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stephen_Hi all10:09
stephen_Is there any possibility of a bit of help?10:09
cfhowlett!ask | stephen_,10:09
ubottustephen_,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:09
stephen_ok thanks10:10
stephen_Well i installed ubuntu studio a couple of days ago and have had no issue using ardour 3 and this morning i started it up and the jack isnt connecting, so i look into the connections box in jack and there are no audio connections, only midi connection with alsa10:11
stephen_im losing whats left of my hair10:11
stephen_jack has always put me off using linux10:13
cfhowlettstephen_, I've never needed it for my modest recording needs and don't have enough knowledge or jack nor ardour to advise.  #opensourcemusicians would likely know10:14
stephen_its a night mare trust me10:15
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eric__How do I find my PC's system info (device manager)20:30
holsteineric__: anything in particular?20:30
eric__Trying to find out my CPU type on this laptop...that I have installed Ubuntu on20:31
zequenceeric__: in the terminal: lscpu20:31
holstein!info hardinfo20:32
ubottuhardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.2ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 210 kB, installed size 486 kB20:32
holsteinsudo apt-get install hardinfo20:33
Unit193Or lshw even.  inxi -fxxx too.  So many ways.20:33
holsteinor, whatever package manager you prefer.. "System Profiler" or something like that in the menu20:34
zequencelshw is not bad. Haven't used the others.20:34
zequenceYou get more info than you would from Windows device manager, in either case20:34
zequence(well, depends, perhaps)20:35
zequenceAh, hardinfo is a gui tool20:36
zequenceProbably what you want, if you're used to that20:36
holsteinmight look more familiar20:36
eric__thanks... trying it now. Was trying to install BitWig Studio, but it errors out stating "Wrong Architecture AMD64". I have a 64bit processor, but my version of Ubuntu is 32 bit20:36
holsteineric__: usually, since there are only 2 options, if one fails, you can just try the other20:37
zequenceThe CPU will not decide if you can install or not20:38
zequenceIf you have a 32 bit OS, then you can only install 32 bit apps, even if the processor is 64 bit20:39
Unit193zequence: There's even lshw-gtk, if you really want.20:40
eric__Thanks.... it's my OS that fudging me up... I wonder if there is a 64 bit version of Ubuntu Studio?20:42
zequenceamd64 is the 64 bit version20:42
zequenceBut, if the error from installing the package is saying you have the wrong arch, which is 64 bit, I would bet you are trying to install a 32 bit application onto a 64 bit OS. Maybe I'm reading it wrong?20:43
eric__Nope, I just found out BitWig Studio is 64bit, but they misled you in the description20:45
zequenceThe 64 bit ISO links are to the left of the 32 bit ones20:45
eric__I will download them now... I only used the 32 bit, because the laptops  am using are old, and have less than 3 gigs of RAM20:48
andrewhello newbie here with a problem.Using jack with yoshimi and maudio keystation 49e20:52
andrewin my conn window in jack under audio i have pulse jack sink,system and yosh in the outputs and under inputs i have pulse audio jack source and system20:55
andrewin the midi window under inputs have yosh,but nothing for output20:56
andrewin the alsa tab i have midi through and my maudio 49.Where am i going wrong20:56
andrewin the midi tab midi through is in both output and input the same with the maudio20:57
andrewim really new so if there is some type of guide i would be happy to check that out.also im new to the command line to20:58
zequenceandrew: Two kinds of midi. Jack and ALSA21:10
zequenceandrew: Use a2jmidid to create a bridge in between21:10
zequencein the terminal: a2jmidid21:10
zequenceyou could add that as a pre jack script in qjackctl21:10
andrewhow do i do that21:11
zequenceadd the script?21:11
zequenceTry running the tool in the terminal first, and see how the connections work21:12
zequenceThe script can be simple, like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8162863/21:12
zequenceSave that in a file, and make it executable21:12
zequenceYou might need a script for killing it once you quit jack, so you don't get multiple a2jmidids (if that is even possible)21:13
zequenceI usually just run it manually from the terminal, as I don't need it that often21:13
andrewok when i typed that into the terminal in the midi tab it says a2j both in and out21:14
zequenceexpand it, and you should see your keyboard21:14
andrewwhen i expand it it say midi through 14 capture and play back21:15
andrewjack setup has me confused if i chose the keybord it says to restart jack but when i do i get dbus error21:19
andrewcant start jack the only way i can get jack to work is to use the default for my interface.21:20
andrewsorry im all confused21:20
andrewis there any documentation that will explain what all of jack is i see a2jmidid,jackd,jackdmp,I dont even know what this stuff is.And i dont want to take time from you guys with what seems to be very basic stuff21:24
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lehthanishey all, I have an upgrade question ;)  I'm running 12.04 LTS...and in the upgrade manager I see 14.04.1 LTS is available and I can upgrade there...will that work ok?  This computer spends most of it's time offline, and I bring portable internet to it.23:12
lehthanisso doing a full format/wipe is difficult, if I can just do an upgrade, and still be in good shape, that'd be awesome.23:12

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