PCLine_I dont know if I would call it lucky.00:05
Unit193It's rain/storming, that's good weather. :D00:05
belkinsaWell, with the weather we have been having.00:06
PCLine_I got about 30 drops on my windshield.00:06
Unit193I tend to like what others call "bad weather", except when I'm cleaning up after it or driving in it (but even then, it's still good.)00:06
=== eniLCP_ is now known as PCLine_
Unit193Mmmm, but splitty still.08:48
Unit193Hmmm, anyone else on TWC besides Derath?11:48
Unit193http://www.ohiolinux.org/sessions/keep-your-secrets-secret-cloud-ecryptfs there's a speaker we know.19:09
jenni[ Keep Your Secrets Secret in the Cloud with eCryptfs | Ohio LinuxFest 2014 - The Future of Free ] - https://j.mp/1qL96Ld19:09

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