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kdub_RAOF, ping00:24
RAOFkdub_: Pong!00:34
kdub_RAOF, so I guess I still feel pretty neutrally about that exchange_buffer message signature00:36
kdub_other than the fact there are a few other branches I have waiting in the wings based around the no-surface-id variant00:36
RAOFEh, ok.00:37
RAOFIt just seemed like you were doing a fair bit of work to match the Buffer to the Surface when the client already has that mapping (and the only interface for submitting the buffer goes through the surface anyway)00:38
RAOFSo, I guess I'm saying that I think the (SurfaceId, buffer) signature is lower total complexity, and should therefore be favoured :)00:39
kdub_yeah, I guess what tipped my hand in thinking about it is that the other signature seem like a cleaner addition to the protocol00:39
RAOFEh. The protocol's there to make the code's life easier :)00:41
kdub_hah, yeah :) well, I'm convinced enough to trim that MP down to just being a BufferId->Buffer* lookup00:41
kdub_instead of BufferId->Buffer* lookup and a BufferId->SurfaceId lookup as well00:42
kdub_and change the using the surfaceid/bufferid request00:42
RAOFSounds planworthy.00:42
kdub_still somewhat on the fence on the whole as to which one is better, but may as well have less mappings00:43
kdub_cool, thanks00:43
Wellarkwhen can I have screencapture recording of AP tests running on mako?01:08
Wellarkis there support for screen recording in Mir?01:08
Wellarkif there is then I will go bugging the QA team01:09
Wellark+ I might finish my unity8 input visualizer which will show graphically what input is applied by the AP tests and put the QML Particle system in good use01:09
RAOFThere's screen recording right now.01:10
WellarkRAOF: sweet01:10
Wellarkso now it's only a tooling issue01:10
RAOFhttps://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/touchspot-renderable/+merge/230555 for input visualisation (on the Mir side)01:11
WellarkRAOF: ok. will that also show wipes ?01:11
Wellarkit's super easy to implement in Unity901:11
RAOFIt'll show where Mir thinks the touchpoints are.01:12
Wellarkjust throwing a couple of Mouse, Touch and KeyboardAreas01:12
Wellarkto the root of unity8 shell01:12
WellarkI was bored last weekend so I prototyped it01:12
Wellarkwould make a nice addition to the developer mode01:12
WellarkRAOF: sure, but no "higher level" information like "swipe start, swipe end"01:13
Wellarkor which keys are pressed01:13
Wellarkimplementing a full featured input visualizer is better to be implemented inside unity8 shell with QML01:14
Wellarkas it would be like couple of hundreds of lines on QML code01:14
Wellarkincluding the shiny particles :)01:15
RAOFYou get different information out of the Mir visualiser; they're probably both useful.01:15
WellarkMir visualizer is probably very usefull for device bringups and touch calibration01:15
Wellarklike the low level stuff01:15
Wellarkbut I want something shiny for the (end user) app developers :)01:16
WellarkRAOF: thanks for the info01:16
WellarkI go now to harrash the QA team01:16
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RAOFAh. So StubConnectionConfiguration is actually a lie.06:58
anpok_RAOF: regarding cmake and rpath - so the issue was that there was a libmirclient.so.8 linking against mircommon.1 and another one linking against mircommon.2...07:03
anpok_hm where is that build dependency coming that makes ci install mir07:03
anpok_through egl -> mesa -> mir?07:04
RAOFAt least that, yes.07:04
RAOFanpok_: Note that this is only the case for the uninstalled tests - once we install them the rpath gets stripped.07:12
anpok_i was just curious if we are fixing the right problem07:13
anpok_i.e. shouldnt we bump mirclient if mircommon changes .. but I guesswe shouldnt since users will only rely on mirclients ABI...07:14
anpok_or then instead fix the dependency cycle..07:14
RAOFIt's not really a dependency cycle.07:15
anpok_only a build dependency07:16
anpok_yes.. b07:16
RAOFAnd it's only a problem when uninstalled because of the rpath issue..07:16
anpok_RAOF: did you find the time to have a look at the updated mir platform patch?07:21
RAOFI haven't yet sorry.07:21
anpok_that and a one liner in i915 fixes the issues we have on netbooks and those intels that come withan integrated 945 gpu.07:21
RAOFWant to send me the updated thing and I'll look at it after making dinner.07:26
RAOFStubConnectionConfiguration is a dirty, dirty lie, and making it not a lie is nontrivial.07:26
anpok_RAOF: I know have another one for 10.2..07:26
anpok_and I think I can actually remove the changes to brw_context.c07:27
RAOFIf we use the image loader, yes.07:27
anpok_but I havent tested yet... but yes due to the partially copy-paste-designed drivers it would then work like 91507:28
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alan_galf__: I've just noticed that libmirclientlttng.so and libmirserverlttng.so are packaged in mir-test-tools. Does that mean the lttng reports are not available without installing the tests?13:41
alf__alan_g: yes13:47
alan_gI hadn't been aware of that. I hope there's a sensible error message.13:49
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ahayzenAlbertA, ping19:56
AlbertAahayzen: pong19:58
ahayzenHi, I have been advised to talk to about bug 1337239, jhodapp and rsalveti have both looked at the bug but believe it is mir/compositor's responsibility. Would you mind having a look at the bug and adding and comments that you have?19:58
ubot5bug 1337239 in unity-system-compositor (Ubuntu) "Digitiser still works when phone locked" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133723919:58
AlbertAahayzen: yep, I just dup it to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir/+bug/135926420:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1359264 in mir (Ubuntu) "Surfaces receive input even while the screen is off" [High,Triaged]20:02
AlbertAahayzen: the next mir release should have a fix for it20:02
ahayzenAlbertA, hah awesome :) is that in a silo that i can test now?20:03
AlbertAahayzen: camako is getting one ready20:03
ahayzenAlbertA, ok thanks rsalveti ^^20:04
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