dholbachgood morning06:45
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josemhall119: just to confirm, I'll be joining you today in the hangout12:25
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mhall119jose: awesome! balloons ^^13:56
dholbachhey pleia2, I'll ask IS to create the community planning list now - we should have done this much earlier - what do you think we should call the list? community-team@lists.u.c?16:00
dholbachor ubuntu-community-team@lists.u.c?16:00
dholbachmaybe the latter, so it matches the IRC channels name?16:01
dholbachor czajkowski, elfy? ^16:03
elfyhi dholbach16:03
elfyI'd +1 matchinf IRC channel name16:03
dholbachall right my friends - list requested - see you tomorrow16:43
pleia2we don't have a community planning list because we did once, it was called sounder, we had to shut it down17:30
mhall119pleia2: this one will be more for planning that just chatter17:48
pleia2mhall119: sounder was supposed to be too :)17:52
pleia2it's fine if people want one, just pointing out the reason why we "didn't do this much earlier"17:53
pleia2and I don't want to play list admin :)17:53
mhall119pleia2: fair enough, I didn't even know about sounder until popey shut it down17:53
pleia2I was one of the list admins for a while, it was awful17:53
pleia2don't want to go through that again17:54
mhall119well hopefull the threat fo popey will keep people from ruining this new one :)17:54
mhall119dholbach pointed out that a lot of our intra-team discussions were private. Not intentionally, but because we didn't have an appropriate public mailinglist for them and so we just ended up CC'ing people instead, this will help us do more in the open17:56
popeyyeah, looking forward to this17:57
popey.. shutting it down...17:57
* mhall119 imagines popey with his hand over a big red button17:57
popeyi need one of those.17:58
mhall119you should make an app for it17:58
popeytell you what I would like, a SIP client17:58
mhall119just a big red button that plays a "Shut it down" audio clip17:58
mhall119and then randomly deletes a mailing list17:58
popeyactually I'll just hook it up to email the list with a picture of mhall119 dressed as a cat17:59
pleia2popey: srsly17:59
mhall119dammit popey18:00
mhall119people had *almost* forgotten about that picture too18:00
popeythe only reason i remembered is because someone +1'ed it this morning18:00
mhall119yeah, I saw that, chloe I think it was18:00
mhall119balloons: you all set for our workshop?18:43
balloonsmhall119, eek, I was in the zone, thanks for the ping18:43
mhall119I'm setting up the hangout event now18:44
mhall119ubuntuonair.com is updated no18:46
mhall119balloons: jose: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYd2rKi3vZGGbkhsuOUqbXxARXWwGjS5Jw9LG2EkByONDf7W9w?authuser=2&hl=en18:53
josemhall119: finishing lunch and joining in 1m18:55
bkerensapleia2: would you like to come to a Cantina at the Mozilla Portland Office on Friday?21:19

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