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YokoZarIs there a dpkg-source --clean type command?01:07
mwhudsondoes anyone have any tips for how to manage distro patches for gcc without going crazy?01:53
mwhudsoni've tried gbp pq a bit but it fails for reasons i don't understand01:58
mwhudsonoh, i think i see why it failed for me02:22
cjwatsontokolike debuild clean?03:16
cjwatsonYokoZar: like debuild clean?03:17
YokoZarcjwatson: I was more interested in a sort of revert type feature.  Basically a package's clean instructions weren't completely cleaning it so a second binary build was balking about having uncommitted changes to the source.03:20
cjwatsonYokoZar: oh, well, use a version control system.03:21
cjwatsonor re-unpack.03:21
YokoZarYeah that's what I thought :p03:21
YokoZarOr maybe reverse apply the patch shown in the temp file03:22
cjwatsonit's a bug if clean doesn't clean, of course.03:22
YokoZarYeah, already filed that one :P03:22
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pittiGood morning04:40
pittistgraber: ack; I filed bug 136196404:45
ubottubug 1361964 in calibre (Ubuntu) "FFE: Port to Qt5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136196404:45
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dholbachgood morning06:45
LocutusOfBorg1cjwatson, can you please unblock insighttoolkit4? it should just be three "no change rebuild" away :)06:54
LocutusOfBorg1hi dholbach :)06:54
dholbachhi LocutusOfBorg106:55
LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, did you ask to remove lucene++ from new queue?06:59
LocutusOfBorg1I got a strange mail, I would like to ask you prior to ask more informations ;)06:59
dholbachivoks, happy birthday! :)07:09
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ivoksdholbach: :) thanks07:21
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg1: not after midnight, find another victim :)07:27
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg1: err, in any case, insighttoolkit4 isn't blocked07:30
LocutusOfBorg1cjwatson, no problem ;)07:49
LocutusOfBorg1have a nice day :D07:50
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LocutusOfBorg1how can I ask something to ubuntu-security people?08:19
LocutusOfBorg1I'm wondering about CVE-2014-511908:19
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-5119)08:19
infinityLocutusOfBorg1: I'll be uploading to utopic for that tomorrow, and we'll get it sorted in stables soon.08:53
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LocutusOfBorg1thanks infinity :)09:35
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darkxstpitti, is it possible to cache packages when using adt-run?10:21
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pittidarkxst: I just use apt-cacher-ng on my workstation; mk-sbuild, adt-build-lxc, and adt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud all detect and use that automatically10:21
pittiyes, otherwise you'll go crazy10:22
darkxstpitti, ok, will try that out10:23
pittidarkxst: curious, you are the second person today who asks me about that; perhaps it's time for a blog post :)10:23
darkxstpitti, could be ;) I never used to care when I had a 100Mbps internet connection, but now suffering slow adsl10:26
pittidarkxst: yeah, I'm just going to blog about it this afternoon, lest I'll explain it n times again :)10:27
darkxstand I guess I mostly use pbuilder and sbuild which do cache, but possibly I configured that10:27
pittidarkxst: schroot doesn't cache by default10:29
pitti(i. e. sbuild)10:30
darkxstpitti, it does here, though like I said, probably had to tweak config for that10:31
darkxstand with cached packages and eatmydata, sbuild is incredibly fast10:32
pittidarkxst: I put all overlays (schroot, lxc, qemu) on /tmp which is on a tmpfs for me; even faster10:34
* pitti will include that in the blog post10:34
pittiit's a bit ironic that first one buys an expensive 500 MB/s SSD and then puts quite some effort in not touching it by  keeping everything in RAM, but it's still worth it :)10:35
tjaaltonsure is :)10:36
tjaaltonmy first ssd broke after a year, the warranty replacement has been going for nearly 2y now..10:36
tjaaltonguess doing builds on tmpfs helps a bit10:37
pittibut seeing a schroot with 300 build deps download and unpack in 5 seconds is pretty neat10:37
jtaylorpitti: if you are writting a sbuild/pbuilder performance tip post, putting this in fstab /dev/mapper/lvm-chroot /srv/chroots ext4 data=writeback,commit=3600,nobarrier 0   110:37
pittiyeah, /tmp is my cwd most of the time :)10:37
jtayloris useful if you don't have enough ram to build large packages10:37
jtaylor(probably less important with ssd)10:38
pittijtaylor: ah, that probably needs some more setup (LVM), though? I guess you should perhaps blog about this too10:38
pittiI have 16 GB, thus 8 GB tmpfs, I never ran into trouble so far10:38
jtaylorpitti: you can mount any partition you use as BUILDPLACE like that, though don't put important data on it :)10:38
pittiI'm not Sweetsha1k or the kernel team, of course :)10:38
pittijtaylor: ah nice, like a bind mount with degraded data integrity guarantees?10:39
pittinot a bind mount, a proper mount10:40
pittibut one needs to set up the devmapper fist10:40
jtayloryes its just a workspace partition which will likely get corrupted on stuff like powercuts10:40
pittijtaylor: tell you what, I'll create a wiki page instead of a blog post; probably more useful10:40
jtaylorlvm makes it easy to have special purpose partitions, but you could use real partitions too10:41
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pittijtaylor, darkxst: I edited https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild which already has most of the stuff11:06
pittiit uses /dev/shm/ which is always a tmpfs, and avoids mangling the symlinks in /var/lib/schroot/11:06
darkxstpitti, ok, will take a look tomorrow ;)11:10
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LocutusOfBorg1sil2100, can you please remove lucene++ from mentors?12:44
LocutusOfBorg1I would like to upload again the -1 version12:45
LocutusOfBorg1and BTW how do you feel about maintaining under git in collab-maint?12:45
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tedgstgraber, hallyn, so I ran the uitoolkit tests last night and we're still getting a 8% failure with cgroups enabled.13:11
tedgSo I don't think the underlying bug is fixed.13:11
tedgWhat should I capture for a debug log?13:11
ogra_yeah, why would it be fixed ...13:13
hallyncapture the /var/log/upstart/cg{manager,proxy}.log and /proc/pid/cgroup of the login job;  but it also may be worth instrumenting systemd-shim13:13
hallynogra_: bc cgmanager should now always be running when the login job starts13:13
ogra_your change definitely didnt change the phone boot process13:13
tedgogra_, We uploaded a new cgmanager package with a proposed fix.13:14
ogra_(as i said yesterday)13:14
hallyncan you post some bootcharts?13:14
tedgSo I don't think this is a boot issue.13:14
ogra_not atm, i have non submitted code on all devices i could test on13:14
tedgBecause in the same user session I'm getting ones that work and ones that don't.13:14
ogra_you can use phablet-bootchart from phablet-tools to generate a chart though13:15
tedgSpecifically, over 288 application instances created about 8% aren't getting cgroups.13:15
hallyntedg: huh.  that's not in keeping with info i'd gotten from jodh13:15
tedghallyn, I think he might have ended up chasing something different.13:17
tedghallyn, The only thing in cgmanger log is: cgmanager:per_ctrl_move_pid_main: Could not determine the requested cgroup13:18
mapreripitti: <3 :)13:18
pittimapreri: yw :)13:18
tedghallyn, And I actually have that as many times as I have failure.13:19
ogra_tedg, hallyn, are we sure the old kernels we use on the phone have actually all features and functions in cgroups that we use ?13:19
ogra_dont forget we are using BSP kernls13:19
mapreripitti: 7 minutes between the request and the sponsorship. You can mark it as a personal record :)13:19
hallynthey don't have all the features which is why both cgmanager and cgproxy have to run13:20
pittimapreri: I think I've been faster with IRC requests, but thanks :)13:20
ogra_hallyn, hmm13:21
ogra_i wonder if one steps on the toes of the other then13:21
tedghallyn, So do you know what could cause that error?13:23
tedghallyn, Is there a way to turn on more verbose debugging from cgmanager?13:23
hallyntedg: /etc/default/cgmanager -> "cgmanager_opts="--debug"".  jodh was doing that plus extra debugging with a custom patch13:24
hallynbut at this point, i think what we need to know,13:25
hallynis at your 8% failures, (1) what was the cgroup of the upstart job itself,13:25
hallyn(2) the upstart job contents, and (3) what was the cgroup of the launched app13:25
hallynin the cases jodh was pursuing, the upstart job wasn't in a cgroup it controlled.  But that was because the whole login session in his cases were not in the right cgroup13:26
hallynif it's 8% not getting the right cgroups, then you're hitting something different13:26
hallynso last night my thinkpad sudenly went dark, wouldn't turn back on, and smelled of burning wire.  this morning it turns on.  but do i want it to....13:27
tedghallyn, So we're creating an cgroup for the upstart job, so I'm not sure what you mean by "what was the cgroup of the upstart job itself" or "it's contents"13:27
tedgThe app is then put into that created cgroup13:27
tedgSo there's no other group for the app13:28
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pittiwgrant: to confirm, RTM langpacks shoudl appear at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/+language-packs , right? (once this is set up)13:30
hallyntedg: something forks the task which will become the user upstart job13:30
ogra_pitti, btw https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/rtm-14.09-changes/2014-August/thread.html ... in case you want to subscribe13:30
pittiogra_: ah, thanks; but after many years I actually managed to ween myself off reading -changes13:31
pitti(in some desperate attempt to reduce my ginormous email/IRC budget a bit)13:31
tedghallyn, Yes, upstart does that internally.13:31
hallyntedg: and i want the cgroup at that point13:32
ogra_i still use these lists ... but 90% of the mail is just marked read13:32
tedghallyn, Hmm, okay, perhaps stgraber knows how to get that.13:32
hallyntedg: if there is simply a user-owned /sbin/init (and it is the one that will fork) then its cgroup will be fine13:34
tedghallyn, Ah, okay, I can get that.13:34
tedghallyn, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8159489/13:35
wgrantpitti: Yep, that's the place. Just worked out the last ubuntu<->ubuntu-rtm sharing issue today.13:37
hallyntedg: yeah, but the question is is that somehow different when the 8% failing jobs start.13:38
pittiwgrant: awesome!13:38
hallynis it always a different subset of jbos that fail?13:38
tedghallyn, Yes, guessing it's a race of some kind. Specifically the UI Toolkit seems to show it the best which has a bunch of "applications" which are each tested for a couple seconds.13:39
hallyntedg: is that 'Yes, it's always a different set of tasks' ?13:41
tedghallyn, It's always the same job, but a different set of tests. All the applications are under the "application-legacy" job, but have an individual instance. Different sets of those instances fail each time.13:42
tedghallyn, So the "application-legacy" job fails to start (like no logs, no nothing) 8% of the time.13:43
hallynwait, fails to start at all, or fails to start int he right cgroup?13:43
tedgFails to start at all13:43
hallynsorry if we're talking in circles here - but do we know they are failing to start bc of cgroups not being set up?13:44
tedgNo problem, we know that if we remove the cgroup directive of the Upstart job things work.13:45
tedgAnd we know that we get the error from cgmanager13:45
tedg(or I know, others may know more)13:45
hallynok i think i will add some nih_traces to cgmanager to help us debug there13:47
hallyntedg: pushing a new cgmanager (0.30-1ubuntu2) would like to see the /var/log/upstart/cgmanager.log with that pkg13:56
tedghallyn, Cool, I have a run going with the --debug flag I'll grab that package when it's up.13:57
tedghallyn, Hmm, I must have screwed that up, I got no cgmanager log this time. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8159755/14:06
hallyntedg: /var/log/upstart/cgmanager.log doesn't exist?  you've done 'stop cgmanager; start cgmanager' ?14:13
tedghallyn, Well, I rebooted.14:14
tedghallyn, But, yes, no log14:15
tedghallyn, Looking in cgproxy log I see a couple odd messages "cgmanager_create: returning 0; existed is -1"14:15
tedghallyn, Sometimes that's a "1" sometimes "-1"14:15
hallynthose are fine.  returning 0 means it worked14:16
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flexiondotorgcjwatson, When I run ./update for my meta package I see the following in the logs '! Setting features {no-follow-recommends} for seed required'14:47
flexiondotorgWhat does that mean exactly and what action is required?14:47
flexiondotorgI've noticed that the installed system is not installing recommended package by default and suspect this message may trying to tel me something 😉14:48
shadeslayerflexiondotorg: it means that recommends of recommends are not added14:48
shadeslayerflexiondotorg: see man germinate14:48
flexiondotorgshadeslayer, Thanks.14:49
* flexiondotorg goes reading14:49
shadeslayerah hm14:49
shadeslayerno, just 1st level is off14:49
shadeslayerso recommends of a package in the seed are not added14:49
shadeslayerflexiondotorg: yw14:49
flexiondotorgshadeslayer, Why is no-follow-recommends being enabled. I have not set it in my seeds.14:51
shadeslayerpossibly turned on by default?14:51
shadeslayerI never bothered investigating tbh14:51
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ubuntu-baltixHi devs :)15:05
ubuntu-baltixcould someone merge usb-modeswitch from Debian unstable - currently usb-modeswitch from Ubuntu 14.10 and 14.04 doesn't work with latest usb-modeswitch-data releases and doesn't support lots of Huawei (and other) modems :(15:25
SaviqoSoMoN, I frown at your HTML emails :P15:25
ubuntu-baltixSee bug #1308895 , bug #1192297 and other bugs at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-modeswitch and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-modeswitch-data15:26
ubottubug 1308895 in usb-modeswitch (Ubuntu) "Please merge usb-modeswitch from Debian unstable - Huawei E3531 does not automatically switches to modem mode (no udev rules for this modem in Ubuntu's /lib/udev/rules.d)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130889515:26
ubottubug 1192297 in usb-modeswitch-data (Baltix) "Huawei E3131 mobile modem not recognized" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119229715:26
oSoMoNSaviq, my what? since when am I sending HTML emails?15:29
oSoMoNthat would be a terrible heresy15:30
SaviqoSoMoN, I got https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09661.html in HTML15:31
oSoMoNSaviq, blame gmail then, I just replied inline using the web interface, as I always do15:32
Saviqand couldn't find your reply, because I frown at not cutting the irrelevant parts out ;)15:32
SaviqoSoMoN, I blame gmail for a lot of things, yeah :)15:32
oSoMoNSaviq, right, my bad for not removing irrelevant context, I’m in a rush…15:32
SaviqoSoMoN, like we all are, no worries :)15:33
ubuntu-baltixalso for example bug #132841215:36
ubottubug 1328412 in usb-modeswitch-data (Ubuntu) "Huawei E398 GSM modem configuration data not included" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132841215:36
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shadeslayeranyone have a idea how autologin configs get written from ubiquity?17:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: casper?17:57
apacheloggerI'd suppose that casper writes a lightdm autologin conf17:57
shadeslayernope the option from the installer17:57
shadeslayerI've already put in sddm support in casper17:57
apacheloggeryeah, that simply closes ubiquity-dm I suppose17:57
apacheloggerubiquity-dm unit stops -> proper DM starts -> find autologin logs in17:58
shadeslayerbut in ubiquity you can do "Log in automatically"17:58
apacheloggerah that one17:58
shadeslayerthat one :p17:58
apacheloggersurely somewhere in ubiquity :P17:58
shadeslayerI found self.preseed_bool('passwd/auto-login', auto_login)17:58
apacheloggerthat's debconf though, isn't it17:58
shadeslayerso what actually writes the config then17:58
shadeslayer( FYI that snippet is from ubiquity )17:59
apacheloggeruser-setup? if that still is a thing18:01
apachelogger./user-setup-apply:                                     sed -i "s/^\(\(str  *\)\?autologin-user\)=.*$/\1=$USER/g;" $ROOT/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf18:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: huh, grepping from bzr doesn't give me anything18:03
apacheloggergrepped from pkg18:04
apacheloggerlp:~ubuntu-core-dev/user-setup/ubuntu says the control18:04
shadeslayerhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/user-setup/master says git18:04
apacheloggerthe cake is a lie!18:05
shadeslayer^^ :p18:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, that's the import, since we use lightdm the coredev branch surely is our derivate of it ;)18:05
shadeslayeryeah I guess18:06
shadeslayeranyway, will fix it tomorrow18:09
tedghallyn, Here's the cgmanager log, don't see anything obvious, looking for which apps failed now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8161530/18:21
tedghallyn, It looks like the group is getting removed and then someone is looking for it?18:23
tedghallyn, Seems like normally it's "created/moved/removed" but there are cases of "created/removed/invalid path"18:25
hallyntedg: the cgroup will be removed if it becomes completely empty.  could that be happening?18:27
hallyn(that is, no tasks in the cgroup and no sub-directories)18:27
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tedghallyn, Guessing it must because there's no move.18:28
tedghallyn, So it's created, nothing is moved in, so it's empty.18:28
hallynno, it has to become empty18:29
hallynthere has to be a task, which is moved out or exits,18:30
hallynthen the cgroup is autoremoved18:30
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hallyntedg: but that paste doesn't have any failures18:30
hallynoh there' sone18:30
tedghallyn, It has the "Invalid path"18:30
* tedg searched for "fail" first too :-)18:31
tedgHmm, looks like it's being removed before anything is moved into it.18:32
hallyntedg: Removed /run/cgmanager/fs/freezer//user.slice/user-32011.slice/session-c1.scope/upstart/application-legacy-tmpa3LBk3-1409158710956199 for 9587 (0:0)18:32
hallynwho's removing it18:33
hallynmind you cgmanager won't actually remove it if tasks are in it,18:33
tedg9587 :-)18:33
tedgIt strikes me that it is PID+118:34
hallynsuppose cgmanager could spit out /proc/pid/cmdline, but not sure that'd be meaningful18:34
hallynso where/when does upstart remove it18:34
hallynsigh, i'll probably be dropping in about 20 mins - bc my new hotspot's batt life is apparently < 2 hrs.  poc18:35
hallyntedg: you're running stock utopic upstart?18:35
hallynupstart never calls cgmanager_remove_sync.18:39
hallynis there a way you can have application-legacy be straced?18:40
tedgUhm, I can strace the binary, but last time it looked like our binary wasn't even getting called.18:43
tedgLike it stopped before execing to us.18:44
tedgWait, I'm looking at the one "tmpN5uJfu" and it seems like it's getting created twice.18:45
tedgWondering if we're getting duplication in the tmp file generator.18:46
tedgNo, because the timestamps are the same.18:46
tedgLooks like it gets created 3 times, removed once.18:47
hallynand why is it getting creatd 3 time?18:47
hallynshouldn't each one have a separate tmpnam?18:48
tedgIn theory, but more so the timestamp should be incrementing.18:48
hallynbut my q is - is the pid which is asking for the removal showing up in the strace?  (i.e. is it part of the app somehow, or is it upstart)18:48
tedgHuh, so it looks like they're all created 3 times.18:49
tedgGuessing job, post-start, post-stop.18:49
hallynheh makes sense18:49
hallyncan you pb the upstart job?18:49
tedgAh, sure18:50
hallyn12% battery remaining, will be lunchtime soon18:50
hallynmaybe time fo ran email to warthogs asking for best hotspot batt life18:50
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tedgSo It looks like the last create is the one that doesn't get moved in.18:52
hallyntedg: oh.18:52
hallynthe remove is being done on behalf of cgm-release-agent18:52
hallyn(I'm assuming)18:53
hallynI'd forgotten it actually goes through dbus to cgmanager as well18:53
hallynso workarounds would include (a) an upstart job which sets notify-on-release to 0 for all mounted cgroups,18:54
hallyn(b) an option to cgmanager ot say don't remove on empty,18:54
hallyn(c) upstart simply not setting remove-on-empty18:54
hallynhaving typed that, c seems most reasonable for now18:54
tedgWould it be bad if we had a lot of left over cgroups?18:55
hallynso i think upstart should wait until post-stop is run (if any) before setting remove-on-empty, then attempt to remove by hand18:55
hallynover time, yes18:55
tedgI mean we expect people to never reboot their phone.18:55
hallynbut i'm not saying never remove them18:55
hallyni'm saying wait until we know the job is done before setting automreove18:55
tedgAh, okay. That makes sense to me.18:55
hallynas a short-term workaround, just remove the calls to cgmanager_remove_on_empty_sync()18:56
hallyn(in init/cgroup.c)18:56
hallynthen we should probably wait for jodh to get back for the proper fix18:56
tedgSo, *I* can't do that.18:56
tedgstgraber, can you? ^18:56
hallynwell, we only want it on that phone for now right?18:56
hallynor do we want it in all of utopic?18:56
tedgThe goal is to not have a special build for phone.18:57
hallynok, my hotspot is about gone - i'll be back after lunch, sorry.18:57
tedgIf we have to, I guess that's possible, but would prefer not to.18:57
hallynSO disappointed18:57
hallyntedg: let's decide in like an hour18:57
hallyn(and maybe when i look at the upstart source it'll be obvious how to do the proper fix myself)18:58
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hallynseems like just doing it at job_process_terminated() should suffice20:22
hallynhm, upstart is source v 1.0.  that's nerve-wracking20:24
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tedghallyn, Does that run when all the job processes are done, or just the main one?20:56
tedghallyn, It seems like in some cases it is the post-stop that's having issues.20:56
hallyntedg: the reason it is having issues is that it runs after the job has exited, meaning the cgroup gets removed :)20:58
hallynand the reason it's a race is that the post-stop *does* create the cgroup,20:58
hallynbut sometimes the autoremove happens after the last create, but before the exec20:59
tedgYes, I see that, but I was worried that if you're setting the autoremove after the main job, then it'd be the same.21:00
hallyntedg: anothe rpossibility would be to ues a different cgroup name at post-stop21:28
hallynbut, lp:ubuntu/utopic/upstart/cgroup-race1 is the first guess21:28
hallynhm, i'll create a tree with my second guess too.  then the ppl who actually know what they're doing can critize both21:29
hallyni haz doubts on upstart init/cgroup.c:43921:35
hallynit checks for cgname->expanded being NULL, but that's after having done a strcmp including it21:35
hallynoh, nm21:36
tedghallyn, So are you by chance at debconf?21:45
hallynso lp:~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/utopic/upstart/cgroup-race2 would be the other way.  What are the odds that would actually work...21:45
hallyntedg: nope21:45
tedgWould like to figure out the "final" solution between folks21:45
tedgHmm, okay.21:45
tedgI'll put together an e-mail to see if we can grab those folks that are.21:46
hallyntedg: I suspect the right answer will simply be removing for real (including killing any remaining jobs) at FINAL job state21:46
hallynmeanwhile though i'm going to build a package with cgroup-race221:47
tedghallyn, Honestly, that'd be cool as I'm doing that in the job currently "cgroup-reaper" but would love to have Upstart do it for me :-)21:47
hallyntedg: yeah and it really should do that21:47
hallynor, cgmanager should perhaps offer a 'RemoveAndKill' method21:48
hallynand upstart should then use that21:48
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hallyntedg: incroyable!  my patch seems to work22:50
hallynpre-start is in /xxx_2, script in /xxx_0, post-stop, well, hasn't started yet22:51
hallynand after stop, cgroups are gone22:52
hallynit does multiply the cgroup setup being done, but i think that' sok22:52
hallyntedg: tossed the patch to jodh (in the form of a merge proposal against the wrong tree)23:03

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