bashusrwhat was brotosaurausex problem?00:02
bashusrhe was utterly unhelpful00:02
bashusrbut he was asking for others to be kicked00:02
bashusri don't know of trolls that ask for ops to kick ppl00:02
wheatthinagain, trolling.00:02
bashusrusually they just troll and they don't help answer questions00:02
bashusrhe even tried answering my question lol00:02
andrebi was doing an update from 12.04.3 to 12.04.5 and my /boot when up to 92% usage....00:02
bashusrlet me ask agian since he's gone...00:02
bashusrandreb, are you wondering how to clear that?00:03
andrebit looks like its now downloading the
bashusrandreb, http://www.jmccc.com/blog/archives/2013/06/03/removing-old-linux-kernels-in-ubuntu/00:03
bashusri wrote that00:03
bashusreerrr, that's my blog00:03
_Alexander__would apt-get autoremove that care of that, bashusr?00:04
bashusrbut i didn't originate that command... i found it through lots of googling00:04
bashusr_Alexander__, maybe?00:04
DalekSec_Alexander__: Generally speaking, yes.00:04
bashusrdid it always do that?00:04
bashusrback in 2010, it seemed like the only way online to do it... :-/00:04
andrebthanks  bashur waiting for the kernel update to be finished00:05
bashusrnp andreb00:05
bashusrhow can i enable remote desktop sharing for a desktop session when I only have ssh access?00:06
ezioanoooooooooooooooooobody knows my troubles00:06
DalekSecbashusr: You can start up vnc, and tunnel that through ssh.00:07
bashusrDalekSec, how particularly? I tried and i got a new desktop session00:08
bashusri need to connect to my existing session00:08
bashusrbasically, i need to turn on screen sharing...00:08
DalekSecSet $DISPLAY to the correct display, and run something like: x11vnc -safer  (if you have that installed.)00:09
ezioabashusr, check out team viewer00:09
ezioavery good00:09
bashusrezioa, it looks like your SMTP server knwos about your domain00:09
ezioayeah but im not sending mail from my domain00:09
bashusrezioa, it is saying that whateverbogususer@yourdomain.com doesn't exist and it won't send mail from it00:09
andreb$^@#$^#@^$^#$ my kernel upgrade failed :(00:09
bashusrezioa, can i start up team viewer remotely from ssh only to an existing x11 session?00:10
andrebbashur it doesnt want to do teh kernel upgrade via teh ubuntu update centre ... it failed... asked me to reboot... i rebooted.. same kernel 3.5.0-5400:11
ezioabashusr, oh .. yes.00:11
andreband the uption to upgrade the kernel no longer avaiblie in the update centre00:11
wheatthinandreb, purge with a reinstall option00:12
bashusrandreb, why aren't you upgrading to latest LTS?00:12
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andrebbashur i cant do a direct upgrade00:13
andrebour email software zimbra ... needs me to upgrade to the latest kernel in 12.04.5.... then upgrade zimbra to 8.5... then do an upgrade of ubuntu to 14.04.x and then do a zimbra upgrade00:14
wheatthinandreb,   just do an upgrade to 14.04 and then update the software afterwards?00:14
andrebi asked if i could do that... and they pointed me toa doc that said not to do that :(00:15
wheatthinandreb, Umm I don't see why not..00:15
wheatthinjust dont' try to update to a ppa kernel and then try upgrading, cause you'll break something00:16
Masterjedi688Ok, I downloaded the new lubuntu 14.04.  The Internet icon does not appear on the bar at the bottom of the screen00:24
Masterjedi688Where do I go to download Flash?  There are 3 terminal windows from what I can see.  which terminal window do I use?00:24
andrebbushusrthat cleared up my kernelissue00:25
Masterjedi688Does Lubuntu have an app center where I can go and download it from there instead of the terminal window?00:26
andrebthanks for the link your blog is awesome00:26
LostNvaMasterjedi688, you could type: download latest linux flashplayer in your browser.00:29
OerHekslubuntu comes with lubuntu softwarecenter00:29
Masterjedi688I'll give it a try LostNva00:30
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Masterjedi688Which version of Flash player from Adobe do I download?00:34
Ben64!flash | Masterjedi68800:35
ubottuMasterjedi688: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:35
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andrebi need some rest.. talk to you folks tomorrow00:40
Masterjedi688Thanks Ubottu for the link00:40
theviraneed some help with installing airtel dongle, Tried wine, it doesnt't work,Also tried following a blog which asked me to copy files from the dongle to disk then run a file on the terminal,i am unsure how to run the concerned file in the terminal00:47
Platypus-Manwhen I try and upgrade software packages, 3 of them are 'held back' for some reason; "linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic".. complete output here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=N0qCS5F200:47
Bashing-omPlatypus-Man: Try terminal command -> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade <- to install the new kernels.00:51
Platypus-ManBashing-om: didn't think of running dist-upgrade since I am already on 14.04, but it seems to be working, thank you :)00:52
Bashing-omPlatypus-Man: Great .. dist-upgrade is apt's smart mode, does not effect the release upgrade, only installed packaging .00:54
Seannieeasy question = irc what is the search for channels command00:57
bubb. /list00:59
SierraSeannie: /msg alis help list00:59
SierraRunning /list on freenode is a bad idea. Too many channels00:59
bubbhmmm good point00:59
SierraAlthough, if this is for another irc network.. Alis only exists on freenode, so either /list or /msg chanserv help list00:59
nmbvnmi have a clock issue01:08
tewardnmbvnm, be a little more detailed please?01:08
nmbvnmmy computer clock are set several hours past the current time01:08
mellamokbinstalling wine,, it is stuck preparing to unpack .../ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.4+nmu1ubuntu1_all.deb for 10 miuntes01:09
mellamokbis this normal? how do i fix?01:09
nmbvnm-timezone to be precise01:09
salomaoif you are sincronizated at a net with server not rigth it's the problem, nmbvnm.01:11
tewardnmbvnm, is it a time offset equivalent to what the UTC time would be rather than your timezone?  (i.e. that number of hours off)01:11
nmbvnmyes, negative one01:12
kostkonmellamokb, did you accept the eula?01:12
mellamokbkostkon, i didn't see eula.. i killed process, rebooted, and second time through i got eula,, seems to be working now01:13
kostkonmellamokb, ok01:13
nmbvnmmy tz is +3, now it is 1 GMT, my clock show 4 but computer clock are 701:13
nmbvnmsalomao: ubuntu gives me no info on that01:14
sleepy-owli need some advice on creating a Qt development environment on my system, i saw qtcreator in the repos but wanted to ask here before i go and get what the default packaging installs, any tips on what to definitely get and what not before i wreck my system?01:15
Ben64nmbvnm: pick the correct time zone... 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata'01:16
salomaoare you inside a private net, nmbvnm?01:16
kostkonsleepy-owl, there's also #ubuntu-app-devel01:16
sleepy-owlkostkon, thank you i will try there as well01:17
nmbvnmi have the correct time zone, but the clock are broken at boot time01:17
asynechieahello. could someone point me to the xorg.conf file on ubuntu 140.04?01:18
nmbvnmwhy there is no any configuration options in ubuntu?01:19
tewardnmbvnm, some configuration options are behind the scenes.  By "clock" you mean your system time, and not your operating system's clock, right?01:19
tewardnmbvnm, and by "system time" i mean the time you see when you look at the clock in the BIOS01:20
nmbvnmi mean the computer clock01:20
tewardnmbvnm, both clocks are "computer clocks".  one is the system clock for the computer itself in BIOS, the other is the clock on Ubuntu/Windows/[insert other operating system here].  Which of the clocks is wrong?01:21
nmbvnmbios clock01:21
nmbvnmit is changed during the boot01:21
SierraWouldnt that be the battery on the motherboard needing to be replaced? Think it was called the cmos battery01:22
nmbvnmSierra: don' t be absurd01:23
tewardnmbvnm, ok that's because Ubuntu is set up by default to set the BIOS clock to UTC.  We can change that01:23
tewardnmbvnm, open the command prompt, and run this: `sudo nano /etc/default/rcS`01:23
tewardnmbvnm, see if there's a line saying "UTC=yes"01:24
tewardif there is change it to say "UTC=no"01:24
asynechieahello. could someone point me to the xorg.conf file on ubuntu 14.04?01:24
Ben64asynechiea: doesnt exist by default01:24
asynechieaif i create one, will it work?01:25
nmbvnmgreat. now, why didn' t the setup one asked me about this?01:25
asynechieaall i want to do is enable a single command01:26
tewardnmbvnm, I'm sorry, I don't understand your last question there?01:26
tewardnmbvnm, by default, Ubuntu is configured to assume the hardware clock is set to UTC01:26
asynechieaOption "TripleBuffer" "True"01:26
dragblaxasynechiea: Siberia01:26
nmbvnmduring setup i was not asked what my sustem clock are set to01:26
tewardnmbvnm, so when the system runs for the first time and uses an internet time server to sync the time, it will get the time then set the system clock to UTC.  I'm not sure why that's a default but it is.01:27
asynechieaso if i put only that in a text file, it will work? no other text needed?01:27
Ben64asynechiea: unlikely01:27
asynechieadragblax, what are you talking about?01:27
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang01:27
dragblaxasynechiea: check out xinerama01:28
kostkonasynechiea, you'll need to create a custom xorg.conf file. WHat's your graphics card01:28
Ben64nmbvnm: don't use that for no reason01:28
asynechieaNvidia 780m GTX01:28
kostkonasynechiea, isn't there such an option to enable  in  the nvidia settings application?01:29
tewardnmbvnm, actually during system setup it asks you for your time zone.  It won't ask what to set the BIOS (system) clock to01:29
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kostkonasynechiea, are you using the nvidia or the mesa driver?01:30
tewardnmbvnm, as i have said, Ubuntu by default is configured to set the system time to UTC (or to make the assumption that it's set to UTC).  THere's no installer option to ask that, because some users might have no idea what that is (especially newbies)01:30
dragblaxasynechiea: didn't one get created installing nvidia01:30
XepoofBNCthis exists, apparently01:30
asynechieanvidia driver. The resaon I'm doing this is because I get VSync in any full screen game that doesn't use Vsync01:30
XepoofBNCDoes anyone know why the software updater didn't try to update the openssl package?01:30
asynechieasorry, that should say: The resaon I'm doing this is because I get screen tearing in any full screen game that doesn't use Vsync01:31
dragblaxnmbvnm: on dual boot systems with uefi Windows time zones run amok.01:31
XepoofBNCActually, why does apt not upgrade openssl?01:32
Ben64XepoofBNC: it does01:33
dragblaxasynechiea: Did u instal nvidia proprietary01:33
asynechieayes I did01:33
XepoofBNCI had to use dpkg for it, Ben64 .01:34
kostkonXepoofBNC, why?01:34
Ben64XepoofBNC: without any detail, I have no idea what you're talking about01:34
Ben64XepoofBNC: but it sounds suspiciously like you're doing something terribly wrong01:35
asynechieaSo, for instance, I'm using PCSX-R (PSX emulator). When I use the XVideo driver for it, I can do full screen fine, but it has screen tearing because this video plugin doesn't support Vertical Sync. If I switch to OpenGL Screen tearing is fixed but there is an incompatibility with Unity where Unity appears overlayed over the full screen.01:35
XepoofBNCapt-get upgrade openssl told me 'it is already the latest version', but, apparently the version of it is 0.9.801:35
asynechieaIs there some way I could hide Unity completely? Including the grey bar at the top?01:35
kostkonasynechiea, open the nvidia settings or whatever is called and click to create a xorg.conf. I think there should be an option to do that. Or check if there are options related to double buffering available01:35
Ben64XepoofBNC: what version of ubuntu01:36
dragblaxasynechiea: Did u run nvidia-xconfig01:36
dragblaxasynechiea: that will create sort01:37
asynechieano, I've not tried that dragblax01:37
dragblaxasynechiea: that will create xorg file01:37
asynechieathat command doesnt  work01:37
XepoofBNC14.04.1 LTS01:37
kostkonXepoofBNC, you are fine. openssl has been patched against the heartbleed bug and all the subsequent vulnerabilities.01:37
XepoofBNC1.0.1f is in the vulnerable range01:38
dragblaxasynechiea: put sudo in front.01:38
kostkonXepoofBNC, doesn't matter. openssl in ubuntu is secure already. It is patched01:38
Bashing-omnmbvnm: XepoofBNC :: Ben64 ; Strange ? as sysop@1404mini:~$ ii  openssl        1.0.1f-1ubun amd64 .01:38
Ben64!info openssl01:39
ubottuopenssl (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility. In component main, is standard. Version 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.5 (trusty), package size 468 kB, installed size 899 kB01:39
dragblaxasynechiea: Did u run sudo nvidia-xconfig01:39
XepoofBNCI'm not worrying about heartbleed, kostkon. I have a program that requires 1.0.1g or greater01:39
Ben64then that is up to you, not ubuntu's fault01:40
kostkonXepoofBNC, right01:40
XepoofBNCwhy you no provide updated software, canon?!01:40
XepoofBNCIt's no problem, i'll make it.01:40
asynechieak, now is there a command to restart x without logging out?01:41
kostkonasynechiea, sudo service lightdm restart01:41
kostkonasynechiea, it might log you out though. but that's the cmd01:41
dragblaxBush kostkon You bastard.01:43
XepoofBNCokay openssl is a big tar01:44
XepoofBNCdragblax, is a madman, ignore him if you are sensitive :P01:47
XepoofBNCfreaking, commas, why, you, happen?01:47
dragblaxXepoofBNC: u01:48
xar_When I try to copy via Terminal an image to /usr/lib I get it corrupted, what's wrong please ?01:49
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tharkundragblax: Unasked pm insults is not on /topic. If you have a question just ask.01:49
xar_When I try to copy via Terminal an image to /usr/lib I get it corrupted, what's wrong please ?01:50
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XepoofBNCu.. that's a nice letter. ascii 117, ↓ when used in conjunction with alt gr.. 9 pixels from head to toe using the Ubuntu font, size 15.01:50
dragblaxtharkun: I agree. If anybody does it. Their wrong01:50
XepoofBNCYou're whaaaaaat.01:50
tharkundragblax: Then don't do it again.01:51
BackusCan I ask a quick question?01:51
dragblaxtharkun: who ever does it should be burned in oil.01:52
xar_When I try to copy via Terminal an image to /usr/lib I get it corrupted, what's wrong please ?01:52
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tharkunBackus: Shoot01:52
XepoofBNCxar_, don't spam. it won't make you get answers01:52
tharkundragblax: Agreed01:52
BackusWhere is the pool folder or whatever?01:52
XepoofBNCare you using sudo? did you try copying it in nautilus?01:52
tharkunxar_: Paste the command you are using01:52
tharkunBackus: pool folder, what are you looking for?01:52
xar_tharkun, sudo cp foo.png /usr/lib/01:53
tharkunxar_: and why do you think it is currupted?01:53
kurahaupoI've somewhat belatedly upgraded to 14.04, and now I'm getting «Plugin "Indicator Plugin" unexpectedly left the panel, do you want to restart it». Is there some change I can make to fix this, or some other way to fix it? (I don't actually need the whole panel, I actually only use the network status, and that because my wifi is so flakey)01:53
BackusSorry, I'm following a tutorial to get wifi working, and it tells me to navigate to pool > restricted > b> bcnwl01:53
XepoofBNCcat the file, compare the cat output, if you're crazy, that is. :P01:53
xar_tharkun, when I open it, a message error is displayed. The original image isn't corrupted01:53
tharkunxar_: and what does the error message says?01:54
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xar_tharkun, it's okay, i've just fixed it. Thank you very much !!01:55
tharkunlol a permission isue. Right?01:55
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xar_tharkun, no01:55
XepoofBNCroot perms are bad01:55
XepoofBNCvery very bad01:55
xar_i don't know I have tried many times, at the last time it's worked01:56
thisbangsxar_: I am glad I fixed it for u.01:56
tharkunxar_: ls -lah /usr/lib/foo.png01:56
xar_thisbangs, I'm glad seeing you glad01:56
BackusHow do I navigate to pool > restricted > b > bcmwl ?01:56
tharkunBackus: There is no pool dir maybe spool but then whatever tutorial you are following seems a bit off.01:57
Bashing-omBackus: Ask, the answer may not be so quick.01:57
BackusOk I think I figured out why I'm an idiot anyway. Thank you :)01:58
tharkunBackus: Tell how, I'm still trying to figure out why I'm also an idiot ;P01:59
Bashing-omBackus: :) probably not, just a process of learning .01:59
BackusNo it's just that I need to use something from the USB I used to dual boot ubuntu02:00
rykhi, my vps provider has given me an ncurses-based ubuntu 10.04 installer02:05
rykdoes anybody know if/how i can drop to a shell from within the installer?02:05
ryk(sorry don't know much about ubuntu)02:05
rykbut i couldn't find anything in google re this02:06
Bashing-omryk: key combo crl+alt+ F4  ???02:08
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rykBashing-om: that just gives me a new X window in my local pc desktop02:09
rykactually just a shell02:09
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circ-user-FYqcZworking on dev02:19
gdi2khi all, need help. Managed to seriously bungle my server by trying to copy some hidden directories into the directory above with: mv ..* ../old-stuf/02:20
gdi2know nothing works - no basic commands exist, like ls, cd etc.02:21
SchrodingersScatso did that move everything into old-stuf?02:21
gdi2kno, old-stuff seems to contain just the stuff I wanted to move02:21
gdi2kgot these errors:02:22
gdi2kmv: cannot move ‘../home’ to ‘../old-stuf/home’: Device or resource busy02:22
gdi2kmv: cannot move ‘../dev’ to ‘../old-stuf/dev’: Device or resource busy02:22
gdi2kmv: cannot move ‘../proc’ to ‘../old-stuf/proc’: Device or resource busy02:22
gdi2kmv: cannot move ‘../run’ to ‘../old-stuf/run’: Device or resource busy02:22
gdi2kmv: cannot copy a directory, ‘..’, into itself, ‘../old-stuf/’02:22
unopastegdi2k you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted02:22
teward!pastebin > gdi2k02:22
ubottugdi2k, please see my private message02:22
gdi2kI guess the good news is that /home is still intact - is that a fair assessment?02:23
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AgemixerQuestion for Ubuntu 12.04: Has there been any updates available for the last 2 weeks?02:25
gdi2kusing tab autocomplete I can see that I am left with the following directories: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8155208/02:26
Farvahello, when I am monitoring the load on my server, how do I know when its getting to be overbearing for the cpu?02:27
AgemixerFarva: Tried cli command top?02:28
nmbvnmubuntu ui has degraded much since 8.0402:28
gdi2kFarva, a good rule of thumb is when the load value in top exceeds the number of physical CPU cores you have. So if the load is 3 and you have 4 physical cores, you're ok02:28
FarvaAgemixer:  I am trying to understand how it works really02:28
nmbvnmyou could customize things back there]02:28
Farvaso if the load is .7 and I have 2 cores02:28
FarvaI am fine02:28
Farvawhat if I have 2 cores, and only one core is being used by the process that is responsible for that .7?02:29
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Bashing-omgdi2k: UnGood, for comparrison my output : http://paste.ubuntu.com/8155242/ .02:31
gdi2kBashing-om, yes, I'm left with no commands, but I think home is not lost which is the most critical thing02:32
gdi2kit's actually a VM so I may be able to mound the disks and grab the data from the VM host02:32
Farvagdi2k: I am not sure if the last question was clear... I have a main process that only uses one core and my load bearing is avg of .7 that sounds close to maxing out to me what do you think?02:32
Bashing-omgdi2k: Snapshot to reload ?02:32
gdi2kBashing-om, that would be too easy!02:33
gdi2kFarva, if you have a single threaded application that is maxing out its core, then it will not be running as fast as it wants to02:33
FarvaI am just trying to understand the shifts in numbers actually02:34
Farvalike, we see the process spike up to .7, then we see it drop to .4, its usually around .502:34
gdi2kyou really need to understand "load" on linux02:34
Farvayes, I do02:35
Farvacan you point me to a good article or something that does not read like german stereo instructions?02:35
agrethey guys got a quick question, first time setting up ubuntu server and when i booted it for the first time it had a DHCP address. I punched it into my web browser and the apache page came up (good), didn't try SSH but then I set a static address int he /etc/networks and now I can ping out from the server but I can't connect to it from any hosts on my network. Is there a built in firewall or something?02:36
gdi2kFarva, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CDsQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fstackoverflow.com%2Fquestions%2F21617500%2Funderstanding-load-average-vs-cpu-usage&ei=F0T9U9fuPI6cugS_54DQCg&usg=AFQjCNHMnfYP7M6Pzg6ZzSSTDFElAAetUQ&bvm=bv.73612305,d.c2E02:36
AgemixerFarva: Just checked the top man page, try pressing '1' :)02:36
Farvaty guys02:37
wonklesis 3$ for 2mg clonopin seen as expensive when it comes to street pricings ? ?02:38
wonklesi couldn't get the donkey lower inprice02:38
agretnevermind im an idiot02:38
wonkleswrong channel02:38
agretwrong subnet mask02:38
AgemixerThere hasn't been updates (by update-manager) for my 12.04 for two weeks now, should i worry?  That became after i noticed an update to 12.04.5 LTS02:42
sydneySo,i have a wifi card in one of my computers. is it possible to use a router as a switcher,and share the internet that the one computer is getting though its wifi,to another computer using an ethernet cable?02:42
Agemixersydney: Should be possible, i think02:46
sydneyhow though?02:47
teololtoyAgemixer: You should start the update manager and select the upgrade option there (not upgrade to v14 but the one below)02:49
teololtoyand wait until it completes.02:49
teololtoy"your hardware support is ending" is it's name or context.02:49
sydneyis it safe to run a regular ethernet cable between 2 computers directly?02:49
teololtoybut make sure to wait because it gives sock-all feedback. -- Agemixer..02:50
SchrodingersScatsydney: are they on the same ground line?02:51
SchrodingersScatsydney: always follow one hand rule, be safe02:51
Agemixerteololtoy: It only proposes 14.04.1 ...02:51
sydneyWhat do you mean?02:52
teololtoyAgemixer: try the check button and see if anything else shows up after then.02:52
sydneyOh,and i found a way to make it send it through the ethernet cable :)02:52
SchrodingersScatsydney: one hand rule keeps you from connecting a circuit and getting electrocuted if the ground in one building is different than another and there would be a charge02:52
sydneyits both on the same outlet...02:52
sydneyTheir both on the same power outlet.02:53
Agemixerteololtoy: Only "Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04 'Trusty Tahr'" and some description02:53
sydneyIwill use the router to play it safe...02:54
teololtoyAgemixer: wait, I'll try to reconstruct something here.02:55
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teololtoyAgemixer: going to pm02:55
Agemixerteololtoy: ok02:55
Bashing-omteololtoy: Upgrade to 12.04.5 -> sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-trusty libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty xserver-xorg-lts-trusty linux-image-generic-lts-trusty <- .02:56
sajananyone can help me with php02:56
mJayk#php ?02:57
sajani m trying to configure the apache server and its configured02:57
sajanbut when i save the file in sublime it doesnt run in the browser02:57
somsip!permissions | sajan02:57
ubottusajan: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:57
sajanit says error 404 not found02:57
sajani did it as per the online tutorial02:58
somsipsajan: quite possible that the file is not being saved in a way that allows www-data user to read it02:58
teololtoyAgemixer: hows it going?02:59
sajansomsip, when i do your command it says event not found in terminal03:00
Agemixerteololtoy: Well i'm not going to do a upgrade as i'd rather continue with 12.0403:00
somsipsajan: I haven't told you to do a command. You need to tell us what the permissions are on the file you just created in sublime, and where it is saved. Use "ls -la" and paste the output03:01
somsip!paste | sajan03:01
ubottusajan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:01
Bashing-omAgemixer: 12.04.5 HWE ? -> sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-trusty libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty xserver-xorg-lts-trusty linux-image-generic-lts-trusty . ??03:02
Agemixerteololtoy: However, it looks like i have 12.04.5 and this one should be continuted until 2017... or have i messed something?03:02
sajansomsip, http://i.imgur.com/svnjOZo.png03:03
teololtoyWell then you're all set it seems, Agemixer.03:03
AgemixerBashing-om: Understood, but i'm not on Trusty :)03:04
Agemixerteololtoy: Ok so should i just be patient with updates? :)03:05
somsipsajan: this does not show the output of ls -la, and you need to logout and back in after adding yourself to www-data group. I'd also recommend chmod g+s -R /var/www so anything created in there has a group of www-data, which is okay to do on a test server03:05
hemangpatelHi. I'm installing ubuntu 14.04 LTS in my laptop03:06
hemangpatelI have 120 GB SSD and 320 GB HDD.03:06
hemangpatelI need to install ubuntu in SSD. What's the recommanded partition ?03:07
teololtoyAgemixer: if you're not nagged by lack of forward hardware support, and likewise, you should just accept updates as they come, afaik.03:07
cfhowletthemangpatel, usual size: /  about 8 gigs    /swap (optional!) /home theremainder03:07
OerHekshemangpatel, i would let ubuntu do thepartitioning03:08
sajansomsip, http://i.imgur.com/Ieht5rM.png03:08
Agemixerteololtoy: Ok, perhaps that's ok then :) Thanks!03:09
sydneyOk,im having an issue. i just started having this issue. My speakers wont work unless i have my earphones plugged in to the front jack,then the speakers start working.if i unplug,they stop working :-/03:09
AgemixerBashing-om: HWE?03:09
OerHekssydney, sounds like a hardware issue03:10
sydneyi just ran some updates. :-/03:10
sydneymaybe a reboot will help?03:10
hemangpatelcfhowlett : ok. But root partition comes into SSD ? Can i ignore swap partition ? I have 2 GB ram.03:11
hemangpatelI need fast boot time.03:11
cfhowletthemangpatel, as I understand it; you'll need swap for suspend.  and assigning 2 - 4 gigs to swap should have no discernible effect on boot time.03:12
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info03:12
hemangpatelcfhowlett : ok but how can i use my SSD in partition while booting system ?03:13
sajansomsip, http://i.imgur.com/Ieht5rM.png03:13
Bashing-omAgemixer: That be the (H)ard(W)are (E)nablement (Stack) for 12.04 to utilze the later kernels for the newer hardware . All under trusty's are EOL now.03:13
cfhowletthemangpatel, you can.  I haven't and I refuse to advise on something I've never touched.  asked again in channel - it's caveman easy or so I'm told.03:13
sydneyHmm,didnt fix. it also starts automuted?03:13
hemangpatelcfhowlett : ok no problem :)03:14
hemangpatellet me google.03:14
Joe_knockHello. Can anyone tell me where I can find old .deb packages for software that was upgraded?03:15
AgemixerBashing-om: Ok... But what i have read from several sources that 12.04 should be supported until 2017?03:15
cfhowlett!lts | Agemixer,  correct.  5 years of support03:16
ubottuAgemixer,  correct.  5 years of support: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)03:16
Bashing-omAgemixer: Yes. That is a fact .. But the HWE kernels less that of trusty are no longer supported. IF you are at 12.04.5, you are set.03:17
Joe_knockI'm struggling to find the previous version of Chromium before the upgrade to ver36. Does anyone know where I can find .deb packages for it?03:20
Earl2dayhi all, i have two different ubuntu 12 servers with vsftpd 2.3.5, identical vsftpd.confs, one I can connect to and do PASV and its fine, the other it doesnt work. any idea how to troubleshoot? they are both amazon servers and have identical security settings03:20
AgemixerBashing-om: What do you exactly mean with "IF you are at 12.04.5, you are set" ?03:21
kurahaupoEarl2day: define "security settings"; have you checked iptables? external firewalls? network routing?03:22
AgemixerBashing-om: Am i in the future now? 8-)03:22
Earl2dayas in amazon security settings that work in lieu of iptables03:22
Earl2daywhich ports are open03:22
mellamokbwow,, i have a problem. apparently my /tmp is resized to 1MB because my disk was full, then i resied it with GParted03:23
mellamokband now i'm following instructinos here (http://serverfault.com/questions/470342/why-do-i-get-no-space-left-on-device-when-running-mail), but i can't umount /tmp03:23
mellamokbwhat do i do now??03:23
Bashing-omAgemixer: The updated version of 12.04 is 12.04.5. lsb_release -a ; see where you are at.03:25
Bashing-omJoe_knock: 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu0.10.04.1: amd64 i386 <- http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=chromium&searchon=names&suite=lucid-updates&section=all .03:25
AgemixerBashing-om: Description:Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS03:26
Bashing-omAgemixer: Great, you are set 'til April 2017 .03:27
mellamokbit says dbus-daem has a lock on /tmp,, can i kill this process so i can resize /tmp?03:27
AgemixerBashing-om: Ok.. thanks :D  For a while i was scared of being outdated03:27
AgemixerBashing-om: (despite the fact i'm myself outdated but that's a different story ;)03:28
Bashing-omAgemixer: Many were in that boat. ( HWE was a pain to get over for many ).03:28
Joe_knockBashing-om: That is giving me the latest version only. Chromium seems to have broken video-rendering with the upgrade to version 36 on 12.0403:29
AgemixerBashing-om: I can imagine. Thanks for your help!03:30
* jonwommack has had issues with Chrome videos for some time on 14.0403:30
Bashing-omJoe_knock: You asked where you could get an earlier version than 36. Not how the system could install it.03:31
Joe_knockjonwommack: Are you also not able to play flash/youtube videos at all?03:31
jonwommackThey play but they're choppy and in general horrible03:31
Joe_knockBashing-om: I am trying to search for a .deb package and will install it manually.03:31
Bashing-omAgemixer: Pleased to be of some small help . : D03:32
jonwommackjust a note that it may be an issue with chrome on ubuntu and possibly not ubuntu itself03:32
Joe_knockjonwommack: It was working fine for me in a previous version and then it died. I downgraded right to version 18, but I am now trying to get back to 35, so my profile works.03:32
AgemixerBashing-om: But then again... i haven't received a single package update for 2 weeks. Is that normal behavior at the time?03:33
Bashing-omJoe_knock: The link I gave is from 10.04// version 25 (25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) and will provide a .deb file. As to how what happens when you try to install it, that is a horse of another color.03:34
Joe_knockAgemixer: If you dont have PPAs and not much software installed, updates do take a while to come out.03:34
AgemixerJoe_knock: Ok03:35
Joe_knockBashing-om: I tried to install what looked like version 35 from a debian package, but it failed spectacularly. Does anyone know what version of Debian is 12.04 based on?03:35
Bashing-omAgemixer: 12.04.5 is stable, and I can accept that now after the point release there is not much going on.03:35
Bashing-omjoe, same link shows 12.04 chromium version to also be 36.03:36
AgemixerBashing-om: Allright. :)03:37
Joe_knockBashing-om: Yeah, that's the latest release. Synaptic shows the previous one to be 18 (a bit too far back IMO).03:37
Joe_knockyeah, video functionality is completely dead on this version.03:39
hephaestus_rgif i want to install ubuntu on a part of my SSD labelled "free space" how should i go about that?03:41
hephaestus_rgwould getting ubuntu on a USB drive and installing it that way work as expected?03:41
Joe_knockhephaestus_rg: Is there anything else on the SSD?03:42
Joe_knockIs it partitioned?03:42
hephaestus_rgthe SSD itself is 120gb, there's a 80gb partition where osx lives, the rest is unlabled in disk utility, (i assume "free space")03:43
Bashing-omJoe_knock: IF you install a earlier version of chromium on your system, you are going to be in dependency hell for sure ! DONT. I have seen where folks have got 'pepper' flash to work in chromium.03:43
Joe_knockBashing-om: I am installing flash 11.2 now. Let's see if the tarts at Google and the tarts at Adobe provide something that works.03:44
=== AdransNumber1Fan is now known as Sierra
Earl2dayok i opened all ports in the security group and I still cant go into passive mode03:51
Earl2dayany suggestions?03:51
Earl2dayi checked my other server it actually wasnt running on amazon03:51
Joe_knockopened all ports???03:51
Earl2dayjust for my ip of course03:51
Joe_knockit must be an AWS restriction.03:52
=== icetea is now known as Guest79949
Earl2dayoh it looks like pasv_enable may work after all, as long as you specify pasv_address too03:52
Earl2daybrb trying03:52
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
jdavis_Does anyone know how to disable spamassassin in evolution?03:54
jdavis_I accidentally unsubscribed one of my imap folders, then when I resubscribed it's taking *forever* to process and it looks like spamassassin is the culprit.03:55
=== quark is now known as Guest44084
=== PsiOmega is now known as AlphaBeta
hackersarchangelWas starting to think I didn’t have +voice privileges xD04:08
hackersarchangelor something in regards to privileges04:08
Joe_knockthat's a unique username, hackersarchangel04:17
hackersarchangelJoe_knock: thanks, made it back when MxO was around04:21
hackersarchangelHad intentions of playing it, but never had a machine that could handle it.04:21
hackersarchangelMatrix Online04:23
Joe_knockoh! I recall that game. PS2 I think?04:23
hackersarchangelIt was an MMORPG04:23
Earl2dayopened 12000-12100 and 20-21 in security group then did pasv_enable pasv_max_port and pasv_address in conf and it worked04:26
* hackersarchangel figures if he chills around long enough the ubuntu-touch room will eventually respond.04:26
hackersarchangelnice dude04:26
nearsti got problem with usb wifi04:27
hackersarchangelwhat card is it?04:27
nearstNew USB device found, idVendor=15a9, idProduct=001304:27
hackersarchangeland by card I mean chipset04:27
nearstNew USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=304:27
Earl2dayrealtek 8187 >:)04:27
hackersarchangeland I remember my Hawking Wireless dish had that.04:28
nearstyea. already modprobe, but didnt appear, rt2800usb04:28
=== Iota-Spencer is now known as IotaSpencer
hackersarchangelwhich if I remember right it just worked, but I may have been lucky,04:28
Earl2dayyou have a wireless dish and you still got lucky? now theres one for the history books04:29
nearstnot appear in iwconfig, wondering04:29
hackersarchangelHad, and it was an rt2800 under the hood, so I think that helped. The antenna was just wrapped into a dish enclosure, but it did work decently.04:30
Earl2dayfair enough, i used to do that with a sieve.04:30
hackersarchangelI bought it that way I should point out, it was from Hawking Wireless and was OSX compatible so that was a nice bonus at the time.04:31
hackersarchangelIn any case, we have derailed this fellow’s need for help!04:31
Earl2daysorry broseph04:31
Earl2daynot in iwconfig then modprobe failed04:31
Earl2daytail dmesg04:32
Earl2dayalso did you try different usb port04:32
nearstEarl2day, same also04:32
Joe_knockdo any of you buy Win-free laptops in the area you live?04:33
hackersarchangelI can’t unless I order it from the interwebs04:33
nearstEarl2day, Bus 002 Device 043: ID 15a9:0013 Gemtek04:33
Earl2dayok so its definitely not a hw issue04:34
Earl2dayjust drivers04:34
Earl2daycompile from src perhaps?04:34
hackersarchangelwait, blacklisting.04:34
hackersarchangelI had to blacklist a driver back when I was working with it.04:34
hackersarchangelI forget which distro I was on exactly, but I think it was Backtrack 504:35
hackersarchangelwhich of course is ancient now but I just remembered that.04:35
Earl2dayis that the gross one which ran ontop of ubuntus GUI04:35
hackersarchangelno that was the Pen Testing one04:35
Earl2dayall bt are for pentesting lol04:36
hackersarchangelwell yeah04:36
Earl2daywhen they made the transition from slackware to ubuntu it was a rough start lets say04:36
hackersarchangelbut when you said gross one04:36
nearst<< not bt fan04:36
Earl2daythere was one in particular that was slow as all hell04:36
hackersarchangelI wasn’t sure what you meant by “gross” xD04:36
Earl2dayskipped and went to kali04:36
hackersarchangelfair enough04:36
hackersarchangelBut I remember needing to blacklist the rt2800 driver I think so it would load the USB variant04:37
Psil0CybinEarl2day: lol backtrack04:38
Psil0Cybini would go with arch04:38
hackersarchangelI ran Arch for awhile, liked the bleeding edge for apps but found it difficult for my skill level to keep up04:39
hackersarchangelave since improved and found I no longer have the patience, so I stick to Debian and similar variants, or I just go Fedora.04:40
hackersarchangelCurrent project is getting ubuntu-touch working on my Nexus 5 though04:40
Psil0CybinLol See I should get into Fedora as my school sponsors such projects, like pidora etc04:44
Psil0Cybinsadly they do not use debian.04:44
hackersarchangelWe use it at work for Data recovery because it’s stable.04:45
hackersarchangelI used Fedora on my MacBook Pro because it worked OOB.04:45
Earl2dayI like CentOS better04:45
hackersarchangelversus needing Refind/Refit for Debian and some significant modding.04:45
jorge2will there ever be a ubuntu/bsd?04:47
nearstkfreebsd ? no ?04:47
jasabellathere's a debian that uses the bsd kernel04:48
nearstcool too. been playing since beta.04:48
=== amir_ is now known as Guest8015
Guest44084help - Im looking to install the 64 bit version of pomodoroapp  - from http://www.teamviz.com/downloads/, how do I run the source file ?05:01
Joe_knockI don't understand the use-case of linux on Apple products. isnt the strong coupling of HW/SW what makes Apple appealing?05:04
Golgoi can't install htop?05:05
Joe_knockGuest44084: If it is a source file (.tar.gz) you need to compile it.05:05
cfhowlett!ot | Joe_knock,05:05
ubottuJoe_knock,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:05
Joe_knockcfhowlett: Why only now and only me? :'<05:06
k1lGolgo: please put the output into a pastebin and show us the link05:06
Joe_knock!compile | Guest4408405:06
ubottuGuest44084: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall05:06
cfhowlettJoe_knock, people are actively seeking support - the purpose of this channel.  your discussion would be welcomed in off-topic and wouldn't confuse the support channnel05:07
Joe_knockcfhowlett: I was following on from someone mentioning they have Fedora on their Macbook...05:08
cfhowlettJoe_knock, and now we're moving on ...05:08
Joe_knockSelective bias... but yeah, moving on05:08
|Nordom|I want to update my nvidia 670 gtx drivers with neuveau, can any one point me at the path where I can find them?05:22
=== _morphis is now known as morphis
RahulANhii all i am running ubuntu on beagle bone05:28
RahulANi want to listen audio via BT headset05:28
RahulANwhat i need05:28
kaushalguys ...is there anything like internet download manager for ubuntu?05:29
RahulANhere you can use wget utility kaushal05:29
RahulANor curl05:29
Bashing-om|Nordom|: nouveau is the open source driver, What driver is installed now ?05:29
kaushalwget utility??05:30
|Nordom|Bashing-om: according to system settings >> additional drivers, says I am currently using Nouveau. Is there way to force update this or make sure I am using a compatable version of nouvaeu with my 670 gtx?05:31
eeeekaushal: flashgot + aria2c + uget05:31
eeeedownload them all, uget if you want a gui05:31
eeeeand time schedular05:31
|Nordom|Bashing-om: I ask because I have had problems using xen and nvidias drivers + edge in the past05:31
eeeeit's an addon for firefox05:31
kaushalwhich is the best and the fastest?05:32
RahulANkaushal, wget, you can use over command line05:32
Bashing-om|Nordom|: Additional drivers utility (software sources) and install the recommended proprietary driver .05:32
eeeekaushal: flashgot handles the clicks on the websites --> u pick uget or whatever, aria2c works with uget, it can do multiple threads downloading05:32
orlockOdd problem - i cannot resize any windows05:32
kaushalwget [url name].....is that it?05:33
orlockand i cannot type text into my browser search or address tabs05:33
eeeekaushal: yeah, wget -c <link> to resume a download05:33
|Nordom|Bashing-om: will the latest version or do I need to go nvidias website and grab it?05:33
kaushalyes thanks eeee,rahulAN05:34
Bashing-om|Nordom|: The version from Additioanl drivers will be  a tested stable version, not the latest that Nvidia has released (not completedly tested for all hardware ).05:36
|Nordom|Bashing-om: thanks05:37
Bashing-om|Nordom|: Be aware going to Nvidia is often thought of as a last resort. There are ubuntu testing versions that are available via PPA ( not supported here ).05:39
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RahulANhttp://codepad.org/36vaTTiR   i am getting this as i am trying to run05:45
RahulANmplayer with my BT05:45
OerHeksRahulAN, what is BT ?05:46
botnutanyone know how to make the top title bar on the desktop - larger in height? upgraded my laptop to a resolution 3200x1800 - and its a tad too small for my liking - i did increase the font size but want the title bar and window headers taller05:47
eeeebotnut: settings > display > scale for menu & titlebars05:48
=== intx_ is now known as intx
botnuteeee: doesnt play well when i do that - makes everything really big - even non menu / title bars05:49
botnuteeee: any ideas?05:52
Ben64botnut: could probably do that with ubuntu-tweak or a theme or something along those lines05:53
botnutben64: thanks this thing is nutty05:54
botnut3200x1800 in ubuntu on a laptop gets quirky with the scaling just like windows 8.1 does05:54
botnutheard the apple retina also has the same issue - blah05:54
user123321In the ubuntu docs, it says "one may install a supported version of Java (7 or 8) via Oracle's website, or via the WebUpd8 PPA. ", but I couldn't see ubuntu or debian specific installation file but linux versions.05:57
user123321in oracle's website05:57
Ben64ubuntu is linux, but you're on your own if you want to go that route05:58
user123321I downloaded "jre-7u67-linux-x64.tar.gz".05:58
user123321seems I need to convert it?05:58
Ben64no, but you're on your own with that05:59
Ben64i'd recommend using the java that comes from the repositories instead05:59
user123321I see06:00
OerHeksif you really need that java, not openJDK, better use the ppa, that one gives you .deb packages AND updates06:00
=== owner is now known as Guest81109
user123321OerHeks, "You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA", the word "untrusted" is what scared me :p06:01
OerHekswell, java is closed source, nothing we can do about issues, nor ppa issues, nor we know it is safe.06:02
OerHeksuser123321, but it is oke to use the ppa, the apt-add routine includes fetching keys06:04
waressearcher2I have 23 processes "[lynx] <defunct>" and they consume 30% of my RAM its 300MB, how to remove them ? they seem like zombie and I tryed to use "kill -s SIGCHILD parentID" but it doesn't work, how to solve it without rebooting ?06:10
RahulANI am getting this error FATAL: Module snd_bt_sco not found.  any idea about this?06:14
=== mord is now known as Guest26898
Guest26898Howdy! guys i need help.Anyone can help me now ?06:16
somsip!ask | Guest2689806:17
ubottuGuest26898: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:17
=== Guest26898 is now known as fits
fitsMy setup is dual boot windows 7 & ubuntu 14.04.If i want to remove my windows 7,is it possible just by reinstalling my ubuntu from my bootable usb?06:21
fitswill it also remove the partition i created ?06:22
fitsI know there is a lot of tutorial online on how to to this,but i just want to know if its possbile to get rid of windows 7 on a dual boot setup,just by reinstalliing my ubuntu.06:25
marjinal1stIs there a way to check if there's paper available in printer, with cups cli?06:25
OerHeksfits, sure, select "use whole disc", it will delete all partitions and build a fresh mbr06:28
=== BlackCobra1973 is now known as BlackCobra
waressearcher2fits: why don't you just boot in ubuntu and do "mke2fs /dev/windows_partition" ?06:30
fitsI hate windows 7 now,since i start using ubuntu.i am not a gamer so dont need windows 7 anymore06:34
jackbrownanybody is english mothertongue ?06:35
ObrienDavethis is an english only channel06:35
Abhijitjackbrown, may be in #ubunut-uk06:36
Abhijitjackbrown, may be in #ubuntu-uk06:36
OerHeksmarjinal1st, maybe the status command shows no paper > lpstat -p06:37
jackbrownAbhijit: tnx06:37
marjinal1stOerHeks: No, it just shows the printer is idle or not06:38
OerHeksmarjinal1st, oke, i cannot find a command to see " media-empty " or not06:38
ObrienDavegreetings and welcome06:41
waterloo2005Can bumblebee be used in 14.04 amd64 ? I try this, but find 'optirun glxgear' is very low only about 60.06:50
OerHekswaterloo2005, most monitors don't go over 60 fps, if you want full force, disable sync to vblank in nvidiasettings06:54
OerHekson my machine ( no bumblebee, just nvidia) 301 frames in 5.0 seconds = 60.091 FPS  <> 28529 frames in 5.0 seconds = 5705.653 FPS06:55
ObrienDaveand since your eye cant see faster than 30 FPS, refreshing above that is moot06:55
waressearcher2eye can't notice more than 24fps06:56
ObrienDavetrue, but at 24 FPS, movies give me a headache06:57
=== dk_ is now known as Guest72218
waterloo2005OerHeks, The value of 'optirun glxgears' under ubuntu 12.04.5 is above 1000 for GT550M .  Where is the config file of nvidiasettings ? Thx06:57
ObrienDavewhat's the point of 1000FPS???06:58
OerHeksjust use the tool nvidia xserver settings in you gui06:58
ObrienDaveoh, i know, "because it can" LOL06:58
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LeelooOnline has ubuntu tablet device been released yet?07:04
waterloo2005OerHeks, you mean ' optirun nvidia-settings ' ? I run  'optirun nvidia-settings' and find nothing about vblank sync .07:04
fitsnot yet i think07:04
fitsi wonder if its possible to install ubuntu on a cheap quad core smartphone ?07:05
LeelooOnlineI heard a chinsese company is going to sell a smartphone pre-installed ubuntu..so it is possible i guess?07:06
ikoniafits: it will depend on the architecture of the phone and how you expect to install it07:07
LeelooOnlineah..I need a small tablet for my class....I dont want to carry my giant laptop to everywhere.......07:09
LewocoDoes Ubuntu ever upgrade software for a specific release?07:13
fitschina is building their own operating system nowadays07:13
k1l!touch | LeelooOnline07:14
ubottuLeelooOnline: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch07:14
k1lLewoco: for some packages like browsers and kernels: yes. others only get patched for security or bugfix reasons but dont increase the version number07:15
Lewocok1l, Wierd. Why do they do it differently for browsers and kernels?07:15
LeelooOnlineit is Chinese  goverment is building their own system....and they woulnt success07:16
k1lits too much effort to patch the browsers since they upgrade a lot in very short time. kernels get upgrades in lts releases from the backport kernels for hardware support reasons.07:17
k1lLeelooOnline: please use the #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. this channel is for specific support questions07:17
Lewocok1l, No I mean why do they try to upgrade the browsers at all, given that they don't try to update most other software?07:18
k1lLewoco: its security reasons.07:18
waressearcher2its programmers who work for Chinese  goverment is building goverment's system07:18
LeelooOnlineYou are using lts?07:18
waressearcher2s/You are/are You/07:18
LeelooOnlineand it is called  Ubuntu-kylin07:19
waressearcher2Ubuntu-chan ?07:20
fribis there a way i can run a script on resume from hibernation?07:31
Wizardfrib: Sure.07:32
Wizardfrib: /etc/sleep.d/07:32
WizardOr something like that.07:32
fribthat dir doesn't exist07:32
fribok it's /etc/pm/sleep.d found it thx!07:33
ajay2Needed a help...07:36
ajay2how can I install g77 in ubuntu 14.04?07:37
ajay2all the repositories that I checked are old07:37
ajay2any help?07:37
Wizardajay2: Old? Ubuntu has prety decent gcc.07:37
Ben64ajay2: explain yourself07:38
teololtoyajay2, mine is 4.6.307:38
geirha«gfortran has replaced the g77 compiler, which stopped development before GCC version 4.0» -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gfortran07:42
ajay2mine is 4.8.207:42
geirhaThat's probably why you're only finding "old" versions of g7707:42
ajay2but when I try sudo apt-get install g77, then I get an error07:43
geirhathere is no g77 package07:43
lotuspsychjeim having issues connecting google and hotmail, all other sites connect normally..what could cause this?07:43
ajay2Well.... I need to install octave in my system and it needs fotron compilers07:44
ajay2I installed fotr77 successfully, but I need this g7707:44
geirhaajay2: g77 doesn't exist anymore, it's been replaced by gfortran07:46
ajay2cool... then I'll install gfortran\07:46
Wizardajay2: Wait, installing octave.. From repo?07:48
=== fred is now known as Guest48616
ajay2No... I downloaded octave from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/octave07:49
WizardInstall from repo, man..07:49
ajay2then I did ./configure07:50
ajay2and it asked for fortron compilers07:50
ajay2will dependencies get satisfied if I install from repo?07:50
geirhaajay2: yes, that's the whole point of having a package management system in the first place07:51
tacIs there a usual way to change owner, group, and permissions after rsynching some files?07:51
ajay2Okay... thank you, guys07:51
geirhatac: you want the files to have a different ownership than the originial files?07:51
tacyeah. It's basically a server program I wrote07:52
tacI want to create a simple deployment script to copy the executable to another box, then change it to be owned by the user responsible for executing it07:52
geirhawell, you could do the rsync as that user07:53
ajay2there is one more issue07:54
ajay2I want to install open-vibe and adastra07:55
ajay2but adastra is written in c# and mono IDE can deal with it... but it has no linux deb file07:55
ajay2and open-vibe is having lot of dependency issues07:56
Wizardajay2: Have you added any PPAs?07:56
ajay2As far as I remember, No07:57
WizardBtw, "ad astra" is a cool name. Latin for "to stars"07:57
WizardNone of these packages exist in repo.07:57
ajay2yeah.... cool name :D highly helpful software to measure brain waves ;)07:58
ajay2I was exploring and I came across neuro debian PPA07:58
ajay2I installed that ppa in my system07:59
WizardYamakasY: I think yes.08:07
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|Marco|wow, was there just a netsplit or something ?08:09
=== xmb is now known as Guest99753
|Marco|oh, forget it... alot of people in here to begin with :D08:10
VladimirI set up rancid but it fails to run rancid-run, gives me timeout reached08:10
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VladimirI set up rancid but it fails to run rancid-run, gives me timeout reached error in the logs, I can login the HP switch with clogin, so there's no problem :/08:11
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
manikantaanyone there?08:14
fidel_manikanta: just ask08:14
ajay2where will be files stored after downloading it from git?08:14
fidel_there is always someone08:14
ajay2I tried git clone git://scm.gforge.inria.fr/openvibe/openvibe.git08:15
VladimirCan anyone help me with Rancid ?08:15
ajay2and where is that file?08:15
manikantaOkay..I'm trying to install boost..getting this error08:15
manikantaSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have08:15
manikantarequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable08:15
manikantadistribution that some required packages have not yet been created08:15
manikantaor been moved out of Incoming.08:15
manikantaThe following information may help to resolve the situation:08:15
unopastemanikanta you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted08:15
=== ValicekB_ is now known as ValicekB
fidel_ajay2: most likely at the location where you executed the cmd08:16
manikanta* unopaste sets mode -q #ubuntu manikanta!*@*08:16
|Marco|it's probably in a folder called trunk/openvibe or something from where you ran the command08:16
Abhijit_ajay2, type pwd and it will hive you current location. thats where you git is08:16
ajay2Oh okay... I ran that cmd as root08:16
ajay2so it'll be in file system?08:17
|Marco|ah, there you go :D08:17
manikantaGetting that error while installing boost libraries08:17
manikantawhat to do?08:17
ajay2it'll be in file system?08:17
ajay2Cool, got it08:18
ajay2:) :D08:18
Abhijit_ajay2, without any filesystem the hard disk == rock. you need a file system so that you can store data. so obviously it will be there only.08:18
|Marco|ajay2: were you root when you ran git ?08:18
ajay2yeah, marco08:18
|Marco|or did you run it with sudo08:18
ajay2ran as root08:18
|Marco|then you'll find it in /root08:18
ajay2I got it08:18
=== igurd is now known as Guest66351
ajay2thank you08:18
|Marco|no stress :P08:19
ajay2I explored all folders except that /root folder :P08:19
|Marco|trying to install ogre ?08:19
manikantaHow to solve that /08:19
manikantaTrying to install boost08:19
|Marco|ugh, I got the same problem trying to install ogre08:20
manikantasudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev08:20
manikantaSo yeah08:21
manikantawhat to do?08:21
ajay2managed to make ubuntu unstall naive (native) packages for open-vibe ;)08:21
MrJonesI reported CVE-2014-5461 to red hat and debian and got a response in a few hours08:23
MrJonessecurity@ubuntu.com (according to the web the official email address for security issues) hasn't responded since saturday08:23
manikantaAnd also while doing update, I'm struck at this ..08:24
=== nik0 is now known as niko
ajay2manikanta: can you tell me the command used?08:28
manikantafor sudo apt-get update08:28
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
fribi just successfully hibernated 2 times in a row but now, after reboot, for some reason sudo pm-hibernate does nothing .. what can I do?08:32
=== BlackCobra1973 is now known as BlackCobra
fribi found this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1981271&page=3 which i'm pretty sure offers a solution to my hibernate problem but i don't entirely understand it08:42
fribdoes swapoff /dev/zram0 && umount /dev/zram0 disable the ramdisk?08:43
=== Arr0way_ is now known as Arr0way
waressearcher2frib: can't you just use "swapoff -a" ?08:45
fribwaressearcher2, well i don't know what that does08:45
fribwaressearcher2, i also don't understand exactly what it is this guy did to get pm-hibernate to not do nothing anymore08:46
=== Abhijit_ is now known as Abhijit
waressearcher2frib: disables swapping08:46
fribfirst he said update-initramfs -u made pm-hibernate work08:46
fribthen something about turning ramdisk on and off08:46
fribi just don't want to break anything as this hibernate thing seems to be really temperamental08:47
fribok i think i need to disable the ramdisk but i don't know what that is08:48
geirhaI fail to see the point of having swap on a ramdisk08:49
fribi dont know, he did that08:50
fribi don't think i'm using a ramdisk08:50
fribi just want pm-hibernate to work08:50
AlexPortableWhat are -t and -o for in the mount command?08:51
fribdoes swap need to be on or off to do that?08:51
frib-t is type and -o is options08:51
fribman mount08:51
waressearcher2AlexPortable: mount -t ext2 -o remount,rw /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda108:52
AlexPortableok thanks08:52
AlexPortableis there any way i can see fast what argumentsdo?08:52
AlexPortablewithout reading manual first08:52
fribanyone know what to do about this message?08:53
fribnevermind it was already on08:54
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geirhaAlexPortable: you search for them in the manual08:58
fribwhy would pm-hibernate work last boot but not this boot?08:58
AlexPortablegeirha: no automatic searching?08:59
hackalHello sorry for noob question. "sudo chown -R username:group directory" will change ownership but how do I know in what group I am?09:00
geirhaman mount  then  /-t  then hit n until you find the right match09:00
waressearcher2hackal: groups09:00
hackalwaressearcher2: and when I am trying to change ownership from root to my username should I use some group in which I am and root not?09:02
waressearcher2hackal: if you don't use "group" for chown command it will stay as it was, so you full "name:group" to change them both09:06
geirhahackal: As a special case, you can do chown username: file  in which case it will change the group ownership to the user's primary group09:13
=== nik is now known as Guest87797
hackalgeirha: I have user adam and first group was also adam so I did adam:adam09:15
hackalgeirha: I was changing ownership of /var/www09:15
Atlantic777Is there any known recent problems with flashplugin? I have two clients where it suddenly stopped working. On one computer there was release upgrade to 14.04 and it's ok to be broken after that, but flashplugin-installer is installed, multiverse repo seems to be enabled and everything looks fine.09:15
Atlantic777Another computer is still on 12.04, I'm not sure if auto update is enabled there but yesterday it stopped working there too.09:15
Atlantic777I don't have physical access to those machines so I want first to check if there are some known problems.09:16
fribi'm not using a ramdisk to hibernate (i don't think) but i think this thread could solve my problem if i knew how to apply it to my system .. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1981271&page=309:16
fribdoes anyone understand the script? thanks09:16
SuperStinkwhats the process to burn an iso to usb?09:17
fribSuperStink, apt-get install unetbootin09:17
Atlantic777SuperStink: you probably want to use unetbootin or some similar software. In newer releases you can even use simple dd.09:17
cynicallemonSuperStink: use can use the dd command09:18
SuperStinkis that free?09:18
fribSuperStink, it's built in to linux09:19
drewjoI'm downloading Ubuntu :)09:19
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:19
cynicallemonSuperStink: if you use windows, you can burn the iso to a usb using win32diskimager utility09:22
newbsterQuestion about two Ubuntu LTS'09:23
newbsterWhat are the advantages of 14.04 lts compared to 12.04lts?09:24
junka1how can i switch user accounts from the command line09:24
junka1newbster: google them09:24
network-monkeyIs there a terminal command to change the system-wide proxy settings in Ubuntu ? (I'm trying to write a bash script to update the system-wide proxy server address)09:24
fribdoes anyone know what this message means? init: anacron main process (3387) killed by TERM signal09:25
Atlantic777junka1: only in terminal or to login in X session as another user?09:25
Atlantic777junka1: you can use "sudo su" to change user for current terminal.09:25
Atlantic777junka1: "sudo su <username>"09:25
newbsteranyone? 14.04LTS vs 12.04LTS. I've seen the wiki pages, but was wondering if someone can give me a simple explanation of the main advantages/disadvantages.09:25
junka1Atlantic777: i am in guest session i switched to my home account but when i tried to go back to my guest session it opened a new one09:26
junka1Atlantic777: i tried su guest but it did not work09:26
Atlantic777junka1: oh, I'm not sure how guest sessions are working. Sorry...09:26
newbsteris 12.04 a lot more stable since it's already been out for a while? I understand 12.04 is supported until 2017, but would it have the same "focus" as far as updates/support as 14.04?09:28
network-monkeynewbster: use alt+ctrl+f2 -> sign in in one account in current tty, to use another tty for another account, use alt+ctrl+f2. Same combinations to switch ttys.09:28
network-monkey^ alt-ctrl-f2 and alt-ctrl-f309:29
junka1network-monkey: i assume you are talking to me09:29
qslnetwork-monkey: I think he's talking about switching gui logins, not terminal sessions.09:29
network-monkeyIs there a terminal command to change the system-wide proxy settings in Ubuntu ? (I'm trying to write a bash script to update the system-wide proxy server address)09:29
ajay3Hello, I'm back :D09:30
ajay3can anybody tell me that how can adastra be installed in ubuntu?09:31
ajay3I don't see any deb package for that09:31
=== kerosene_ is now known as kerosene
fribwhat would happen if i did echo "disk" > /sys/power/state ?09:31
newbsteris 12.04 a lot more stable since it's already been out for a while? I understand 12.04 is supported until 2017, but would it have the same "focus" as far as updates/support as 14.04?09:31
newbsterI don't quiet understand how the ubuntu team works, hence I ask is 12.04 a lot more stable since it's already been out for a while? I understand 12.04 is supported until 2017, but would it have the same "focus" as far as updates/support as 14.04?09:33
Atlantic777newbster: as with any other LTS release, it has newer software base. For most packages you'll get only updates for installed versions of software, like bugfixes or security patches. Now and then you'll get newer version for some packages (i.e. firefox, kernel...)09:33
newbsterthank you Atlantic77709:33
Atlantic777there are also backport repos for getting packages (versions of software) from newer release into an older. So there's always a workaround. I wouldn't say that 12.04 is so much more stable than 14.04.09:34
Atlantic777If you're installed fresh system, I would recommend to go for 14.04. It's simply more reasonable.09:35
Atlantic777If you are thinking about doing upgrade on a system which is already set up, working and everything is in place... You are ok with staying on 12.04.09:35
newbsterAtlantic777. Okay. I guess I'm just a little "turned-off" by the bugs and errors I encounter with 14.0409:35
ajay3anybody here?09:36
ajay3how to install adastra in ubuntu?09:36
Atlantic777newbster: just file a bug report on launchpad and wait for few days to be fixed. :)09:36
geirhahackal: in that case, adam: would be a shortcut for adam:adam  either is fine09:37
Atlantic777newbster: many like to install LTS versions after some time, when things settle down a bit. There are 12.04.4, or 14.04.1 and versions like that.09:37
newbsterAtlantic777:  I see. So going with the latest and greatest like 14.04 is like buying a brand new car that hasn't had much reviews from users, as opposed to a newer used car (12.04) ?09:38
newbsterI'm new to all this (hence the nickname), which is why I'm seeking advice from here.09:39
qslExcept unlike a car, an OS doesn't wear out.09:39
Atlantic777and it can be fixed09:39
qslCheaply usually.09:39
hackalgeirha: does it matter what user owns /var/www? Or under same user must run apache2?09:40
newbsterCool, but I used car as a metaphor for me to understand the idea behind it09:40
Atlantic777newbster: for new installation -> 14.04. If you have working 12.04 system, you don't need to upgrade to 14.04 for some time unless you have a good reason and you have to.09:40
Atlantic777the car metaphor doesn't really explaining it because a bad car is staying bad forever, and new ubuntu release will quickly become stable and reasonably bugfree.09:41
RowBothello world!09:41
Atlantic777it's just a matter of time09:41
iptablehackal, apache2 user (www-data) needs read access to the files in that dir, and read+execute for dirs.09:42
newbsterAtlantic777, I've actually installed 12.04 to start with, then reformatted hdd to install 14.04. I am tempted to go back to 12.04 however, because my experience hasn't been smooth with 14.04, and since I'm quiet new, I don't "tinker" around with the OS much09:42
iptablehackal, it is advisable that www-data does NOT own files or dirs in /var/ww and that it has no write access unless required (like /var/www/upload if you have some upload functionality, etc)09:43
newbsterbut I'll take your advice on going with the newer, since in a matter of time - things will be bug free09:43
Atlantic777newbster: then I recommend you to continue using 14.04 if it's somehow usable, tell us about problems you have and help us make it work for you and everyone else.09:43
=== quem_ is now known as quem
hackaliptable: I changed the user for apache2 to run under adam and leaved default group www-data. /var/www directories are under user adam with group adam.09:44
ajay3how to install adastra in ubuntu?09:44
ajay3I don't want to use wine or playonlinux09:44
iptableajay3, adastra what? there are a lot of apps known as adastra09:45
fribi managed to hibernate using echo disk > /sys/power/state but it doesn't work if i simply prepend "sudo" to the command, i have to use "sudo su" first and then execute the command, which i can't make work in a script .. how can I? thanks09:45
ajay3I mean this: https://code.google.com/p/adastra/09:45
newbsterSeems like everytime I update (today is the most recent), either errors will show up, or won't boot properly. i.e. I had to select the advanced menu at boot and had to select the generic, because after the most recent update, my dash and what not won't show, only desktop wallpaper.09:45
iptablehackal, as stated, apache2 user should not have write access to files and dirs under /var/www. only read. otherwise you are exposing yourself to possible attacks.09:46
newbsteranyone know how the Ubuntu team works - as far as who and how many gets delegated to certain projects?09:47
iptableajay3, adastra is an application written for windows, not linux. you can either 1. run it in windows, 2. run it in wine/playonlinux, or 3. learn to code and make it work on linux.09:47
newbsteri.e. 12.04 group 1 and 2 = total of 10 people, 14.04 all09:47
iptableajay3, there is no "install it so that it will natively start woking on ubuntu magically" way I'm afraid.09:48
ajay3yeah, I installed it successfully in wine09:48
YamakasYcan anyone help me out by applying a patch to a package and rebuild it ? I cannot see the sourcefile I need for my patch09:49
iptableajay3, and that's how you will have to use it09:49
ajay3Okay, iptable09:49
ajay3See... I've emotiv SDK and open-vibe, adastra and octave are dependencies for emotiv SDk09:50
ajay3I installed open-vibe and octave in ubuntu and adastra in wine09:50
ajay3will emotiv SDK recognize all these dependencies?09:50
ajay3P.S: Emotiv SDK is installed in wine09:51
newbsterany experts out there on security?09:51
hgthDo you recognize any errors in this /etc/crontab line? 55 15 * * 1-5   www-data        /usr/local/bin/dradio detektor 190 The stream recording (script does that) isn’t showing up. If I run the command manually (sudo -u www-data /usr/local/bin/dradio detektor 190), it works.09:52
newbsterno security experts here?09:52
qslnewbster it's usually more productive to just ask your question09:52
qslsomeone might know the answer but not be and expert.09:53
fribfor a certain file, sudo doesn't seem to give me privileges I have to run sudo su and then the command to edit the file .. how can I avoid this thanks?09:53
newbsterThere's this new article from Linux Journal regarding Linux security threats, and it's concerning me a bit. http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/linux-security-threats-rise09:53
qslfrib what error message do you get?09:53
fribqsl, just permission denied09:53
geirhafrib: that's because redirection happens before the command (sudo echo) is run09:54
fribgeirha, not following you :\09:54
geirhaeither enclose the command with redirection in a shell run with sudo, or use tee.09:54
iptablefrib, what command did you execute?09:54
fribsudo echo disk > /sys/power/state09:54
geirhasudo sh -c 'echo foo > file'  or   echo foo | sudo tee file09:54
iptablefrib, you executed echo as sudo, wile the redirect is in normal user09:55
fribohh by redirect you mean |09:55
fribor > rather09:55
fidel_newbster: yeah and this article is far away from telling anything new in terms of security09:55
geirhayes, with your   sudo echo disk > /sys/power/state  it first opens the /sys/power/state file for writing, THEN it runs sudo echo disk09:55
fidel_in case you have a question - ask it - otherwise dont expect a reply ;)09:56
fribgeirha, awesome thanks09:56
iptablefrib, no, see geirha response to you just above mine09:56
fribgeirha, just to be safe, there is no disadvantage to hibernating this way as opposed to using pm-hibernate, right?09:56
newbsterfidel:  So you're saying that the security threats have always been on the rise?09:56
cynicallemonnewbster: a lot of exploits rely on unpatched software, keep your machine updated and thats a big worry off you shoulders09:57
iptableajay3, the answer is we don't know. we don't use this software. try it. if it doesn't work (and probably wont), you will have to have all those in the same wine container.09:57
fidel_dont get me wrong - but this article is blabla - mentioning general known things and adding a catchy headline09:57
geirhafrib: That I do not know09:58
newbstercynicallemon:  okay. good enough09:58
ajay3Let me be more clear...09:58
qslIt's called page fill09:58
iptableajay3, being more clear won't help. We do not use adastra and do not know if it will figure out that you have vibe and octave outside of wine.09:58
=== g_ is now known as Guest57214
ajay3there are 4 software which are inter-dependent on each other.... Open-vibe, adastra, octave, emotive SDK are those 4 software09:59
newbsterbtw, a tech guy from a tech shop adviced me that someone who isn't all that "tech savvy" (like myself) would be generally more vulnerable in Linux. He adviced that Windows is more for people who want the plug-n-play experience. Is there truth to this?09:59
ajay3adastra and emotiv SDK are installed in wine and other 2 in ubuntu09:59
ajay3will emotive SDK recognize other 3 software?09:59
iptablenewbster, no, that was a lie because the shopkeeper never used linux, doesn't know it, and is tech-scared10:00
cfhowlettnewbster, no.10:00
qslIs this discussion related to ubuntu support?10:00
ajay3newbster: No.... windows is more vunlerable10:00
fidel_as long as you dont pretend to work as root  & disable services you dont know - you should be fine with common linux distris ;)10:00
cfhowlettqsl, this is ubuntu support.  ask your qeustgions10:00
iptablenewbster, try ubuntu desktop, or if you are totally new, linux mint is a viable alternative, as it feels closer to windows, but is still ubuntu under the hood (different UI).10:00
qslI know but that thread isn't a bit about ubuntu.10:01
iptableajay3, as already stated, no idea. try it. no one currently present here uses adastra. most likely it won't recognize it10:01
iptableqsl, which one?10:01
qslnew bster's questions10:01
qsland the replys.10:01
cynicallemonnewbster: linux is more secure and also gives users a "plug n play" experience10:02
newbsterIt's scaring me because all I know is how to click install on an anti-virus, firewall, and anti-malware. And I asked here because it is related to me using Ubuntu10:02
iptableqsl, why is that not related to ubuntu and support I do not know. It's a new user question who is looking for some answers.10:02
cfhowlettnewbster, facts > FUD10:02
cfhowlett!firewall | newbster,10:02
ubottunewbster,: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo10:02
iptablenewbster, ubuntu does not need antivirus and antimalware. so less clicking ;)10:02
cfhowlett!antivirus | newbster10:02
ubottunewbster: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus10:02
fribgeirha, thanks anyway10:02
fribanyone know of a way to run a script on resume from hibernate that uses echo disk > /sys/power/state10:03
iptablenewbster, and all software can be installed form software centre, like on android on iPhone, making it safer not to download other stuff accidentally.10:03
Guest57214anyone tried to make a custom ubuntu cd with just updated software? I got ton of errors once I run "apt-get upgrade"  :/10:03
cynicallemonwhat i dont like about ubuntu (and other distos) is the default permissions on home directoies10:03
newbsterthank you everyone. especially about the firewall10:03
YamakasYok, I downloaded the branche and now I need to generate the deb10:03
newbsterand the links10:03
qsliptable there is a general discussion channel for ubuntu.  This is supposed to be for questions about ubuntu not the pros and cons of windows vs linux, etc.10:03
cfhowlettnewbster, happy to help + suggestions ...10:04
cfhowlettnewbster, www.fullcirclemagazine.org10:04
qslBut I'm obviously in the minority here today.10:04
bazhang!manual | newbster10:04
ubottunewbster: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:04
bazhang!rute | and this too newbster10:04
iptableqsl, and yet we are so helpful that we give suggestions and our remarks on the subject. Is that so bad? no one is arguing here and we are all in unison10:04
ubottuand this too newbster: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com10:04
kaushalhello..i have a problem with my filesystem.I cant open it..any solutions?10:04
cfhowlettbazhang, yep, that was my next thought10:04
newbsterbtw, I wasn't trying to start a windows vs. linux. I was just trying to get some information on how to get started with ubuntu10:04
cfhowlettkaushal, details10:04
iptablekaushal, hello again.10:04
bazhangkaushal, more info please10:05
kaushalError mounting /dev/sda7 at /media/kaushal/Natsu: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0177" "/dev/sda7" "/media/kaushal/Natsu"' exited with non-zero exit status 13: $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 0).10:05
iptablekaushal, that fat32 system?10:05
kaushalFailed to mount '/dev/sda7': Input/output error10:05
kaushalNTFS is either inconsistent, or there is a hardware fault, or it's a10:05
kaushalSoftRAID/FakeRAID hardware. In the first case run chkdsk /f on Windows10:05
kaushalthen reboot into Windows twice. The usage of the /f parameter is very10:05
kaushalimportant! If the device is a SoftRAID/FakeRAID then first activate10:05
unopastekaushal you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted10:05
qsliptable But it's not the forum for those questions.10:05
iptablekaushal, ok, so you moved to ntfs, let me ask you a question, DID you unmount and sync before unplugging the USB drive?10:05
newbsterqsl, so what questions are expected here then?10:05
iptablekaushal, looks like you are corrupting all your filesystems10:05
cfhowlettqsl, newbster noted.  let's move on, shall we?10:06
kaushali seriously dont know10:06
iptablekaushal, is that filesystem still fresh after you wiped it yesterday?10:06
nekyian_newbster, "Do or Not Do... don't Try10:07
iptablekaushal, if so, let's redo it and I will guide you through what you should do before removing drives10:07
cynicallemonnewbster:  if you use windows, you can burn the downloaded ubuntu iso to a usb using win32diskimager utility.10:07
iptablekaushal, got a GUI or CLI only?10:07
newbstersorry guys. I really am just new to all this - hence the name...  I really appreciate all the ones who have contributed and given suggestions, answers, and even links. Too many names to thank, but you know who you all are. Anyway, I have lots of links and reading material for tonight :)  Thank you once again and have a great day/night10:08
iptablenewbster, no problem at all10:09
tobiasschoelhello, i've got a problem with evolution connecting to a citadel email server.10:10
HSakaHello, I´ve updated my ubuntu server today. Right now I´m outside my house and connec´t to the server with ssh for somereason. I´´m 100% sure that the password is right10:11
iptabletobiasschoel, what protocol?10:11
ikoniaHSaka: what's the actual problem ?10:11
HSakaI´m getting permission denie10:12
ikoniaHSaka: you've not stated a problem10:12
iptabletobiasschoel, so you have a problem making imap connection using evolution. standard imap, port 143?10:12
ikoniaHSaka: look on the console in the syslog to see why it's being rejected10:12
newbsterAnd qsl, I suggest you become a chat police since you were acting like it ;)  qsl, you remind me of those bitter people who have gone through the "hard path", therefore does not like to share the wealth and want others to either go the same hard path or harder. Thankfully you are outnumbered by people who want to contribute and help. qsl, for your sake, go meditate or pray and release all that bitterness. To everyone else, please ex10:12
iptableHSaka, so you are trying to ssh to your ubuntu server and cannot as you get permission denied? check logs on the ubuntu server10:13
tobiasschoeliptable yes, but also doesn't work on 46510:13
YamakasYwhen I build a package an I get this:  Unmet build dependencies: libdebconfclient0-dev (>= 0.46) libdebian-installer4-dev (>= 0.41) libiw-dev (>= 27+28pre9)10:13
YamakasYdo I need to install the packages locally ?10:13
iptabletobiasschoel, telnet HOSTNAME 14310:13
iptabletobiasschoel, if telnet opens, then: 0 LOGIN username password10:14
iptabletobiasschoel, 0 is part of command, replace username and password with correct ones10:14
HSakaiptable, then I need to go home and do it. The strange thing is, when I´m trying to connect to my server local from home. I don´t get the problem.10:14
tobiasschoeliptable the pure connection is not the problem. it doesn't show any errors and thunderbird is working fine through that port10:14
tobiasschoelbut evolution doesn't download any mail, although thunderbird does10:14
iptableHSaka, so possibly your router is not forwarding port 22 to the correct machine/at all, or your IP has changed10:15
cynicallemonHSaka: make sure your connection details are correct and that youre not using CAPS LOCK by mistake10:15
iptabletobiasschoel, can you please try to login as stated, using telnet, and by typing in the credentials you are using in evolution?10:15
HSakaiptable, already checked everyhing10:15
tobiasschoeliptable logged in using telnet10:15
tobiasschoeliptable seemed to work10:16
HSakacynicallemon, it´s correct10:16
iptabletobiasschoel, ok, so it is a pure evolution issue.10:16
tobiasschoelyes, I think so, too10:16
ikoniaHSaka: have you looked at the syslog to see why ssh is rejecting the connection ?10:16
iptableHSaka, can you please tell us the whole thing then? are you sure it is YOUR EXTERNAL IP you are trying to connect to?10:16
cynicallemonHSaka: does the server respond to pings?10:16
HSakaikonia, I will do it when I´m home then10:17
iptableHSaka, you will need to10:17
zoidberg-Hey guys, i dont want to use a bundled home router but i live in the uk, and trying to find an adsl modem (and not router) is proving difficult.  I have a speedtouch 330 - but cant' seem to get it working in the latest distros, it detects it but cant seem to get an interface like /dev/ttys0 to talk to it with.   I wonder what other peope use as a modem of adsl (pppoatm)?10:17
HSakaiptable. it does. when I go by webbrowser it works fine10:17
iptabletobiasschoel, remove the evolution profile and reinsert it, might work.10:17
ikoniaHSaka: no point discussing it until you can check that10:17
iptabletobiasschoel, let me rephrase, remove from your user home directory the .evolution dir and start evolution again10:17
iptableHSaka, you will need to check logs then o nthe server10:18
HSakaikonia, okey :) THank you for info10:18
tobiasschoeliptable will try that10:18
iptabletobiasschoel, not using 2-factor-auth with your email, are you? (like SSO, ubuntu one, etc)10:18
tobiasschoelno, only password10:19
iptabletobiasschoel, evolution profile reset might help then10:19
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iptabletobiasschoel, alternatively start evolution form command line terminal and see what errors you get10:20
iptablezoidberg-, what provider?10:20
iptablezoidberg-, and most people I know in UK who have pure ADSL and want just a modem use this: http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/business/vigor-12010:21
ikoniazoidberg-: you don't interact with a router like a modem10:23
ikoniazoidberg-: the route will have all the details configured on it as a device you just plugin to it as either eithernet or wireless and use it like a gateway10:23
tobiasschoeliptable deleting the .evolution dir and restarting evolution didn't help10:24
iptableikonia, user wants to have a modem-only device and use linux box as router. and speedtouch 330 IS a modem, not a router.10:24
iptabletobiasschoel, what error are you getting?10:24
ikoniaiptable: I've missunderstood then10:24
cynicallemoniptable: the vigor-120 is excelent, used one for years10:25
tortibHello everyone.  I'm having a problem with oidentd and znc.  My ident isn't being spoofed with znc.  I checked the ~/.oidentd.conf file to see if znc is writing to it and it is.  However when I connect to IRC not all the servers I connect to are using the spoofed ident, only some are.  Here is my /etc/oidentd.conf file http://paste.ubuntu.com/8158151/10:25
iptableikonia, yeah, and I owned a speedtouch in the past. nasty devices which never work as required. oh, and most speedtouch ones are USB devices.10:25
tobiasschoeliptable post the log here directly?10:25
iptabletobiasschoel, no use a pastebin10:25
tobiasschoeliptable http://pastebin.com/Hha4urc110:26
ikoniaiGerald741: seems an odd requirement when routers are £510:26
iptabletobiasschoel, looks like your email server is not sending the correct IMAP ending and evolution is very picky about it, while thunderbird tends to ignore errors and plunge on.10:27
tomodachihail thunderbird10:27
iptableikonia, not really. I didn't want a router at home. I use a modem and my linux HP Microserver as router and PBX device. why is that weird10:27
ubuntuhello to all10:27
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ikoniaiptable: not weird, just an odd requirement that not many inexperinced people would want10:28
iptableikonia, it also lets me have 2 wifi networks, one home network and one guest. and I have a linxu router on the endpoint, which is nice from the iptables point of view.10:28
ikoniaiptable: I have a similar setup,10:28
iptableikonia, I'm guessing that is an experienced user ;)10:28
YamakasYok, strange issue with building a package using bzr10:28
cynicallemonnet < vigor120 > pfsense10:29
YamakasYdpkg-buildpackage: warning: build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting10:29
iptablezoidberg-, if you are not an experienced linux adminsitrator, my advice would be to buy a router and use that. you can even buy a router certified for openwrt or ddwrt and flash it with those to have a linux router. configuring pppoa yourself is NOT an easy task10:32
cynicallemoniptable: its not that hard10:33
=== n`aw is now known as NDrop
cynicallemoniptable: IIRC, ubuntu has/had a command line configurator for pppoa10:35
zoidberg-iptable: thats fine, i was specifically reffering to the hardware PPPoA is not that bad to configure pppd/libatm1 \10:36
iptablezoidberg-, hardware PPPoA, as in a router. or hardware modulator so that you do PPPoA on your linux router? modem would be the vigor, whereas if you want a device that will do PPPoA, you are looking at a router.10:38
zoidberg-i dont want a device to do PPPoA i want a modem that passes it down to the ethernet interface its connected to10:39
zoidberg-e.g. a linux router10:39
iptablezoidberg-, so just a modulator. in that case the vigor is what you need10:40
iptablezoidberg-, vigor 12010:40
cynicallemonzoidberg-: vigor 120 or 13010:40
cynicallemonzoidberg-: pass through option is as simple as a tick box10:41
YamakasYwhat key do I miss ? gpg: skipped "Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com>": secret key not available10:41
zoidberg-iptable, cynicallemon: awesome, thanks guys10:44
zoidberg-hey iptable why the vigor120 specifically? and not something like: http://www.amazon.co.uk/D-Link-DSL-320B-ADSL2-Ethernet-Modem/dp/B0015RRIKM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1409136367&sr=8-5&keywords=vigor+120 which is cheaper and a simple modem?10:48
iptablezoidberg-, because I know that the vigor works and I don't like dlink, but that is a personal choice10:49
zoidberg-ok cool10:49
evil_dan2wikquick, i need to know how to relay wifi to ethernet port10:52
AuroraXI was reading topics such as this one: http://www.reddit.com/r/gerontology/comments/2ejo9g/how_to_convince_people_that_defeating_death_is/11:09
AuroraXdoes anyone here works in this field?11:09
AuroraXand is from computer science11:09
hateball!ot | AuroraX11:10
ubottuAuroraX: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:10
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evil_dan2wikHow would I relay a wifi connection to a computer connected to an ethernet port?11:31
smss1995evil_dan2wik, Just setup a Hotspot from System Settings -> Network -> Wireless connections11:32
Densukkehello, anyone around with experience in rancid - Cvsweb?11:34
evil_dan2wiksmss1995, I am connecting to a wifi network and I need to share it with a desktop that only has ethernet.11:34
Densukkehello, anyone around with experience in rancid - Cvsweb?11:36
k1l_Densukke: honestly: did you ever try to ask the rancid guys? seems very few people in here know or use rancid11:37
Densukkenot a problem with rancid, its works fine11:38
DensukkeIm having problems setting CVSWEB to works with rancid...11:38
Densukkethats why im here11:38
cfhowlettDensukke, on ubuntu for 7 years - never used or heard cvsweb, but I suspect it has a support channel.11:39
TJ-Densukke: Your cvsweb issue is likely to do with the web-server configuration11:40
frank_oHi! How do I `rm /swapfile`? I'm trying to create a new, much larger swapfile.11:40
cfhowlett!swap | frank_o11:40
ubottufrank_o: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:40
frank_ocfhowlett: I'm well aware of that, thank you.11:40
cfhowlettfrank_o, the link details exactly how to create / edit your swap11:40
frank_ocfhowlett: I wasn't aware of that. Thanks again!11:41
frank_ocfhowlett: Was currently on https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-add-swap-on-ubuntu-14-04 which doesn't mention how to deal with existing swaps so11:41
cfhowlettfrank_o,  not to worry.  read and learn, it's a pretty comprehensive and understandable explanation11:42
Densukkesry phone11:42
DensukkeTJ that might be my problem, I kinda forgot evreything about webservr configuration...11:43
frank_ocfhowlett: Indeed. Cheers11:43
TJ-Densukke: There are 2 orthogonal issues: 1) rancid<> CVS integration and 2) CVS <> CVSweb <> web-server config11:43
Densukkein the middle11:44
DensukkeCVS CVSweb11:44
DensukkeI cant seemed to get to link cvsweb to the repositories created by rancid11:44
Densukkerancid works fine... I want to only use the web as an interface to rancid... but Im unable to pull from cvsweb the cvs repositories needed11:46
Densukkeanyone can help me? I will be mostly gratefull : running ubu 14.0411:46
cfhowlettDensukke, this sounds like purely a rancid/cvsweb issue - not seeing how this is a problem to be solved in #ubuntu.  suggest you seek cvsweb  or rancid support options11:47
subhojit777any good note writing apps for ubuntu11:49
cfhowlettsubhojit777, several.  see the software center for "note"11:49
r4p9r0hi. the unity panels disappeared, how to get them back?11:52
r4p9r0ubuntu 14.0411:52
evil_dan2wikpush F1111:52
r4p9r0they don't appear after automatic login11:53
evil_dan2wikare you have to tell us what 'dmesg | tail' says?11:53
evil_dan2wikare you able*11:53
r4p9r0I'll check. give me some minutes11:54
ajay3looks like I came against a big wall :(11:54
evil_dan2wikr4p9r0, in CTRL+ALT+F1 or something btw11:55
ajay3I need to try emotiv headset and I've emotive SDK which is dependent on open-vibe, adastra and octave11:55
subhojit777cfhowlett, thanks I found zim. I got "springseed" and "everpad" in google results though11:56
ajay3openvibe, adastra and emotiv SDK are install-able in wine wheareas octave is install-able in ubuntu11:56
cfhowlettsubhojit777, happy2help11:56
ajay3how can I make emotiv SDK to recognize octave which is installed in ubuntu?11:57
r4p9r0evil_dan2wik, nothing suspicious found in dmesg12:02
evil_dan2wikr4p9r0, nothing todo with X?12:02
user123321Please help, my machine crashed at 17.20 display time, rebooted with ctrl+alt+printscreen+r+i+u+s+b,  kernal log around that time: http://pastebin.com/mm0tUxzm12:02
r4p9r0evil_dan2wik, no.12:03
evil_dan2wikuser123321, that is a long keycombo.12:03
user123321evil_dan2wik, hmm?12:04
evil_dan2wikuser123321, ctrl+alt+printscreen+r+i+u+s+b12:04
evil_dan2wikAlso, ran a mem check yet?12:04
user123321evil_dan2wik, emergency restart :)12:04
user123321mem check? hmm nope.12:04
r4p9r0evil_dan2wik, the background image and the icons with context menu are available, but not the panels12:05
evil_dan2wikr4p9r0, which panels side and top?12:05
evil_dan2wikprobably wait for someone with more experience.12:06
webfoxHey guys! I am under a proxy which seems to be blocking port 22 for ssh. is it possible to use ssh somehow on this situation?12:06
evil_dan2wikwebfox, change the ssh port to an unblocked port12:07
k1l_r4p9r0: does it work in guest account? is the video driver working?12:07
webfoxevil_dan2wik: ok. :D12:07
evil_dan2wikstock ubuntu artifacts really bad on my laptop until I install the AMD drivers for it.12:08
r4p9r0k1l_, it worked before. I don't know what happend to let it brake12:09
r4p9r0k1l_, how to access guest? it's autologin12:10
evil_dan2wikr4p9r0, log out?12:10
r4p9r0evil_dan2wik, how? the panel is gone …12:10
k1l_"gnome-session-quit --no-prompt " will log out direct without a prompt12:11
evil_dan2wikr4p9r0, push the power button?12:13
evil_dan2wikoh no, can't log out from there12:13
evil_dan2wikonly lock, suspends, shutdown and restart12:13
k1l_if guest-account is not working too, then see the logs if the video driver is working12:14
r4p9r0k1l_, can I do that in console? or how to get a terminal?12:14
VladimirTips how to automate an ssh login to switch and send commands to the switch?12:18
TJ-Vladimir: 'expect'12:25
Vladimiris it possible to pipe commands to network devices through ssh ?12:26
SamuraiDiomy umask is set to 002 at login, how (where) can I change it system wide?12:27
SamuraiDioalready checked /etc/login.defs, /etc/bash.bashrc, /etc/profile12:28
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k1l_r4p9r0: see "dmesg" for the output12:38
k1l_r4p9r0: or make that to a pastebin with "dmesg | pastebinit" if you got pastebinit installed12:38
VladimirIs there an ssh parameter to enter the password? ssh root@ and it asks for password but I want it to automatically enter the password?12:45
r4p9r0k1l_, installed xubuntu-desktop. no time to fiddle around, thanks for help anyway.12:51
lonejackProblem on disk usage? I've a system 14.04 kubuntu with two hd, one for the os(/) and one for users(/home). Problem the system hd(38GB) seems occupeid at 100%. Can you help me?12:52
Vladimirwhen creating a bash script, can I just put all the commands I want it to type in the shell and it will work?12:53
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hggdhVladimir: yes, as long as there is no user interaction12:56
cfhowlettlonejack, spring cleaning: sudo apt-get autoremove               sudo apt-get clean                   may fix the issue by removing no longer needed .debs and kernels12:56
hggdhVladimir: about SSH ad passwords -- you can try sshpass12:57
lonejackcfhowlett, thank you12:57
ZiberSo, I have a simple cron'd python script. Part of the script involves writing to a log file, and this works when I run the script manually. It does not work, however, when run via cron. Any thoughts on this odd behavior?12:57
Vladimirhggdh: thanks, I just got sshpass to work12:58
cfhowlettlonejack, happy2help12:58
Vladimirhggdh: Now I need to put a bunch of commands after it logs in. Can I just put everything in a bash script?12:58
frank_oZiber: are you using absolute paths in your python script?13:00
hggdhVladimir: I think you are doing it in the wrong way. It would be much easier if you "ssh user@host 'shell; commands; and; more; commands;'"13:00
frank_oZiber: had similar troubles when cronning this ruby script via whenever (https://github.com/javan/whenever)13:00
frank_oZiber: i had to abs path everything, files, commands etc.13:01
hggdhVladimir: or sftp/scp your batch over, and "ssh user@host batch.sh"13:01
sajanany one can help me how to give administrater rights to terminal permenantly13:03
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hggdhfrank_o: another point you should be careful with cron: cron cleans up the environment variables. If you depend on them, better make sure they are re-created in the script13:05
fitsanyone here playing counter strike on ubuntu ?13:15
cfhowlettfits, I have.  why/13:16
kostkonfits, on steam yes13:16
fitswhat version of counter strike are you playing cfhowlett ? is it 1.6 ?13:17
cfhowlettfits, what ever is in the steam repo - CS source.  again... why?  what is your technical issue?13:18
fitsbecause if it runs smoothly,then i will get rid of my windows 713:18
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cfhowlettfits, lot easier when you just state the issue plainly like that.  Long answer short: works for me.  but I only just installed the linux graphics driver.  unable to do anything with steam before that.  I've got acceptable graphics on the Counterstrike Source, HL2, Portal 1-2.13:20
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/13:20
cfhowlett!help | Defsdf,13:21
ubottuDefsdf,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:21
fitsAwesome,Thanks cfhowlett13:21
cfhowlettfits, happy2help13:21
frib_i just changed my router and now I can resolve DNS addresses but i can't ping them .. what should I do?13:23
Glorfindelhow can I set tty 1 so it will auto login and run irssi?13:24
shubhojeetfrib_: your new router blocks icmp ping  ... most probably13:27
talinhello. i am trying to run apt-get update on ubuntu 9.10. but it can't download anything. i can ping google.com etc13:30
talindoes it need any particular ports open?13:30
dp100jam1can you get any access to the internet at all?13:31
talindp100jam1: yes13:31
dp100jam1you said it doesnt download anything.. but does it find the updates for the packages?13:31
talindp100jam1: i get lots of 404 not found13:32
cfhowletttalin, 9.10 is end of life - repos retired and no longer supported13:32
cfhowlett!eol | taling13:32
ubottutaling: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:32
cfhowlett!eol | talin13:32
ubottutalin: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:33
dp100jam1thats what i figured13:33
talinah. must i upgrade the entire server then?13:33
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | talin,13:33
ubottutalin,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:33
cfhowletttalin, only if you want silly things like security updates13:33
talincfhowlett: it's in an isolated vlan13:33
dp100jam1talin: what does it do?13:33
fitsi am curious why dont you just upgrade to 14.04.01 ?13:34
cfhowletttalin, if it faces the internet at all you're security is outdated = you are vulnerable.13:34
talini'm just helping a friend writing a script for his server, so i need to install python-mysqldb13:35
talini guess i should tell him to upgrade before i can help him13:35
cfhowletttalin, that is, in fact, the best way to help him.  14.04.1 is current.13:35
talinokay. thank you13:35
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GlorfindelIs it not possible?13:37
=== tk456 is now known as coffeeguy2
truepurpleI got a peculiar problem, for no apparent reason I am unable to delete, move rename, alter any file on ubuntu other then by terminal command13:39
geirhaunless it's in your homedir or /tmp, it shouldn't be possible to remove or rename any files13:40
truepurpleI am talking about those13:40
truepurpleand other files Ive had no trouble manipulating till now13:41
truepurplelike on other partitions13:41
shubhojeettruepurple: are you having problems with files on an external disk ?13:42
shubhojeetor on in the /home directory ?13:42
truepurplewell I havent tried a second physical drive13:43
truepurpleBut all this was working fine not that long ago13:43
cfhowletttruepurple, "not that long ago" = ???13:44
shubhojeetare you using some other file browser ?13:44
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truepurpleI havent changed anything that I am aware of13:44
truepurpleonly person here13:44
Bezsomeone is here?13:45
cfhowlett!ask | Bez,13:45
ubottuBez,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:45
Bezwhen i try to install ubuntu from an usb drive i got stuck in a loop of restarting the machine13:47
truepurpleSo can someone help then?13:48
cfhowlettBez, 1.  did you verify the ISO you downloaded.  2. did you verify the USB?13:48
shubhojeettruepurple: run this on your terminal sudo chown -r $USER:$USER $HOME13:48
truepurpleshubhojeet, What is it suppose to do?13:49
shubhojeettruepurple: i guess you have file ownership issues .. i can't figure out anything else13:50
ScrivenerSo this issue resolves itself with restarts often, but sometimes (like right now) when I enter the Sound settings menu in Ubuntu and select a different Output (for instance headphones instead of speakers), it will revert my selection when I close the window, and even as long as I have the window open it still continues to play sound through the speakers instead of headphones.13:51
ScrivenerHow can I cause it to register and keep my selection?13:51
shubhojeettruepurple: in your terminal type `ls -l ` and paste a few lines and `whoami`13:51
expungeScrivener: it'd probably be more reliable via a command13:51
expungeScrivener: via pacmd or something of that nature13:52
Bez1. yes 2. how to do it? i am able to boot from the usb and starting to install till i came to screen when i have a button Restrart..13:52
cfhowlett!md5sum | Bez,13:52
ubottuBez,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:52
Scrivenerexpunge, pacmd only shows one source output available...13:53
ScrivenerHow strange.13:53
ScrivenerThe Sound menu shows two (correctly)13:53
truepurple-rw-r--r--  1 purp   purp       3117 2011-09-17 12:20 4144.asc13:54
truepurple-rw-r--r--  1 purp    purp    29093380 2011-07-02 14:22 avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb13:54
truepurpledrwxr-xr-x  2 purp    a purp        4096 2011-07-01 03:14 bin13:54
thegoatanyone here get smtp auth working with ubuntu and sendmail?  i've been working on it for a day and a half and can't seem to get the hang of it.13:55
Scrivenerexpunge, disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones worked, but I'd like to solve this permanently :-/13:55
ScrivenerJust not sure how.13:55
truepurpleshubhojeet, and whoami, just gives me my login handle13:56
expungeScrivener: that's understandable =)13:56
iophaHello. I upgraded to trusty the overnight.  Now I can't boot.13:56
iophaI need help!13:56
truepurpleshubhojeet, BTW, you still havent told me what that previous command you mentioned is suppose to do13:56
expungeiopha: how far does it get13:56
shubhojeettruepurple: is your login handle  `purp` ?13:56
thegoati think i have smtp auth configured, but everything it it tries to log in to send the email it says login failed, and i can't find any logging to tell me why13:57
iophaExpunge: I'm typing on my phone, forgive me.13:57
AlexPortableI have amazon in my start menu, how do I remove it?13:57
AlexPortablesudo apt-get remove amazon didn't work13:57
oaulakhhow to make drives automount when ubuntu boot-up13:58
fitsAlexPortable: you can disable the dash on ubuntu if you like13:58
iophaExpunge: it hangs on a blinking cursor after ubuntu 14.04 ...13:58
truepurpleshubhojeet, yes13:58
AlexPortablefits: my desktop environment doesn't haves a dash13:58
shubhojeettruepurple: there is no problem with the file ownerships and permissions... are you using some other file browser ?13:58
AlexPortableI just want to remove the application amazon13:58
dav1dp0101Does anyone have experience solving permission errors on apache2? I put some files on my server at /var/www/html/archives and I can't access the files through a web browser (I get a 403 error). Checking my /var/log/apache2/error.log, I get: (13)Permission denied: AH00132: file permissions deny server access. I have changed the user and group owners to a default user, but still I don't have it working. Any thoughts?13:58
truepurpleshubhojeet, I have not changed anything13:59
thegoatdav1dp0101: what user is apache running as?13:59
dav1dp0101thegoat: apache should be running as www-data, which is the default.13:59
shubhojeettruepurple: could you right click on a file and let me know what you see on the permissions tab14:00
veryhappyHey guys, 1st, i'd like to thank someone who gave me a link yesterday about the topic:14:00
veryhappyhow to ask questions in irc/newsgroups etc.14:00
veryhappyi was so dumb - thank you!14:00
expungeveryhappy: heh14:00
truepurpleshubhojeet, Where is this permissions tab?14:00
thegoatwhat have you chmod the directory to14:00
expungeAlexPortable: it's called a 'lens', you can disable it and remove it14:00
Bezhow do i fix the wrong md5sum?14:01
truepurpleshubhojeet, never mind, found it14:01
kostkonAlexPortable, in the launcher or the dash?14:01
AlexPortablewhats launcher?14:01
dav1dp0101The directory is chmod to 755 (drwxr-xr-x)14:01
shubhojeettruepurple: right click on a file in your home directory and click on properties and then click on the permissions tab14:01
Puppy_Um could I ask if anyone has experience with frame rate issues with Source games like Team Fortress 2? On my own machine it fluctuates greatly, making the game less enjoyable.14:01
kostkonAlexPortable, the dock14:01
expungePuppy_: on steam?14:01
truepurpleshubhojeet, owner purp read and write, group purp read and write others access read only14:02
iophaI tried booting in recovery mode and got my desktop image and cursor but nothing else14:02
expungePuppy_: IME steam is laggy regardless of OS14:02
thegoatdav1dp0101 does this folder serve web pages ,or just hold files14:02
AlexPortablethe start menu kostkon14:02
expungePuppy_: might talk to #steamlug about performance tricks14:02
YamakasYis netcfg included in the netinstaller ?14:02
shubhojeettruepurple: then there seems to be no problem14:02
Puppy_But I never had this issue with Windows. My hardware is capable of running the software.14:02
kostkonAlexPortable, the results from amazon?14:02
shubhojeettruepurple: what is exactly not happening ?14:03
truepurpleshubhojeet, Except for there being a problem14:03
Puppy_Ok Might take a look.14:03
Bezwhat should i do if i compared the hash in its not the same?14:03
dav1dp0101thegoat: This folder just holds files, but those files should be accessed by any client (by going to http://(IP address)/archives/file.mp314:03
kostkonAlexPortable, http://askubuntu.com/questions/192269/how-can-i-remove-amazon-search-results-from-the-dash-or-disable-the-feature14:03
truepurpleshubhojeet, I said, I can not alter any file except by terminal command14:03
thegoatmight need to allow directory browsing in the apache config14:03
truepurpleshubhojeet, If I click on a file, and hit delete, it does not delete, if I right click it, the menu options for delete, copy, rename, move to and others are all blacked out.14:04
shubhojeettruepurple: give me an example14:04
YamakasYin other words, does initrd.gz contains netcfg ?14:04
oaulakhi got it myself14:05
truepurpleshubhojeet, hotkeys dont work either, ctrl c and ctrl p etc does not copy and past like it should14:05
dav1dp0101thegoat: how do I allow directory browsing in the apache config? (Also, I changed a bunch of owners (chown) of my /var/www/html folder and what's inside, so I was worried I caused a problem there. But this error existed before I changed owners.)14:05
veryhappy2nd: i want to set the bitrate of my wifi card (RTL8723AE) to a highter level than 18Mbit, it always doesn't come higher than that. If i set it to 54Mbit it works for a few minutes and after that the connection breaks up. I'd like to know if there is any problem with a library or if that's a mistake that i have made (i.e. not all libraries installed), i tried to get it working myself,...14:05
veryhappy...already looked in many forums but i didn't find anything of that specific situation.  please can someone give me directions?14:05
truepurpleshubhojeet, Isnt that enough of a example? They are all like that, I don't get what you mean by example14:05
iophaNeed help with 14.04. Just upgraded now system hangs on blinking cursor.14:05
AlexPortablekostkon: i can only remove unity-scope-home14:06
iophaHave no idea where problem is.14:06
AlexPortablekostkon: but that will remove ubuntu-desktop and unity also14:06
kostkonAlexPortable, don't do that14:06
veryhappyused notebook: msi ge60 20ei745fd with ubuntu 14.04 64 bit thanks14:06
veryhappyexpunge: better? :d14:06
shubhojeettruepurple: Ubuntu version ?14:07
=== qstrahl` is now known as qstrahl
shubhojeettruepurple: could you install spacefm `sudo apt-get install spacefm`14:07
* expunge shrugs14:08
truepurpleshubhojeet, What does spacehm suppose to do?14:08
AlexPortablekostkon: yes but then how do i remove amazon?14:08
dav1dp0101thegoat: actually, I don't think that is the problem. When I go to the directory through a client, all the contents (the files) display fine. But when I click on one of the files to download or play it, I get the (13)Permission denied error.14:08
AlexPortableif i move it to my desktop it says ubuntu-amazon-default.desktop14:08
veryhappyexpunge: what's up?14:08
kostkonAlexPortable, are you using unity? or some other desktop environment14:08
AlexPortablegnome fallback14:09
NicksCodeI dont remember the ubuntu iso being 1 GB -.-14:09
shubhojeettruepurple: spacefm is another file browser.. what is your ubuntu version ?14:09
kostkonAlexPortable, right. There should be a menu editor somewhere. Or you could install one from the software centre. Use it to delete the amazon menu entry14:09
AlexPortablewell i want to remove it completely14:09
AlexPortableinstead of only being hidden14:09
AlexPortablesomeone might unhidden it14:09
cfhowlettNicksCode, things change.14:10
AlexPortablenvm found it14:10
NicksCodecfhowlett but my connection stays the same... 350KB/s download14:10
Bezif i have the wrong md5sum so i need to redownload the iso?14:11
=== Alexander_ is now known as Alexander__
kostkonAlexPortable, sudo apt-get remove unity-webapps-amazon*14:11
k1l_NicksCode: they dropped the old cd 700mb limit14:11
cfhowlettNicksCode, don't download = torrent14:11
=== Miron is now known as Poland
AlexPortablewait i didnt 'remove it yet14:11
=== Alexander__ is now known as Alex_ander
sleipnirhi, I setup a ubuntu machine but it is not allowing me to ssh in via eth1, ssh works fine via the network connected to eh0, but not eth1, what could be going on herE?14:11
cfhowlettBez, it means your ISO is corrupted14:11
AlexPortableonly webapps-qml and webbapps-service14:11
NicksCodeI wish there was a minimal download with just the desktop enviroment14:11
=== nic is now known as Guest49898
cfhowlett!mini | NicksCode14:11
ubottuNicksCode: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:11
truepurpleshubhojeet, Is there something else I can try?14:12
Bezcfhowlett, Thanks14:12
cfhowlettBez, happy2help14:12
=== Whitebread is now known as Max
k1l_NicksCode: there is a minimal iso but you need to install the deskop on your own after installing14:12
AlexPortablehow do i install a .tar.gz file?14:12
=== Max is now known as Guest10666
=== Poland is now known as Miron
Guest49898Hello I need assistance. I can't figure out why 14.04 hangs on boot!14:13
expungeGuest49898: hangs when on boot?14:13
expungeAlexPortable: of what?14:13
geirhaAlexPortable: preferably only as a last resort14:13
Guest10666Hello everyone.14:13
=== Guest10666 is now known as h
thegoatdav1dp0101: chmod 777 one of the files and see what happens14:14
k1l_AlexPortable: depends on what is inside the .tar.gz14:14
Hannes_I needs assistance, I am installing 10.04 (because I work with hardware which doesn't support pae) over serial but after keyboard selection, the screen goes black. When I type, the letters appear on the screen so it seems the box is not dead but it doesn't react anymore14:14
Guest49898Expunge: I get as far as the ubuntu 14.04 graphic with the dots underneath then a blinking cursor14:15
expungeGuest49898: a blinking cursor?14:15
Guest49898And nothing else yeah.14:15
leeyaado you guys have any idea why would lsof give this error?14:15
leeyaalsof: WARNING: can't stat() tmpfs file system /dev/shm/var.run14:15
Guest49898I can get to recovery mode but not sure what to do14:16
nagersthi. issuing the halt command does not completely shut down the computer whilst pressing the powerbuton does. What am i missing?14:16
mojo-jojonagerst what command do you use? can you tpe it for me?14:17
AlexPortablek1l_: folder/executabe, folder/config folder/doc folder/logfiles folder/tv_bin14:17
truepurpleshubhojeet, The odd thing is, I can do other things, like I can save a file etc. And I can alter files with terminal commands14:17
mojo-jojosudo shutdown -h now | is what I use.14:17
expungeAlexPortable: no, what is it14:17
k1l_AlexPortable: and what do you want to install? which program?14:18
Bezwhat is the best way to download the iso file and get uncrupted iso i am using IDM (downloaded 3 times)14:18
AlexPortablek1l_: found it, i need to execute it then it works14:18
cfhowlettBez, torrents.14:18
AlexPortablewhere should i put it?14:18
coxaltHello, recently i installed apache2/php/mysql and now i have installed skype14:18
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P14:18
k1l_nagerst: i am not sure if "halt" is the same as "shutdown".14:18
Bezwhere i can get the torrent file?14:19
coxalteverything worked fine until i restarted computer14:19
dav1dp0101thegoat: ok that worked, but that's not a good solution. It leaves my files vulnerable to being overwritten by a client.14:19
coxaltSo now i can't login to skype14:19
AlexPortablek1l_:  reboot(8) name: reboot, halt, poweroff - reboot or stop the system14:19
coxaltHow to resolve this problem with skype and apache?14:19
cfhowlettBez, cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases14:19
expungeBez: IDM?14:20
cfhowlett!hello | scrooge_mcduck,14:20
IdleOneBez: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.1/ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent14:20
cfhowlett!hi | scrooge_mcduck,14:20
nagerstmojo-jojo: "sudo halt"14:20
AlexPortableexpunge:  k1l_: program mta server14:20
k1l_nagerst: does "sudo shutdown -hP now" work?14:21
nagerstmojo-jojo: shutdown -h = halt and results in the exact same issue14:21
thegoatdav1dp0101: now do a chmod go-w <filename> and see what happens14:21
Bezthx (IDM=internet download manager14:21
nagerstWhat does 'P' do?14:21
dav1dp0101thegoat: oh, that was totally the problem! My older files had the wrong permissions.14:21
k1l_AlexPortable: did you look into the official ubuntu repos if there is something supported?14:21
AlexPortablethere is not14:21
k1l_nagerst: power off14:21
dav1dp0101They were set to 600. I set them to 644 and it's all good now.14:21
dav1dp0101thegoat: thanks!14:21
AlexPortablek1l_: would take too much time to include it in every distro's repos14:22
thegoatdav1dp0101: no problem...sometimes it just takes another set of eyes14:22
mistawrighthey guys i need some help. I have been trying to figure out how to create a slideshow from images using ffmpeg. Is there any other way to create a slideshow from images with transitions from the command line?14:22
cfhowlettmistawright, avconv or imagemagick14:23
AlexPortablek1l_: also on windows you just move it into program files and done14:23
AlexPortablebut there is no program files on ubuntu14:23
expungeavconv is just ffmpeg from libav, no? =P14:23
expungemistawright: #ffmpeg would have the skinny14:24
k1l_AlexPortable: i think you are on the wrong path. dont try to do it the windows way on ubuntu14:24
cfhowlettexpunge, well, there's an interesting story behind all that ...14:24
expungenot that interesting =)14:24
Sven_vBwhich FUSE driver can I use to mount some directory of my webspace (apache, file listing on) as a read-only FS?14:24
williamtdrUsing exec() in my php script, ubuntu 14.04.4, php 5.4.14:24
Sven_vBi tried fusedav but PROPFIND fails14:25
williamtdrwget with the -O option produces this output in the error log: sh: 1: -O: not found14:25
williamtdrin other words, it's ignoring the argument and trying to interpret it as a file14:25
expungeSven_vB: sshfs14:25
williamtdrAny reason why this would be?14:25
expungewilliamtdr: in your init script?14:25
scrooge_mcduckhow can tar up a specific directory? :/14:25
AlexPortablek1l_: what should i do then?14:25
Sven_vBexpunge, i'm surprised but i'll try… :)14:25
AlexPortablek1l_: i don't feel like executing it from ~/Documents/14:26
k1l_AlexPortable: what is the target?14:26
williamtdrexpunge: Nope, using exec() to escape to the shell in a php script running as www-data14:26
expungeSven_vB: perhaps I don't understand your goal =)14:26
expungescrooge_mcduck: tar -czf foo.tar directory14:26
expungescrooge_mcduck: ahem14:26
expungescrooge_mcduck: tar -czf foo.tar.gz directory14:26
k1l_AlexPortable: on ubuntu you dont load stuff from websites and execute it. you take a look what is made to work with the packagesystem. best case the official ubuntu repos14:26
somsipwilliamtdr: you should be using curl, or file_get_contents at a push. Why drop to exec()?14:27
AlexPortablek1l_: the application is teamviewer quicksupport14:27
NicksCodetraceroute is not installed by default -.-14:27
AlexPortablealso skype wasn't14:27
williamtdrI guess file_get_contents() would work better in this case, thanks, will use that instead.14:27
expungeAlexPortable: you can just tar -xf it and run the executable in the teamviewer9 dir14:27
expungeAlexPortable: might not work unless you have a local Wine install, though, IME14:27
AlexPortableyes but that dir is ~/Documents/teamviewer now14:27
expungeAlexPortable: so?14:28
AlexPortablei want another directory14:28
AlexPortablesomeone might move it and then the start menu shortcut will break14:28
k1l_AlexPortable: skype is in the partner repo14:28
expungeAlexPortable: you can put it anywhere you please14:29
k1l_AlexPortable: and teamviewer offers .deb packages14:29
AlexPortablethe normal teamviewer is .deb14:29
AlexPortablethe quick support is .tar.gz14:29
AlexPortablehow to enable partner repo?14:30
k1l_AlexPortable: sorry but you are talking about linking it etc, so it doubt that is the best solution here14:30
nagerstAlexPortable: you could just make a symlink to the binary like this "ln -s /home/AlexPortable/Documents/program/binary /usr/bin/whateveryouwouldliketocalltheshortcut"14:30
AlexPortablewell how am i going to put it in my start menu without linking14:30
nagerstAlexPortable: most menu shortcuts are .desktop files that you edit with a simple text editor14:31
Bezi download the iso file at least 4 times and this the md5 i get 119cb63b48c9a18f31f417f09655efbd14:31
k1l_AlexPortable: why dont you make a real install of teamviewer if you want the real install with all its benefits?14:31
expungeBez: which iso file?14:31
scrooge_mcduckexpunge: woei :D14:31
AlexPortablebecause i dont need all benefits14:31
scrooge_mcduckeasier then i thought14:31
expungescrooge_mcduck: ?14:31
expungescrooge_mcduck: oh, tar?14:31
AlexPortablei only need quicksupport for the owner of the laptop14:31
AlexPortableteamviewer itself will make it confusing14:32
cfhowlettBez, does it match the reported hash?14:32
AlexPortablei've used it, but they will ask me which password they need to fill in14:32
cfhowlettbez then stop downloading!!!!14:32
k1l_AlexPortable: ok, its your choice then14:32
Sven_vBexpunge, i'm sharing part of my media collection via HTTP already for some devices, and would like to add an ubuntu notebook as a playback station. i want to save VLC from having to figure out what best to do for buffering and seeking, so i'd like to disguise it as just files.14:32
cfhowlettBez, remember I suggested you use torrent.  much more reliable method14:32
Bezi used the torrent the last time14:32
expungeBez: that looks like the right sum to me14:33
cfhowlettBez, make sure you are checking the correct sum for your ubuntu version.14:33
AlexPortableis there any way I can disable s with ^or '?14:33
AlexPortablewhen i type don't, i get don'14:33
expungeAlexPortable: hrmm?14:33
AlexPortablebecuase it tries to put ' on the t, which it shouldn't14:33
AlexPortableon windows i type; <d><o><n><'><t>14:33
Bezi compared with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes14:34
Sven_vBexpunge, probably i should just activate webdav on apache, so it does reply to the PROPFIND14:34
k1l_Bez: check the md5sum here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/MD5SUMS14:34
AlexPortableon ubuntu i have to type; <d><o><n><'><space><t>14:34
cfhowlettBez, but did you download 14.04 or 14.04.114:34
k1l_Bez: its not updated for 14.04.1 yet14:34
k1l_Bez: check my url. its all fine14:34
expungeSven_vB: mebbe, #httpd ?14:34
anupamhow can i see the currently running foreground process14:35
Bezthx again14:35
expungeAlexPortable: sounds like your text configs are goofed14:35
AlexPortablei just did a clean install14:36
AlexPortablehow can i fix them?14:36
AlexPortablealso it allows me to put ' and ^ on s14:36
expungeAlexPortable: screenshot, just to be sure?14:36
AlexPortablenormally you would put them on é and ê14:36
Sven_vBexpunge, that wouldn't be a problem that much, it's just that since i only want read access anyways, i wondered whether there was an easier way that uses the directory indexes for file listing.14:36
AlexPortablescreenshot of what?14:36
AlexPortablealso is teamviewer in the repos?14:36
Sven_vBthere's httpfs but it only suppots one file per mountpoint it seems14:37
expungeAlexPortable: nope14:37
darkside_hey guys14:37
darkside_keep getting this message while accessing a NAS using CIFS: "CIFS VFS: bogus file nlink value 0", any ideas what it can be?14:37
AlexPortableif i install it , will it update itself?14:37
Bezto prepare my usb drive i am using "Universal-USB-Installer-" is that the right choice?14:38
hggdhAlexPortable: there is no package called teamviewer in the repos. You can use http://packages.ubuntu.com to check, BTW14:39
cfhowlett!usb | Bez, unetbootin is the more usual app14:39
ubottuBez, unetbootin is the more usual app: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:39
AlexPortablehow do i put trashbin on desktop?14:39
philinuxAlexPortable;~ install unity-tweak-tool14:41
AlexPortablephilinux: can't i do it with a command?14:41
rich0dapt-get install unity-tweak-tool ? ;)14:42
AlexPortablei mean putting trashbin on desktop14:43
AlexPortableoutside unity-tweak-tool14:43
mwicokay, so I resized a windows partition to prep for ubuntu install; now windows wants a bitlocker recovery key, which I don't have14:43
mwicIs that the end of windows on this machine ( doesn't bother me much if it is )14:43
toejam100pretty much14:43
toejam100was this machine joined to an AD domain14:44
mwicIt's a used thinkpad I got a few months ago14:44
mwicNo idea about AD domains and such stuff14:44
toejam100so whenever you make any important changes to the system.. bitlocker gets mad and asks for the key for security measure14:44
mwicall of MS's documentation says "get the recovery key from your administrator"14:44
toejam100i am assuming you encrypted the hard drive14:44
mwicbought it used, was all set up when it came, had no idea it was bitlocker'd14:45
toejam100right, so the hard drive was probably encrypted by bitlocker then14:45
toejam100and unfortunately, you cant get access to the windows partition14:45
mwicI think the dualBoot doc ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Have_a_Windows_recovery_CD.2BAC8-DVD_available ) ought to warn people that they need to grab their BL recover key before resizing14:45
toejam100unless you have that key14:45
philinuxAlexPortable;~ maybe my google foo is stronger   gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop trash-icon-visible true14:45
toejam100what you should do in the future, is suspend bitlocker, make your changes, and then re-enable it14:46
mwicI'll put ubuntu in the newly-freed space14:46
toejam100but unfortunately, bitlocker is doing it's job, and it wouldnt be a very good one if it was easy to circumvent drive encryption14:46
AlexPortablethanks philinux14:47
mwicy, toejam100 it just seems like there were places where a user could be warned about this14:47
mwiceither in Ubuntu install docs or in Windows partitioning tool14:47
kudakwashehow can i add /home/kudakwashe/bin to my executable path variable, an easy one liner?14:48
streulmahello, when I run Ubuntu 14.04.1 on my Macbook Pro Mid 2012 13 inch, then I get some black glitches in screen14:48
mwicwait .. bitlocker won't let me open the DVD drive?14:49
cn28hkudakwashe: PATH=/home/kudakwashe/bin:$PATH14:49
streulmasomething has to do with Intel HD4000 card ?14:51
mwicbeen a long time since i had to do the paper-clip in the disc tray trick14:51
=== tk456 is now known as coffeeguy2
AlexPortabledo i need 32 or 64 bit wine?>14:54
=== Guest95214 is now known as icecream-
cfhowlettAlexPortable, match your OS 32 or 64?14:55
AlexPortableos is 6414:56
blackyboyHi everyone how to setup a svn server ?14:57
AlexPortablesudo apt-get install [svnserversoftwarehere]14:58
streulmablackboy: sudo apt-get install subversion14:58
k1l_AlexPortable: just install wine from the repo. that will install the right wine for you15:00
Sven_vBblackyboy, are you sure you don't want git instead? :D15:00
blackyboystreulma: I need to build a Subversion server15:00
blackyboySven_vB: clients request but i dont have idea15:00
streulmablackyboy: yes, we used it for years15:01
Sven_vBblackyboy, there should be an svn server included in the subversion package15:01
streulmablackyboy over SSL https 44315:01
Blenda (linux demos) hi all, does someone know how to launch this: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Linux_Demos , here i've dled the "realistic rendering demo". I've asked on #unreal chans, but no life for the moment15:01
AlexPortablek1l_: i did15:01
AlexPortablesudo apt-get install wine15:02
streulmaman, I want to use Ubuntu :( but it's doing so strange, who can help? :(15:03
zorgystrange? what do you mean?15:03
MarkyManHello @all...is there anyone can Help me???15:04
Blendaask your question15:04
streulmazorgy: glitches in screen, and maybe a known bug, Dash crashes when searching and open app15:04
MarkyManok...once..sorry for my bad english15:04
k1l_AlexPortable: ubuntus packagemanager is multiarch, so it will choose the right 32bit or 64 for you15:05
Crowe165Hi, does ubuntu discs include a uefi shell?15:05
MarkyMani have installed on a Android Stick ubuntu...it works..but one Problem i have. The System is on a 8gb SD Card..but i have in ubuntu only 2gb space...and only 260mb avaible15:05
cfhowlett!uefi | Crowe165,15:05
ubottuCrowe165,: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:05
MarkyMani have made 2 steps15:05
MarkyMan1:echo -e "d\nn\np\n1\n81921\n\nw" | sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk015:06
Crowe165I wanto to start the efi shell ...15:06
MarkyMan2:sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p115:06
MarkyManbut i still have 2gb space15:06
cfhowlettMarkyMan, 2 bg is not enough to install ubuntu.15:06
MarkyManbut unbutu says in System free space 260mb15:07
MarkyManany Idea?15:08
expungeMarkyMan: about what?15:10
expungeoh you want to resize15:11
KamuelaDoes anyone else find Chrome to be a real pain with these random profile corruption issues?15:16
expungeI find it to be a real pain in general15:16
expungeGoogle doesn't assemble software very well15:17
shubhoMarkyMan: try `sudo passwd`15:25
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : here i don't buy under 60, buy a 760 instead (i think)15:25
MarkyManis this then root pw?15:25
WhatsAnOuyaCould I ask your reasoning?15:25
shubhoMarkyman: user password15:25
Blendafind some benchs15:25
had0w-olgaВсем привет15:25
WhatsAnOuyaI was also hoping for something reasonably cheap.15:25
MarkyManshubho what?? Sorry i am a ubuntu noob ;-(15:25
shubhoMarkyMan: then it will ask you to set UNIX root password15:25
cfhowlett!ru | had0w-olga,15:25
ubottuhad0w-olga,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:25
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : budget?15:25
WhatsAnOuyaI was looking at a 750 because I see one available for £10715:25
WhatsAnOuyaUnder £200 really.15:25
=== DefectiveUser is now known as Guest31649
streulmahe, is anyone sometimes going to FOSDEM here?15:25
=== cz is now known as Guest47918
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : w815:26
GatisHi. How do i install flash plugin for chromium please?15:28
bluerfirst time test15:28
Patricky_Webbluer ?15:28
Patricky_WebWe  can see you15:29
bluersorry first time using an ırc :)15:29
GatisHi. How do i install flash plugin for chromium please?15:29
AlexPortableGatis: Hi. How do i wait for someone to answer ?15:30
Patricky_WebGatis one sec ill help you15:30
expungeGatis: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Flash15:30
BlendaWatsAnOuya : for 200 i found a 760 4Go, i'd choose this (my opinion)15:31
Patricky_Web:) expunge is faster than me lol15:31
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : for 200 i found a 760 4Go, i'd choose this (my opinion)15:31
hualet_deepinGatis: why not use chrome instead, it gets better support15:31
WhatsAnOuyaCould you send me a link pls?15:31
Gatishualet_deepin, true15:31
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : http://www.materiel.net/carte-graphique/ scroll down to find 4Go cards (french website in Euros)15:33
had0w-olga_Добрый день15:33
WhatsAnOuyaOk thanks :)15:33
had0w-olga_rus ? eng ?15:33
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : give yours15:33
GatisFirst time i hear Pepper Flash Player15:33
WhatsAnOuyaThe link I have for the 750?15:33
=== jiffe98 is now known as jiffe
MarkyMani need Help with installed questions..is there anyone with linux end levels who can help me??15:34
AlexPortablewhat are linux end levels?15:34
AlexPortablealso how did you install your questions MarkyMan ?15:34
MarkyManis it possible in a room??15:34
pavel_Zdarova narod!!!!15:34
GatisWhat's the pacakge for Google Chrome?15:35
tekkhi guys, my ubuntu server is stuck at “Waiting for network configuration”15:35
tekki know why (i fucked up the net config)15:35
tekkbut i can’t get past that now15:35
tekki’ve tried single user mode15:35
expungeGatis: what's wrong with chromium?15:36
AlexPortableMarkyMan: whats possible in a room?15:36
expungehualet_deepin: don't be ridiculous15:36
expungeGatis: chromium is fine, read the link I gave you15:36
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : http://www.ebuyer.com/546764-gigabyte-gtx-760-oc-4gb-gddr5-dual-dvi-hdmi-displayport-pci-e-graphics-gv-n760oc-4gd and http://www.ebuyer.com/643504-msi-gtx-760-gaming-oc-4gb-gddr5-dual-dvi-hdmi-displayport-pci-e-n760-tf-4gd5-oc15:36
AlexPortableWhatsAnOuya: ##hardware15:36
AlexPortableGatis: use firefox15:36
Gatisi ahve problems with firefox15:36
Gatisfont problems15:36
AlexPortablewhat font problems?15:37
WhatsAnOuyaThat looks great.15:37
MarkyManok..sorry for the bad english...i have install once with svn...but at the and there is an error: svn-base no spaceleft on device15:37
BlendaWhatsAnOuya : whats your comp specs? proc, ram, psu15:37
GatisAlexPortable, letters like āēīčšņ looks stranger than other fonts15:38
WhatsAnOuyaIntel i3. 8GB DDR3 RAM, not sure on the power supply though...15:38
zorgyfirefox works fine with Xubuntu, like it :)15:38
WhatsAnOuyaGood point.15:38
AlexPortableGatis: no idea how to solve that15:38
pavel_pidgin is good?15:39
XepoofBNC¥€æ, ŋ€n€®æłł, →ŧ ð€þ€nðß øn ŧħ€ ©ħæ® €nŋøð€→nŋ øđ ŧħ€ đønđ :P15:39
tekkany ideas?15:40
WhatsAnOuyaCould I ask what the GTX 760 requires to run properly regarding power?15:40
AlexPortableWhatsAnOuya: ##hardware15:40
XepoofBNCGatis : generally, the Ubuntu font solves those problems, and there are some font 'expansion packs' you can get via apt15:41
BlendaWhatsAnOuya check your mp15:41
Blendapm sorry15:41
AlexPortablemessage de privates? :p15:41
MarkyManwhat the fuxxxx...i will start Firefox..i didnt start..i want to make a profile...Profile not be created....maaaaaaaaaaaan15:41
Gatismaybe i need microsoft fonts?15:41
Blendamessage privé yess ;)15:41
WhatsAnOuyaFine I'll go. Thanks Blenda. :)15:42
Blendalol he quitted15:42
=== icetea is now known as Guest80142
BlendaMarkyman: you have to be patient in the first days on Linux, not the same Horse15:43
trijntjeMarkyMan: didn't you just say you ran out of disk space? Then its not wonder nothing works, you will need to remove some stuf first15:44
hualet_deepinjustvaow: hi ;)15:44
MarkyManbut know i have make a new partition..i have 6gb free space15:44
justvaowHello, i need some help if you guys don't mind.15:44
trijntjeMarkyMan: why do you have to make a new partition? How big is your partition now?15:44
cfhowlett!ask | justvaow,15:45
ubottujustvaow,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:45
justvaowOkay well then, my question is how do i get FileZilla to work, ive tried the software center it keeps giving me errors.15:45
MarkyManoh..ok..i have find the problem...i make the Profile in the new Partition..than it is ok...hm15:45
justvaowThen I downloaded from the official site and it gave me some random files15:45
cfhowlett!details | justvaow,15:46
ubottujustvaow,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)15:46
trijntjejustvaow: in ubuntu you always install software from the software center. So what errors do you get when you install it from the softwrae center?15:46
justvaowLet me check15:46
justvaowI click more info, use this source, and nothing happens15:48
justvaowFailed to download repos info check internet connection15:48
justvaowIs the error i get from the software center15:49
cfhowlettjustvaow, first report the outcome of this terminal command:   cat /etc/issue15:49
hualet_deepinjustvaow: try the command 'sudo apt-get update' and seek what does it give.15:49
justvaowOkay it looks like its updating15:50
MarkyMancan i make the system partiotion in ubuntu bigger???15:50
trijntjeMarkyMan: not while the system is in use, you have to start the pc from the usb/dvd again and use gparted to change the partitions. Be sure to make a backup of all data first15:51
k1l_MarkyMan: yes, but only if you boot a live system15:51
justvaowOkay its finished15:51
justvaowit says Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored15:51
=== rww_ is now known as rww
=== Azelphur_ is now known as Azelphur
YamakasYanyone building his own netinstall images ?15:52
justvaowand cat /ect/issue gives no file or directory15:52
k1l_!paste | justvaow15:52
ubottujustvaow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:52
cfhowlettjustvaow, what, exactly, did cat /etc/issue return?15:53
tekkwas the answer ;)15:53
justvaowHow do i copy from terminal?15:53
YamakasYs/f1/esc :P15:53
cfhowlett!paste | justvaow,15:53
ubottujustvaow,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:53
expungejustvaow: X term or outside of X?15:53
justvaow!paste this does not tell me how to copy from terminal15:54
ubottujustvaow: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:54
justvaowX term?15:54
justvaowWhat is the x term15:54
justvaow"yousufshad@yousufpc:~$ cat /ect/issue15:54
justvaowcat: /ect/issue: No such file or directory15:54
k1l_konsole. or is it the terminal program on the desktop?15:54
expungejustvaow: e-t-c15:54
cfhowlettjustavpw install and use pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:54
Bezagain i got stuck in the installation of "ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64" i am booting from the usb flash drive and choose to install inside win7 then i press the button "restart..." to complete the installation, but when the machine is rebooted its going back to the same screens over and over again. check md5sum is fine. help pls.15:54
mrvadon 15:54
expungejustvaow: use /e[TAB] if you need15:54
fribcan anyone recommend a good server for streaming audio ?15:54
expungefrib: icecast15:55
k1l_justvaow: etc not ect15:55
expungefrib: or ssh/fs15:55
cfhowlettBez, goes back to WHAT "same screen"?15:55
expungeBez: you're trying to do wubi?15:55
fribexpunge, ssh/fs?15:55
k1l_justvaow: 13.04 is ut of support. you need to update to 13.10 and then to 14.0415:56
cfhowlettjustvaow, 13.04 is dead and no longer supported - end of life.15:56
[z]orgyupadate to 14.04 ;)15:56
justvaowIs update a full reinstall or a quick update?15:56
cfhowlettjustvaow, or you can  download 14.04.1 and clean install15:56
justvaowWill i lose all my stuff?15:56
cfhowlettjustvaow, you cannot quick update.  you're out of the support window15:56
Bezscreens of chossing what kind of installation i want. i am new to ubuntu so i dont know waht wubi stands for.15:56
cfhowlettBez, "windows installer"15:57
expungefrib: mounting over ssh15:57
Bezwindows installer??15:57
k1l_justvaow: its an update. but a backup is clever, no matter if you update or not15:57
cfhowlettBez, did you use the windows/wubi installer?  yes or no ...15:57
[z]orgyyou wont lose anything15:57
ferranceladessomeone know how to create a dualboot with ubuntu on mac without using rEFI15:58
expungeferrancelades: can use GRUB15:58
expungeI don't know the specifics, though =)15:58
justvaowcfhowlett, does this mean when i update from 13.04 to 13.10 i will lose all my data/files like its a clean install?15:58
fribexpunge, i want to be able to browse my music collection from internet and stream songs on demand15:58
fribwith a UI that maybe also exists for phone e.g.15:58
cfhowlettjustvaow, if you don't format your /home you should be OK --- but you ARE going to back everything up first anyway.  right?  RIGHT?15:59
=== ferrancelades is now known as Fr0Zn
expungefrib: mmm15:59
expungefrib: there are some good walkthroughs for doing that with raspberry pis15:59
fribepxunge that's what i'm using15:59
hualet_deepinfrib: cherrymusic?15:59
justvaowcfhowlett well the stuff i have on here isn't important it just took like like a full day to figure out how to install each app i have (skype/utorrent/hexchat)16:00
fribhualet_deepin, ill check it out thx16:00
XepoofBNCjustvaow, apt16:00
XepoofBNCapt has all of these16:00
justvaowidk what apt is?16:00
XepoofBNCadvanced packaging tool16:00
XepoofBNCit's a command line utility for downloading things16:00
* expunge headdesks16:00
XepoofBNCsudo apt-get install skype hexchat16:00
justvaow"yousufshad@yousufpc:~$ cat /ect/issue16:01
justvaowcat: /ect/issue: No such file or directory16:01
justvaowoops sorry wrong chat16:01
XepoofBNCdat spelling16:01
MarkyManhm...is it no possible to make the system partition bigger wwithout live cd..it is no PC..it is an android stick...16:01
justvaow"Run the update-manager application from the Unity Dash or a command line"16:01
Bezcfhowlett, may be i dont know that i'm using wubi... i described early exactly what i did. any help pls16:01
justvaowHow do i run the update-manager these term are complex16:01
XepoofBNCsudo apt-get install skype hexchat : justvaow16:01
XepoofBNCand, ubuntu has transmission by default16:02
hualet_deepinjustvaow: open a terminal, type 'update-manager' in and hit enter16:02
justvaowAh okay thanks that would save a lot of time :)16:02
justvaowgod its updating my steam and stuff whyyyyy16:02
cfhowlettBez, describe what "stuck at the same screen" means.16:02
justvaowNOOO i just typed update-manager16:03
aantoonafter 2 days trying on my own, i need some help. did a fresh install ubuntu 12.04 32bit on a dell, has a 82865g integrated graphics controller. i can only start in recovery mode and only in a root shell. lshw gives "display unclaimed16:03
XepoofBNCmanages UPDATES..16:03
* XepoofBNC headdesks16:03
justvaowwell i needed to get into the settings i got it now thanks16:03
hualet_deepinjustvaow: you see, *update*-manager16:03
cfhowlettXepoofBNC, breath, man, breath16:03
XepoofBNCI only offer tech support for people that have 1 year of terminal use16:03
cfhowlettMarkyMan, you are visible16:04
justvaowOh, oops that would not include me then16:04
k1l_XepoofBNC: take a break to relax again. this is a beginners support channel, so dont freak out if someone doesnt understand all.16:04
XepoofBNCbai then16:04
justvaowBye :)16:05
MarkyManok..sorry..but i still Work now 10 days...i´m at the end16:05
justvaowoo yaay its upgrading to 13.1016:06
justvaowSee, i did that by myself, mostly16:06
k1l_justvaow: after that make the update to 14.04. then you have 5 years of time16:06
justvaowI shall :) k1l_ thanks for the help16:07
justvaowand you too cfhowlett16:07
cfhowlettjustvaow, happy2help16:07
xarWhat's the best UML tool for Ubuntu ?16:07
xarWhat's the best UML tool for Ubuntu ?16:08
aantoonusing internet from my laptop,16:08
cfhowlettxar, UML????16:08
xarcfhowlett, yes16:08
justvaowUnified modeling language16:08
streulmais it a known bug that Unity crashes (Dash) when browsing the dash and open apps?16:09
kostkonxar, start with dia. but there are others. just open the software centre, search for uml, read the descriptions, look at the screenshots etc.16:09
xarkostkon, dia doesn't generate code.16:09
kostkonxar, pick your favourite16:09
kostkonxar, oh you also want that16:09
xarkostkon, for sure16:09
Bezcfhowlett, when the machine boots from the usb i'm following the screens that ask me about the internet connection and if i want to install inside win7 or i want to replace the OS, and to complete the process of the installation there is a button restart the computer in order to in order to proceed. and when the machine is rebooted its start from the beginning... the same screens i mention16:10
cfhowlettBez, remove the USB and boot from the hard drvie16:10
trijntjeBez: that makes sense, if you keep booting from the usb the install starts again. So you have to remove the usb end then reboot16:11
trijntjestreulma: you can file a bug by typing 'ubuntu-bug unity' in the terminal16:12
Beztrijntje, thx i'll try it.16:12
trijntjefirst trigger the bug, then do that command and follow the directions you get16:12
[z]orgyDoes anyone use Xubuntu ?16:17
k1l_[z]orgy: some do (and now? :) )16:18
cfhowlett[z]orgy, of course.  ask your REAL question16:18
shubhoUbuntu 14.04, File manager shows an external drive having a btrfs filesystem as mounted, even if unmounted and removed, anybody any ideas ?16:18
=== friv is now known as frib
xarWhat's the best UML tool for Ubuntu ?16:20
shubhoUbuntu 14.04, File manager shows an external drive having a btrfs filesystem as mounted, even if unmounted and removed, anybody any ideas ? Even sudo umount /media/../mountpoint says device busy ??16:20
=== _|d0m|_ is now known as _|d0m|__
[z]orgyoh just to know... cause all my friends dont know it but it works fine on a 10 years old lappy16:20
=== _|d0m|__ is now known as __|d0m|__
streulmais there a proper way to update intel HD4000 drivers ?16:22
=== __|d0m|__ is now known as _|d0m|_
streulmanot the Intel way or xorg-edgers16:22
MarkyMan_So, here i am...;-)16:22
=== LarsN_ is now known as LarsN
jhutchins[z]orgy: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Desktops/ <- you can assume that every one of those projects has users, ranging from perhaps a few dozen committed developers to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.16:23
Blenda (linux demos) hi all, does someone know how to launch this: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Linux_Demos , here i've dled the "realistic rendering demo". i tried to run the "realistic rendering" file, the icon shows loading progress, and nothing. Trying to launch the .pak gives nothing? What the Hell?!16:24
=== Guest80142 is now known as icecream-
xarwhat's the best UML tool which includes code-generation, please?16:24
jhutchinsstreulma: Intel graphics drivers have been pretty stable for several years now.16:24
streulmajhutchins from where the glitches then? black blocks on Macbook Pro 13 inch 201216:25
thechahi everybody i need urgent help for my ubuntu 12 installation16:25
jhutchinsBlenda: I think you'd have to ask the unreal folks about that.16:25
CodeGosuhi there, if i copy single parition with ubuntu from 1 hard drive to another harddrive, after grub repair, whould it just work? do any parts in ubuntu config files bind to some specific device name that would prevent a stupid simple copy?16:25
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages16:26
eeeeCodeGosu: use dd16:26
thechai have a live usb as an external OS16:26
thechait is not a start usb16:26
jhutchinsCodeGosu: No, that would work.  You would want to use something like clonezilla or a live disk so that you are not running from the partition you're copying.16:26
jhutchinsthecha: You mean the USB does not boot?  How did you create it?16:27
Blendajhutchins : yeah done but no answer for an hour16:28
=== amphibian is now known as Guest59141
jhutchinsBlenda: I would expect that you would need to use their forums and/or mailing list, and expet a response time of days, not hours.16:29
Blendajhutchins u're right, but at is a "simple" linux question, i was hoping help here.16:30
eike_52nHi there. I am having problems with remmina running on ubuntu 14.04 and trying to connect to another 14.04 server instance via SSH. Error received is: "ssh_userauth_password: Wrong state during pending SSH call"16:36
eike_52nIs this a known problem?16:36
nibbler_eike_52n: normal ssh connection from commandline works fine?16:36
eike_52nI am asking here before posting a bug report to launchpad, nibbler_16:37
shubhoUbuntu 14.04, File manager shows an external drive having a btrfs filesystem as mounted, even if unmounted and removed, anybody any ideas ?16:39
=== |Aerides| is now known as Aerides
Bezi tryed to reboot directly fron the hard drive but i didnt get any sign of ubuntu16:44
[z]orgyi gotta go, have fun! cyas ;)16:46
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
IdealienI'm getting GPG BADSIG errors on apt-get update - http://paste.ubuntu.com/8160877/ - which attempts like sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys [keysig] do not resolve. Looking for additional ways to resolve this issue.16:47
tirdtoonjoin #yii16:47
YamakasYguys which keyring am I missing ? Ign http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com:80 trusty Release                             No keyring installed in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/.16:49
AlexPortableI have some partitions, winre, boot, windows, ubuntu16:49
AlexPortablewhich one should i set to bootable to disable windows 8 built in boot manager?16:50
AlexPortableuefi bios16:50
jhutchinseike_52n: I'd see if they have any trobleshooting docs - check /usr/share/doc/remmina... and the project website.16:50
eike_52njhutchins, I am currently building the latest version following https://github.com/FreeRDP/Remmina/wiki/Compile-on-Ubuntu-14.04 to see if it is a ubuntu or remmina bug16:55
TJ-Idealien: Looks like the mirror is updating, with the Release and Release.gpg files not yet fully updated16:57
TJ-Idealien: The other cause is a local captive portal or HTTP proxy returning its own page without a 404 error, causing apt to save it as a valid Release file16:58
IdealienTJ: Thx - How can you tell eta to done and/or when it started? Been hitting this wall most of morning16:58
IdealienTJ: I suspect the latter scenario at my current location.16:59
TJ-Idealien: I dealt with a genuine bad signature on the .de mirror a few days ago; I'm actually just completing a program that verifies the signatures on all the mirrors worldwide16:59
MrJones_I sent an email to security@ubuntu.com which is officially announced on http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/ about CVE-2014-5461 and there is still no response (that was 4 days ago)17:00
MrJones_red hat and ubuntu both replied in less than 12 hours17:00
MrJones_err sorry red hat and debian17:01
MrJones_so maybe there is an issue with your security team17:01
xarI'm trying to install a software on ubuntu, after doing all the necassary (.desktop file, etc), I've found 2 apps having the same name into classicmenu-indicator. How do I to fix this, please ?17:01
hamza_where areyou from ?17:02
IdealienTJ- How would I debug whether it is firewall or mirror issue?17:03
MonkeyDustxar  right click the menu, edit, delete one of the entries17:03
hamza_and what are you doing here ??17:03
MonkeyDustxar  or uncheck one, so it doenst show in the menu17:03
xarMonkeyDust, I can't right click on classicmenu-indicator17:03
TJ-Idealien: gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --verify <(wget -O - http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release.gpg 2>/dev/null) <(wget -O - http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release.gpg 2>/dev/null)17:04
TJ-gpg: Signature made Wed 25 Apr 2012 23:49:42 BST using DSA key ID 437D05B517:04
TJ-gpg: BAD signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"17:04
wudoI am looking for a new laptop for ubuntu OS17:05
TJ-Idealien: Sorry, there was a critical typo in the second filename - should have been "/Release" not "/Release.gpg" ! The command verifies the file on the server: "gpg: Good signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"17:05
popeyMrJones_: you can speak to the security team in #ubuntu-hardened17:06
TJ-Idealien: So, you've got a local proxy issue17:06
wudoany suggestion ?17:06
hamza_a cheap one i guess Wudo17:06
xarhow to search a word on all of the files of my ubuntu system ?17:07
PsynoKhi0hey, do I need to use a 64bit version of Ubuntu to create a bootable USB of a 64bit ISO with Ubuntu's LiveUSB creator?17:07
wudoI don't care about much about money17:07
hamza_then any laptop can do it17:07
xarhow to search a word on all of the files of my ubuntu system ?17:07
wudoBut it has to just work with Linux out of box17:07
hamza_I mean holding the ubuntu system !17:08
wudodo  man arc17:08
reversibleanI'm experiencing slow boot times. This is causing the delay:17:09
reversiblean[   14.837398 <    8.990911>] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x00000b00-0x00000b07 conflicts with OpRegion 0x00000b00-0x00000b07 (\SM00) (20140424/utaddress-258)17:09
reversiblean[   19.477857 <    4.640459>] init: failsafe main process (601) killed by TERM signal17:09
MrJones_popey: thanks will do17:09
rwwPsynoKhi0: no17:10
geniiPsynoKhi0: All you need to do is just dd the ISO file to the USB stick/drive, it is a hybrid image that doesn't need any special converting to boot from USB17:11
PsynoKhi0rww, ok thank you17:11
xarhow to search a word on all of the files of my ubuntu system ?17:11
zimbresxar, grep -R17:12
Nic343Hello! I upgraded to 14.04 and now everything is pretty much broken.17:14
MonkeyDustNic343  define "pretty much broken"17:15
shubhoUbuntu 14.04, File manager shows an external drive having a btrfs filesystem as mounted, even if unmounted and removed, anybody any ideas ?17:16
Nic343MonkeyDust: When I login I just get my desktop image, but no icons or tiles; I tried 'sudo startx' in console, got my desktop files, but nothing else. Then I rebooted, and now when I try to login the screen goes blank for a second, then returns me to the login screen. I'm pretty new at this, so sorry if I'm a little noobish.17:16
expungexar: will take forever17:16
Nic343MonkeyDust: I tried running the boot repair utility off USB (results: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8160316/).17:17
Nic343MonkeyDust: Any help would be super appreciated!17:17
MonkeyDustNic343  and what video card is that17:19
Nic343MonkeyDust: Asus x1617:19
Nic343MonkeyDust: Sorry, Asus x165017:20
Nic343MonkeyDust: Between the login loop and the non-loading desktop I'm pretty lost17:20
IdealienTJ- Along with some permissions errors I do get gpg: Signature made Wed 25 Apr 2012 10:49:42 PM UTC using DSA key ID 437D05B5 which matches what you suggested....17:20
TJ-Nic343: If you used "sudo startx" the "/home/$USER/,Xauthority" file will likely now be owned by 'root'. "sudo rm /home/$USER/.Xauthority" should allow the log-in to succeed again, but you'll still have the Unity disappearing panel to deal with17:21
ty812Does anyone here use everpad successfully?17:21
netlarMy google account is not connecting in Evolution. The program is getting the login information from the Online accounts section of Ubuntu.  Should I be adding the account into Evolution directly instead?17:22
Nic343MonkeyDust: Stupid question but I need to swap $USER with my actual username right17:22
TJ-Idealien: You might just need to remove APT's files in "/var/lib/apt/lists/" and redo "apt-get update" to fetch them again... after ensuring that no HTTP proxy is interfering17:22
nucterAre there free software drivers for Intel HD 4400 GPU?17:23
philinuxnucter;~ yep from intel17:23
IdealienTJ- Thanks. I commented out extras for the moment which it seems is giving primary offense and apt-get update completes successful. Will re-test on another network later for full resolution.17:23
tim__I'm having a Problem with my Keyboard: When I press the right arrow, it types ,*-    How can I fix this? Also the Numpad goes crazy17:23
Nic343MonkeyDust: My computer is dual-boot; I'm in my windows install right now. I'll have to reboot, try things out, and come back to IRC. :D17:24
TJ-Nic343: When a user is logged in, the shell sets the variable "USER" to the username, so using "USER" will put the correct username into the shell command as it was given to you, without you needing to change it in any way17:24
philinuxnucter;~ search for intel linux driver17:24
nucterphilinux: where can i get them?17:24
Nic343TJ-: oh ok thanks.17:24
=== e is now known as Guest76653
TJ-Nic343: "$USER" simply replaces "$USER" with the value of the "USER" variable; in my case it'd result in "/home/tj/.Xauthority"17:25
ObrienDavenucter, https://01.org/linuxgraphics/17:25
=== hemc_ is now known as hemc
Nic343TJ-: Okay. Should I try fixing the login loop issue, then return to IRC and see if we can do anything about the missing Unity panel bit?17:26
=== mybit_ is now known as mybit
expungee: terrible nick17:26
TJ-Nic343: Yes... this is the easy fix! The Unity disappearing panels is affecting many users and so far no definitive solution for all causes has been found17:26
=== angel is now known as Guest62403
Nic343TJ-: Oh dear. I have a lot of work over in that install...17:27
andlabsHi. How do I DISABLE kde wallet ssh forwarding so I can enter myu ssh key on the command line? Thanks.17:27
Nic343TJ-: Anyway I will restart, boot into ubuntu, and report back on the login loop.17:27
TJ-Nic343: OK :)17:28
philinuxnucter;~ https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads17:28
desperate_joegood evening... absolute noob... wine and civ4 problem... installed wine 1.7 yesterday, i succeeded in installing civ4 with wine in ubuntu 14, civ does not run17:28
expungedesperate_joe: read this: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1015817:29
=== qsl is now known as gvo
nucterphilinux ObrienDave: thank you both, now trying to figure out how to install from source17:30
philinuxnucter;~ why source?17:30
ObrienDavenucter, there are instructions on the 01.org site17:30
desperate_joehave read that, did not understand it17:30
nuctercoz im running debian17:31
expungedesperate_joe: then you're fairly SOL, unless playonlinux covers civ417:31
nucterso ubuntu insller might not work on this machine17:31
ObrienDavenucter, ask in #debian17:32
philinuxnucter;~ try install with gdebi17:32
nucteri did17:32
ObrienDaveand why did debian send you here?17:32
philinuxnucter;~ save file then use gdebi17:32
desperate_joe@expunge? what's sol?17:33
nucternot many willing to help guess my quests are too noobish17:33
MonkeyDustnucter  why did you come to the ubuntu channel if you're running something else?17:33
TJ-nucter: You likely need a v3.15 kernel, from the Ubuntu mainline kernel archive17:33
philinuxTJ-;~ or older driver version17:33
expungedesperate_joe: supré outta luck17:33
ObrienDaveno i run the latest Intel drivers on 3.13 kernel17:34
nucteri have kernal 3.1417:34
desperate_joe@expunge: the link mentions making a script... what's that/how?17:34
expungedesperate_joe: either it says or it doesn't17:34
desperate_joeit says what? don't understand the question right now17:35
nucterMonkeyDust coz ubuntu shares the most with deb? n im new to this stuff sorry if it offended you17:35
xarHow to look for files in a specific directory which contain a specific word, please?17:35
philinuxnucter;~ gdebi willl check dependancies17:35
Nic343TJ-, MonkeyDust: Okay! The login loop issue has been resolved. I can log in to my.... desktop background. When I do, I get the following message: "System Program Problem Detected" and asks if I should report it. Then just my mouse cursor and background.17:36
OerHeksxar, cd /to/the/folder # grep -r "thewordyouwant" *17:36
philinuxObrienDave;~ gdebi shows this error intel-linux-graphics-installer: misplaced-extra-member-in-deb _gpgorigin (unexpected member at position 3)17:38
underplayi using amarok 2.8.0 and when i search in the playlist he wrong entry gets selected and the one i searched fo doesnt show up in the reuslts17:38
philinuxObrienDave;~ Lintian finished with exit status 117:39
xarOerHeks, thank you !17:39
Nic343TJ-, MonkeyDust: I should mention I tried googling the problem and following instructions for something called Unity-Tweak-Tool but that did not work.17:39
Nic343More generally: if I am having a problem post-upgrade where, after login, I only have my desktop background, what should I do? Are any of the suggestions here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/449845/problems-after-upgrading-to-14-04-only-background-and-pointer-after-login liable to make things worse?17:40
hemci guess alot of system admin here ,i want to create some crawlers to fecth whois dat from sites like godaddy  and storeit on my db  , just like domintools.com , can anyone please guide17:41
ObrienDavephilinux, sounds like a bad d/l, try again17:41
MarkyMan_so i have not solve my Problem with the Partition17:42
MarkyMan_can anybody help me?17:42
expungeMarkyMan_: /usr/bin/fixproblem17:43
philinuxObrienDave;~ same error in the lintian output17:43
OerHeksNic343, fix1 and fix2 seems valid to me, i think fix1 should do the trick17:43
philinuxObrienDave;~ maybe a bad gpg key17:43
expungeMarkyMan_: hrmm?17:43
philinuxObrienDave;~ this is the 1.0.6 version17:43
ObrienDavephilinux, i dunno, i have no problems with the installer in gdebi17:44
philinuxObrienDave;~ any idea what that error means17:44
=== terry is now known as Guest67869
ObrienDavelet me run it again17:44
Nic343OerHeks: Will reboot into ubuntu and see what happens17:44
philinuxObrienDave;~ its under the lintian tab17:45
Guest67869need help installing web cam ubuntu 14......two days of searching and nothing working....cam is  Creative PD 1120 ...   PLEASE  dont send me links,  I have tried everything17:45
expungeGuest67869: what's lsusb say about it?17:46
Guest67869expunge,   hang on17:46
desperate_joe"NO_PUBKEY A902DDA375E52366" What does this mean?17:48
Guest67869expunge,  sees the camera but it dosnt show in devices  and i tried the terminal command for vlc  but nothing17:48
expungeGuest67869: hrmm?17:48
sarinkrm -r /path/to/dir/*  will fail if 'dir' is empty? is there some other command that will keep going?17:48
ObrienDavedesperate_joe, it means you should add the public GPG key17:48
expungesarink: what now?17:48
desperate_joeWhat is that and how to do it?17:48
expungesarink: what is it you want to do17:48
Guest67869expunge, not familiar with that...please explain  thank you17:48
expungeGuest67869: can you share the output of 'lsusb' ?17:49
sarinkexpunge: i want to empty all files from a directory, but that directory may already be empty, and if it is i do not want the command to fail17:49
ObrienDavedesperate_joe, try researching it17:49
Guest67869expunge, it is 7 lines,,, can I share here?17:49
expungesarink: why, using && ?17:49
desperate_joetried it, but did not find a step by step guide17:49
sarinkexpunge: yes17:49
expungeGuest67869: dpaste.com17:49
Guest67869expunge, hang on17:50
expungesarink: you can test this yourself, but && will not fail17:50
philinuxObrienDave;~ did u see that error?17:50
sarinkexpunge: it is...17:50
expungesarink: what is what?17:50
Guest67869expunge, http://dpaste.com/1ZPF25A17:50
expungesarink: oh, use -f17:50
expungesorry I use -f out of habit17:50
philinuxdesperate_joe;~ see this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122132317:50
sarinkexpunge: ahh. perfect. thanks17:50
zacharyigielmantry 'find . -type f -delete'17:50
ObrienDavephilinux, i get no such error17:51
philinuxObrienDave;~ is that the 1.0.6 64 bit file17:51
philinuxObrienDave;~ odd then17:51
expungeGuest67869: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92610117:52
jaccobHow can you do a recursive function call for an anonymous function. I have myanonfunc = func(){ ... myanonfunc(); }; but it doesn't work17:52
ObrienDavephilinux, trying to get the terminal output, give me a minute17:52
ronaldsmazirishello, what is kernoops process and user?17:52
desperate_joe@philinux: thanks, resolved17:53
Guest67869expunge, unable to locate package17:54
philinuxObrienDave;~ http://ibin.co/1YIKDYMLSmT117:55
expungeGuest67869: keep looking then17:55
ronaldsmazirishello, what is kernoops process and user17:56
expungeronaldsmaziris: dpkg -l | grep -i kerneloops17:57
ObrienDavephilinux, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8161382/17:58
Nic343Hello, I am back!18:00
Nic343I have tried fixes (1) and (2) from this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/449845/problems-after-upgrading-to-14-04-only-background-and-pointer-after-login18:00
Nic343Unfortunately, it did not work. In both cases the side panel appeared, but the computer immediately froze up with significant digital artifacts on the desktop background image and the "system program problem detected" error message18:01
eeeeNic343: did you try to remove the compiz config files?18:01
Nic343I went back to console with Alt-Ctrl-F1 and rebooted.18:01
mystoganhello....my wallpaper keeps changing when i start my laptop?why is that?18:02
eeeeNic343: nevermind18:02
Nic343eeee: I'm not sure if I have? Sorry if that sounds dumb. I literally have no idea what I am doing. I am following console instructions to the letter and hoping it magically fixes whatever is wrong.18:02
eeeeNic343: ok, good luck18:03
mystoganhello eeee....my wallpaper keeps changing when i start my laptop?why is that?18:04
mystoganubuntu 14.0418:04
Nic343I'm getting pretty desperate. Anyone have any experience with these kinds of problems?18:05
eeeeNic343: it happens sometimes, the guide you linked to has pretty much most of the solutions18:06
mariannecan anyone recommend a decent app for torrent downloads for 14.04?18:06
eeeemystogan: sorry, no idea18:06
Blendamarianne : transmission18:06
=== jonas_ is now known as Guest35390
Guest67869expunge, http://dpaste.com/19YZWST18:06
mariannethanks guys, found it in the software center18:07
notoreif you use ls -l it shows file creation time? if you use find -ctime +1 it checks against last file modified time?18:08
Nic343eeee: Well, I will have to see what can be done, then.18:08
mystoganmarianne,transmission must be already installed ,no need to download18:09
Nic343Is there a phone support hotline from Canonical? Like, I am willing to pay money for live support?18:09
ronaldsmazirisTNx, expunge18:09
mariannemystogan: yes it is already installed...coolio18:09
eeeeNic343: i don't know, i'm sure people on this channel can help out18:10
notoreif you use ls -l it shows file creation time? if you use find -ctime +1 it checks against last file modified time?18:11
mystogannic343,whats wrong?18:11
eeeenotore: yeah, i thought you were giving someone advice, what are you trying to do?18:11
=== Rylee_ is now known as Rylee
Nic343mystogan: I upgraded to 14.04 and after login I only have my desktop background, no panels, no icons.18:12
mystogando you have windows?18:12
mystogandual booted?18:12
jhutchinsNic343: Try (creating and) logging in as a different user.18:12
Nic343mystogan: tried some console fixes, brought the sidepanel back but also froze everything.18:12
notoreeeee: i want to find files which werent modified for X days and then delete them and in order to test if it works i wanted to use touch command to change last file modified time but i cant18:12
mystogannic343.do you have windows dual booted?18:13
notoretouch --date="2012-01-01" file doesn't change last modified time18:13
Nic343mystogan: I am in my windows install right now (dual boot)18:13
jhutchinsnotore: Use the find command.18:13
mystoganwhich graphic drivers do you have?18:13
notorejhutchins: use find command to change last modified date of a file?18:13
Nic343jhutchins: I'll try that, not sure I *can* create a new user. Login is as guest has the same effectr18:13
OerHeksNic343, windows 8 ?18:13
mystogannic343,which graphic drivers do you have?18:13
mystogannic343,amd or nvidia?18:14
Nic343OerHeks: eh, WinXP, I never use it except in emergencies!18:14
jhutchinsNic343: Had you logged in as guest before the upgrade?18:14
Nic343mystogan: it's an old asusx1650 --- it's a work computer for LaTeX etc. not gaming18:14
philinuxObrienDave;~ ok so installs ok despite lintian error18:14
Nic343jhutchins: nope!18:14
notoreso it impossible?18:14
mystogannic343,go to windows and try reinstalling the drivers....18:15
mystoganworked with mine18:15
llorephieHelp please, error and sources.list content: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8161487/18:15
mystoganthe graphic drivers i mean18:15
jhutchinsNic343: ok, so there probably wasn't a profile to be "upgraded" by the new install.  This points to it being a system problme rather than a problem with your user settings/customization.18:15
Nic343mystogan: the video drivers? tried that, yeah.18:15
jhutchinsmystogan: Why would graphics drivers affect some components of the desktop but not others?18:16
ObrienDavephilinux, i dunno, i get no lintian errors18:16
Nic343jhutchins: It seems like the upgrade broke video card support? I really don't know.18:16
geirhanotore: mtime is last time the file content was modified, ctime is last time the file metadata was changed (e.g. chmod), atime is last time the file was accessed.18:16
philinuxObrienDave;~ what does gdebi show under your lintiant output tab18:17
mystoganjhutchins,i had the same problem once....later i got a message called the system is working in low graphics mode.....spent days to resolve it.....then i tried this18:17
geirhanotore: touch --date='2012-01-01' file  changes the mtime18:17
mystoganand worked18:17
Nic343mystogan, jhutchins: i tried some other console commands and got this message: 'dconf: cannot autolaunch d-bus without X11 $DISPLAY"18:17
Nic343no idea what that means!18:17
desperate_joegood night all, thanks for the help18:17
notoregeirha: and ls -l show mtime?18:17
geirhanotore: correct18:17
notoregeirha: does mv command changed metadata, ctime?18:18
philinuxObrienDave;~ thats odd i got three messages there18:18
llorephieAnybody?... Appeared after # dpkg --add-architecture i38618:18
mystogannic 343,did you try compiz or unity?18:18
geirhanotore: ls -lc will show ctime18:18
ObrienDavephilinux, http://i.imgur.com/rFI7Kv3.png18:18
Nic343mystogan: I tried fixes (1) and (2) from http://askubuntu.com/questions/449845/problems-after-upgrading-to-14-04-only-background-and-pointer-after-login and also ran unity-tweak-tool from console.18:19
geirhanotore: or use the stat command to see all at once18:19
Nic343mystogan: to be honest... I'm not 100% clear on teh difference between compiz and unity... sorry for being such a filthy casual. :\18:19
philinuxObrienDave;~ ah maybe cos its already installed maybe?18:19
notoreoh stat is nice18:19
ObrienDavei did a reinstall18:19
mystogani am sorry dude.....i tried my best18:20
geirhanotore: if you mv within the same filesystem, only atime will be updated18:20
expungeNic343: compiz is a window manager, unity is a frontend to gnome that utilizes compiz18:20
eeeenotore: find /path/to/dir -mtime +<days> -exec rm -rf {} \;18:20
ObrienDavephilinux, i did a reinstall, yes that could be18:20
eeeenotore: that should find all delete all files modified after <days> , but test it out first before using it18:20
expungenotore: might want to run that without the -exec first18:20
mystoganneed help for nic343,somebody attend18:20
eeeereplace rm -rf {} with echo {}18:20
notoregeirha: i just moved file to the parent directory and only ctime was changed and i suppose its same filesystem18:20
Nic343Expunge: thanks. I realize my problem is vague, which is compounded by my ignorance of the guts of the OS.18:21
expungeNic343: no worries18:21
geirhanotore: oops, sorry, yes, I meant ctime18:21
Nic343I'll try this out? http://itsfoss.com/fix-unity-freezes-after-login-ubuntu-14-04/18:21
geirhanotore: if it's between two filesystems, mv will do the equivalent of cp and rm instead18:22
Nic343Otherwise I just need to backup some stuff from the filesystem and reinstall from scratch I guess.18:22
notoreeeee: i want to delete all files starting the time since they were moved to archive folder so i should use ctime18:22
Nic343Windows doesn't "see" my Ubuntu documents though---anyway around that?18:22
=== Rosa is now known as Jarboe
mystogannic343,i dont think that will work.....but give it a try18:23
mystogannic343 ,backup through ubuntu terminal18:23
ObrienDaveNic343, there is a "hack" to read ext file systems under Windows. i don't know anything more about it18:23
=== toejam100 is now known as dmblue
Nic343mystogan: the closest I got was with sudo startx that gave me my desktop icons and filesystem access but no sidepanel. I will try and move my files using that method. Is there a good link with instructions for backing up via terminal?18:24
llorephieNic343: for view Linux filesystem in Win try use Paragon ExtFS (free)18:25
eeeeNic343: try to reinstall lightdm, sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm18:25
ObrienDaveNic343, have you tried installing another DE, uninstalling unity and reinstalling?18:25
mystoganobriendave,it didnt work18:25
Nic343llorephie: thanks, will have a look at that18:26
Nic343eeee: added to the list of things to try!18:26
llorephieHelp please, error and sources.list content: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8161487/18:26
llorephieAppeared after `dpkg --add-architecture i386` (try to make own install LiveCD with i386-packages :-) )18:26
Nic343ObrienDave: sorry what is acronym DE?18:27
BeldarNic343, The supported way to share between the two OS is a ntfs partition that both can access.18:27
ObrienDaveDesktop Environment18:27
dmblueDesktop Environment18:27
=== kirkland` is now known as kirkland
mystogannic343,the last option is try 12.04,eventhough its not, related give a try18:27
* ObrienDave agrees with Beldar 18:28
Nic343dmblue: thanks--so the idea here is install another DE via console and see?18:28
=== kirkland is now known as Guest82850
Nic343mystogan: I'd love to revert back to 12.04 at this point :P18:28
ObrienDaveNic343, the idea is to have a DE gui, purge Unity and reinstall18:29
ObrienDave*add a new18:29
mystoganyes purge unity again and reinstall18:29
Nic343ObrienDave: Okay so maybe try like apt-get install lubuntu-desktop  something like that?18:30
=== Guest82850 is now known as kirkland`
mystogansudo apt-get install unity18:30
Nic343Heck if lubuntu works and it's not ugly I will 100% keep it18:31
ObrienDaveNic343, i would recommend xubuntu-desktop. i'm partial ;P18:31
=== tcpman is now known as Guest31240
* ObrienDave runs Xubuntu ;P18:31
* llorephie runs Ubuntu Studio :D18:32
Nic343Okay, thanks everyone. I will reboot the PC, and try installing a new DE to see what happens.18:32
Nic343Will login to report back if it doesn't work, or if it does work, just to say thanks :D18:32
mystogannic343,all the best18:32
ObrienDavewe'll be here, good luck18:32
mystogandid ubuntu get released to mobiles??18:33
ObrienDavenot yet18:33
mystoganobriendave,will they??18:34
llorephiemystogan: yes =)18:34
llorephiemystogan: 14.10, I think...18:34
ObrienDavemystogan, when it's READY ;))18:35
llorephiePeople... What is it =_=18:35
llorephieW: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/Release  Unable to find expected entry 'partner/binary-i383/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)18:35
geniimystogan: The Meizu MX3 will be currently shipping with Android but will offer an OTA update for Ubuntu Touch18:35
mystoganyeah..lets wait18:35
dmbluei will stick to android on my phone18:35
mystoganubuntu will dominate18:36
dmbluemystogan: you really think so?18:36
llorephiemystogan: not sure. Ubuntu need much hardware resources18:36
dmbluewhy do you say that?18:36
mystoganyeah..once hardware resources are available18:37
llorephiemystogan: Only in Linux community.18:37
mystoganis there terminal for android?18:37
dmbluei don think so, i really dont think there is room for anymore mobile os18:37
dmbluesamsung is taking a big chance with their new OS18:38
MonkeyDustdmblue  take that discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic, please18:38
mystogani installed python console in android .....and the console worked18:38
mystoganlike terminal18:38
llorephiemystogan: gg. Android is half-linux system18:38
llorephiemystogan: So, much features available18:39
llorephieGrr-h. There is really nothing in Google =\18:39
mystoganmight be,dont know much about android18:39
GatisThink about Jesus better18:40
llorephieGatis: Agnostic ;)18:40
GatisDon't need to fight about unimportant things18:40
mystoganany more queries??18:41
llorephieGatis: I neeeeeeed this custom install ISO...18:41
GatisYoucan live without it18:41
GatisYou just need Jesus, daily bread and clothes18:41
mystogananyone uses vi editor??18:42
mystogangedit vs vi?18:42
bekksmystogan: Just ask your actual question.18:42
llorephieGatis: Can`t... On work yesterday I need to install Ubuntu Studio on 25 monoblocks... Without Internet18:42
llorephiemystogan: vim18:42
igurdvim has a steep learning curve18:43
igurdbut it's better.18:43
ObrienDaveoops, wrong OS ;P18:43
Gatisim tired of technology18:43
GatisI hate it18:44
dmblueme too18:44
Gatisi pray God help me to rest from it18:44
llorephieObrienDave: GitHub atom ;)18:44
ObrienDavegood, then go away18:44
ObrienDavellorephie, LOL18:44
GatisSick sick sick sick sick scik of technology18:44
GatisI wish world would be 1 day without thecnology18:45
geniiGatis: Please remain on topic for this channel18:45
mystoganyes 1 day18:45
Keramekialways can be an Amish18:45
Gatissatan is destroyin mankind trough internet.. IN fact internet is the cause why americans have lost faith in God.18:45
ObrienDaveGatis, and yet you're using technology to rant OT18:46
Gatisstupid techno18:46
geniiGatis: This is your last warning to remain on topic of Ubuntu support or be removed18:46
Gatisgenial, can you please start think like a human not a robot, please?18:46
Blendasoon we will read about conspiracy theories18:46
llorephieGrr-h... So close =_=18:47
Gatisplease, admins are like robots and bots programmed18:47
BlendaGatis, whats your purpose here, being banned?18:47
ObrienDavepeople, this is Ubuntu SUPPORT, not anti-technology rant room18:47
Beldarignore trolling don't enable it18:47
geniiIf anyone else feels like discussing their hate of technology or the part of religion in it, please go to #ubuntu-offtopic and not here18:48
mystoganroger that,genii18:48
Blendacan also create your own chan18:48
nullsigncan you enable traffic counters on virtual interfaces?18:49
nullsignso they are split from the parent interface counters?18:49
dmbluenullsign: yes18:49
nullsigntell me how please :)18:49
Ojodoes anyone know why I would get unable to read /etc/init.d/teamspeak when doing update-rc.d teamspeak defaults ? teamspeak is a script I put in root folder18:49
mystoganhello....my wallpaper keeps changing when i start my laptop ....ubuntu 14.04?why is that?18:49
Blendamystogan: maybe you installed a background randomizer or something?18:51
dmblue nullsign what version are you running18:51
mystoganblenda,how do i know that?18:51
nullsignah crap. im running centos on this box18:51
nullsignthought it was ubuntu18:51
geniimystogan: I found an old bug report that if your wallpapers are on a different drive this can happen18:51
nullsignmaybe the method is similar tho?18:51
Blendamystogan: same here18:51
dmbluesorry not sure about centos18:51
nullsignhow do you do it in ubuntu?18:52
mystogangenii,its in ubuntu pictures18:52
dmblueyou can use ipac-ng18:52
carbonkeyanyone want to field a vague and potentially frustrating question?18:52
geniimystogan: Hm, probably not that then.18:52
dmbluecarbonkey: shoot18:52
nullsigndmblue: so there is no native way to make virtual interfaces have traffic counters/18:53
nullsignit requires thirdparty s/w?18:53
carbonkeywell, my grandfather's computer is running ubuntu 12.0418:53
carbonkeyand, remotely, i am trying to figure out what problem he's having and find a solution18:53
dmbluenullsign: that is the way i have done it in the past18:53
mystoganand one more thing..whenever my laptop starts i get an error report......EVERYTIME18:53
Beldarcarbonkey, state it all in one post without the extra info in detail.18:53
carbonkeysure, sorry18:54
eeeemystogan: pressing details could reveal the mystery?18:54
Beldarcarbonkey, Cool gets lost otherwise.18:54
mystoganeeee, i will check18:54
carbonkeyhe failed a upgrade installation from 12.04 to 14, and of course he closed the error prompt, but i did get him to send some screenshots.  His desktop icons have yellow checkers across them (his hotbar icons rather) and after a restart they went solid light blue18:55
=== BlueShark_ is now known as BlueShark
samthewildoneGot this error when trying to partition/wipe my usb "http://pastebin.com/cG25BKwR"18:56
carbonkeyother than that the system functionality seems to be unnafected except for an issue with skype audio18:56
samthewildoneTrying to wipe my usb drive, turn it into fat32.18:56
dmbluecarbonkey: my guess is an issue with graphics driver that is affecting the DE (Desktop Environment)18:56
Beldarcarbonkey, Run a sudo apt-get -f install to make sure the upgrade basically finished and run a rest on the unity/compiz and load any graphic drivers needed.18:57
ObrienDavecarbonkey, ok, we'll try to fix one thing at a time18:57
Beldarreset* carbonkey18:57
mystoganyes DE problem....18:57
eeeemystogan: apport, the error checking program, can be disabled safely btw, by editing /etc/default/apport and setting it to 1, i think18:57
dmbluedoes anybody know of a way to make terminal windows snap with each other18:57
eeeedmblue: tile?18:58
carbonkeyi'm sorry for my unfamiliarity with the linux/unix environment but, is that something I can easily do remotely?  I am very doubtful that I could get him to run that over the phone18:58
ObrienDavecarbonkey, get him to run xchat and join us here18:59
mystoganeeee, set this to 0 to disable apport, or to 1 to enable it19:00
mystogan# you can temporarily override this with19:00
mystogan# sudo service apport start force_start=119:00
mystoganeeee,thats how it is,..19:00
dmattHi, I want to migrate from 2 hdd install (/ and encrypted /home) to one ssd install with two partitions. If I dd partitions to new ssd, will encrypted /home partition still work?19:00
eeeeok, set to 0,19:00
dmbluei guess you can always use CTRL+windowskey +arrow keys19:01
carbonkeyI could hardly get the screenshots out of him, i'm almost 100% certain that he would not be able to do anything from his end.  He is over 90 now and my uncle got him this linux box.  I'm in a pinch here trying to fix it without getting my grandpa all worked up19:01
dmbluecan you ssh into the machine?19:01
carbonkeycan I? Now is the time to state that I am not very solid on any of the things mentioned so far.  I do know what ssh is but I have only done it a few times to log in to a school computer and not in a long while. :(19:03
xarHow to add a Skype indicator, please?19:03
Beldarcarbonkey, Someone should go there with a 14.04 disc at the least and a backup media and fix it. You're using about the worst way of fixing it for his satifaction.19:03
ObrienDavecarbonkey, how far away is he?19:04
xarHow to add a Skype indicator, please?19:04
ObrienDave!patience | xar19:04
ubottuxar: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:04
Beldarxar, Should be one when on in a panel, what desktop and release are you running.19:04
xarubottu, i did19:04
carbonkeyI know :(  I'm stepping on eggshells because i'm pretty sure he doesn't want any of our relatives that actually live nearby him to know that he's having trouble with his machine.  If getting them to help is the only real solution then I'll just pursue asking them about it.19:04
carbonkeyhe's in florida, i'm in massachusetts19:05
mystogansecure shell-ssh19:05
xarBeldar, Unity 14.04 LTS19:05
xarBeldar, Unity - Ubuntu14.04 LTS19:05
samthewildoneTrying to wipe my usb drive, turn it into fat32.19:05
samthewildoneGot this error when trying to partition/wipe my usb "http://pastebin.com/cG25BKwR"19:05
carbonkeyit's okay if you tell me that i'm wasting my time asking here because of my situation.  I pretty much expected that answer, I just held out hope.19:06
Beldarxar, So you want a icon to launch it or see it in the top panel when on?19:06
xarBeldar, yup19:06
Beldarxar, tHAT WAS TWO QUESTIONS.19:06
ObrienDavecarbonkey, no, you're cool. i don't know about ssh19:06
Beldaroops sorry for the caps19:06
mystoganssh for secure data communiation19:07
xarBeldar, I want to display an icon on the top bar (the indicator not a shortcut)19:07
mystoganits a cryptographic n/w19:07
Beldarxar, when on it should show there does it?19:07
carbonkeyso should i probably give up on a remote fix and just get my relatives involved?19:08
xarBeldar, I get nothing on the top bar related to skype19:08
nidalrHello.. How is nvidia optimus support on 14.04 ... should i install the proprietary drivers? If so which version? Should i install Bumblebee or Optirun?19:08
Beldarsomewhere anyway xar, I don't use unity.19:08
Ririshihow do I search for a certain part of hardware? (eg gpus only or soundcards only)19:08
Ririshi(i mean on my own pc of course)19:09
xarHow to add a Skype indicator, please?19:09
ObrienDavecarbonkey, if i knew more about ssh, i would try to help you. Anyone?19:09
Beldarxar, Communication is about the subtle use of words and understanding, have you noticed I 'm using a when off or on for skype?19:09
mystoganririshi,external hardware in settings19:09
dmbluethats a tough one to answer.. if he is connected to a router or, his ssh port may not be open19:09
Ririshimystogan, doesn't exist?19:10
xarBeldar, nope19:10
mystogan,ririshi,what doesnt exist?the hardware?19:10
iiieWhat should I check if I can't change settings after upgrading?  to 14.04, I've checked permission in my home directory, I seem to own everything19:11
Ririshimystogan, well.. system settings > external hardware19:11
Beldarxar, Do you see and indicator anywhere for skype when you have it on, not talking just running?19:12
mystoganyes,some hardware dont get detected....19:12
Ririshimystogan, I mean the tab external hardware doesn't exist in system settings19:12
xarBeldar, I don't see any indicator when I run Skype19:12
Beldarxar, Not even in the left side panel?19:13
carbonkeyBeldar, what does the -f flag do in the apt-get?19:13
xarBeldar, in the left side yes. But not on the top bar19:13
Beldarcarbonkey, That is a  update any stopped upgrade basically, you mentioned an error we have not seen in the upgrade to 14.04.19:14
ObrienDavecarbonkey, forces interrupded installs to finish19:14
mystoganno idea,ririshi19:14
iiieIs there a better channel to ask for help about "settings won't stay set"?19:14
ObrienDaveiiie, settings for what?19:15
Beldarxar, various answers addressing this, http://askubuntu.com/questions/286233/how-to-add-a-skype-indicator19:15
carbonkeyObrienDave, that line "sudo apt-get -f install" would work as is in the terminal to force the upgrade installation to complete? Does it need to be run from a specific directory?19:16
xarBeldar, i've tried that but it wouldn't work19:16
ObrienDavecarbonkey, will work from terminal19:16
iiieSystem settings, the one I was after was just the desktop wallpaper / background and the screen saver timer, but none of the others in the gnome(unity)-control-center save either.19:16
Beldarxar, That link?19:16
iiieTo the extent that I navigate to another screen in there and back, and the settings back to default.19:17
carbonkeyObrienDave, exactly as I wrote it?  all I would have to do is, somehow, ssh into his system and run it from anywhere?19:17
ObrienDavecarbonkey, not directory specific19:17
mystogananywhere in terminal19:17
xarBeldar, yes19:17
carbonkeyso....anyone know anything about ssh?19:17
Beldarxar, What ubuntu release are you using?19:18
ObrienDavemystogan, please add names to the person you're addressing. gets very confusing19:18
xarBeldar, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS19:18
ObrienDavemystogan, using Tab-complete is useful for that :))19:19
=== huseynkhan is now known as yo_oshio
Beldarxar, Have you modified the desktop with themes, compiz or the unity tweak tool?19:19
mystoganobriendave,what how?19:19
carbonkeywhat would I need to make happen to ssh into my grandfather's computer in Florida from up here in Massachusetts? anyone have experience with using ssh like that?19:20
iiieObrienDave: settings in gnome/unity-control-center19:20
xarBeldar, I have just set the Theme to Radiance. Nothing else19:20
ObrienDavemystogan, type the first 3 or 4 letters of the name, hit Tab key ;)19:21
geniicarbonkey: They would have to have some ssh server running, and forward port 22 to it on their router or modem. Then let you know the IP19:21
mystoganyes thanks19:21
carbonkeygenii: ok, so not happening :/19:21
ObrienDavemystogan, yup, just like that19:21
mystoganObrienDave, it works like terminal :)19:22
designbybeckOdd problem I've had for awhile. There is some file or something inside my Documents folder that causes it to Crash nautilus when ever I open that folder... Nothing looks like a big file or anything that I can tell19:22
ObrienDavemystogan, yup :)19:22
Beldarxar, I don't use unity, however it seems the indicator when skype is running seems to be in the top panel, I would run a reset on the desktop and reboot. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/reset-unity-and-compiz-settings-in-ubuntu-14-04/  If that does not work I would see if it shows in the guest account just as a test.19:22
=== ajalkane_ is now known as ajalkane
xarBeldar, ok thank you19:23
xarBeldar, thank you very much19:23
abc_haroldcarbonkey: can't you just use TeamViewer with him?19:23
Beldarxar, A reset helps many issue and is a good base to be sure you are running correctly.19:23
abc_haroldcarbonkey: (if he has a working install)19:24
carbonkeyabc_harold: TeamViewer? If, like you said, he needs a wiorking install then I don't think that is feasible.  He just wont be able to navigate his way through the install process.  All he does is start his web browser and email program on a regular basis. :/19:25
abc_haroldcarbonkey: I meant working install of Ubuntu, but you could probably talk him through installing TeamViewer over the phone19:26
mystoganany programming channel???19:26
ObrienDavemystogan, which language?19:27
carbonkeyabc_harold: let me take a look at the info for TeamViewer.  I assume i can just google it19:27
mystoganObrienDave, python or C..19:27
abc_haroldcarbonkey: yeah, it will be the top result19:27
ObrienDavemystogan, ##python or ##c++, iirc19:28
mystoganObrienDave, C preferred....19:28
abc_haroldcarbonkey: http://www.teamviewer.com/hi/download/linux.aspx19:28
mystoganObrienDave, ##c++ for C?19:28
RirishiHi again19:29
ObrienDavemystogan, what IRC client are you using?19:29
mystoganObrienDave, xchat19:29
RirishiWill disabling rx checksumming offload affect my download speeds?19:29
carbonkeyabc_harold: so it doesn't require an install on the client side?  How does it work? (if you have a bit of experience with that :D)19:29
ObrienDavemystogan, ok, under server there is a channel search19:30
ObrienDavemystogan, find the channel there19:30
abc_haroldcarbonkey: it's just a .deb package that the Ubuntu Software Centre should offer to install when opened.19:31
abc_haroldcarbonkey: you'd need to install it too to connect to him, so if you're on Ubuntu you will get the same process19:32
carbonkeyabc_harold: sorry to bother but, how would a typical use of it play out then?  I install it in the software center and then what?19:32
ObrienDavecarbonkey, actually TeamViewer for windows will communicate with the Linux version, no problem19:33
carbonkeyObrienDave: oh, neat, i'm just a little confused on what he would have to do on his end19:33
abc_haroldcarbonkey: you'd install the .deb with help from software centre, then open it from the launcher, he'll get an ID that he tells you19:33
ObrienDavecarbonkey, once running, he'll be able to copy and paste commands to terminal19:34
dopiedoes ubuntu have anything like this software19:34
abc_haroldcarbonkey: then you'd type it in along with the PIN he gets given19:35
carbonkeyabc_harold: ObrienDave the id would display on startup if I can get him to install it from the software center? I ask because I had tremendous difficulty just getting him to navigate the file system over the phone. Luckily screenshot is bound to the print screen button on the keyboard19:35
abc_haroldcarbonkey: you just start it and it gives an ID and PIN to him straight away19:36
rooffHi! I have a problem with a sound from headphone...could somebody be kind to help19:36
carbonkeyabc_harold: hmm, then that is something I would seriously consider.  Is it full remote control or just screen sharing? (sorry if this is stuff i could get from the TeamViewer faq :O)19:37
ObrienDavecarbonkey, iirc, it's just a one-to-one chat19:38
abc_haroldcarbonkey: its full remote control19:38
rooffHi! I have a problem with a sound from headphone...could somebody be kind to help19:38
carbonkeyabc_harold: so, in theory if i could get teamviewer connected i could personally run the force update command in terminal? *crosses fingers*19:39
* ObrienDave was thinking of TeamSpeak, my apologies19:39
abc_haroldcarbonkey: yes, you'd have full control of his machine, obviously when you use sudo for the force update you'll need his password19:39
ObrienDave!ask | rooff, not without knowing the issue19:39
ubotturooff, not without knowing the issue: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:39
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=== Guest72876 is now known as Alex_ander
carbonkeyabc_harold:  which i have, excellent! thanks so much.  I'll do some research on my own into teamviewer but that sounds like the perfect solution (if I can get him to install it) thanks again and have a good day/night/morning19:41
carbonkeyObrienDave: thanks for your help as well19:42
carbonkeybeldar left but thank him too :P bye all19:42
ObrienDavecarbonkey, not a problem, hope the best for your grandpa19:42
abc_haroldcarbonkey: no prob, hope it helps19:42
lonewulf85I get a "Requires installation of untrusted packages" error every time I try to update Ubuntu 12.04 any help?19:43
tsuyoshi_hello,have anyone a unlock code for nokia 100?19:44
tsuyoshi_where can i find it?19:44
abc_haroldlonewulf85: that normally occurs when you have package sources that you don't have the keys for19:45
nidalrhello should i use nvidia-prime on bumblebee on 14.04 .. .whats the difference?19:45
rooffproblem: Ubuntu 14.04 no sound in headphone19:45
OerHekstsuyoshi_, wrong channel for that19:45
dmattHi, I want to migrate from 2 hdd install (/ and encrypted /home) to one ssd install with two partitions. If I dd partitions to new ssd, will encrypted /home partition still work?19:45
nidalr*nvidia-prime or bumblebee19:45
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest63164
tsuyoshi_which channel is that for this19:46
lonewulf85abc_harold: How can I fix it?19:46
OerHeks!alis | tsuyoshi_19:46
ubottutsuyoshi_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:46
OerHeksor google19:46
abc_haroldlonewulf85: try looking at this http://askubuntu.com/questions/184117/requires-installation-of-untrusted-packages19:48
=== huseynkhan is now known as yo_oshio
ObrienDaverooff, please ask for help here, it helps others that may have the same issue19:48
abc_haroldlonewulf85: sorry, can't look at exact steps right now as on my phone19:48
rooffi did it19:49
lonewulf85abc_harold: that is alright.19:49
electricprismwhats the easiest way to mount a hard drive at startup in 14.04?19:51
Blendainteresting question, same pb here, have to "open" my windows partition before being able to access its files19:52
electricprismI converted it from ntfs to ext4 a couple months ago19:53
eeeeelectricprism: Blenda add it to /etc/fstab19:53
lonewulf85abc_harold: Bang fixed it steam launcher was the problem.19:53
electricprismI realized that windows was playing dirty with my linux drive and causing anomylous problems, it was weird19:53
ObrienDaverooff, ok, sorry, i did not see your question19:53
unkn-errorelectricprism, encrypt your linux drives and don't mount them in windows19:54
electricprismlike Windows 7 would try to initialize my ext4 drive and then rebooting to linux would run fsck on start19:54
abc_haroldlonewulf85: cool, I had the same prob the other day and the culprit was my Intel driver source19:54
lonewulf85abc_harold: funny19:54
electricprismunkn-error: good idea, if I ever get windows again, 14.04 is great19:54
lonewulf85and thanks.19:54
unkn-errorelectricprism, Windows 8 is not really shutting down, it is Hibernating19:55
Blendaeeee: found the fstab.d folder, but what to do exactly, create a shorcut in?19:55
unkn-errorelectricprism, I don't know about windows 719:55
abc_haroldabc_harold: no problem!19:55
Nic343I can't stay, but I just wanted to thank everyone who tried to help me earlier. Unfortunately installing different DEs did not work.19:55
=== __Trullo is now known as _Trullo
unkn-errorelectricprism, use EXT3 if you wish to mount them in windows, as EXT3 is more compatibile, mounting EXT4 in windows is not supported well19:55
Nic343During the install process I did see scroll by a bunch of messages about DBUS / without X11 $DISPLAY etc. that I did not transcribe or log, alas.19:56
Nic343But I think I am going to simply back up the files, format, and reinstall from scratch. Cheers.19:56
unkn-errorelectricprism, http://www.kourosh.net/post/data-loss-windows-8-and-linux-dual-boot/19:57
OerHeksNic343, have fun19:58
NeuromeI updated my graphics driver but im still now getting troubles with audio for downloaded video'(s) youtube plays fine but if i skip anywhere throughout a downloaded video the audio cuts off19:58
NeuromeAny idea's ?19:59
Neuromeor recommendations i've tried to search but i didn't find anything19:59
rooffproblem: Ubuntu 14.04 no sound in headphone20:00
scoutmastershakeHey guys I have a 14.04 question concerning user auth and proftpd. I have an account I set up using useradd username -p password -d /home/dir -s /bin/false . Then, I did passwd username. Now, all of a sudden the account stops working and my log says incorrect password well if I do passwd again it starts working again. Has anyone ran across this?20:01
thesnarkI just compiled a package from source and installed it, yet I keep getting a message saying the package hasn't been installed and that I need to contact my administrator20:05
thesnarkeven though I added the binary to my path20:05
ObrienDavethesnark, which package?20:05
eeeescoutmastershake: when you used -password, did you enter it in the encrypted form ? SHA512 or whatever ur using?20:05
hmullerNotebook owners on Trusty! What's the best way to disable, or keep bluetooth from starting at boot?20:06
thesnarkObrienDave: Really if I could somehow just tell ubuntu that I already have the package installed then I'll be set20:06
thesnarkObrienDave: Do you know of a way to mark a package as installed without using the apt repository package?20:07
thesnarkquestion answered. Thanks google! For anybody who's curious:20:09
hmullerthesnark: good to know, thanks for sharing!20:10
scoutmastershakeeee: I just entered the password following these instructions http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7958820:12
ObrienDavebetter yet, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man8/apt-mark.8.html20:12
scoutmastershakeI've also double checked my proftpd config next to one of my webservers but its running 12.0420:13
hmullerbest google answer for turning bluetooth off at boot: add "rfkill block bluetooth" to /etc/rc.local20:16
eeeescoutmastershake: you can check /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to see what's going on with the passwords20:17
eeeescoutmastershake: also check /var/log/auth.log , it will say something like password changed ...20:18
scoutmastershakeeeee: What would I be looking for out of the ordinary? /etc/passwd has all my users and they're valid and /etc/shadow has a password for my user. It;s as if the password just changes or stops working and soon as I do passwd it fixes the problem I have restart my proftpd service20:19
eeeescoutmastershake: cat /var/log/auth | grep -C10 "password changed"20:19
eeeescoutmastershake: sorry, cat /var/log/auth.log | grep -C10 "password changed"20:19
scoutmastershakeeeee: Just where I changed it, I am seeing this tough before I changed it. proftpd: pam_unix(proftpd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=/dev/ftpd12372 ruser=9906 rhost=  user=990620:22
Masterjedi688Afternoon/Evening everyone20:22
Masterjedi688Can someone tell me how to fix the digital clock please.  It keeps going back to military time and I hate that.20:23
scoutmastershakeLearn to read military time ?20:23
Masterjedi688no thanks20:24
Masterjedi688I like regular time20:24
=== NDrop is now known as n`aw
scoutmastershakelol, I just count it up till noon then add the hour 12 + 5PM = 17:00:0020:25
k1l_Masterjedi688: which ubuntu? which desktop?20:25
vitimitiI hate pm/am clock20:25
Masterjedi688I have lubuntu 14.0420:25
scoutmastershakeI get use it to for timestamps in my tables20:25
eeeeMasterjedi688: you could add this to your ~./profile , gsettings set com.canonical.indicator.datetime time-format 12-hour20:26
k1l_Masterjedi688: doesnt the clok with a right click offer a settings menu?20:26
Masterjedi688It does20:26
eeee( if it keeps resetting )20:26
eeee* ~/.profile20:26
Masterjedi688Yes, it keeps resetting to that dam military time20:27
vitimitiscoutmastershake, I just watch it and understand it, 12 hour clock is weird in this country20:28
Masterjedi688In the digital clock settings its set at %R20:29
scoutmastershakeso, has anyone had this error with a user and proftpd ? pam_unix(proftpd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=/dev/ftpd12371 ruser=<username> rhost=<ip address>  user=<username>20:30
Masterjedi688So how do I fix it?20:31
=== beldar is now known as Guest47982
Zodiakcan i have all 3 os on the same screen ?20:31
Zodiaki wnanna play OS X, Windows "treshold" "ununtu"20:32
claheyZodiak: vmware player is another option.20:32
Zodiaki wnanna play OS X, Windows "treshold" "ununtu" on the same screen20:32
claheyZodiak, Oh, you need OS X... then you'd need VMware fusion.20:32
Zodiakaight chech it20:33
Masterjedi688Is there anywhere on the forums where I can go to find out how to fix the digital clock?20:33
ObrienDaveMasterjedi688, if you click help, there is a variable list, iirc20:34
Blendawhat if you set the settings to manual mode?20:35
nikithaoracle 11gR2 installation on ubuntu is struck with 68% at Link Libraries option showing as in progress , that is it is showing for Linking  SQLPLUS executables .... it has taken almost 10-15 mins , is it working or got failed ... ?  please assist20:36
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grodiusHi I need help. Running 14.04, seems like something to do with permissions or my OS having restrictions to my home folder. I am able to see my files via terminal, but it says Nautilus is not installed. my KB shortcuts do not work anymore, my desktop icons are gone, wallpaper is at default. I recently reinstalled libgail and installed a program called Crashplan20:37
Masterjedi688Problem solved20:37
Masterjedi688Thank you Scoutmastershake20:37
scoutmastershakenp anytime20:37
OerHeksnikitha, not really supported here, oracle gives a howto https://community.oracle.com/thread/2461988?tstart=020:38
Masterjedi688Thanks again evryone20:38
OerHeksnikitha, ubuntu is not *certified*  lolz  http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/install.112/e24321/pre_install.htm#CIHFICFD20:38
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mnms_Hi, how where I can disable shortcut alt+s, I was looking in compiz without success ?20:40
SchrodingersScatmnms_: what does alt+s do? might be in your keyboard settings, but that's a blind guess.20:42
mnms_SchrodingersScat: When Im in application window it goes to menu on the top border20:43
LucasTTcan i use Python to develop a screenshot app for ubuntu?20:44
=== ferrancelades is now known as Fr0Zn
XepoofBNCjust import screenshot.20:44
LucasTTcan i also use it to screenshot other windows?20:44
Farvacan anyone tell me what this is: http://pastie.org/950809820:46
mnms_Or is there any way to find which plugin use shortcut ?20:46
MonkeyDustLucasTT  shutter is a nice screenshot app20:46
LucasTTMonkeyDust, none i've tried have the features i like20:47
LucasTTi'm currently using Lookit20:47
LucasTTi wish Lightshot had a Ubuntu build20:48
ferrance1adesanyone using irssi hear?20:48
LucasTT+ i've been wanting to learn python20:48
MonkeyDustferrance1ades  what if yes?20:48
=== ferrance1ades is now known as Fr0Zn
MonkeyDustLucasTT  type /j #ubuntu-app-devel20:48
OerHeksawesome, asking a question then change name20:48
Fr0ZnMonkeyDust: ok20:49
LucasTTthanks MonkeyDust , didn't know that chan20:49
david38400Any help please : I have just connected a flat screen tv to my computer. I must have something wrong with the energy saver screen saver. It goes off after 10 mins or so. How can I change this20:49
Fr0ZnMonkeyDust: how can i permanent change nick in irssi20:49
MonkeyDustFr0Zn  type /nick blah, then !register it20:50
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ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode20:50
Fr0ZnMonkeyDust: just because everytime i connect to irc i have my pc username20:51
david38400Can anyone help with screen saver, energy?20:52
MonkeyDustFr0Zn  ok, then use: irssi -c [server] -n [nick]20:52
willow_hello guys20:52
willow_any1 knows how to use magnet links to download from linuxdcpp??20:53
Fr0ZnMonkeyDust: i have to do it everytime to conect or there is some setings i can change ?20:53
MonkeyDustFr0Zn  or ope ~/.irssi/config ... scroll down to the end and change your nickname20:54
Fr0ZnMonkeyDust: yes i will try to do it ty :)20:55
MonkeyDustFr0Zn  or type /set and see what you can change20:55
Fr0Zni try and come back20:55
mnms_Anyone has any idea how to unbind or how to find where is set this shortcut (alt+s) ?21:00
eeeemnms_: what's it doing?21:01
mnms_it opens menu in top bar21:01
mnms_eeee: app in application context21:01
eeeeyeah, that's what alt+something does21:01
eeeewhy do you want to stop that?21:01
mnms_eeee: cause I have better idea for this shorcut21:02
mnms_I want to customize my IDE as much as possible21:02
eeeewell i can't argue with that21:02
eeeeah, ok21:03
mnms_I tried to find it in compiz manager but without success ...21:03
eeeeare you running unity?21:03
Ben64maybe you should use a shortcut that isn't already used21:03
eeeesettings > keyboard > shortcuts21:03
mnms_Ben64: why ?21:03
eeeemnms_: if you dont mind me asking, what will the shortcut do btw?21:03
mnms_Im using shorcut which best fit to my habits21:03
Fr0Znhello back21:04
Ben64because it won't be easy to change it21:04
eeeeit could already be set... like super_s or something as accessible21:04
mnms_eeee: It will execute git status command21:04
Fr0ZnMonkeyDust: hello again21:04
eeeemnms_: ok, well, settings > keyboard ..get's you there21:04
mnms_super + S dont think it is hard to change I think I saw it in keyboard -> shortcutts21:04
Guest40813Question about an ubuntu server on DO, when I log in it says "7 packages can up updated, 7 updates are security updates"21:04
Guest40813But apt-get upgrade doesn't update them21:05
Guest40813How do?21:05
Fr0ZnMonkeyDust: i changed config file and set and works perfect ty21:05
Ben64Guest40813: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:05
Fr0Znwhoid MonkeyDust21:05
Guest40813Excellent, thanks ben6421:05
eeeemnms_: if you want to add your own, use the custom shorcuts21:05
eeeethat'll over ride any alt+s21:06
OerHeksmnms_, it is not in the keyboard menu, open dconf > org → gnome → desktop → wm → keybindings → toggle-shaded (nearly bottem list)21:06
eeeeagain, super+s would be better i guess21:06
mnms_eeee: No, I very often put my finger on left alt21:06
mnms_I dont want to move it21:06
mnms_OerHeks: Im checking now..21:07
eeeethen add it to the custom shortcuts21:07
OerHekseeee, doesn't override AFAIK21:07
eeee> ( + ), type the command, then select it, and press alt+s21:07
mnms_eeee: I want to use this shortcut from application21:07
eeeeOerHeks: it does, i just tried it21:07
mnms_I just want to unbind this combination21:07
mnms_to use it in app21:07
mnms_OerHeks: With dconf editor for example ?21:08
OerHeksmnms_, yes, install it as it is not standard21:09
OerHeksfind a replacement first, saves time21:09
nikithaincase i abort the installation , i will remove /app directory and re-install it with ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs21:09
mnms_OerHeks: There is Control Alt s21:10
mnms_Not alt s21:10
eeeemnms_: just use the custom shortcuts21:11
Glorfindelhow can I set tty 1 so it will auto login and run irssi?21:11
mnms_eeee: To unbind this shortcut ?21:11
eeeemnms_: to set it to whatever you want!21:12
Glorfindelor ANY TTY for that matter21:12
mnms_I dont want to set it from OS level. I want to set it in application, Sublime text21:12
zzxcAlright I got a question. I have someone wanting to to a SFTP connection in my machine (chrooted with a rbash shell to prevent anything but SFTP). The guy keeps insisting that I need to send him a public key. Is it just me or does that make absolutly no sense?21:13
eeeemnms_: you're not making sense21:13
SchrodingersScatzzxc: right, he shouldn't need the public key, I would think you would need his, if you were going for not using passwords21:14
eeeemnms_: you want it to do something, only in a specific application you mean?21:14
zzxcSchrodingersScat: Yeah, were specifically doing a key exchange to avoid passwords.21:15
eeeewhy would you want to unbind it in the OS then ?21:15
mnms_eeee: I want to use this shortcut in my editor, but I cannot because it is intercepted by system21:15
=== alexander is now known as Alex_ander
SchrodingersScatzzxc: at the same time, it's the public key, so not sure if there's harm in giving it to him, at the same time I'm not sure why/what he would do with it.21:16
Farvawhen I try to run this .sh: http://pastie.org/9508166 I recieve this: http://pastie.org/9508188 it was working yesterday just fine, I didn't change a thing in it and now its not working. Can some one help me?21:16
mnms_eeee: I dont use this shortcut it is useless for me, so I want to bind it in my editor21:16
zzxcYeah true. still just doesn't make any damn sense to me.21:17
SchrodingersScatzzxc: hmm, unless he can confirm he's connecting to you with it, like the warning it gives to add a machine the first time.21:17
SchrodingersScatzzxc: but not sure on that one.21:17
zzxcYeah I was thinking about sending him the sshd's public key, but I still need to have his public key as well.21:18
zzxcSchrodingersScat: Its not like he can connect ot me without giving a public key to but in the authorized keys21:19
SchrodingersScatzzxc: should maybe explain it as you understand it, then ask him what he's trying to do.21:20
zzxcSchrodingersScat: Might be a good idea. I'm really wanting to bite he head off right now simplly because he is being kind of irrate about it.21:21
mkanyicySchrodingersScat: zzxc: im curious guys, what's the situation21:21
wafflejock_SFTP connection person is asking for public key from the server21:21
wafflejock_but they shouldn't need it as discussed above21:21
wafflejock_perhaps as mentioned they want to verify the fingerprint using the public key21:23
SchrodingersScatthat and reverse connection/tunnel is the only thing I can think of, but if he's locked to sftp i'm not sure if that's even an option.21:23
mkanyicyso who is the SFTP problem guy?21:24
wafflejock_someone zzxc is dealing with21:25
wafflejock_makes sense to verify the fingerprint really but just can't think of any other reason, but giving out the public key shouldn't be a problem really hence being public21:25
zzxcmkanyicy: Sorry Looked away for a second and didn't hear any mentions.21:26
zzxcmkanyicy: He's a vendor who is trying to basically drop of xml to our server.21:27
zzxcmkanyicy: Is the main contact of a third party software vendor who is trying to interface with out software. I can't really say a whole lot more than that through.21:28
mkanyicyzzxc: i understand, so where is the problem then?21:29
SchrodingersScatmkanyicy: I think it's deciding if he can give the public key, if he gains any risk, which is tied to the 'why' other guy needs it21:30
zzxcmkanyicy: He develops the software that some of our volume costomers use to basically format a bunch a zip of xml files via sftp, we're using a chrooted director with rssh. His instisting that we need to send him the public key.21:31
necro606what cannel would be good to access a usb hard drive with an encryption..21:31
necro606I need to get some information off my backup and can't find anything that will help21:32
zzxcmkanyicy: I'm a little worried he's configured it for a ftps connection and is wanting our public key from our cert so he can sign and go.21:32
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Guest26000I'm having issues with my framerate. Specifically, Chrome is taking 2-3 seconds between each tab switch. How can I diagnose and fix this issue?21:34
mnms_I checked compiz manager, unity tweak tool and I still cannot disable this shortcut..21:34
=== Guest26000 is now known as mikemikemike
mkanyicyzzxc: im out of my depth, but there should be no worries about dishing out your public key21:34
mnms_also in gconf editor I didnt find it too21:34
zzxcBut I asking him why he gets irrate. I just wanted to make sure that this wasn't the I some who missed something and am going to get int a stupid arguemnet21:34
Red_Xanyone in here feel like helping someone that should be able to figure it out =p21:35
Red_Xi am having issues with VLC21:35
zzxcmkanyicy: Yeah I'm not worried about that. But I still need a public key FROM him in order to sign him in. Him having the finger print doesn't do any good without him having the abilitiy to sign in.21:35
ObrienDaveRed_X, without knowing what the issue is, it's kind of difficult to help you21:36
Red_Xoh yeah =p21:36
Red_Xanyway, when i try to play a video21:36
Red_Xit lags hardcore21:36
Red_Xand skips21:36
ubottuRed_X: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:36
pentelhello guys21:37
SchrodingersScatRed_X: try to use your enter key less, commas and punctuation help keep the channel free of clutter.  You might even think of a solution as you are explaining, via rubber ducky debugging.21:37
ObrienDaveRed_X, have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras?21:37
mkanyicyzzxc: yes, that's true.21:37
kike_Hello everybody21:37
penteli need hep with ubuntu 14.04 on acer 5738z with radeon mobility 457021:37
pentelhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYIx7TCzEB8 heres what is going on21:38
Red_XObriendave, not sure.  I just instaled the new one the other day.21:38
penteli got external screen connected to laptop througth hdmi21:38
ObrienDaveRed_X, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras21:38
necro606need help decrypting a ntfs hard drive.....21:39
Red_XThank you Obriendave, it is downloading them now21:39
pentel i need hep with ubuntu 14.04 on acer 5738z with radeon mobility 4570,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYIx7TCzEB8 heres what is going on.  i got external screen connected to laptop througth hdmi, and when i only run ubuntu i go stripes on the screen as you can see on vido21:39
elijahHow can I find out what version of systemd Ubuntu 14.04 has?21:39
Bashing-ompentel: Are you aware that ATI droped support for that series of cards ? There is no propretary driver available after 12.04.1 .21:40
jhutchinsRed_X: Please let us know if that fixes the problem.21:41
Red_Xi am downloading it now, thanks guys.21:41
pentel@Bashing-om hm you open my eyes;p21:41
mikemikemikeI'm having issues with my framerate. Specifically, Chrome is taking 2-3 seconds between each tab switch. How can I diagnose and fix this issue?21:41
elijahahh, nvm, I see Ubuntu 14.04 does not have systemd https://wiki.ubuntu.com/systemd#Warning.21_Experimental_code21:42
Bashing-ompentel: It do put a different slant on things .21:42
Red_Xjhtchins, a window poped up about agreeing to windows stuff, lol21:42
kike_One question : I have just re-instaled my system in a 256GB SSD drive at /dev/sda1. As usual my current home folder is /home/kike . I have a backup unit (2TB) at /dev/sdb1  containing  my old /home folder. ¿can i mount somehow one specific folder at /dev/sdb1 as my home folder? so i can keep my download and stuff in the NOT SSD drive. or is there any workarroud about something like that?21:42
pentelbut there is one more thing. I've installed 12.4.1 and i was unable to install drivvers21:42
penteli encounter problem with propertiary drivers to install them21:43
Bashing-ompentel: Are you sure exact release 12.04.1 not any other .2/3/4/5/ ?21:43
pentelyes 100% sure21:43
penteliso is ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i38621:44
Bashing-ompentel: OK, have you enabled HWE in 12.04.1 .. as that salso breaks the xserver compatibility .21:44
pentelsorry cant remember if HWA was on ;/21:45
pentelbut i haven;t done any think in this direction so it may be possible it was no on21:46
k1lpentel: why install the 12.04.1 iso and not the actual .5?21:46
pentelbecause my radeon mobility 4xxx is not supported any more21:47
k1lit is, its just that amd dropped the fglrx support. but the free driver should work21:47
Bashing-ompentel: Terminal command -> X -version <- see that the version is less than v1.13 .21:47
k1lat least there were several users with amd 4000er last days which worked with 14.04 and free driver21:48
bangbangG'day folks!21:48
bangbangI'm trying to figure out how to run the "xinput" command through SSH.21:48
pentelk1l i'm not able t owork normally on my laptop21:48
pentelBashing-om i'm on microsoft shit now ;/21:49
k1lpentel: did you try the 3.13 lts-trusty kernel and x-stack?21:49
bangbangpentel: nothing wrong w/ M$ stuff :D21:49
jhutchinsRed_X: So works better now?21:49
Red_Xjust finished installing21:49
Red_Xabout to try21:49
felixruinaHi, everyone, a very noob question: I'm getting ready to upgrade my system, and I would like to do a complete system backup first. I have my home dir all backed up, but I want the system backed up, too...21:50
jhutchinsbangbang: We reserve the right to disagree on that.21:50
ObrienDaveRed_X, you might need a reboot21:50
felixruinaI know I could do this with dd, but have never tried it, and wasn't sure how easy a restore would be21:50
jhutchinsbangbang: What are you trying to accomplish by running xinput?21:50
bangbangjhutchins: I'm on a Macbook Pro Retina... lol21:50
bangbangjhutchins: i'm trying to rotate my touch drivers remotely for a device.21:50
felixruinaAny suggestions or different recomendations?21:51
jhutchinsObrienDave: You never need to reboot linux for a package install unless it's the kernel.21:51
Bashing-ompentel: Ya mihgt want to try 14.04, with the open source driver. A lot of improvemnets have been made in the opens source drivers .21:51
pentelk1l: on 14.04?21:51
bangbangit works when i'm on the machine directly, but in order for me to remotely troubleshoot without using remote desktop, I'd liek to handle everything through SSH.21:51
necro606what program can i use to decrypt a ntfs drive....21:51
k1lpentel: there is a backports kernel and x-stack from 14.04 for 12.0421:51
Red_Xyeah, i think i will need to reboot.  THanks for all the help guys21:51
Ben64bangbang: DISPLAY=:0 xinput21:51
jhutchinsbangbang: Do you have x forwarding working?21:51
bangbangBen64: let me try that21:52
jhutchinsSigh.  rebooting is a microsoft solution.21:52
bangbangjhutchins: No, I'm not familiar with x forwarding. Is that what you'd recommend I search for when looking for documentation? "x forwarding" ?21:52
pentelBashing-om: open source drivers are installed in default21:52
bangbangxserve forwarding?21:52
jhutchinsbangbang: You're running osx on the mac, right?21:52
pentelam i correct?21:52
Red_Xi do think rebooting is a winblows answer, but sometimes the programs suck =p21:53
bangbangjhutchins: yes21:53
k1lpentel: but free drivers depend on the kernel. and there is a lot of progress21:53
penteli undarstand21:53
pentelkernell was up to date21:53
frezixhi, I'm a bit new to this and I just had a question. If I download the 14.04 mini ISO and update+upgrade it later on, would I then have the most up-to-date 14.04.1 release?21:53
k1lpentel: which kernel it was?21:53
jhutchinsbangbang: I think you need to run an xserver for it to work.  Basically your local display becomes the output of the GUI commands.21:53
ObrienDavefrezix, yes21:53
bangbangah ok21:54
piyush1911Yes, run 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'21:54
felixruinafrezix: yes!21:54
piyush1911<frezix>: Yes, run 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'21:54
k1lfrezix: its like the servicepack on windows. if you do the updates you are fine21:54
bangbangjhutchins: I'm curious... i'm going to try and SSH to the remote box from my Ubuntu VM21:54
Bashing-ompentel: Generally so IF "3rd party software install" is not checked in that initial install stage. ( not real sure what would result in the case of non-support driver if 3rd party were enabled) .21:54
penteleven after update the stripes on the screen appears here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYIx7TCzEB821:54
Multbrelchhi der_amma21:54
k1lpentel: 12.04.1 got kernel 3.2, 14.04 got kernel 3.13.21:54
pentelk1l  3.13 on 14.0421:55
frezixgot it, thanks ObrienDave piyush1911 felixruina and k1l :)21:55
CodeGosui want to cline drive, tools like clonezilla run at boot time, is there any reason why wouldn't i simply use 'dd', while doing other stuff insead of booting from clonezilla image?21:55
frezixdoes 14.04.1 have different repo's than 14.04?21:55
der_ammahey Multbrelch21:55
frezix(is this the reason behind dist-upgrade?)21:55
=== AlphaBeta is now known as PsiOmega
pentelthe stripes intesifies when desktop is only on external hdmi screen21:56
ObrienDaveCodeGosu, because "doing other stuff" can render your drive image useless21:56
jhutchinsbangbang: https://it.engineering.illinois.edu/user-guides/engineering-workstation-services/x-forwarding-mac21:56
pentel*connected througth hdmi21:56
pentelon 1920xxxx resolution21:56
Beldarfrezix, Security and kernel upgrades is all21:56
bangbangjhutchins: i'll be damned - let me poke around that for a minute. :D21:56
k1lfrezix: no, apt-get dist-upgrade is needed to install packages which actually need a new install of another package. so technically its not a update. like a new kernel package21:56
Beldarfrezix, Same repo.21:57
Ben64bangbang: aren't you trying to run xinput as if you were on the computer locally21:57
bangbangBen64: that is correct.21:57
k1lpentel: to me it looks like its the issue of the video card as is. does it work on windows? i mean amd dropped support for that old cards iirc21:57
Ben64bangbang: then you don't want x forwarding21:57
jhutchinsbangbang: You might need to use ssh -X if it's not enabled in the config files.21:57
bangbangI've tried the ssh -X21:58
frezixah ok but dist-upgrade seems to just remove some packages in a smart way according to this post I found - http://askubuntu.com/questions/81585/what-is-dist-upgrade-and-why-does-it-upgrade-more-than-upgrade21:58
bangbangno luck21:58
pentelk1l works ok on windows and ubuntu 13 and lower21:58
* jhutchins is not familiar with xinput21:58
pentelalso works good withoud external screen21:58
Ben64bangbang: have you tried my suggestion21:58
bangbangjhutchins: it's okay... neither was I until recently21:58
ObrienDavefrezix, trust us, use dist-upgrade21:58
penteli got connected eizo 21" screen througth hdmi21:58
bangbangBen64: the DISPLAY:=0; thing?21:58
Ben64bangbang: yep21:58
pentelto laptop21:58
bangbangBen64: not quite sure what to do with that21:59
k1lpentel: dont compare different setups. i am only talking about that hdmi issues21:59
Ben64bangbang: you type it21:59
frezixObrienDave: will do, should I always use it instead of just upgrade?21:59
bangbangit does nothing21:59
Beldarfrezix, Any update/upgrade can remove some and others, smarter I doubt is a differential. What is you end issue on this, and use nicks here.21:59
Ben64bangbang: it does not do nothing, what are you typing exactly21:59
ObrienDavefrezix, i always use dist-upgrade21:59
The_Challengerwhich chmod should I gave to a user, so he can modify his files permissions?21:59
bangbangBen64: DISPLAY=:0 xinput21:59
pentelhdmi issues are only on ubuntu 14.0422:00
bangbangoh wait22:00
bangbangi lied22:00
bangbangI totally lied.22:00
Ben64bangbang: i know22:00
ObrienDaveoh no, the gods weep ;P22:00
bangbangBen64: ty sir22:00
Ben64thats why i said that like 5 mins ago :|22:00
frezixBeldar: not really an issue, just wondering why to use dist-upgrade vs. just upgrade.22:00
bangbangLong day :\22:01
Ben649 mins ago22:01
pentelk1l i think it's drivers issues22:01
Beldarfrezix, Mainly to get kernels. When someone uses the word intelligent in a software reference that is a bit of a red flag, it is only as intelligent as the code writer or user.22:02
ObrienDavefrezix, and usually not very intelligent22:02
fribanyone know how to go about enabling japanese font for styles in fluxbox?22:02
frezixBeldar: I suppose my main concern is whether dist-upgrade is always safer than plain upgrade. So assuming the 'intelligent' aspect of dist-upgrade, would you still say it's a safer option than dist-upgrade?22:02
mikemikemikeI'm having issues with my framerate. Specifically, Chrome is taking 2-3 seconds between each tab switch. How can I diagnose and fix this issue?22:03
frezixObrienDave: ^22:03
BeldarObrienDave, Sorta like one word answers here like, "what" ;)22:03
ObrienDavefrezix, i use, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:04
jhutchinsBen64: Thanks for stepping in.22:04
Beldarfrezix, Either an upgrade or dist-upgrade give you a yes or no that is the key issue to avoid partial upgrades, I use dist everytime.22:04
jhutchinsbanister: x forwarding is still pretty cool.22:04
Ben64jhutchins: no prob22:04
ObrienDavefrezix, caps lock intended ;P22:05
Ben64jhutchins: indeed it is, just it runs it as if it were on your computer, not the one it is forwarding from22:05
Beldarfrezix, Always look at what is to be installed what is to be upgraded and or if anything is held in a apt-get run, that is the real key.22:05
necro606the upgrade is safer then just update.  update just does partial file replacement. upgrade does fresh install of newer version of program.22:05
ObrienDavenecro606, NOT quite right22:06
Beldarnecro606, Update and upgrade are not the same.22:06
frezixupdate updates the repo cache IIRC22:06
=== boole_ is now known as boole
ObrienDavefrezix, correct22:07
Ben64'update' updates the apt cache, 'upgrade' upgrades packages, and 'dist-upgrade' upgrades packages, but can remove or add brand new packages22:07
frezixthen one should do upgrade to upgrade according to the newly updated repo cache22:07
ObrienDavefrezix, i use, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:07
ObrienDavefrezix, caps lock intended ;P22:07
Ben64without doing dist-upgrade, you won't get new kernels22:07
frezixObrienDave: haha nice :p22:08
frezixand it always worked without any glitches?22:08
frezixcool, I'll make an alias of that then22:08
gnuhello guys, i need help getting sound work on my eee pc22:09
=== gnu is now known as Guest55564
frezixor a function, but I'm not yet sure what the differences between those 2 are22:09
Guest55564hello guys, i need help getting sound work on my eee pc22:09
Ben64frezix: man apt-get22:09
Beldarfrezix, NOte the importance of looking at the upgrade before just hitting Y=yes, an partial upgrade can brick you.22:09
Bashing-omfrezix: Like so: update, updates packages, does not install new stuff, whereas dist-upgrade will install new stuff as in a new kernel.22:10
ObrienDavefrezix, the && is a logical "trap" that does not let the remaining commands execute if the previous command errors out22:10
Guest55564hello guys, i need help getting sound work on my eee pc. I have a fresh install of lubuntu22:10
frezixBen64: yeah I've been reading that for some time now22:10
frezixBeldar: I'm not sure I have the expertise to determine whether my new updates will brick my machine :(22:11
pentelBashing-on the xorg version is 1.15.122:13
pentelon 14.,0422:14
=== FreezingCold is now known as NegativeForty
Beldarfrezix, The apt-get commands and what you see after run and get a yes or no option to install are a clue on this. lookm closely at them, if you see any held packages check on these first before continuing. The basic reason is the developer base is large with ay time groups not connected to a specific app or dependencies are working together although not on the same team. So at time an upgrade will be22:15
Beldarmissing a dependency, this will show as a held package E.G partial upgrade. This is easy to understand I think you can do it. ;)22:15
Beldarin spite of my misspelling22:15
pentelBashing-om the xorg version is 1.15.122:16
Beldarfrezix, Really on any OS, you want to have backed up to the point that any failure type is addressable, including bricking the whole unit.22:17
Guest55564guys, im using a eee pc and i dont even found a sound card on lspci. can someone help?22:18
frezixBeldar: yeah I'm working on bootstrapping a backup solution. Not quite there yet though unfortunately.22:18
Beldar!sound | Guest5556422:18
ubottuGuest55564: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.22:18
xarcan someone help me on this http://askubuntu.com/questions/516867/how-to-display-the-skype-indicator-on-the-status-top-bar?noredirect=1#comment701463_516867 please ?22:19
Beldarfrezix, There are easier ways, always be prepared. ;)22:19
frezixBeldar: so in essence I should be wary of upgrades if there's a held package and I should wait accordingly until it's not held back?22:19
frezixyeah true22:19
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Bashing-ompentel: That means with the m4520 card you are restricted to open source driver.22:19
unopastekirmair you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:19
Beldarfrezix, Basically yes, I rarely have a held upgrade package, most of the time it is ajust a dependency missing that shows up within a day or so.22:20
frezixcool, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks :)22:21
Beldarfrezix, However I'm running pretty much  just the ubuntu repos. If you start adding 3rd party repos and other packages which may be different versions than stock this can cause issues in regular updates/upgrades and a release upgrade.22:23
=== spark_ is now known as GothSpark
Beldarfrezix, My only concern for you was more info to work with, rather than a brick wall of you don't understand, when you obviously can. ;)22:24
thslinuxlitei have Linux Lite 2.0 and downloaded a bunch of wallpapers anyone know how to get them to work as wallpapers?22:26
calisto_I need help with Xfce on Ubuntu (not Xubuntu, real Ubuntu)=22:26
calisto_I have gedit and other metacity/gnome apps22:26
calisto_and they look terrible on Xfce XD22:26
Beldarthslinuxlite, This is ubuntu support22:27
ObrienDavecalisto_, Xubuntu IS real Ubuntu22:27
=== calisto_ is now known as Calisto`
frezixBeldar: ah I see. I might use something like docker for the purpose of 3rd party stuff then. Thanks for giving me a heads up :)22:27
Calisto`ObrienDave: Well, i mean the Unity/GNOME equiped Ubuntu from ubuntu.com22:27
thslinuxlitesorry but kinda new at this Lite is bassed on Ubunto i think22:27
Beldarthslinuxlite, Register with freenode and try ##linux or see if there is a channel for that OS.22:27
Calisto`thslinuxlite which os do you need support for?22:28
Calisto`Maye i know the chan :D22:28
thslinuxliteLinux Lite22:28
thslinuxlitesorry got to go wife says time to eat :)22:29
Calisto`wait a moment22:29
* Beldar wishes they had a 1000$ for every linux distro having been made over 100022:29
Calisto`Ok, Linuxlite just closed irc support :P22:29
Calisto`1000$ for linux? hum?22:29
ObrienDaveoh my22:29
Beldarlump cash22:30
ErbBetaPatchedXubuntu is best buntu22:30
Beldarit is a metaphor22:30
ObrienDave!best | ErbBetaPatched22:30
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ObrienDaveoh sheesh, who messed with ubottu?22:31
=== khan is now known as maras
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Beldar!cookie | ObrienDave22:31
ubottuObrienDave: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:31
=== maras is now known as geon
Beldarjust testing22:32
ObrienDavetest this ;P22:32
ubottu42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.22:32
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trindazbrowsing a directory structure. What's the "best" way to do that? typing out `cd [name]` then 'ls' then `cd ..` is getting a little tedious22:35
=== pars is now known as Jengis
joshsamuelsonlike tree?22:35
trindazfind . -maxdepth 1 and find . -maxdepth 2 weren't so great22:35
Alex_anderthats how i do it too, trindaz.. im excited for an answer, haha22:35
trindazmaybe. what's tree?22:35
ObrienDaveuse a gui file manager?22:35
trindazI want to confine myself to command line only so that everything I learn is AWS friendly22:36
joshsamuelsonit'll show you the subdirectories and files in a tree22:36
joshsamuelsonyou'll probably have to install it first22:36
tsimpsontrindaz: 'ls -lAR' will recursively list everything in the directory22:37
trindaz`tree` works great, but `man tree` says there's no manual! how is that possible?22:37
joshsamuelsonmeh, I dunno22:37
joshsamuelsonweird, man tree works for me22:38
Alex_anderthanks tsimpson22:38
Alex_anderthats really cool22:39
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_Doktor_is it possible to install a windows 7/8 image for qemu without installed x11 desktop (ubuntu server lts)?22:41
_Doktor_I have not windows image yet...so I have to "boot" an empty image and have to install windows on it....22:41
BlendaGuys 'n Girls, wish you a good day/night, time to bed here! Thanks a lot again for all your invaluable help, and see ya :)22:45
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fredmanAnyone here using gnome-shell on ubuntu 14.04? I find it more stable than unity tbh23:00
kostkonfredman, if you have a support question, just state your problem23:02
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q_a_z_stevehey, I am trying to work through the guide http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx ... After I use dd it pops up that this volume needs initialized??? I can't get the USB to boot on the target machine.23:05
Beldarfredman, Try #ubuntu-offtopic ;)23:09
a_p3rson1Having some problems with Teamviewer - logging in to a Teamviewer account isn't remembered between restarts, it always asks me to log in again. Any ideas? Running 14.04, also, Teamviewer runs through Wine on all linux distros, if that helps.23:11
Beldarq_a_z_steve, Is there an make a partition active in apple, linux it is a boot flag, windows calls it active.23:13
q_a_z_steveI don't think I have ever seen that.23:14
Beldarq_a_z_steve, That link does not explicitly name the file type in it's instructions is one built, I'm not sure what it should be in your context.23:15
Beldarq_a_z_steve, I have seen a more verbose method for loading a usb, rather than a dd in general.23:16
q_a_z_steveFiletype as far as...23:16
Beldaran apple type a fat32...etc23:16
q_a_z_steveWell that was a thought, but I've tried a few formats for the initial. Obviously it changes once I dd.23:18
OerHeksa_p3rson1, use the linux version for ubuntu, else ask in #winehq23:19
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:20
TJ-q_a_z_steve: Those instructions are for creating a USB device that will boot *a Mac* not a PC23:20
a_p3rson1OerHeks: The linux version is bundled with (a customized version of) Wine, so there isn't a native linux package per se (only one based on Wine). I'm also in #winehq.23:21
TJ-q_a_z_steve: If you want to boot a regular ISA PC, ommit the "hdiutil" step 3 and go to step 423:21
=== Gnarly_ is now known as Gnarly
q_a_z_steveTJ-: I highly doubt it would work either way, since the drive doesn't show up correctly upon completion.23:21
q_a_z_stevemaybe I'll try /dev/disk rather than rdisk23:21
TJ-q_a_z_steve: how the USB device is seen by Mac might have no bearing on how the image is booted by a PC, provided all the bytes are written to the raw device23:22
a_p3rson1OerHeks: Unless you can think of a different channel I should ask in. Pretty sure TeamViewer doesn't have one.23:23
q_a_z_steveI assume so, I'm just expecting not to have an error. I believe I've done this before... I kind of expect a WUBI pop up in Windows...23:23
q_a_z_steveAt this point it's not worth worrying about - I'll just burn a dvd.23:24
ObrienDavesomeone PLEASE shoot wubi ;P23:24
TJ-q_a_z_steve: Wubi isn't used any more23:24
eeeei think wubi was discontinued a while ago23:24
hey_joeuse unetbootin23:24
q_a_z_steveoh ok.23:24
ObrienDaveit's still in the release ISOs23:24
hey_joenot in anything recent23:24
TJ-q_a_z_steve: The image will boot directly at power-on if the USB device is the first boot device for the PC23:24
TJ-ObrienDave: really? I didn't notice it last time I looked :)23:25
q_a_z_steveI'm mostly sure I've got the BIOS set for that. I wish I had F8 boot options...23:25
a_p3rson1q_a_z_steve: What kind of BIOS doesn't let you change your boot device on the fly?23:25
ObrienDaveTJ-, yup, in 14.04.1 ISO23:26
xarhow to write » via keyboard please ?23:26
q_a_z_stevea_p3rson1: I've only got a split second, you know how it is. I messed with it to get USB emulation over to HDD... Seems likely it would work just fine. AMI...23:26
ObrienDaveTJ-, i have ALL 14.04.1 ISOs ;P23:26
TJ-ObrienDave: Yeah; mounted an image to check - shows how much I miss :)23:26
xarhow to write » via keyboard please ?23:26
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:27
q_a_z_steveI'll see what happens and try more later. Thanks folks.23:28
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eeeexar press ctrl  + shift and type u, then release them and type 00BB , and press space23:29
OerHeksxar complete list https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GtkComposeTable23:29
TJ-Grrr, trying to get "gpg --verify" to display the Message Digest hash shouldn't be this difficult!23:30
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xarhow to split windows horizontally using tmux, please ?23:43
l_rdo i have full control with graphical installation?23:43
l_rbad channel23:43
xarhow to split windows horizontally using tmux, please ?23:43
cynicallemonxar: man tmux  - your best friend23:44
enchiladoGoogle is also helpful23:44
enchiladoTop result for "tmux horizontal split": http://lukaszwrobel.pl/blog/tmux-tutorial-split-terminal-windows-easily23:45
xarcynicallemon, thank you so much !!!23:45
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godbodhello world23:50
kostkongodbod, hi23:50
* cynicallemon thinks godbod is c code23:52
ne0anyone know how to fix iso mount error?23:52
cynicallemonne0: maybe if you elaborate some more23:53
ne0a couple of days ago i had mounted an iso using the context menu and my computer froze so i did a hard reboot23:54
ne0ever since then i get an error when trying to mount this iso23:54
ne0other iso's work fine23:55
ObrienDaveyou probably trashed the ISO23:58
sakamophi. From terminal, how I can I determine my locale and whether it is utf-8?23:59

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