IdleOneI don't know what to tell you, Unit193. ban it where you can, poke the IRCC for ops where you need them to ban it.00:55
Unit193I'd think it'd be easier to ask Nafallo to turn it off?00:58
IdleOnethat might be a good idea too00:58
IdleOneright now it is causing some issues because it was replaced with ubot500:58
Unit193Might be nice to get a list of channels from it too.00:59
IdleOnecould just need a pruning of auto join channels in its config00:59
Unit193IdleOne: Doesn't fix the outdated part, so if it's just a bugbot that's needed, sure.00:59
IdleOneup up down right left right left down up up01:00
IdleOneGOD POWERS!!!!! Enabled01:00
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popeywe have two bots in #ubuntu-app-devel again10:56
tsimpsonpopey: you should be able to mute it by setting /mode #ubuntu-app-devel +q *!~ubot2@*11:03
k1l_make it *!~ubot2*@*, because last time it was named ubot2ยด after a netsplit, iirc11:38
tsimpsonk1l_: the nick shouldn't change the ident11:40
tsimpson(it's still named ubot2` now)11:40
k1l_erm, yes. i should grab a coffee before giving any more advises.11:41
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