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didrocksgood morning06:03
happyarondidrocks: morning, can you check the MIA request again? ;-)06:04
happyaronMIR... typo06:05
didrockshappyaron: hey! I guess you mean MIR? :)06:05
didrockshappyaron: will do, but probably tomorrow. I need to backlog on emails first06:05
didrocks(just back from vacations)06:05
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ypwonghappyaron, you're early today :)06:25
happyaronypwong: actually late today, 23:28 already.06:28
seb128good morning desktopers06:42
seb128happyaron, you are at debconf?06:42
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happyaronseb128: yes06:45
seb128happyaron you are doing all conferences this summer ... :-)06:46
happyaronseb128: I agree, it's quite tiring to travel around...06:47
seb128happyaron, with all this drinking and partying as well, right? ;-)06:47
happyaronno, that only happens at that very place..06:48
happyaronbut yes, they've asked me to join them when I'm back to Beijing06:49
pittibonjour didrocks ! oooh, tu es retour !07:07
pittididrocks: as-tu eu des bonnes vacances ?07:07
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti! Long time no see :)07:07
pittibonjour seb12807:08
pittihappyaron: hey, how are you?07:08
didrockspitti: oui, les vacances étaient très bien (mais j'ai eu les épaules bloquées depuis une semaine :( )07:08
didrockspitti: et toi ?07:08
seb128pitti, salut, ça va bien ?07:08
pittididrocks: urgh, Julie's post looked like you were hanging out on beaches, not ruining your shoulder?07:09
pittiseb128: oui, merci ! et toi ?07:09
happyaronpitti: good, and you?07:09
pittihappyaron: quite fine, thanks07:09
didrockspitti: we were, didn't prevent to probably endure some cold wind which hardened my muscles I guess :)07:10
didrockspitti: how were your holidays btw?07:12
pittididrocks: very quiet and relaxing; we mostly stayed at home as the weather was really bad07:12
pittididrocks: so no paragliding :/07:12
pittididrocks: but I enjoyed a week off anyway, I felt a looot better07:13
didrockspitti: argh :/ yeah, it seems it was something general all over europe anyway this summer…07:13
pittididrocks: and that friend of mine was still here, so we could hang out a bit07:13
pittiyeah, April and August just got swapped07:13
didrocksah nice, that what worthes holidays: a change in habits/people around :)07:13
didrockspitti: even in the south of France, which isn't Lyon, at the beach, the water temperature was between 18 and 2007:14
pittididrocks: heh, yeah, with zero stress about planning, hotels, travel, etc. :)07:16
didrocksheh, indeed :)07:16
didrocksspeaking of hotels, we finalized the booking for Japan! \o/07:17
pittididrocks: instead, we tinkered around a bit to install a solid pole foot in the garden for hanging up a hammock07:17
pittididrocks: ooh! quand avez-vous aller ?07:17
pitti"allez vous"07:17
didrockspitti: ah, that's a nice plan (the hammock ;)), that's our only disappointment of "only" having a balcony07:18
didrockspitti: du 27 septembre au 17 octobre07:18
didrockswe booked our flights a while back, but we didn't for the hotels until recently07:19
didrocks(as we needed to ensure the dates for every places we go to)07:19
seb128didrocks, all set then? ;-)07:19
seb128didrocks, seems like you should be able to come to the client week as well07:20
didrocksseb128: still the trains: we know which one to take and so on, but I would prefer that we look at their time schedule07:20
didrocksseb128: didn't see any official announcement, but yeah, from what I heard, that should be ok :)07:20
didrocksseb128: we already know what we are going to visit, per half a day07:20
seb128oh, pitti gets setting's mps now, nice ;-)07:20
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seb128didrocks, great07:21
pittiseb128: yeah, and bugs; need to teach my .procmailrc about it :)07:21
seb128pitti, welcome on board, we can always use extra hands on settings ;-)07:22
* pitti runs desperately :)07:23
didrocksoh, I don't see my ubuntu-developer-tools-center autopkgtests…07:23
didrocksprobably I made something wrong07:23
pittididrocks: no XS-Testsuite:07:24
didrocksahah :)07:24
pittididrocks: these days, dpkg-source adds it automatically07:24
didrocksyeah, so adt manual run works :p07:24
pittibut we only merged this like a week or two ago07:24
didrockspitti: ok, will add, however, I need to check with you on running my medium tests (and why not large tests as well)07:24
didrocksfor medium, I need to be able to download a docker image07:24
pittididrocks: nah, please just try a rebuild; the .dsc should then get it automatically07:25
didrockspitti: ok, will do that! do you think you will have time later this week for the medium tests?07:26
pittididrocks: actually, it got into this version: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/1.17.12ubuntu107:26
didrocksnice that it's automated now :)07:26
didrocks  * Automatically add the Testsuite field in dpkg-source to the .dsc file.07:26
pittididrocks: yeah, last weeks were a bit crazy, I didn't get to looking into the proxy issues; but with you being back to poke me, we can do that07:26
didrocksgot it :)07:26
didrocksI'll need to find victims as well to run udtc on their machine :p07:27
* seb128 feels like didrocks he looking at him through IRC07:28
pittiand it worked!07:28
didrocksI don't know any other i386 victim :p07:29
pitti/plugin load stare-down07:29
pittiERROR: no such plugin07:29
pittididrocks: i3what? oh, those old 16 bit IBM PC thingies? :-)07:29
* pitti has a flashback about DOS programming with page and offset addressing craziness07:31
didrockshehe :)07:31
seb128i386 ftw!07:32
pitti6510 FTW!07:36
didrocksso feature freeze was last week, the MIR wasn't updated and the update submitted to mterry I guess (seeing what happyaron told me this morning)07:36
* didrocks isn't assigned to the bug, so I would appreciate a link btw to when I'll look at it again07:37
seb128didrocks, yeah, mterry is just too busy with rtm07:37
didrocksso, we'll need a FFe I guess to seed it07:38
darkxstdidrocks, hey, can you promote tracker?07:38
seb128didrocks, we decided to postpone the fcitx by default, even for Chinese, but we would still like to be able to build-depends indicator-keyboard and u-s-d with it to add support for fcitx users07:38
seb128even if we don't use it by default07:38
seb128so it allows opting in07:38
seb128but yeah07:38
seb128going to need a ffe07:38
didrocksdarkxst: I need to recheck after doko's discussion on the bug after latest uploaded, so not today for sure (just back from holidays)07:38
willcookemorning dudes07:38
seb128hey willcooke07:39
didrocksdarkxst: but can add that by EOW07:39
didrockshey willcooke!07:39
didrocksseb128: ah, great then!07:39
seb128didrocks, that might also reduce the number of sources we need to MIR this cycle07:39
seb128like no need of engines and such07:39
didrocksseb128: so, the MIR doesn't cover them anymore?07:40
didrockslike, the bug was updated to state that clearly?07:40
seb128didrocks, I don't think so, we still want to MIR those next cyclm07:40
seb128the MIR is still valid07:40
seb128it's just an order of priorities07:40
seb128happyaron ^07:40
darkxstdidrocks, ok thanks, I have temporarily disabled the few deps that were not in main07:40
didrockshappyaron: and please, reassign me one of the component, that's the way we ping/pong07:41
didrocksdarkxst: yeah, I read that in between 2 huge pile of emails :) anyway, before EOW, I'll have a quick look07:41
happyarondidrocks: I have sent an reply for that MIR07:42
happyarondidrocks: isn't that sufficient?07:42
didrockshappyaron: didn't get it you didn't assigned me to one of the task once ready for me to rereview :)07:42
darkxstdidrocks, ok thanks ;)07:43
happyarondidrocks: ok, assigned https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fcitx/+bug/135622207:45
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1356222 in librime "[MIR] fcitx and related packages" [Undecided,Incomplete]07:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1356222 in librime (Ubuntu) "[MIR] fcitx and related packages" [Undecided,Incomplete]07:45
didrockshappyaron: perfect, will get back to you! thanks :)07:45
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willcookeZOMG!  Glances is awesome!08:25
* seb128 glances at willcooke08:26
seb128not an easy name to google for :p08:26
willcookeapt-get install glances08:26
seb128CLI, curses08:26
seb128not that kind of geek ;-)08:26
willcookepfft.  Amateur08:27
seb128installed it anyway to have a look, seems like a decent utility ;-)08:28
willcookehey FJKong, 1:1 meeting today?08:36
FJKongwillcooke: I am in meeting with NUDT, I will ping you some minutes later ok?08:36
willcookesure thing08:36
willcookethanks FJKong08:36
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FJKongwillcooke: ping09:36
willcookehey FJKong09:37
FJKongmeeting done09:37
FJKongwillcooke: 1 1?09:37
willcookeyeah, let's do it FJKong09:37
willcookeI'll send you a hangout09:37
FJKongwillcooke: ok09:37
* didrocks goes for a run10:09
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larsupitti: hi! How do I set something like XDG_DATA_DIRS in a package test?11:03
* larsu was wondering why his tests failed while building the package but not while doing make check11:04
pittilarsu: not sure I understand the question -- export XDG_DATA_DIRS= ... ?11:05
larsupitti: I guess I'm asking for the best practice (I don't ususally deal with packaging)11:08
pittilarsu: you can set it in debian/rules, in override_dh_auto_test (or wherever you call the tests)11:08
larsupitti: okay, that's what I would have done but it feels a bit hacky. Thanks!11:09
pittilarsu: yeah, it's a workaround for an upstream bug11:09
pittithe upstream tests should set the data dir itself if it's using some local data11:09
larsuah, maybe I should do that then11:09
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seb128larsu, was that the issue with the uitk error?11:26
larsuseb128: ya :(11:27
seb128hum, k, at least you figured it out!11:27
larsuI'm setting it manually now - even though it feels a bit odd to hard code it to /usr/share11:27
larsuqt is doing that even in production code when XDG_DATA_DIRS is empty or not set11:27
larsuseb128: got some early review comments in the process though11:31
larsulooks like this can get in very soon11:31
Sweetsha1kmoin all!11:32
seb128good morning Sweetsha1k11:32
seb128how are you?11:32
Sweetsha1kseb128: Im misnamed.11:33
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Sweetsharkthis is better.11:33
* ogra_ actually liked Sweet Schalk :)11:33
Sweetshark... and I bring presents: http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/utopic/4.3.1/libreoffice-l10n_4.3.1~rc2-0ubuntu1_source.changes and http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/utopic/4.3.1/libreoffice_4.3.1~rc2-0ubuntu1_source.changes11:34
Sweetsharkseb128: ^^ can you sponsor those to utopic?11:34
Sweetsharkogra_: Eating one clown for breakfast each day keeps the worries away.11:36
seb128Sweetshark, sure11:36
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seb128mterry, hey13:10
mterryseb128, hello!13:11
seb128mterry, sentence case is what johnlea/unity designers have been asked us to use consistently for some years13:11
seb128mterry, GNOME HIG was using "One Case By Word" style13:11
mterryseb128, I've been asking about freezes in #ubuntu-unity, you can see scrollback a bit13:11
seb128kenvandine, hey13:20
seb128kenvandine, I sent some easy uss bugfixes, if you feel like doing trivial reviews ;-)13:20
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sabdflwillcooke, seb128, wow14:58
sabdfljust updated my utopic desktop-next machine (XPS 27 touch screen All-in-One)14:58
willcookesabdfl, you got the session bug fix via updates?14:58
willcookeha, I was just about to ping you about that14:58
sabdflwhat a blast14:58
sabdflvideo worked in the browser!14:58
willcookeIts pretty sexy right!14:58
sabdflyes it most certainly is14:58
willcookeMy 6 year used U8 to open YouTube and watch videos full screen, no help needed14:59
* sabdfl wants screencasts14:59
sabdflisn't it interesting, i have Win8 on a similar machine right next door14:59
willcookesabdfl, me and jorge are on it.  Blog post with pics & vids on its way14:59
sabdflcomplete bafflement every time i go in there14:59
sabdflanyway, kudos to the guys i know it's a side side thread BUT it's very cool to see14:59
sabdfland FAST14:59
willcookeThanks sabdfl - I will be sure to pass on your comments to the whole team15:00
seb128sabdfl, nice! ;-)15:33
sabdflseb128, yes, really exciting to see15:34
BigWhaleHello all.15:36
BigWhaleWho's the go-to-guy for compiz/opengl/unity type of a question? I've implemented webcam support for Kazam and when webcam is enabled a window with webcam feed will open. Now, when you run a game in full screen the 'always on top' webcam window will not stay on top. No matter what properties I set to it. :/15:39
seb128BigWhale, you can try to ask Trevinho or ChrisTownsend I think15:40
BigWhaleseb128, thanks! Altho, I'm already pessimistic about it... :> It seems like it is a opengl thing.15:41
didrockspitti: hum, so the autopkgtests are failing on adt, even if all tests pass for me (the coverage is the one expected at the small tests alone don't exercise the whole code, only small + large exercise 99% of it): https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-ubuntu-developer-tools-center/lastBuild/ARCH=i386,label=adt/console15:43
mterryseb128, you were right.  I asked Design and they said sentence capitalization is fine.  That's what I get for assuming they talk to each other  :)15:45
didrocks(actually, the % in nose-cov is wrong, if I run just a subpart of my tests, it's way higher)15:46
seb128mterry, ;-)15:51
seb128mterry, it's not "fine", it's "needed" :p15:51
seb128i.e that's what we use consistently15:51
mterryseb128, I just wish visuals from Design could be taken at face value.  Ah well15:52
seb128mterry, yeah, that would be nice15:52
mterryseb128, updated branch and commented as such15:52
ChrisTownsendBigWhale: So what I *think* is going on is that most fullscreen windows are unredirected meaning they have total control of the video buffer and hence have more performance.  When a window is unredirected, then it will be the only window displayed even if Always on Top is set for other windows.15:52
seb128too much turnoever in design team though15:52
seb128mterry, thanks15:52
seb128mterry, sorry for bouncy my "design should be frozen" complain in your direction btw, you are just the messenger there15:53
mterryseb128, it's a legitimate complaint for sure15:53
ChrisTownsendBigWhale: However, there is a whitelist in ccsm in which you can set fullscreen windows to not do this and it might allow Always on Top windows to show, but I'm not sure.15:53
seb128yeah, just not directory to the right person15:53
ChrisTownsendBigWhale: In ccsm->Composite->Unredirect Match, you can add another !(Class=x) for your fullscreen game and see if it helps.15:54
* didrocks found what hackery was mocking coverage report wrong (even if that doesn't explain why adt says the tests failed when they didn't)15:56
didrockswell, it says the RET code is 0, testing locally is 0 though15:56
didrocksand no KO15:56
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didrockshum, got a fix, but that's weird…16:03
didrocks(for the coverage report)16:04
seb128attente_, hey, so I updated my system/restarted my session, fcitx forces qwerty when it starts (in a way that makes i-k not update, but I guess that's the missing signal issue we discussed)16:12
seb128same in session, if I quit fcitx, change to azerty, run fcitx I get put back to qwerty16:12
didrocksfound a proper fix (still for the wrong coverage report, will wait for pitti for the adt failing)16:12
attente_seb128, are you by any chance using the setting "allow different sources for each window"?16:12
seb128attente_, no16:14
seb128attente_, using the first option "same for all windows"16:14
attente_seb128, but this problem is only happening initially when the session starts? or is it also happening when you open a new window?16:15
seb128attente_, it's happening constantly as long as fcitx is running16:16
seb128attente_, like I run fcitx, it goes to qwerty16:17
seb128I use i-k to pick fr back16:17
seb128I alt-tab to gedit16:17
seb128it's back to swerty16:17
seb128so seems every time a win gets focus16:17
seb128attente_, fcitx doesn't have fr/azerty in its config16:18
seb128only qwerty and pinyin16:18
attente_i see16:18
seb128that could be the issue?16:18
attente_i guess you're using fr+oss?16:18
attente_seb128, when you type is it azerty though?16:20
attente_or is it just a problem with what fcitx-qimpanel is showing?16:20
seb128no, when I say "it changes to qwerty" I mean "when I hit z on my keyboard it gives me a w"16:21
seb128I'm not even sure I've qimpanel16:21
seb128I've the indicator that shows a keyboard icon but doesn't give indication of what is selected16:21
attente_seb128, can i get your 'gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.input-sources sources' please?16:23
seb128[('xkb', 'fr+oss'), ('xkb', 'gb'), ('ibus', 'pinyin'), ('fcitx', 'sunpinyin')]16:24
seb128attente_, ^16:24
attente_seb128, thanks, i see it16:26
seb128attente_, w16:27
seb128attente_, how/what did you change?16:27
attente_seb128, just that i see the problem now16:27
seb128let me know if you need more info or if you have a fix to test16:28
tkamppeterwillcooke, hi16:30
willcookehey tkamppeter16:31
attente_seb128, can you check your fcitx configuration under 'Global Config' -> 'Share State Among Window'?16:34
attente_i guess this problem is just because fcitx doesn't have that particular variant of fr+oss...16:38
seb128attente_, that combo is set to "No"16:44
seb128changing that combo doesn't make a difference there, even after restarting fcitx&co16:48
attente_yeah, i tried it with "All", but it still happens16:49
attente_which is counter-intuitive to me because i would think fcitx should stop changing the IM when the focused window changes16:50
attente_probably we should disable the fcitx-xkb module, but then i'm not sure how we would show the current keyboard layout in fcitx-qimpanel16:52
attente_bah, ok, i know what's wrong17:06
happyaronseb128: hey, can you help me check why ibus stuck in -proposed? is it only because freeze or there's anything else to deal with?17:18
seb128happyaron, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html17:18
happyaronok, bookmarking the url17:18
seb128"Not touching package due to block request by freeze (contact #ubuntu-release if update is needed) "17:19
seb128it was probably blocked before that though17:19
seb128the freeze is not that old17:19
seb128but we don't have records of old reasons afaik, so we need for the freeze to lift to know what other issues there are17:20
didrocksok, that's more than enough for today and fixed the coverage issue (77% for small tests alone, which makes more sense), see you tomorrow guys!17:37
Sweetsharkseb128: still no utopic upload it seems. any blockers?18:09
seb128Sweetshark, I forgot sorry, doing it now18:09
Sweetsharkseb128: np, thx ;)18:11
BigWhaleChrisTownsend, thanks for the info, I'll look into it.18:17
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seb128Sweetshark, done18:21
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