OvenWerk1zequence: Sorry, I thought I had said for 1504, but it appears I did not. The reason I chose lingot is that it can run without jack. Guitarix has a great tuner which I use all the time, but I am thinking that some of our users just want a tuner without having to set up jack. Maybe I am wrong though. Mostly I wanted to point out that there is no tuner app which to me seems to be a hole. I only thought of it now, because someone was asking in LAU w00:50
OvenWerk1as far as releases go, I am not sure, It is easier as you say, to test ISOs than upgrades. I do think the ISOs between LTS should be snapshot of progress more than full release... at least for the time we have. The real goal is 1604, but getting bits done for 1410,1504 and 1510 would be nice.00:55
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zequenceDamn, seems like my focusrite device will not be supported with alsa by the new kernel. Haven't tested it yet.05:17
zequencebtw, I told the release team we won't participate in the first Beta07:02
OvenWerk1zequence: seems reasonable12:53
ObrienDavezequence, do you still need testing help?18:29
zequenceObrienDave: Sure20:12
zequenceObrienDave: If you like, get our latest ISO, and start feeling it out. The desktop stuff is not up to date atm, but you could try different applications20:13
ObrienDavejust got the latest daily, where are your test cases to test against?20:13
zequenceObrienDave: There are none yet.20:13
zequenceObrienDave: What do you usually use Ubuntu Studio for?20:13
ObrienDavek, just to play, will need to setup a VM for it20:14
zequenceWe don't need that much help with desktop testing. More so on the different multimedia production workflows20:15
zequenceIt helps if you have some experience in at least one of them20:15
zequenceI'll be writing a few test cases before the Final beta20:15
ObrienDaveok, i'll start to get familiar with some of the packages20:16
zequenceGotta go. But, I'll post on the mail list when there's something20:16
holsteini would like to clear some of that out at some point, zequence 20:16
holsteinzequence: make sure we dont have a bunch of "official" test cases that make it more complex for, say, the xubuntu team to help test our iso's20:16
holsteintry and keep the audio specific stuff "in house"20:16
holsteinmaybe just mirror whatever they have, officially20:17
elfyholstein: if you mean existing testcases then you just pick and choose what you want and make it a *testsuite*20:19
elfyso you can have any testcase you want in there20:19
holsteinelfy: i just think we may have a little audio-specific "kruft", that we could take care of in house20:20
ObrienDavehiya elfy20:20
holsteinnothing to make qa testers go through for the iso release, officially20:20
elfyholstein: yep 20:21
elfyway I saw it was 20:21
elfyhave specific studio testcases that run for the whole cycle that are seperate from the images20:22
elfythat's how everyone else has been doing it20:22
holsteinelfy: ok.. so, those are not "iso test cases" then? nothing that would be manditory to make the iso's release, for example?20:23
elfynope - not at all :)20:23
* holstein +1 on that20:23
holsteinzequence: you like that?20:23
elfythe xubuntu package stuff is http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/316/builds/67147/testcases20:23
elfyit's been running since cycle start and will finish on cycle end20:23
elfythe image testing is where you know it is - same for studio as xubuntu20:24
elfyso if you had testcases for audio/video/production/anything you want - you can set up testsuites for each one - then people can just test what they know20:26
holsteinmaybe thats what zequence is planning on setting up20:26
elfyand THAT setting stuff up is what I'm more than happy to help with :)20:26
elfyI'd not know one end of the majority of your apps from the other :p20:26
holsteinelfy: i was just about to log in and see if/how to edit20:27
elfyif people wirte them - I can get them merged and synced to the tracker so they are available20:27
elfyholstein: you in the studio-release team? I think that's what controls access to the tracker admin side20:28
holsteinelfy: i'll have to look into it more closely20:28
zequenceI think that since the plan is to completely mirror the Xubuntu dekstop setup for Utopic, we don't actually need to test the desktop to any other extent than just make sure you can login20:28
zequenceSo, no need to double the testing that is already done in Xubuntu20:29
elfyholstein: yep - you probably know when I'm likely to be about - and I'm always happy to answer stuff20:29
holsteinwell, to "mirror" it, since they are different iso's20:29
elfyzequence: yep agreed20:29
holsteini dont think we can "piggy-back" on the xubuntu iso tests20:29
elfyzequence: there are some things we don't test as they get covered elsewhere 20:29
zequenceAnd, so, we only do testing for a specific set of applications that are only found on Ubuntu Studio20:29
elfyholstein: I think zequence is talking apps not images20:30
zequenceYeah. The ISO testing itself will remain simple20:30
zequenceThat's just about making sure it installs, and that the installation boots more or less20:30
elfyI did write a studio specific one - that includes your choose audio etc dialogue20:31
elfynot used anywhere yet - but is is available to use 20:32
elfyholstein: the hardest thing will be getting the package testcases written 20:37

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