* cjwatson unblocks the perl transition, hopefully03:05
cjwatsongiant unblock line :)03:05
cjwatsonproposed-migration is taking a while ...03:34
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elfymorning - I see that the xubuntu issue should be sorted now, can we get a rebuild of our image for testing please - tia06:45
bzoltanhello, I am about to release a new UI Toolkit package and I see here http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html that the landing is blocked with "Not touching package due to block request by freeze" excuse.07:14
asacanyone can help bzoltan ?07:22
cjwatsonbzoltan,asac: unblocked07:29
bzoltancjwatson: Thank you07:29
asaccjwatson: nice one! you should really be in bed though :(07:30
asac(i guess)07:30
asacthanks a bunch!07:30
cjwatsoneh, whatever, I wouldn't usually be in bed at only 12:30 at home and my sleep patterns are all funny here07:31
ochosistgraber: hey there! elfy previously mentioned it in this chan, but the problem with the xubuntu iso should be fixed now, so if you could do a rebuild of the image that'd be great! thanks!07:48
Saviqis the status in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#url-dispatcher correct? /topic says archive is open?08:06
cjwatsontopic is wrong08:08
=== cjwatson changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Released: Trusty Final, Utopic Alpha 2 | Archive: frozen for beta 1 | Utopic Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team | We accept payment in cash, check or beer | melior malum quod cognoscis
=== cjwatson changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Released: Trusty Final, Utopic Alpha 2 | Archive: migration blocks in place for beta 1 | Utopic Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team | We accept payment in cash, check or beer | melior malum quod cognoscis
cjwatsonSaviq: I've unblocked url-dispatcher08:10
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Saviqcjwatson, thanks08:12
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elfyhi - is there anyone about who can get a xubuntu utopic beta built please11:26
elfydidn't see that ochosi had asked earlier - sorry :)11:29
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Mirvcould someone please unblock webbrowser-app from the freeze?12:08
Mirvbzoltan: ^12:08
Mirvit includes a fix that would be needed together with the ubuntu-ui-toolkit that was already unblocked earlier12:09
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zulcan someone de-binary new python-oslo.utils please?12:23
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cjwatsonMirv,bzoltan: done13:36
bzoltancjwatson: thanks13:36
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stgraberochosi: rebuilds are usually self service nowadays from the ISO tracker UI. Anyway, kicked one for you now.14:18
ochosistgraber: self service? is that hard to do/learn or does one need special rights for that?14:18
ochosithanks anyway though!14:18
ogra_stgraber, oh, since you say iso tracker ... rtm is there bug missing any entries to select actual builds14:19
ogra_smells like we miss some backend stuff there14:19
stgraberzul: there you go14:20
zulstgraber:  thank you14:20
stgraberochosi: not very hard, head to iso.qa.ubuntu.com, login, make sure to tick any team boxes listed on the SSO page, then on the milestone page, select the products you want to rebuild and click the rebuild button at the end of the page14:20
ochosistgraber: oh great, i'll look into that!14:21
stgraberogra_: ok, so the problem seems to be that nusakan never managed to push a build to the tracker for rtm...14:21
stgraberKeyError: "Milestone 'Unknown series' not found"14:21
elfystgraber: oh ... I didn't realise we could trigger a rebuild when there's not one available on the tracker otherwise I would have done so - sorry14:21
ogra_heh, yeah ... its not even ubuntu :)14:22
stgraberogra_: how urgent is it? I'14:22
stgraber*I'm sort of busy with other things and I suspect cjwatson is busy being at Debconf at the moment14:22
ogra_not super urgent ... the stuff from the mail thread is more urgent14:22
ogra_(getting system-image set up asap )14:22
ogra_i can build manually on nusakan for the time being14:23
ogra_or rsalveti for the US shift14:23
shadeslayerhttps://code.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/ubiquity/plasma5/+merge/228528 < languishing in review for a month14:38
shadeslayernot cool14:38
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Riddellshadeslayer: onto it15:07
shadeslayerRiddell: mind uploading/respinning ISO's?15:08
Riddellyay, colin fixed perlkde!15:25
Riddellwell obviously he broke it in the first place by uploading the new perl, but still genius15:25
Riddellumm, what are those 25 entries?15:25
stgraberRiddell: cloud images + xubuntu15:36
shadeslayeryou know the world is weird when PPC finishes before x86*15:36
stgrabernew Power machines are quite a bit faster than x86 these days15:37
Riddellstgraber: will you add upgrade tests?15:37
stgraberthe problem is that most people got used to the very old ppc kit we had which was indeed kinda slow15:37
stgraberRiddell: I can do that yeah15:37
Riddellstgraber: would you know what to report problems in the initial boot menu on the live image as? there's no option for OEM and a random Back.. menu entry15:38
stgraberRiddell: that'd probably be gfxboot, unless you're testing on efi15:39
Riddellbug 1362225 and bug 1362226 reported15:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1362225 in gfxboot "menu option for "Back..."" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136222515:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1362226 in gfxboot "No OEM option in pre-boot menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136222615:56
ubot93bug 1362225 in gfxboot (Ubuntu) "menu option for "Back..."" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136222515:56
ubot93bug 1362226 in gfxboot (Ubuntu) "No OEM option in pre-boot menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136222615:56
Riddellgosh, double the bug bots15:57
shadeslayerRiddell: they had bug reports already15:57
Riddellshadeslayer: oh?15:57
shadeslayeron launchpad somewhere15:58
shadeslayersee previous image testing15:58
Riddellbug 133418916:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1334189 in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu "syslinux offers no OEM mode on Kubuntu Utopic Alpha 1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133418916:01
ubot93bug 1334189 in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "syslinux offers no OEM mode on Kubuntu Utopic Alpha 1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133418916:01
Riddellhow do syslinux and gfxboot relate?16:03
shadeslayerRiddell: it's the same thing, I called it syslinux, though I think the correct name is gfxboot16:06
Riddellstgraber: we need a respin of kubuntu-plasma5 once ubiquity is in but I'm about to leave, shadeslayer has bravely volunteered to be the co-contact for the kubuntu-plasma5 images, could you also set him up with access to iso.qa to respin the images?16:23
stgraberRiddell: access is done through team membership, so you'd need to setup a new LP team for that, make shadeslayer a member of it and then I can add that to the tracker16:24
Riddellstgraber: what team is used currently?16:24
stgraberRiddell: none because both you and ScottK are members of ~ubuntu-release which has right on every product already16:25
Riddelloh I see16:25
Riddellstgraber: can you use ~kubuntu-council then?16:25
Riddellnever like to set up yet another team if it can be avoided16:26
Riddellor ~kubuntu-dev maybe?16:26
shadeslayertoo broad?16:26
Riddellshrug, all trusted people16:27
stgraberkubuntu-dev means all coredevs too, so probably not that great an idea16:28
Riddellyeah, those coredev are a pretty dodgy lot :)16:28
stgrabershadeslayer: you should be all set16:33
stgrabertook a while because you guys had a ton of products I had to update :)16:34
shadeslayerquestion, is there a special page I have to go to?16:34
shadeslayerstgraber: how do I respin ISO's?16:36
ogra_shadeslayer, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/16:39
ogra_log in16:39
stgrabershadeslayer: so when you login to the tracker it should show you a tick box for kubuntu-council16:39
ogra_click on "utopic daily"16:39
stgrabershadeslayer: once logged in, head to the beta-1 page, you should see tick boxes16:39
ogra_check the products yu want to see on the left16:40
stgrabershadeslayer: tick the ones you want to respin and head to the bottom of the page and select rebuild16:40
ogra_set a checkmark on the right for the ones you want to re-spin16:40
ogra_and select rebuild16:40
shadeslayerstgraber: ogra_ thanks16:40
shadeslayerI went to the admin page16:40
* ogra_ is in parrot mode today :)16:40
shadeslayerand was trying to look there16:40
* shadeslayer gives ogra_ some chillies16:40
ogra_yummy !16:40
shadeslayerall the builders seem to be in Cleaning mode16:43
shadeslayerwhat's that?16:43
apwi assume you mean the PPA builders ...16:45
ogra_probably the mode where they all switch to UPS power ... so the cleaning woman has a free socket for vaccum cleaning16:46
shadeslayerapw: yes16:48
apwshadeslayer, someone is poking it for us16:58
shadeslayerplasma 5 ISOs rebuilding17:47
zulcan an archive admin please review python-osprober, python-lxc, and openstack-granite please?18:14
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apwshadeslayer, and it looks un-bungged now18:36
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smoseri uploaded percona-* before feature freeze (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=)19:28
smosersince they're not cleared from New, do i needto open a FFE to get them in ?19:28
stgraberno, we usually look at the upload date19:30
gaughenjdstrand, arges  oh great archive admins, would one of you please have a look at openstack-granite, python-lxc, python-osprofiler pretty please!!!!20:14
argesgaughen: sure20:15
shadeslayerSo how come the plasma 5 iso is still rebuilding ?20:17
argesgaughen: i dont see those packages in the upload queue, nor as pending srus. What are you looking for exactly?20:17
wxli finally found someone to do amd64+mac testing but he won't be able to finish until 28 Aug 1200 UTC. is that beyond the cutoff for testing?20:21
stgrabershadeslayer: it failed to build20:22
wxl↑ stgraber20:22
stgraberwxl: 1200 UTC tomorrow should be fine I think, I plan on releasing in the afternoon here20:23
stgraber(here being US/Canada east coast)20:23
shadeslayerstgraber: oh? :S20:23
stgrabershadeslayer: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/kubuntu-plasma5/utopic/daily-live-20140827.log20:23
stgraberno log though, that's not super useful... let me re-trigger see if that fixes it20:24
shadeslayerYeah :/20:26
shadeslayerstgraber: thx20:26
wxlstgraber: sounds good. i'm us/ca west20:28
wxlstgraber: if you're wondering what's going on, just ping me20:28
shadeslayerstgraber: would be nice if the state actually reflected that it failed20:28
shadeslayerI only checked iso.qa.ubuntu.com every 30 minutes or so20:29
gaughenslangasek, cjwatson, infinity --^20:29
gaughenoh shoot, I didn't see your reply arges, silly irc not scrolling20:29
gaughenzul, can you answer arges questions.20:29
stgraberarges: they are in utopic new20:30
stgraberarges: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+queue20:30
argesstgraber: ahh i automatically assumed it was a trusty thing20:31
argesgaughen: are there bug numbers associated with these new packages?20:31
shadeslayerstgraber: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/utopic/kubuntu-plasma5/+build/5057 i386 failed again20:32
shadeslayermuchos fun20:33
shadeslayerstgraber: shall I hit rebuild again on i386?20:34
stgrabershadeslayer: let's see what happens to amd64 first20:35
stgraberthe lack of build log is really rathe annoying though20:35
shadeslayerstgraber: I think amd64 succeeded20:47
stgraberyeah, looks like it did20:48
* shadeslayer hits rebuild on i386 then20:48
stgraberI'll trigger yet another build once that one finishes (it'll fail unless both build)20:48
stgraberdon't do that, it won't notice it20:48
shadeslayerI see20:48
shadeslayerdid not know20:49
shadeslayerholding off then20:49
dbarthi'm trying to get the new oxide (1.2) be acked for landing in utopic21:01
dbarthoxide 1.2 is a pre-requ. for a new webapp autologin feature, part of an upcoming silo landing (7)21:02
dbarthplease advise what I need to provide to unfreeze oxide21:02
dbarthit may just be the normal multi-arch issue, where oxide is not avaiable but on x86 and armhf21:02
dbarthfor ref: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oxide-qt21:03
shadeslayerdbarth: maybe its because of the utopic archive freeze?21:07
dbarthshadeslayer: happening right now?21:11
dbarthwell, if so, i missed that part of the schedule21:11
stgraberdbarth: beta 1 is this week, archive is partly frozen until at some point tomorrow21:11
dbarthhmm, the channel topic update is recent indeed21:11
dbarthok, i'll try my luck tomorrow then ;)21:12
shadeslayerdbarth: don't ubuntu-phone things get a freeze exception?21:12
shadeslayerI vaguely recall seeing something related to ubuntu-phone things getting a exception21:12
dbarthi'd love if i can get such an exception21:12
dbarththe utopic landing for this silo is really tomorow morning, so i guess i can ask to the EU/UK folks tomorrow21:13
* shadeslayer tests21:24
shadeslayerstgraber: heh yeah, I broke it :p21:41
shadeslayertomorrow is going to be fun21:41
asac`stgraber: i believe slangasek said at some point that such "beta" freezes shouldn't really exist or at least shouldn't be any practical hinderance anymore? just remember that any landing coming from touch is super critical at this point in time.21:54
asac`this was about oxide-qt request21:54
asac`err whatever dbarth wanted21:54
gaughenarges, Chuck submitted these before feature freeze so we thought a bug wasn't needed21:55
gaughenand apologies for the delay, I had to bug zul21:55
asac`would be cool if someeone could check out dbarth's unfreeze request above from release team for his touch landing22:01
=== asac` is now known as asac
stgraberasac: we don't do hard freezes, so people are still free to upload as they wish, so on that side it's much more relaxed that in the past. The only thing we do is hold the packages in -proposed until after the freeze is lifted.22:07

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