InHisNameanyone else dabbling with Raspberry PI besides jedijf ?00:27
pleia2mine has a motion sensor and camera attached to it sometimes, it's fun00:40
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InHisNameApparently the green light needs to flash a few times during boot up of the RPi.07:37
InHisNameAfter 7-8 builds on 3 microSD chips, I finally got one to boot.   I got NOOBS to install itself.  That one boots up.07:38
InHisNameAfter doing startx  the keyboard is working but the usb mouse doesn't move the arrow at all.07:39
InHisNameI'm trying to setup kppp, unfortunately the instructions to setup are using a gui for kppp.07:40
InHisNameTime to sleep for a while07:40
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:10
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InHisNameMorning all14:26
InHisNameWell, My PI boots now.19:42
InHisNameTrying to install kppp and it hangs trying to setup account in config.  UGGH   Google show its been common complaint since '0819:43
InHisNameWork again on it tonight.19:44

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