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dholbachgood morning06:45
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dholbachany questions already?10:11
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dholbachthanks everyone10:52
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UntitledTrack4Looks like i made it in time18:49
asdrdi cosa si parla oggi18:50
ludeawakening89You guys ready for the part?18:50
ludeawakening89party* my bad18:51
mhall119ludeawakening89: just about, getting everybody on the hangout now18:55
ludeawakening89that's what's up18:56
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balloonsfor reference, this year's ubuntu global jam will be Friday, 12 September 2014 17:00 to Sunday, 14 September 2014 22:00 UTC19:03
JHOSMANHello mhall119 im From Colombian Team =) Listening!19:03
balloonsHola JHOSMAN19:04
JHOSMANHola balloons  =)19:04
JHOSMANkiai IngForigua  :P19:11
IngForiguaSergioMeneses: o/19:11
IngForiguaJHOSMAN: o/19:11
IngForiguaBartOC3: o/19:11
UntitledTrack4I want to live in a world where switching to another operating system doesn't limit which programs i can use...19:12
IngForiguagreetings from colombia19:12
BartOC3IngForigua:  o/19:12
SergioMeneseshi guys!19:12
SergioMenesesmhall119, \o good to see you19:12
balloonsHola SergioMeneses! good to hear from you19:13
SergioMeneseshey balloons ! long time my friend!19:14
balloonsyou can see the other planned jams; http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2868/19:14
SergioMenesesUGJ is coming!19:14
SergioMenesesballoons, mhall119 something like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColombianTeam/ReApprovalApplication2014?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ubucon7.png19:21
balloonsSergioMeneses, love the picture. Are you in it somwhere?19:21
* balloons looks19:21
SergioMenesesballoons, that was the last week in the ubucon latinamerica :D19:22
DS-McGuireI want to get one going in Wales in the UK!19:22
mhall119ask your questions here starting with QUESTION19:22
* popey airs prick up19:23
UntitledTrack4what programming language should i learn to make programs for linux and ubuntu?19:23
DS-McGuireAre you intrigued popey ?19:24
popeyDS-McGuire: yeah, go ahead and get one going in wales19:25
DS-McGuireI think I will, I hope I can get something going in Cardiff maybe.19:25
balloonsUntitledTrack4, check out developer.ubuntu.com19:25
balloonsprograms using the ubuntu sdk are built in qt/qml19:26
jose#ubuntu-locoteams / loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com / loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com19:26
UntitledTrack4thanks balloons19:26
popeyDS-McGuire: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cym19:28
DS-McGuirepopey: This... This is amazing! Thanks again!19:29
popeyDS-McGuire: last team leader not seen for a couple of years, so might need a reboot19:30
DS-McGuirepopey: Ah... Bugger.19:31
joseany questions?19:31
DS-McGuireSo nervous.. haha19:32
DS-McGuireI want to set one up but my county sucks for this.19:33
balloonswhy is that?19:33
mhall119DS-McGuire: set one up anyway19:33
DS-McGuireNothing goes on here!19:33
DS-McGuiremhall119: If I can get at least one more person to help with me I would.19:34
mhall119DS-McGuire: well there's you, that's half-way there already :)19:34
mhall119DS-McGuire: which country?19:34
DS-McGuiremhall119: Wales19:34
mhall119ah, surely there's another person in Wales who's interested in Ubuntu :)19:35
mhall119DS-McGuire: do you participate in the ubuntu-uk team?19:35
DS-McGuireI am part of that team on launchpad, I joined a few months ago but from what I could see there wasn't a lot of movement so I didn't join the mailing list, I think I should do it now.19:37
DS-McGuireLooking now I think I am wrong about there being nothing happening .... mhall11919:38
mhall119DS-McGuire: it's a common problem actually, people don't know about activity near them and think it's dead, when really there are some active people19:39
DS-McGuiremhall119: That's  a shame, I will join their mailing list now and see how active they are, I think/hope they are.19:40
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ofprietohi darkarmy201420:39
darkarmy2014how are u20:40
darkarmy2014i have ubntu 12.04 on my laptop20:41
ofprietodarkarmy2014: good, i don't speak more english, i speak spanish20:42
darkarmy2014hi nik9020:46
nik90darkarmy2014: hi20:46
ofprietodarkarmy2014:  was some local team  in your country ?20:47
darkarmy2014no that is my nikname20:47
ofprietodarkarmy2014: where are you?20:48
darkarmy2014nik90 i have ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop20:49
darkarmy2014hi mramm20:57
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