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shloimy9how can i force mount my samsung galaxy tab 4 on ubuntu 13.04?04:14
shloimy9it is soft bricked04:14
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:36
smittixMoaning all07:59
SuperMat1ooh, a lot of us are here twice08:07
SuperMat1how strange08:07
* foobarry isn't08:14
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:22
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knightwisemorning everyone08:32
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SuperMat1using kill -USR1 isn't showing me the status of my dd09:03
SuperMat1has anything changed in recent versions09:03
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bigcalmAnybody experienced openconnect creating routes just fine on most machines, but not creating any on others?09:42
bigcalmI've just had to use my laptop to do a deployment because my dev server isn't creating the routes09:43
switchtehbeatanyone done the ice bucket challenge yet?10:29
directhexwhich one?10:30
directhexapparently macmillan cancer support have been duping people into donating to them, not to MNDA10:31
switchtehbeatthere's loads on my facebook feed, people doing the ice bucket challenge then donating £3 lol10:34
foobarryis that what you do?10:34
switchtehbeatmacmillan it is directhex10:35
switchtehbeattoo many doing it10:35
switchtehbeateven disabled people and kids :/10:35
foobarrysome americans were saying i nominate you and if you don't do it then you pay $10010:35
switchtehbeatlmao foobarry10:35
foobarryi haven't really been paying attention10:35
foobarryseems like playground bravado10:35
foobarrymasquerading as charitable work10:35
directhexit is. but it's raising a bunch of money10:36
foobarrywho for?10:36
switchtehbeat75 million so far i think like wtf10:36
directhexin theory, the motor neuron disease association, and their international equiavlents10:36
switchtehbeatcancer foobarry10:36
foobarrywhat is ALS?10:36
directhexin practice, macmillan, since they bought the google adwords & plenty of people are talking about ALS and donating to macmillan unthinkingly10:37
foobarryALS = MNDA?10:37
directhexfoobarry: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the american name for motor neuron disease10:37
foobarryah ok10:37
directhexmostly known as "Lou Gehrig's disease", after a famous american sports star who had it10:38
foobarrymore famous than hawking?10:38
directhexfor americans, sure10:39
foobarryone for hitch hikers fans http://shirt.woot.com/offers/spirit-of-zaphod?ref=cnt_top20_5_img11:12
foobarry"I love it, but I hate it because it should have been Janx Spirit. The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is a cocktail. All the same, I'll probably buy one."11:14
zmoylan-pior the galactically known gin and tonix variant11:18
directhexzaphod's just this guy, you know?11:22
* zmoylan-pi waves hands over sub-etha radio to change the station11:39
foobarryi bought a kindle book that was on offer yesterday for £0.99. then later on i received a £1 credit for amazon music because of a qualifying purchase :S11:48
zmoylan-pi1p short of giving them a piece of your mind :-)11:49
DJonesfoobarry: I can do better than that, I use one of the android apps that searchs for free books on Amazon, got one a day or so back for £0.00 and also got the £1 credit for digital music11:51
foobarrywas the book any good?11:58
DJonesLooked ok to me12:00
DJonesI can give it a try anyway, not lost anything if its no good12:01
zmoylan-piamazon will be recommending you the weirdest stuff because of your previous 'purchases'? :-)12:02
foobarryyou can delete them from history12:02
foobarryit's even if you looked at them12:02
foobarryi got recommended bras for ages after looking at a completely unrelated item12:03
zmoylan-piand the hour or two you looked through the recommended bras they sent? :-)12:03
popeyDJones: what app is that?12:04
DJonespopey: Let me find it, there's one for kindle & one for kobo books12:05
popeyodd, it refused to install12:06
DJoneshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Book%20Monk&hl=en Is the developers of it, a lot of romance books, but occasionally some decent scifi12:06
popeyi sent it from there to my n712:06
popey"could not be downloaded due to an error. (941)12:07
DJonesMaybe thinks the link was specific to my play account, perhaps try from the 2nd link12:07
popeyno, it isnt12:07
popeyi can see it in the store on my device but it wont install12:07
DJonesI've just done the Kindle UK freebooks app & thats installed ok for me12:08
popeythat one fails too12:08
DJonesStrange, mine is installed on a N7 (2013) model12:08
popeyah, i think the internal storage is full12:10
popey576MB free12:10
DJonesI wouldn't have thought it was that big an app12:10
popeyhah, clear cache as freeed up 2.3G!12:11
popeyseems to have fixed it. thanks12:13
DJonesI probably find at least one book that I'd read every other day or so (normally scifi or adventure/thriller)12:14
DJonesIt updates every day, normally around 8-9pm ish12:17
zmoylan-pithe bible - **** a real bodice ripper :-p12:19
foobarrynext moto G will be 5 inch.12:35
foobarrynot sure if thats a deal breaker12:35
foobarrygot a message from bayer saying paypal are taking 72 hrs to clear funds atm12:36
zmoylan-piso the money is 'just resting in their account'?12:37
foobarrysounds like it12:37
foobarryconsidering i paid on credit card, there is no such funds waiting to clear12:39
foobarry"A nine year-old girl in the US has killed her shooting instructor by accident while being shown how to use a high-powered submachine gun."12:40
directhexan uzi!12:42
zmoylan-pia fully automatic uzi12:42
directhexfrom a place called bullets & burgers!12:42
zmoylan-picalled the last stop ironically enough12:42
directhex#1-rated attraction in the whole of las vegas, according to tripadvisor!12:42
zmoylan-pifun for almost the entire family12:43
foobarrywe instruct 5yr olds12:43
zmoylan-pido you hand them automatic weapons?12:44
* awilkins boggles at the idea of handing 9 yr olds automatic weapons13:59
awilkinsAir rifle? No problems.13:59
awilkinsWhen I was a kid we all wanted a Black Widow catapult, which is easily a lethal weapon14:00
zmoylan-pidepends on the kid, i wouldn't hand nerf to some kids, they'd just use them to persecute cats birds14:00
* zmoylan-pi remembers the blackwidows, always wanted one, never got one. i just made my own with wooden branch and rubber bands dennis the menace style14:01
zmoylan-pithen later in school a good metal coat hanger did the job nicely14:04
BigRedSAh the proper ~2mm steel ones, not a wire one15:00
* diddledan loves when that happens - it's quite a rush15:25
diddledanlike when you get up too quick and nearly pass out15:25
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davmor2black widow catapult pffff bowie knife17:59
* zmoylan-pi must watch crocodile dundee again18:01
SuperEngineer?e sharpens bread knife18:02
SuperEngineer[makes as much sense as "black widow catapult pffff bowie knife" ;)18:02
* brobostigon is happy to say, his brother has beat him again, and he has another nephew.18:03
SuperEngineerbrobostigon: hope the beating wasn't too violent [tho just a bit is ok]18:04
zmoylan-pi\o/ a reason to go shopping for lego18:04
brobostigonSuperEngineer: haha18:04
SuperEngineer...sorry folks - in a silly mood - just won a long, long battle to get Montague's Mount [on steam] fitting the screen it's wanted on :)18:05
davmor2SuperEngineer: I was expecting something along the lines of cancer whenever I see the line just won a long battle......18:06
* brobostigon is the aspie of the family, and will never marry nor will he likely ever have children.18:06
zmoylan-pidonate to a sperm bank?18:07
SuperEngineerDave2: pesimist!18:07
davmor2SuperEngineer: I'm so happy it was only software :)18:07
SuperEngineersoftware ills are always better than real life ones [says SuperEngineer with a torn shoulder muscle]!18:08
* zmoylan-pi sees your torn shoulder muscle and raises you an artificial hip18:09
SuperEngineer...but how else could I get home early to solve my game-play woes ;)18:09
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi: ouch!18:09
zmoylan-pion the plus side, cyborg 0.1 beta18:09
* zmoylan-pi just wishes that victorinox made an artificial hip, they'd shove some cool stuff in there :-)18:10
zmoylan-pia motion powered wireless phone charger :-)18:13
* zmoylan-pi discovers that crocodile dundee didn't make it after last disk loss. time to dig out dvd for rerip18:19
arseneughh eye strain sucks18:20
davmor2arsen: so do vacuum cleaners however them sucking is a good thing ;)  Sorry to hear about the eye though it is annoying18:30
SuperEngineerarsen - eye strain or time to visit othalmic optician?18:32
zmoylan-pitest your eyes on the charts from feckarse industries :-p18:33
SuperEngineer"nope, I can't see the 3rd row, or the secound, or the first actually - would you mind a lot if I turned the chair to face charts?"18:35
SuperEngineerooo- just realised - I like the new blue Steam Launcher - and circular the notification icon18:42
SuperEngineeris being young Luke18:43
* SuperEngineer wonders where that darn line break came from!18:46
arsenis there a difference between UK and EU keyboard layouts?19:03
arseni want the new das keyboard 4 ultimate, but in UK form - hard to find :/19:03
MartijnVdSUK keyboards are slightly different19:05
MartijnVdSalmost every EU country has its own keyboard19:06
MartijnVdSNL uses American layouts.. but French and German layouts are WEEEEIRD19:06
Myrttifrench have azerty19:06
MartijnVdSand numbers that you have to press SHIFT for first19:09
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davmor2MartijnVdS: but for some reason you think it is right to have a US layout in an EU Country :P19:13
davmor2MartijnVdS: weirdos ;)19:13
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I have a UK chromebook to compensate19:15
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I don't think it's that different really.. I mean who uses ¬19:15
davmor2MartijnVdS: popey for his silly ascii art big letters19:16
MartijnVdSdavmor2: Weirdo19:17
arsentrying to figure out if "EU" means UK on the DAS keyboard 4. as i can only find it listed as EU on amazon, not UK.19:18
daftykinsarsen i bought from getdigital.de when i got mine, years ago20:00
shaunoI thought das keyboard had no key markings?20:26
shaunoso it should just be ansi vs iso - tall enter key (eu/iso) vs no key between lshift & Z (us/ansi)20:28
Myrttisome of them do20:28
shaunoI guess that's just the only context I can see an 'eu' layout making sense20:35
arsendaftykins  - so you suspect DE = UK? therefore EU=UK? :o20:39
daftykinsarsen: nah they just sell UK ones :)20:50
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)21:27
dogmatic69any wifi extender recommendations?21:35
dogmatic69I have a WN3000RP which seems rubbish21:35
bigcalmThis appears to work well for my parents: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00BMULADI21:36
arsenmorning? o_O21:37
bigcalmarsen: UGT21:38
dogmatic69bigcalm: any idea on the rage it gets?21:40
arsenwow, i'm going to have to google that timezone.21:40
bigcalmdogmatic69: enough to keep my parents happy :)21:40
arsenokok. i get it :)21:40
bigcalmdogmatic69: I got that one to partly future proof them. They don't have 5GHz yet, but it's there for when they do21:41
bigcalmarsen: :)21:41
dogmatic69I got 5g21:41
arsensmarter response than my usual to when people quiz me for saying "morning" irrelevant of time. :)21:41
bigcalmMe too. Makes a huge difference21:41
bigcalmMust say that the 5ghz range is pants in my house, but the speed makes up for it21:42
dogmatic69bigcalm: is there such a thing that would just use the same ssd?21:42
Myrttinone of the mobile devices we have can function efficiently on 2.4 anymore21:43
bigcalmdogmatic69: you can change the SSID to the same as your router21:43
Myrttiat least when at home21:43
bigcalmBut do that as the very last step :)21:43
dogmatic69bigcalm: it does not conflict?21:43
bigcalmdogmatic69: not tried it so I can't comment21:44
Myrtti2.4 is so full there's about 5 ssids on any channel21:44
bigcalmIt might very well just work :D21:44
bigcalmLooking at the Wifi Analyzer [sic] on my phone, my 5ghz network is the only one in range :)21:45
arseni think half of my devices in my house don't yet support 5g :<21:49
arsencan't remember if it was my iphone or ipad, one of them sucked.21:49
bigcalmJust noticed that the chromecast is back up to 30 odd quid on Amazon. Making last week's purchase even more pleasing21:51
arsenid like to play with a chromecast to see if i actually would want one21:51
popeyi extended the range of my access point..22:03
popey..by adding another access point22:03
dogmatic69bigcalm: same ssd working so far :)22:08
diddledangog.com are going to do other things in addition to games - starting with movies from today22:54
shaunowhat happened to their "like steam" thing?22:59
diddledanas far as I'm aware it's still planned?22:59
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