josehey, PotatoGim! what's up?05:03
PotatoGimno probs. it just give a bow :) 05:06
dholbachgood morning06:45
PotatoGimdholbach: good morning!07:21
dholbachhi PotatoGim07:21
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dholbachpopey, time to start the propaganda machinery, right?09:16
dholbachsetting up the hangout notw09:16
dholbachhttp://ubuntuonair.com/ ready to go09:21
dholbachdo we have anyone who wants to join popey and myself in about 40m to talk about Ubuntu Global Jam and organising an event?09:22
dholbachcan everyone please share the ubuntuonair.com session in their social networks?09:39
dholbachwe're going to start at 10 UTC (20m from now) and talk about how to get an event for the upcoming global jam organised09:39
dholbachpopey, posting on FB09:48
dholbachand G+09:49
dholbachcan you do twitter?09:49
popeyyup yup09:49
popeydid you notice we have hit 1 million likes in the ubuntu page on fb?09:50
dholbachyeah, that's pretty wild :)09:51
* popey reboots, stupid browser09:51
dholbachall right all right09:51
dholbachdo we have anyone from any LoCo team, or from the LoCo Council here?09:51
dholbachanyone who wants to join popey and myself in ~10m 09:51
dholbachwe're going to talk about the upcoming Ubuntu Global Jam09:52
dholbachupdated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam with more information on how to get help10:56

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