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rick_h_evening if anyone's still around04:46
rick_h_probably not I guess04:46
greg-grick_h_: saw the photos, good job04:47
rick_h_greg-g: oh hey fellow west coaster04:47
rick_h_greg-g: ty, was a lot of fun04:48
rick_h_and nice walk back across the bridge and such04:48
rick_h_watch says 25.9k steps today phew04:48
rick_h_and some 2200 photos since Friday :/04:48
rick_h_yea, crazy time04:49
rick_h_haven't even made it to yosemite yet04:49
rick_h_might just have to pass out under a tree there04:49
greg-gwhen is that?04:50
rick_h_tomorrow, pick up a rental car and head out to a cabin just south of the park until sat04:50
rick_h_time to get out of this city :P04:51
greg-gyes, yes it is04:51
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cmaloneyGood morning13:18
cmaloneyrick_h_: Love the photos you're taking. :)13:19
cmaloneyall:I'll be late for CHC tonight. Working with one car until Thursday.13:19
mrgoodcathey hey13:19
cmaloneyand J gets priority. :)13:19
mrgoodcati won't be at CHC again13:19
cmaloneymrgoodcat: WAAAAAAAHHHHH13:19
cmaloneyWhat happened?13:19
mrgoodcatmy mom is bipolar and is having a difficult time these past few weeks13:20
cmaloneymrgoodcat: So this is a temp. thing (in as much as you have any say in this understandably)13:21
cmaloney(also: if you need help, or somewhere to crash to recoup LMK)13:22
mrgoodcatyea. i'll be able to start coming to meetings again eventually13:22
jrwrenFlying J?13:23
mrgoodcattruck stop?13:23
jrwrenthat is me. :)13:23
cmaloneyYou're a truck stop now?13:23
cmaloneyGod, I hope you at least clean the urinals more than once a week13:24
brouschcmaloney: Is your Go broken?13:41
cmaloneyNo, I've been trying to concentrate on other things. :)13:47
cmaloneyI have it email me whenever you take your turn but I didn't go back to check last night.13:47
brouschGood. That will make you easier to beat.13:47
cmaloneyThine trash talking is duly noted. :)13:48
wolfgerIt's 2014, and I just confused an IT worker by saying something happened "while I was AFK". Didn't know what AFK meant.14:14
wolfgerNow my father, who shuns the 21st century entirely, I would expect that from... but an IT worker?14:14
brouschAway from touchscreen14:14
wolfgerTouchscreens... bah. Get off my lawn!14:15
brouschIf your phone is with you, you are not truly away from keyboard14:16
jrwrenwhat is AFT?14:17
jrwrenhahaha... touchscreen? really?14:17
jrwrenoh.. tablet.14:17
brouschDoesn't everyone work on a touchscreen now?14:18
jrwrenSteve Jobs said that a touchscreen has no place on a laptop.14:24
wolfgereven touch screens have "keyboards"14:25
wolfgerhorribly inefficient keyboards14:26
cmaloneyGah, bookiebot is awol as well.16:51
greg-gcmaloney: that's "acceptable"?17:01
cmaloneyI think it's rubbish.17:01
mrgoodcatoh is he?17:16
cmaloneyI meant the ebay auction was rubbish17:19
brouschBy denition17:26
mrgoodcati meant is he gone17:44
mrgoodcati already know he's rubbish17:44
cmaloneybah. :)17:51
cmaloneybookiebot: I still love you.17:52
cmaloney.echo I love you too.17:52
bookiebotI love you too.17:52
wolfgersome times I think management is spending more manhours coming up with things to keep me busy than I am spending manhours being productive....18:05
cmaloneyWelcome to business 10118:07
jrwrenif the things add value, then its a good thing.18:07
* cmaloney just put new pads on his headphones that he had when he was at Chrysler.18:09
jrwren<3 new headphone pads18:23
cmaloneyThere should be a statute of limitations on hospital bills18:38
cmaloneygot one for FIL's visit at the end of May18:39
brouschinsurance can take a long time to resolve things18:41
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