bduk1Good morning everyone05:37
nuvolarioh hi bduk1 06:08
nuvolarien oom Kilos 06:08
Kiloshi nuvolari  bduk1  and others06:09
nuvolaripeer's been wrecking havoc to bushtech through the night06:09
nuvolariwe need to talk06:09
Kilosits his vodacom connection06:09
Kiloshe is 15 ks from nearest tower so has to use a yagi to get signal06:12
* bushtech so tired of complaining to Vodacom06:14
bushtechwhat gets me is sometimes my router shows HSPA+ connection but I can't even get into a website06:18
Trixar_zaDepends - could be more than just Vodacom's fault06:19
Trixar_zaFirewall - both on Windows and Linux and sometimes permission issues with stuff like resolv.conf06:20
bushtechagreed, word of advice: don't buy a Huawei router06:21
ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps06:21
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  06:21
Trixar_zaNoted - Of the two 3G modems I own, both are ZTEs06:21
Trixar_zaHi Kilos and ThatGraemeGuy06:22
Kiloshi Trixar_za  06:22
Trixar_zaYou know what MineTest needs?06:23
Trixar_zaA way to quickly go up - like anti-gravity blocks that flips gravity around06:23
Trixar_zaline the surrounding chamber with it and it shoots you up06:24
Trixar_zaAdmit it, with a the water trick, you can fall safely and quickly06:27
Trixar_zaIf you could reverse it, mining really deep would be easy06:27
KilosTrixar_za  i mine at -500006:28
Kiloswent straight down with a ladder06:28
Trixar_zaWell, let me put it like this. I went the same distance it takes me 15 minutes to climb down with a ladder in about 5 seconds06:29
Kilosand using shift +e makes a 40 minute trip 2 minutes06:29
Kilosdont you use travel points or pads06:29
Kilosoh Trixar_za  we have a minetest channel #minetest-za06:30
Trixar_zaNope, I've been messing with vanilla MineTest06:31
Trixar_zaSo all my tricks and solutions use the base stuff :P06:31
Kilostry typing in /tpset home when you are at home or name a point where you are06:32
Kilosusing tp is instant06:33
Kilosno travel time at all06:34
Trixar_zaThat could be useful yes06:34
Trixar_zaAnd yeah, I use teleport to get back to 0,0,0 quite often06:35
Trixar_zaMakes testing stuff fun06:35
Trixar_zaI explore more than I craft stuff though06:35
Kiloscrafting is serious work06:56
ThatGraemeGuyupgrading our puppetforge apache module from the version we had from March 2013 to current07:56
ThatGraemeGuyholy. crap. what a mission07:56
Kiloshi jrgns  07:56
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Kiloshi nlsthzn  08:17
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nuvolarinothing happingingping here today11:36
Kilosmin dae ne11:36
nuvolariaai jinnekie tog oom11:38
nuvolariek wil nou net my goed vat en huistoe11:38
nuvolaridie plek lyk soos 'n spookdorp11:38
nuvolarimaandag wat kom gaan dit soos die begrafplaas lyk11:38
nuvolari3 van ons maak Vrydag klaar11:39
Kilosnou gaan hulle sukkel11:39
nuvolaridaar is net 1 IT ou oor11:39
Kiloshy gaan swaar leef11:39
nuvolarien hy is in Gauteng aangaande nuwe werk11:39
nuvolari(hy's af hierdie week)11:39
nuvolariso nie lank nie, dan is daar nie meer tegniese mense oor nie11:40
nuvolariek is nou so lomerig dit is nie eers snaaks nie11:41
nuvolariiemand het die water gespike11:41
Kilosoh my it even got the fly16:27
charlgood evening17:11
Kiloshi charl  17:29
charlhi Kilos 17:33
charltired now, just came back from amsterdam17:33
charlwas a great day but got a lot of second hand marijuana smoke17:33
charlit was a nice day so people were standing smoking everywhere outside17:34
Kilosyou get tired from enjoying yourself?17:34
charli walked around a LOT17:34
charldunno how many KM but more than enough17:34
Trixar_zaWell, that was nice17:34
Trixar_zaBuilt a nice long tunnel in hopes of connecting to another one17:34
Trixar_zaTurns out I was building it in the opposite direction...17:35
Kiloslol you must watch the co-ords at the top17:35
Trixar_zaYeah, I was wondering why it wasn't working17:36
Kilosdo you see them?17:37
Kilosi think you use f2 or something to get them activated17:38
Trixar_zaF5 apparently17:39
Trixar_zaAnd that helps now :P17:39
Kilosits very lekker when you are playing with someone17:40
Kilosyou get them to stand where you want to go and mine straight to them17:40
Kilosmaybe open 2 games and login with a different name on the other then you can mine towards yourself17:44
Kilosthats how we laid power cables underground17:45
ThatGraemeGuyhi peeps18:05
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  18:05
Kilosbig cold there by you guys hey?18:06
Kiloswill hit us tomorrow night18:06
Kilosthen a freezing weekend again18:07
ThatGraemeGuysupposed to be colder tomorrow18:07
Kilossnow expected all along the drakensburg18:07
ThatGraemeGuyi want to holiday in the drakensberg sometime still, looks awesome18:07
Kilossnow is only good to look at on tv man18:08
charlyou guys are real miners now18:18
Kiloswow ThatGraemeGuy  everything tubed to its own place18:19
ThatGraemeGuyalmost everything18:19
ThatGraemeGuygetting to the metals now18:19
Kiloswell done18:19
ThatGraemeGuyand at the end will be a tube without filter, to catch random things18:20
Kiloslike torches and ladders and dropped tools18:20
ThatGraemeGuyso i can teleport stuff from anywhere and it'll end up in its place or in the random chest18:20
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Kiloswb superfly  18:28
superflyhi Kilos, ThatGraemeGuy18:28
Kilosinternet been bad today18:28
inetprodid someone say meeting?18:31
inetprogood evening18:31
Kiloshaha wb inetpro  last night yes18:32
inetprosorry, couldn't attend last night18:32
Kiloswe noticed18:32
Kilosyou are supposed to be excused before the meet not after18:35
* Kilos hands over the email addy again18:35
Private_Userevening people19:08
Kiloshi Private_User  19:08
Private_Userhey Kilos19:09
Private_Userhi ThatGraemeGuy19:09
Private_Userhey anybody here know of a good remoting tool that one could use to share a linux desktop with a windows user?19:10
Kiloswhats happening by you Private_User  19:10
Private_Usernothing much hey mostly everything still the same19:10
Kilosremmina i think19:10
Kilosand teamviewer maybe19:11
Kilosteamviewer is free with a data limit i think before they charge19:11
Private_Userah ok19:12
Private_Userhmm... remmina let me check not sure if they have a windows setup file19:12
Kilosoh you want it for a win pc?19:13
Kilosthen teamviewer is what you cant use19:13
Kilosremmina is in ubuntu repos19:13
Trixar_zaPrivate_User: VNC19:15
Trixar_zaProbably :P19:16
Private_Useryeah a friend requires assistance with installing XAMPP on his linux machine (ZorinOS) but I am currently on a windows laptop so wanted to remote to his machine and assist19:17
Private_Userhe is a newbie to linux19:17
Private_Userthanks Trixar_za, I will have a look at that19:17
Private_UserI decided to try out TightVNC19:36
Private_UserI asked my friend to install that since it was also available in his app store19:37
superflyyeah, good one for bandwidth constrained networks (i.e. ADSL)19:43
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:13
ironhulkwhy not just use teamviewer22:17

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