change it20:52
kenvandineyou can't add a PIN20:52
kenvandineonly lock/unlock or change an existing PIN20:52
pmcgowankenvandine, right and how to know what it is?20:53
kenvandinein the US... googling :)20:53
kenvandineATT is 111120:53
kenvandineby default20:54
kenvandinemost people that don't know it... won't ever try this20:54
kenvandinebut in europe it's big20:54
pmcgowankenvandine, where is UI to change it20:54
kenvandineonce it's locked20:54
kenvandineyou see a button to change it20:54
pmcgowankenvandine, I have to enable lock to change it?20:55
kenvandineyes... per the design20:55
pmcgowanuh oh 2 attemts left20:55
pmcgowannot 111120:55
sergiusensadb reboot recovery20:56
kenvandineit was for me :)20:56
ToyKeeperThere, log tail plus grep should help QA avoid ever missing a silo.  At least for now, until a bot does the work.20:56
sergiusensmount /dev/mmcblk0p6 somewhere20:56
sergiusensand mangle with /etc/shadow20:56
pmcgowankenvandine, doooh, wrong phone it has a tmobile sim in it21:00
kenvandinei never figured out the t-mobile one21:00
pmcgowan1234 says the internet21:01
* pmcgowan uses his second try21:01
ToyKeeperkenvandine: T-Mobile directly or via Straight Talk?  I've found that the AT&T APN settings work for T-Mobile if it's using Straight Talk.21:05
kenvandinet-mobile directly21:06
kenvandineit might be 1234... never tried that one :)21:06
kenvandinedidn't want to hose my personal SIM :)21:06
pmcgowankenvandine, was for me21:07
pmcgowankenvandine, so I can lock, and change pin21:07
pmcgowankenvandine, only issue I had was the uncheck21:07
pmcgowankenvandine, any time you uncheck it it asks for pin21:08
kenvandinepmcgowan, fixing21:08
kenvandinejust when you cancelled..21:08
kenvandinepmcgowan, grab that and push it to /usr/share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/security-privacy/SimPin.qml21:09
kenvandinethat should fix the cancel thing21:09
kenvandinepmcgowan, even better...  :)21:11
ralsinarobru: can't get around to test ubuntu-push against rtm image but I am confident it's ok anyway21:12
pmcgowankenvandine, oh man21:12
pmcgowanyeah first one not21:13
pmcgowankenvandine, thats worse21:14
pmcgowannow I cant uncheck at all, and still get the prompt21:14
kenvandinewait... did it actually locl?21:14
pmcgowanhow would I know21:15
pmcgowanso you fixed the issue if I cancel, it disables it21:15
kenvandineso you quite settings21:15
kenvandineand went back in21:15
pmcgowanbut now if its enabled and I want to uncheck it, does that require a PIN?21:15
pmcgowanmaybe I misunderstand the flow21:16
pmcgowanok then fixed21:16
kenvandineyou have to enter the PIN to unlock it21:16
pmcgowankenvandine, vg then21:16
ToyKeeperHaving some trouble finding files I can download which go slowly enough to see them in progress...21:28
ToyKeeperMostly because the context menu for links doesn't include a "save link as..." function.21:29
asac`ToyKeeper: you can try downloading media samples21:30
asac`ToyKeeper: http://samplemedia.linaro.org/H264/21:30
asac`or anywhere on that server :)21:30
asac`some are a few megs, others hundreds, others GBs :)21:31
ToyKeeperasac`: Thanks.  It seems the UTouch browser lacks a function to actually download those though.  :(   (which is the issue I've been running into)21:44
asac`ToyKeeper: well, guess you can just upload some garbage .txt file or so to people.canonical.com etc.21:45
ToyKeeperEr, a function to save it anyway.21:45
asac`i dont know what the browser can save21:45
asac`knowing that will help finding or instrumenting test cases21:45
ToyKeeperasac`: I already have a local server full of useful files...  I just can't get the browser to download and save them unless it's already loaded into a page, in which case it's kind of already downloaded and the rest happens in a split second.21:46
asac`yeah no idea21:47
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 211 DONE (finished: 20140827 21:50) ===21:50
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/211.changes ===21:50
alecuthat was quick (!)21:54
alecutrainguards: I just clicked on "build" for ubuntu-rtm/landing-008. But is that really needed when I asked for a srccopy?21:54
robrualecu: sure isn't!21:55
alecurobru: did I break something?21:55
robrualecu: no, sorry for the snark, it's not your fault21:55
robrualecu: the bot pings weren't designed with this crazy new RTM world in mind21:56
robrualecu: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-rtm-landing-008-1-build/4/console this is what you did: precisely nothing.21:56
robruthe fact that the status says 'Packages built' is a bug.21:56
alecuah, great then. I'll stop trying to build when asking for srccopies, then :P21:56
robrualecu: source copies are done by me, by hand. I did it, and it's building in the PPA, you have to wait for that to finish before doing the jenkins build job21:57
robrualecu: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu-rtm/landing-008/+packages you can watch here if you want to see it build21:58
* alecu looks21:58
robrusergiusens: why does the binary package depend on dosfstools? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-012-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_ciborium_0.2.11+14.10.20140827.2-0ubuntu1.diff I sort of get the build-depends on it...22:01
robrusergiusens: like, you want to ship dosfstools on our phone. really?22:02
sergiusensrobru: yes I do22:02
sergiusensrobru: we have a feature to format sdcards22:02
robruoh is that what that's for? grumble22:03
sergiusensrobru: and udisks2 requires it; I thought I'd just add it myself as I need it22:03
robrusergiusens: oh so it was already being pulled in anyway?22:03
sergiusensrobru: nope, it's not; it would be a newcomer22:04
=== asac` is now known as asac
cyphermoxrobru: could you look at line 24, whether it's still conflicting with something? it's definitely not conflicting with line 13, which is a different package entirely22:04
robruinfinity: around? need a core dev ack on https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-012-2-publish/19/22:05
sergiusensrobru: just in case, rsalveti is also looking at the packaging ack22:05
* rsalveti is looking at that22:05
robrursalveti: thanks22:05
rsalvetiI can publish when I'm happy with it :-)22:05
robrucyphermox: it conflicts with silo rtm 13.22:05
cyphermoxthat's going to get really painful I think22:06
cyphermoxunless you're syncing packages22:06
ToyKeepercharles: If you're still around, do you know why the wiki's test plan is different than the file on launchpad?22:06
cyphermoxotherwise we could get one landing in ubuntu only, and the other in rtm only22:06
cyphermoxrobru: because I don't see the code landed in ubuntu (non-rtm) for silo rtm 1322:08
robrucyphermox: yep, I know, it's a total disaster. Total. Disaster.22:08
cyphermoxyou could land my stuff first, and then get the package rebuilt22:09
cyphermoxassuming it hasn't already been tested22:09
robrucyphermox: I'm terrified to assign conflicting RTM silos because of the implications. one can revert the other, but by the time you discover it, the releases are already in utopic so it's too late to do anything about it22:09
cyphermoxI know22:09
charlesToyKeeper, at a very quick glance, they look the same to me? <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/Checklists/indicator-transfer>, <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-transfer/trunk.14.10/view/head:/MERGE-REVIEW>22:10
cyphermoxwell, on the bright side mterry's hasn't built packages yet22:10
robrucyphermox: well, 13 hasn't been tested because it hasn't been built. I guess I can squeeze you in there first.22:10
robrucyphermox: but I'm gonna free 13 for good measure.22:10
cyphermoxit might not actually be necessary to22:10
cyphermoxhold on a sec22:10
robruheh, too late22:11
robruwhatever, it's trivial to reassign that one when mterry really needs it22:11
cyphermoxah, you couldn't even build it yet if you wanted to anyway22:11
cyphermoxI think that landing was expected to be done by package copy as well22:11
cyphermox(ie. no merge requests)22:11
ToyKeepercharles: I'm comparing http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-transfer/trunk.14.10/view/head:/tests/manual  to  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/indicator-transfer22:12
cyphermoxso that implies having the packages built in ubuntu before22:12
robrucyphermox: yeah exactly, what happens if we package copy in there? we can't rebuild a package copy to include new stuff. package copies are notoriously terrible at resolving conflicts because you can't just rebuild the MP which automatically rebases on trunk.22:13
robrucyphermox: anyway you got rtm-12 now22:13
cyphermoxrobru: well, that just means you need to follow the order in which things land in the ubuntu archive22:13
cyphermoxso basically; if mterry's code had landed in ubuntu; you could have done just one package copy because his version would have superseded mine, and included the changes22:14
cyphermoxin other words, if silo A and silo B are planned for Ubuntu; and silo A lands, followed by silo B; then you only really need to do an RTM landing for silo B; because it will include the code for both (still requires to be tested accordingly)22:15
robruYou hope ;-)22:16
robruI think there's a crazy race condition between when silo B lands and when silo RTM-A is assigned. it terrifies me22:16
ToyKeepercharles: In any case, simple-download.py seems to work (aside from known issues) pre-silo, but post-silo the screen shows no sign that any transfers are happening during the script run.  However, post-silo it does still show transfers the user initiated via browser.  Not sure what to think of that.22:20
charlesToyKeeper, I removed simple-download.py from the manual tests because it doesn't go through content-hub, which is now necessary in order for the transfer to show up. That's how other types of downloads, like system updates and mms downloads, are filtered out22:21
charlesToyKeeper, run the manual test indicator-transfer/simple-download-check22:22
charlesToyKeeper, because of the unity8 rendering bug I mentioned earlier, the title and progressbar still won't show up. However the gallery icon should appear correctly, and clicking the menuitem should launch the gallery22:23
ToyKeepercharles: Yes, that's as expected.  I haven't seen simple-download-check though...  don't normally need files from the source repo for testing.22:24
ToyKeeperEr, for manual testing anyway.22:24
ToyKeepercharles: Ah, not a source file.  That would be the content of the wiki page which refers to simple-download.py.  Okay.22:26
charlesahhhh, now I understand your confusion22:26
ToyKeepercharles: In any case, the package looks good aside from having trouble getting transfers to last long enough to see the progress.22:26
charlesI removed simple-download.py from the manual tests, but didn't remove it from the wiki page. Sorry about that.22:27
ToyKeepercharles: Thanks for all the help; any chance you could update the wiki's test plan since it's out of date?22:45
charlesToyKeeper, yes. I'll do it before I EOD here22:46
charlesToyKeeper, thanks for your patience; the test docs should have been in order before silo22:47
ToyKeepercharles: This is why we've started testing in order of who is still awake.  Almost every silo seems to have similar issues lately.22:48
ToyKeeperOnce that sort of thing is in order, testing should go a lot faster.22:48
robruToyKeeper: so what happens when you catch a regression? Seems to me like it's too late to do anything since the silo landed in utopic already22:52
ToyKeeperrobru: I'm not sure yet.  Chase it down and work it through the process from the beginning, I guess.22:52
ToyKeeperrobru: In this particular case, the ability to configure the time zone broke somewhere between rtm-8 and rtm-9.22:53
robruYeah, "somewhere" is the awesome part.22:54
ToyKeeperralsina: You around?  I'm looking at rtm/landing-007 (ubuntu-push) and am wondering what image it was tested on.23:15
robruToyKeeper: he told me he didn't test rtm but it was a small enough landing it should be fine. Not sure what image specifically23:16
ToyKeeperralsina: Also wondering how to test the change in this silo.  No bug or MP is attached, and the manual test plan is just "run the autopilot tests".23:16
sergiusensrsalveti: ready with the changes you asked for23:28
sergiusensrobru: what's the thing with http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?distro=ubuntu-rtm&q=ciborium ?23:33
sergiusensI'm not in a hurry, I plan to go to bed ASAP; curiosity only23:33
robrusergiusens: looks like the packages didn't get copied23:33
robrusergiusens: i can do it in a bit23:34
sergiusensrobru: yeah, but it refers to unity8 and ciborium in the spreadsheet23:34
sergiusensunless that status is stale23:34
sergiusensmight be, the ppa is empty23:35
kenvandinerobru, what do i need to do now if i want landing 19 to also go to ubuntu-rtm?23:38
kenvandinerobru, add a new row to the spreadsheet for package only?23:39
sergiusenskenvandine: it's done "automatically" now23:46
sergiusensby the trainguard elves23:46
kenvandinesergiusens, ? automatically?  ubuntu-rtm is pretty outdated for ubuntu-system-settings23:46
kenvandinei added it to line 51 as a SRCCOPY based what i saw others do :)23:46
sergiusenskenvandine: the silo reservation is automatic23:46
kenvandinerobru, ^^23:47
sergiusensthe testing by dev + testing by qa is manual23:47

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