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tsdgeoslol our approved branches to land is really piling up07:36
Cimitsdgeos, you can test silo 17!07:44
zbenjaminSaviq: tell me that it has landed ;)07:54
tsdgeosCimi: i centainly can, what needs testing?07:54
Saviqzbenjamin, you should check your branch's status ;)07:55
Cimitsdgeos, seeing if they don't kill each other07:55
tsdgeoswill give it a try, need to reflash the nexus4 first, it's a bit old-image atm07:57
zbenjaminSaviq: ok08:05
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CimiSaviq, pushed the comment in scope settings08:11
SaviqCimi, tx08:12
Saviqzbenjamin, url-d unfrozen (we're in beta1 freeze)08:13
zbenjaminSaviq: ok08:13
SaviqCimi, '110+ pageHeaderLoader.item.resetSearch();' still wrong indent, you really don't want to fix that do you?08:16
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SaviqCimi, otherwise ACK08:19
tsdgeosis the scope overview broken on trunk?08:21
tsdgeosor did i just break it in my branch08:21
* tsdgeos compiles08:21
tsdgeosfew, just broken on my branch08:22
tsdgeosWellark: limitedBandwith means basically 3G vs wifi, right?08:23
tsdgeospaulliu: can you have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/removeUnusedHasAttributes/+merge/232100 ?08:24
tsdgeospaulliu: no hurry08:24
CimiSaviq, I can't work easily with inline diff08:24
CimiSaviq, you miss things08:24
Cimiwhen you have such long diff08:24
SaviqCimi, Ctrl+F, $reviewer_name08:25
SaviqCimi, you actually fixed it already in a revision in the mean time, but then you reverted the fix08:25
CimiSaviq, pushed08:25
CimiSaviq, doesn't work if you use mail account08:25
SaviqCimi, on launchpad, not in email08:26
CimiSaviq, yup, I was using email08:26
SaviqCimi, yeah, inline + email are totally bad, no comment history, no way to mark a few lines etc.08:26
CimiSaviq, I will use lp next time - anyway, ficxed08:27
Saviqtsdgeos, I think we should consider it a 1:1, but obviously that will probably be the case almost always08:27
SaviqCimi, also, if you replied to inline comments, it'd be easier ;)08:27
SaviqCimi, did you file a bug on ItemSelector that you can't control foreground color?08:28
CimiSaviq, I think you can if you redo the delegate08:29
SaviqCimi, it's not just about the delegate, it's the label too08:29
SaviqCimi, is it not?08:29
SaviqCimi, but anyway, it shouldn't be needed to redo the delegate just to change colours08:30
tsdgeosSaviq: uhhhm?=08:31
tsdgeosdidn't get that sentence :D08:31
Saviqtsdgeos, I mean that we should not assume that it's 3G vs. WiFi08:31
Saviqtsdgeos, but most often that's what it's going to be08:32
tsdgeosSaviq: ok08:32
Wellarktsdgeos: pertty much yes08:37
Saviqtsdgeos, btw noticed recently that you can get to overview from a tmp scope preview, we should have a look08:37
tsdgeosSaviq: :/08:39
tsdgeosSaviq: i'll quick prepare a branch08:39
Saviqtsdgeos, btw, just got https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B32jwBcbaPlobF9fc1JXN2ExcUk/edit08:40
Saviqtsdgeos, but have no idea how that could be our fault...08:40
tsdgeosthat's weird08:41
tsdgeosis that a recent image08:41
Saviqtsdgeos, happened when going to and back from store08:41
Saviqtsdgeos, just flashed08:41
Saviqtsdgeos, resolves itself after I scroll up a bit08:41
Saviqtsdgeos, but TBH I'm not even sure why the view scrolls at all when going to store and back08:41
Saviqtsdgeos, might be some of our reset logic08:42
Saviqwhich we should get rid of08:42
SaviqCimi, ACK, your turn09:01
Saviqtsdgeos, we can't *fix* QIcon without amending the spec09:04
tsdgeosSaviq: well, he's doing lots of stuff other than cater for non square icons09:04
Saviqtsdgeos, larsu's implementation makes assumption about "size" that the spec does not allow09:04
tsdgeosbut ok09:05
Saviqtsdgeos, sure, the breadth-first thing could be fixed in QIcon, but we still couldn't use ti09:05
tsdgeosit's not even using QICon::themeSearchPaths()09:06
tsdgeosbut i guess once decided you want to go full custom is not that it matters at all09:06
larsutsdgeos: themeSearchPaths() == XDG_DATA_DIRS, no?09:15
larsuah, I guess you can add custom directories09:15
larsuI don't know how that would ever be useful, but I can change it if we need it09:16
tsdgeoslarsu: and you probably  want to use qgetenv09:16
larsuoh interesting. What does it do?09:18
larsuah, returns a byte array instead of a char*09:18
larsufair enough09:18
larsuthe branch also fixes bug #1349769 (but that could also be fixed upstream obviously)09:22
ubot5bug 1349769 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Failed to get image from provider Error message seen while using the Icon component" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134976909:22
SaviqCimi, you there?09:59
CimiSaviq, yup10:01
CimiSaviq, I am re-reviewing alt nav10:01
CimiSaviq, tested on phone seems fine10:01
CimiI used silo 01710:01
CimiSaviq, shall we set sourcesize for navigation shadow image10:03
SaviqCimi, why?10:03
SaviqCimi, we own that asset10:03
SaviqCimi, it will be scaled according to the @10:03
CimiSaviq, when you set color with "color:///f5f5f5" do we need the # or not?10:10
Cimiit's a new notation to me10:11
CimiI think we need the # here10:11
SaviqCimi, we do10:14
CimiSaviq, so add it :)10:14
SaviqCimi, where?10:14
CimiSaviq, DashNavigation.qml10:15
SaviqCimi, found10:15
SaviqCimi, pushed10:15
Saviqoh LP died10:16
CimiSaviq, another issue10:16
Cimithe list under the navigation list need elide10:17
Cimiwith amazon you can see super long text10:17
Cimi*under the navigation buttons10:18
CimiSaviq, http://imgur.com/5TVV12Q.png10:20
SaviqCimi, italians!10:20
SaviqCimi, lemme10:21
SaviqLP is busted damn10:21
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CimiSaviq, guess what it could be in german then :D10:21
tsdgeosi can't push eitehr10:21
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CimiSaviq, another issue10:22
CimiSaviq, from that menu, try scrolling up touching the area greyed out10:22
Cimiit jumps few pixels then you see the shadow stopping10:22
tsdgeosSaviq: i could push now10:23
CimiSaviq, http://s14.postimg.org/yq85b5167/amazon_scroll.png10:24
SaviqCimi, huh, that should've been fixed10:26
CimiSaviq, I am testing silo of midnight last night10:26
CimiSaviq, did you fix overnight?10:26
SaviqCimi, no I mean it should've been fixed way back10:26
Cimiit is not here, try10:26
Cimiunless something got messed up with today image update10:27
SaviqCimi, what did you drag by?10:27
CimiSaviq, I can drag from the shadow10:27
SaviqCimi, ah10:27
CimiSaviq, in any scope10:27
SaviqCimi, ok, again not a bug with my branch but will fix10:28
SaviqCimi, fixed10:30
CimiSaviq, how did u fix it?10:30
CimiSaviq, blocking inputs?10:30
CimiI was wondering what we want to do in this case10:31
Cimiif allowing scroll or not10:31
SaviqCimi, close list on touch10:33
SaviqCimi, we had onClicked, changed to onPressed10:33
anpok_is there a package with debug symbols for qtquick?10:41
greybackanpok_: qtdeclarative5-dbg10:41
tsdgeosSaviq: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/dashOverviewFromTempScopePreview/+merge/23237810:48
Saviqtsdgeos, tx10:49
Saviqaand LP down again10:51
SaviqCimi, btw, you can try the alt nav out on desktop no problem11:02
SaviqCimi, everything needed is already deployed / in distro11:03
CimiSaviq, ok11:03
CimiSaviq, still I can't pull bzr11:04
CimiSaviq, but I suppose the branch is fine11:04
Cimicannot see more bugs atm11:04
Cimiand we want this in11:05
SaviqCimi, yeah, would be good, is the last branch blocking silo 1711:05
SaviqCimi, but yeah, we need LP to work, can't build without that anyway11:05
Cimiok so I'll approve after lunch11:05
anpok_hm qt quick destroys the egl context when not exposed?11:06
greybackanpok_: if told it is hidden, yes. But we're not doing that, we just tell it it is occluded11:07
greybackso it holds onto the egl context, but stops rendering11:07
anpok_there seems to be another bug in mesa.. on unity8 dash startup it receives an expose event and goes to handleExposure(isEx=false..) and that asserts in the OpenGLContext destructor on eglDestroyContext(..)==true11:08
anpok_ah so it shouldnt destroy that context?11:09
anpok_ok then maybe the failure is earlier11:09
greybackanpok_: this is on startup? In that case, I'm not too familiar with things.11:13
greybackanpok_: if I were you, I'd compile qtubuntu with debugging on, it might help11:14
greybackqmake "QMAKE_CXX=arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-4.9" "QMAKE_LINK=arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-4.9" "QMAKE_LINK_SHLIB=arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-4.9" CONFIG+=debug11:15
tsdgeosSaviq: pushing still broken, right?11:15
greybackis here11:15
Saviqtsdgeos, yes11:16
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Saviqtsdgeos, managed to push, it seems real slow though11:27
tsdgeosok, will keep trying11:27
Saviqhey facundobatista11:28
facundobatistahola Saviq :)11:28
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cwayneSaviq: any chance of 17 landing today?11:51
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Saviqcwayne, oh sry didn't reply12:34
Saviqcwayne, yeah, just one last branch needs ACKing12:35
Saviqcwayne, and we've had launchpad crap out on us intermittently12:35
Saviqwhich slowed things down12:35
cwayneugh launchpad sucks sometimes12:35
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Saviqcwayne, yeah, there was a real downtime today, ssh on the launchpad branch servers died12:37
cwayneoh damn12:37
Saviqcwayne, fortunately it's better now12:38
cwayneSaviq: cool beans.  is silo 17gonna be targeted against -rtm too?12:49
Saviqcwayne, yeah, we don't deal with rtm vs. non-rtm, everything goes to utopic then to rtm just after12:49
cwayneSaviq: ah alright, cool12:51
cwaynenot a big fan of this rtm fork myself12:52
Saviqcwayne, well, there's reasons for it, we *might* have jumped the gun a bit on when we did it12:54
Saviqcwayne, but we wanted to protect ourselves against standard distro churn12:54
cwayneright, i know we need it12:54
Saviqcwayne, with the most recent approach (packages just get srccopied) from utopic to rtm12:54
Saviqcwayne, it's minimal overhead on dev12:54
cwayneyeah, that part is nice12:55
Saviqcwayne, the real overhead is on QA, as they are supposed to ACK all the rtm silos12:55
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mterrykgunn, hello!  So I'm at the point where I don't have many critical bugs assigned to me, and I am implementing the latest visuals from Design.  At what point should we stop making UI changes?  I mean, we already blew by the UI freeze a while ago.  But that seemed more advisory than real.  Is there a real UI freeze date?13:05
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Saviqmterry, there is none, really13:06
kgunnmterry: :D13:06
* Saviq finds bugs for mterry :)13:06
mterrySaviq, no!  I've had these designs on my plate long enough, got to get rid of them13:06
Saviqmterry, ok ;)13:06
kgunnmterry: one thing that would be useful imho, is potentially generating "engineering ugly" version of music controls on greeter13:06
kgunn....or are we bringing indicators back ?13:07
Saviqkgunn, http://nooooooooooooooo.com/13:07
mterrykgunn, we're bringing indicators back13:07
mterrykgunn, MPs all filed13:07
* kgunn succeeded in scaring Saviq for the day....check13:07
Saviqah no, just input got confused ?¿13:08
mterrykgunn, so we don't care about UI /string changes for the RTM side...  But distro has its own dates for those that we presumably should obey, eh?13:08
kgunnhey its early...i couldn't remember13:08
kgunnmterry: yeah...that's a good question13:08
Saviqmterry, will we even hit distro UXF before RTM?13:09
mterrySaviq, I'm not sure.  I haven't looked at a calendar recently13:09
mterrykgunn, is there an RTM google calendar I can add to my calendar?13:09
SaviqSep 11th13:09
Saviqis UIF13:09
SaviqSep 18th is doc freeze13:10
Saviqso in theory we're going past this13:10
Saviqmterry, but as before, I imagine, we can get a blanket exception13:11
Saviqmterry, or, we could start only releasing into rtm once devel is frozen...13:11
seb128I though rtm was design frozen in july?13:12
kgunnyeah, i'm assuming exception13:12
Saviqby devel I mean utopic13:12
Saviqseb128, lol ;)13:12
seb128Saviq, not joking...13:12
kgunnseb128: tell that to design13:12
seb128we are playing whack a mole on translations if we keep changing strings13:12
seb128especially for bits like the first start wizard13:13
seb128(which is mterry is sending redesign for)13:13
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dandradergreyback, https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/missingTouchEnd-lp1295623/+merge/23241013:35
dandradergreyback, once you have some time for reviews13:35
greybackdandrader: back at you then :) https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/platform-api/exposeOrientation/+merge/23225013:36
greybackdandrader: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtubuntu/exposeOrientation/+merge/23225213:36
greybackdandrader: "should fix" ? - have you no way to be sure?13:37
dandradergreyback, there are no sure steps to reproduce the bug. I've never seen it myself. All I know is what makes Qt behave like that13:37
greybackdandrader: yuk, one of those bug13:38
dandradergreyback, so I was able to artificially get into the situation that makes qt stop generating mouse events13:38
dandradergreyback, and that MP ensures that we don't make Qt get into such a state13:39
greybackdandrader: ok13:39
greybackdandrader: you have a test here which can repro that artificial situation?13:40
dandraderoh, forgot the MP checklist13:40
dandradergreyback, I made a unit test13:40
greybackdandrader: cool. I can at least run that to see the issue, and then apply your change to see it being fixed13:40
dandradergreyback, but I also have a toy app to prove it13:40
greybackdo share :)13:40
dandradergreyback, https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/+junk/touchToMouse13:41
dandraderIt captures raw mouse events and send synthesized touch events to the QQuickWindow out of them.13:41
dandrader- Left button mouse clicks are translated to touch taps.13:41
dandrader- Middle button mouse clicks are translated to touch taps as well with the difference that it omits the corresponding TouchEnd (thus emulating the bogus situation).13:41
dandradergreyback, Left-click all rectangles and see that they happily blink. Then middle-click once a MouseArea. From that point onwards no mouse area will *ever* react to any left-click anymore. They get stuck forever. The touch area though will continue working normally.13:42
greybackdandrader: do add that to the MR in a comment, just so it is all combined13:42
dandradergreyback, that toy app just proves that the Qt issue exists13:42
dandradergreyback, ok13:42
greybackdandrader: sure, but every bit of info helps IMO13:42
SaviqCimi, you still lunching?13:51
tsdgeostoday was burger day was it?13:53
tsdgeosmaybe he died of so much fat :D13:53
anpokmterry: hm any idea why greeter does not like my password13:56
mterryanpok, in unity8?  On desktop or phone?13:56
anpokdesktop unity8 greeter13:57
anpokstrange thing - it worked this morning..13:58
anpokare there logs to look for?13:58
anpoki actually wanted to just debug another mir startup issue in unity-dash13:59
anpokcan i disable it?13:59
Saviqtsdgeos, makes sense ;)14:03
Saviqanpok, you can `passwd -d` your password, it will let you in then ;)14:05
anpokjust tried my wifes account.. it seemed to accept it once..14:07
anpokthen i mistyped it .. and it denied entry14:07
anpoknow it denies it everytime even when i type it properly14:07
tsdgeos>>> qmltestrunner.PageHeaderLabelTest::test_popover  has started failing in CI from noweere14:08
CimiSaviq, I reviewed14:08
Saviqtsdgeos, indeed14:09
Saviqtsdgeos, but not locally, yay14:09
greybackdandrader: since you're compensating for the fact that Mir's/android's input system doesn't always generate touch releases, I think you should log a Mir bug for it and quote it in the MP14:09
tsdgeosSaviq: and testDash crashing :S14:09
Saviqtsdgeos, ran it like 30mins in a loop14:09
tsdgeosSaviq: dash or popup?14:10
dandradergreyback, or maybe Mir/android-input is doing the right thing but qtmir was messing up14:10
Saviqtsdgeos, popup14:10
dandradergreyback, like considering hover events14:10
dandradergreyback, as touch presses and releases in an unpredictable manner14:10
greybackdandrader: would be good to be clear on whose fault it really is though.14:11
greybackdandrader: touch events have hover?14:11
dandradergreyback, android-input has14:11
greybackdandrader: is that not for mouse events?14:11
dandradergreyback, happens a lot in krillin for instance14:12
SaviqCimi, pushed14:12
greybackdandrader: weird. They represent what exactly? finger stationary on the display?14:12
dandradergreyback, as I understand it, they represent a finger hovering over the screen. depends on hw capability14:13
dandradergreyback, some touchscreens can detect when a finger is really close but not really touching it14:13
greybackdandrader: ah that. Don't think we want to enable that right now14:14
dandradergreyback, others draw a line in the pressure value, to separate hovering from touching14:14
greybackI see14:14
tsdgeosSaviq: running in valgrind, now it's failing (in different places though), let me fix those14:14
dandradergreyback, so for a finger leaving the screen you can get: touch_release,hover_enter,hover_exit14:15
Saviqtsdgeos, tx14:15
CimiSaviq, ap keeps failing on your branch14:19
CimiSaviq, but looks unrelated14:19
SaviqCimi, not any more, it failed before due to launchpad breakage14:19
SaviqCimi, another run is going14:19
tsdgeosSaviq: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/pageHeaderLabelTestValgrind/+merge/23242014:24
tsdgeoslet's see what CI says14:25
Saviqtsdgeos, verify(recentSearches, "Could not find the popover")?14:28
tsdgeosSaviq: you got that?14:28
Saviqtsdgeos, no, can you add that?14:28
Saviqtsdgeos, we should have a verify per waitForRendering, otherwise *CRASH*14:28
tsdgeosa crash is good :D14:28
tsdgeosi mean you'll see something bad happened14:29
Saviqa faling test is better ;)14:29
tsdgeosbut sure, i'll add it14:29
Saviqtsdgeos, ?14:33
Saviqtsdgeos, there's a trailing ?14:33
Saviqtsdgeos, after the verify14:33
MacSlowdandrader, could you look over https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity-notifications/fix-1348092/+merge/228252 again, mentioned issues were addressed.14:51
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dandraderMacSlow, done15:02
MacSlowdandrader, great thx!15:03
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tsdgeosCimi: why do i need to rebase on such branch15:13
tsdgeosand what is the exact name you want me to rebase on15:13
SaviqMacSlow, need to pull https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/fix-1348092/+merge/228090 from the landing15:18
SaviqMacSlow, getting https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B32jwBcbaPlobmp6eU45aF9mNUE/edit during sim unlock15:19
MacSlowSaviq, no :/15:21
SaviqMacSlow, afraid so15:21
MacSlowSaviq, what the hell is that white bar at the top15:21
SaviqMacSlow, that looks like it's the actual notification15:22
SaviqMacSlow, there's text in it15:22
SaviqMacSlow, that seems to be the thing that dandrader|lunch reported before with getting a fullscreen dark thing with just some text15:22
Saviqbut just got worse15:22
MacSlowSaviq, I'll try trunk locally... do we have a bug for that yet?15:23
SaviqMacSlow, no15:24
SaviqMacSlow, I just commented on the MP15:24
SaviqMacSlow, the good news is we might actually be able to fix this properly now15:28
MacSlowSaviq, I first need to get trunk and my branch "side-by-side" to see how/where this issue got introduced15:29
SaviqMacSlow, I didn't see it before your branch15:30
MacSlowSaviq, yeah... just running through examples with unity8 trunk... no issues...15:31
SaviqWellark, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B32jwBcbaPlobnpTZ1NmRGc5LVk/edit :|15:35
SaviqWellark, anything interesting I can get you, or is that known?15:35
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MacSlowSaviq, kgunn: I'd say filing a bug does not make sense for the "white bar over sim-unlock snap-decision", since it's not really in trunk... I've  a first guess what could be causing it (in my branch).16:04
SaviqMacSlow, yeah, good16:09
SaviqMacSlow, I think the error message (title? summary?) ended up in that white notification and it wasn't displayed in the pin screen at all16:09
Saviqwhen I typed the wrong SIM16:09
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tsdgeosSaviq: testDash crash :/16:45
Saviqyay polishItems16:46
tsdgeosi've seen this backtrace before16:46
tsdgeosbut it was because lvpwh was removing stuff on polish16:46
tsdgeosthat shout not be happening anymore16:46
tsdgeosmaybe something else is :/16:47
tsdgeoswill have a look at it tomorrow16:47
* tsdgeos waves16:47
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WellarkSaviq: hmm..18:45
WellarkSaviq: that just looks like fallout from the prematurely enabled UnlockAllModems() in the greeeter18:46
WellarkSaviq: did you land the revert _everywhere_ ?18:46
SaviqWellark, I did land it on that phone (phone's not rtm)18:49
SaviqWellark, but in any case it landed in rtm now, too18:49
cwayneSaviq: so i noticed the silo is for rtm now, so i imagine itll be srccopy'd back to ubuntu then?19:17
plarsSaviq: sorry, got distracted by some other things earlier, but mterry says I should coordinate landing of his MP through you? - https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/unlock-via-dbus/+merge/232428 is the MP19:37
mterrySaviq, oh yeah, this is blocking plars, so I was curious which other unity8 merges we've got going on, if we can land this one faster (once approved of course)19:38
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Saviqmterry, go for it20:00
mterrySaviq, is any other silo close enough to landing that it's worth rolling it in?20:01
Saviqmterry, you'll have to coord with kgunn rather than me, I don't have nothing in store right now (you and kgunn have)20:01
mterryAh whoops20:01
mterrykgunn, same questions ^ :)20:01
Saviqmterry, his just failed to merge20:02
Saviqmterry, so it's really between you and plars :)20:02
kgunnmterry: you need that landed ? looks like we can just get a silo for it20:05
kgunnall on its lonesome20:05
mterrykgunn, yeah i think plars made a silo20:05
plarsmterry: well, I asked, but there are too many things out there for unity8 so robru is reluctant to make one for this, wanted to see if it could be combined20:06
plarsmterry: otherwise, if it looks like those are a ways off, and it won't cause problems for others, maybe we can jump the line :)20:06
mterryplars, my silo is close to being landable -- just needs the unity8 branch approved, the other two are20:07
kgunnplars: mterry ....so silo2 is a ways off, that's just prep for dednick's20:07
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mterryplars, so we either land yours alone or with mine how abouts?  Depending on when the MP approvals hit20:07
plarsmterry: well they're both really yours, I'm just trying to get a feel for the process :) probably easier to just combine it with your other one then if you are comfortable with that. That way we don't have to complicate it even further with more people waiting20:08
mhall119is there a way to access a scope's config values from it's .ini from within the scope's code?20:34
Saviqmhall119, its21:05
Saviqmhall119, might wanna try and grab michi for that21:05
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