tewardnot sure if anyone else has reported random insulting PMs from dragblax in channel, but thought I'd give the #ubuntu ops a heads up on it.  (in case anyone else complains about it)01:25
ubottunmbvnm called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:27
IdleOneI'm not to crazy about that nick either01:29
IdleOnedragblax :/01:29
k1l<Joe_knock> cfhowlett: I was following on from someone mentioning they have Fedora on their Macbook...05:09
k1lhow could that possibly be offtopic in #ubuntu?05:09
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k1l_<XepoofBNC> I only offer tech support for people that have 1 year of terminal use16:05
k1l_that is not the best attitude for a beginners channel like #ubuntu16:06
bazhang<expunge> MarkyMan_: /usr/bin/fixproblem17:43
genii@comment 63789 Raging against technology, offtopic, warned twice.18:49
ubottuComment added.18:49
bazhanggatis: repent or die!18:50
geniibazhang: What, in PM?18:50
bazhanggenii, network wide18:51
bazhanghe trolls the entire network with that18:51
geniiAh, OK18:51
bazhang#ubuntu being the last remaining major chan without a +b18:52
geniiI just booted him, no +b yet. But will if he persists18:53
k1l@mark #ubuntu Zodiak again dropping that weburl rigth before quit21:22
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:22

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