bluesabrebrainwash: so, what does it mean by versioned help files?00:03
brainwashxfce_dialog_show_help_with_version ()00:05
brainwashit's http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/utopic/xfce4-settings/utopic/view/head:/debian/patches/02_versioned-help-files.patch00:05
brainwashonce it has been applied upstream we can drop it downstream :)00:06
bluesabreah, gotcha00:07
bluesabreochosi, as the other -settings guy, approve?00:07
ochosibluesabre: +100:08
brainwashcan we cleanup the two theme patches somehow?00:11
brainwashone is for debian and the second one overrides it once again for (x)ubuntu00:12
brainwashbut what are the upstream defaults for ThemeName and IconThemeName?00:13
bluesabreblank, but I think that means Xfce and Rodent, per mr_pouit's comment: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/utopic/xfce4-settings/utopic/view/head:/debian/patches/xubuntu_vanilla-session-themes.patch00:22
bluesabre^ now in utopic, next builds should build00:24
bluesabretaking a break, bbl00:24
brainwashah nice00:28
brainwashand I can del https://code.launchpad.net/~thad-fisch/xubuntu-default-settings/tooltip-size00:28
brainwashbluesabre: please change the status of https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10740 to fixed00:30
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10740 in Settings Manager "Add support for versioned help desktop files" [Normal,New]00:30
brainwashbluesabre: can compton located /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/compton.conf ?00:36
Unit193Aha, that makes more sense.  compton uses xdg_config_dirs.00:36
brainwashso.. it works?00:37
Unit193Not tested it, but I'd say so.00:38
brainwasheven with the missing . ?00:38
brainwashshould be a hidden config file I think00:39
Unit193Why?  It's not in ~/00:39
brainwashI had the skel scheme in mind00:40
Unit193const static char *config_filename = "/compton.conf";00:41
Unit193(I link to it because you should be able to read it far better than me. :) )00:42
brainwashso the next question is: does utopic still ship an outdated version of compton?00:44
Unit193Beta2, IIRC.00:44
Unit193!info compton utopic00:44
ubottucompton (source: compton): compositor for X11, based on xcompmgr. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1~beta2-1 (utopic), package size 97 kB, installed size 243 kB00:44
brainwashold stuff00:45
Unit193Latest tagged.  We still aren't seeding it, just some handy config in case users want to use it.00:45
brainwashright, having a nice config helps00:46
brainwashbut the user still has to deal with the outdated version of compton00:46
brainwashin case we recommend it00:46
brainwashrecommend to try it -> tear free00:47
* Unit193 shrugs, no newer releases.00:47
brainwashoh man, someone wants the fix for bug 1310264 to be backported to trusty00:49
ubottubug 1310264 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Can't search/find items in the Settings Manager" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131026400:49
brainwashcan we do it?00:50
Unit193He can do it, but that's a backport of a UI change, soo.00:50
brainwashindeed, it's a ui change00:51
brainwashso the answer is NO00:53
elfybluesabre: thanks :) 06:34
brainwashbluesabre: any plans to sru/backport bug 1310264 to trusty? if no, then we should unlink the report from the 14.04.x blueprint07:22
ubottubug 1310264 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Can't search/find items in the Settings Manager" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131026407:22
brainwashit's just a minimal ui change after all07:23
brainwashthe now visible "settings" submenu entry07:24
elfyochosi: I asked in -release for a build of xubuntu, off out for the day - if you get chance could you do the same at some point07:26
ochosielfy: sure thing, thanks!07:46
ochosiand thanks for updating the folks on the ML07:50
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Unit193ochosi: I see you hiding, https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/ubuntu/xfce will have something for you in a minute.08:52
ochosiUnit193: a-ha a-ha, what is it?09:17
ochosiah, the dashboard?09:17
Unit193Nothing new, and yeah, the only one that was built today. :D09:18
ochosihave you tested it?09:19
Unit193Test built. :P09:21
ochosirighty, i just tested it, it works ok09:21
ochosii'll copy it over09:21
Unit193Sure thing, doc.09:22
ochosii'm wondering btw whether we should drop the saucy versions that we still have09:22
ochosisince it's EOL and all09:22
Unit193Outdated and can't be updated?  I've been resisting nagging you and Sean about removing it, yeah.09:23
ochosiwell thank you09:26
ochosii guess we should write a blog post about that PPA09:26
Unit193(FWIW, Sean has access to the git repo hosting it too, in case I'm busy, in the hospital, dead, etc, etc.)09:27
ochosigood to know, let's hope it doesn't come to any of that (incl. you being busy ;))09:27
Unit193Meh, hospital would actually mean less busy.  When I was in last I'm pretty sure I got a chance to update a couple packages. :P09:29
Unit193By the looks of it, the PPA is fairly used.09:29
ochosiwhat looks?09:29
ochosi(have they introduced lp statistics and i didn't notice?)09:29
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brainwashgdmflexiserver is gone in 14.04, but xfswitch-plugin and the panel action buttons still require it09:36
brainwashbug 132056009:36
ubottubug 1320560 in xfswitch-plugin (Ubuntu) "xfswitch-plugin refuses to switch user" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132056009:36
brainwashwe could install a wrapper to mimic gdmflexiserver09:37
brainwashsee comment #409:37
brainwashfixing the actual source would be the better option, but can we just go gdmflexiserver -> dm-tool?09:38
brainwashdm-tool is lightdm only09:38
brainwash(I think)09:39
brainwashxscreensaver should be also affected09:40
brainwashif you click on "new login" while it locks the screen09:41
ochosithe thing is that if gnome2 had really gone away, we could just drop and forget about gdmflexiserver09:51
ochosibut now that there are forks of it that seem to stick around for now, alternatives to lightdm can still easily be used outside of gnome09:52
ochosi(from what i understand, the new gdm is tightly integrated in gnome3, so it's not as easy anymore to use that with a different DE)09:52
brainwashthe problem is that there has to be some sort of script for user switching via display manager09:54
brainwashI'm not sure if we can just hardcode dm-tool09:55
* ochosi replied09:55
brainwashI see09:56
ochosii guess the really best way to fix this would be to implement display-manager awareness in xfce4-session09:56
ochosiand then just provide a commandline switch for that, so that e.g. panel-plugins can safely use that09:56
brainwashyes, this could be done via a "simple" bash script09:57
brainwashlike xflock409:57
ochosiimplementing this sort of DM detection in every other place is silly09:57
ochosigdmflexiserver was such a "simple" bash script iirc09:57
ochosidespite its name it worked fine with other DMs than gdm09:57
ochosi(like the "flexi" part implies)09:57
brainwashthat's the reason I don't like hardcoding dm-tool into the code09:57
ochosii think for ubuntu it's ok09:58
brainwashI think so too09:58
ochosii suggest you prep the patch since you already figured out everything09:58
ochosimaybe bluesabre can push it (whenever he's back online)09:59
brainwashxscreensaver is also affected, not sure about that one? just submit a patch and hope for the best?10:00
brainwashah bug 130991710:01
ubottubug 1309917 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu) "Unable to switch login at xscreensaver lock screen" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130991710:01
brainwashthe maintainer already replied10:01
brainwash^ :D10:02
ochosiwell the same goes for xscreensaver in fact10:03
ochosipatching it in ubuntu is the okay-shortcut for now10:03
ochosiwb bluesabre 11:03
bluesabrewhat'd I miss?11:04
ochosione sec11:04
ochosibrainwash talked about this bug and i commented and if he comes up with a patch, he'll get in touch with you https://launchpad.net/bugs/132056011:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1320560 in xfswitch-plugin (Ubuntu) "xfswitch-plugin refuses to switch user" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:05
ochosioh, and i asked in -release for a rebuild of our image11:05
ochosibut no response so far, stgraber seems to be afk11:05
brainwashand you missed to close https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10740 :P11:06
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10740 in Settings Manager "Add support for versioned help desktop files" [Normal,New]11:06
bluesabrebrainwash: not a bug admin for xfce4-settings, can't close it11:06
brainwashbut you can commit to trunk.. strange11:07
bluesabretwo separate sites :)11:07
brainwashochosi: thank you11:07
bluesabrere: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-default-settings/+bug/1310264 its a UI change, so nope11:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1310264 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Can't search/find items in the Settings Manager" [Undecided,Fix released]11:08
ochosi(and it's easy enough for single users to fix themselves)11:08
brainwashcan't this ui change be considered a bug fix?11:08
ochosisomeone could write a blog post for xu.org about how to fix it though11:09
brainwashif the user has already messed with the menu file (menulibre), then he still won't be able to find the hidden entries11:11
brainwashok then11:12
bluesabreits still a pretty minor issue11:13
bluesabreochosi: are we waiting for tonight to get our iso spun, or are we requesting an early respin?11:14
brainwashfor advanced users it is, but new xubuntu users are getting confused by the missing entries11:14
bluesabrenew users couldn't find menu items in the last menu either though... they still had to click on the settings manager icon11:14
ochosibluesabre: i asked for a respin asap, but we'll see when it really happens...11:15
bluesabreochosi: cool, thanks11:15
brainwashbluesabre: yeah, but now we do offer the search functionality of whiskermenu, and people expect to find everything with it :)11:16
ochosithey won't find files with it11:16
ochosianyway, let it go11:16
brainwashhehe, I've already unlinked it from the 14.04.1 blueprint11:17
bluesabrespeaking of which11:18
bluesabredo we want to add the catfish shortcut?11:18
ochosiyup, that'd be nice11:19
bluesabreand what would be a good one?11:19
brainwasha general keyboard shortcut?11:19
ochosibluesabre: problem is "locate" or "find" might be ambiguous11:20
bluesabreas in, type into whiskermenu "find donuts" and catfish loads and immediately starts to search11:20
ochosiand "search" doesn't really cut it imo11:20
bluesabrethough it might be more interested in worms or grubs11:21
ochosimaybe "ok catfish"11:21
ochosiah well, let's go for "find". makes the most sense11:21
bluesabrebrainwash: if you're running utopic and have catfish 1.2... like this: http://i.imgur.com/rCFuosC.png11:23
brainwashmakes sense to add something like that11:25
brainwash"!f" would be too simple / not obvious enough, right?11:26
ochosii think it might not be very discoverable either way, but "find" makes it sound very natural11:27
elfyasked -release re beta build again 11:27
ochosiand people who frequently use it can change the shortcut easily11:28
bluesabreelfy: thanks11:28
ochosielfy: i pinged stgraber earlier, but he doesn't seem to be about11:28
elfybluesabre: as far as you know there's nothing else that would stop it building?11:28
bluesabrethat's the only thing11:28
elfyochosi: yea - I think he's -5 or 6 hours11:29
bluesabreif it fails this time, I'd be shocked11:29
elfywhy there's only one person who can get the build running I don't know - but I bet it'd get done for ubuntu earlier11:30
elfyochosi: so you got any plans/idea for what we should do if the respin is late tonight - given that release is supposed to be tomorrow? 11:36
elfyknome was talking yesterday about releasing late - I'm not worried if we do or don't11:36
bluesabreI'll do as much iso testing as I am able tonight11:38
elfybluesabre: yea - that relies on us gettting something to test :)11:39
elfyI'll not be able to do hardware tests in time for tomorrow, be vm only11:40
bluesabreI get home when canonical starts going to bed, so I should be in the clear11:40
elfystgraber appeared mid-afternoon my time yesterday, would guess same today11:40
bluesabreochosi: want to draft the release notes today, or is that usually somebody else?11:41
ochosibluesabre: not sure we have a definitive person who is responsible for the release notes11:42
bluesabre(and then I can review and add things tonight)11:42
bluesabreI see11:42
ochosiactually it might be good if >1 people could work on it11:42
ochosiotherwise things might be overlooked11:42
elfynope - generally it was knome and me previously - better to whack it on a pad or something so everyone can get to it 11:42
bluesabregood idea11:43
elfyprevioulsy we've mostly built it off of old ones11:43
ochosiyeah, feel free to paste in a skeleton11:43
brainwashUnit193: are you going to re-include 02-remove-unused-maximize-button.patch (xfwm4, not applied upstream)11:50
brainwashnot sure if you've already answered this question11:51
ochosibluesabre, elfy: i gotta run now, but i'll look at the release notes again a little later in the day11:52
bluesabreok, I'm just adding notes for now which can be used to put things together11:52
ochosiyup, sounds good11:52
Unit193Don't know why I thought it was no longer needed, I normally check those well.  I would since it's my mistake, but it is easier for Sean.  Anyway, if not I'll get to it a bit later today.11:57
bluesabreUnit193: you know where to find such tools... how can I search for what I've uploaded to utopic?11:58
brainwashUnit193: alright11:59
Unit193brainwash: Sorry.11:59
brainwashnobody would have noticed it :P11:59
Unit193bluesabre: And I know how to find what packages have been sponsored for you, but not what you've uploaded since I can't do that.12:01
bluesabreah, gotcha12:01
bluesabreI think I've got nearly everything on the pad now12:01
bluesabrefeel free to add notes for the packages if there is anything that makes them special :)12:04
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Unit193bluesabre: If you want to grab+edit or whatever, it's uploaded.13:22
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brainwashanyone here using a dual monitor setup? if yes, please check if pkexec also triggers bug 15285514:13
ubottubug 152855 in gksu (Ubuntu) "gksu dialog box hangs when xfce compositing is on" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15285514:13
brainwashancient bug :/14:14
elfyUnit193: I suppose we need to get a core wiki page sorted for core rather than your one14:20
ochosielfy: rebuild kicked off by stgraber14:20
elfysaw - didn't realise we could do that when there's not one there at all14:22
elfyochosi: we couldn't have done that, nothing to select to rebuild on the beta page14:23
ochosiso a question of rights then i guess14:23
elfyyou have them I think 14:23
elfythat's the dailies - once you've logged in do you see what I see? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-270814-152435.php14:24
elfyeg the admin bit at the bottom?14:24
elfyUnit193: - draft xubuntu minimal page on xubuntu.org done14:28
elfyochosi: did a bit with the beta pad too14:33
elfyand ... we've got some images to test now :p14:53
slickymasterWorkyeaps :)14:54
* slickymasterWork will comply with what is promised14:54
elfyknome: not sure who can access the social stuff - but if you can, can you get beta testing on there 15:34
* elfy vaguely remembers pleia2 being afk 15:34
slickymasterWorkbrainwash: you mean in relation to the at-spi2-core (Ubuntu) package?15:43
elfypaulw2u appears on the tracker - that's one I can generally rely on to turn up :)15:49
elfyochosi Unit193 - core is now available on the tracker for testing17:25
pleia2elfy: done17:37
elfypleia2: awesome thanks - wasn't sure if you were about or not :)17:38
pleia2chaos day, have work and flight later :)17:38
* elfy had that for a while - 2 machines doing b tests - coudln't remember which was doing 32 and which 64 :p17:39
* elfy wanders away from the tracker now17:42
elfyI'm just glad we don't have alternates to test ;)17:43
ochosielfy: i'm around now17:56
ochosinope, i don't see that admin bit there17:58
ochosioh, indeed, now i see it17:59
ochosiweird, when removing the filters (before i saw all products) it suddenly appeared17:59
ochosiwasn't there before17:59
ochosithat's actually quite handy that we can respin ourselves now18:00
elfyok - cool, so to request a rebuild for 64 say, select the box next to it - then in the bottom request it :)18:00
elfywhen we're ready to release - select then mark as ready18:00
elfyback in an hour ish18:01
elfyjust don't practise today :p18:02
Unit193Dang man, we have a lot of hardly started languages in the docs.  Just checked, each and every one of them validates still. \o/18:49
elfyochosi: back for a bit if you need anything 19:09
Unit193elfy: Hellos.19:10
elfyhi Unit193 19:12
elfywb Luyin :)19:28
Luyinthx elfy 19:29
LuyinI'm just trying to find my way through all these websites19:29
elfyLuyin: if you've got time and can do a test install - vm's fine - we're testing the beta right now19:29
brainwashelfy: this error bug 1359439 ?19:31
ubottubug 1359439 in systemd-shim (Ubuntu) "[ 7.287663] systemd-logind[1057]: Failed to start unit user@126.service: Unknown unit: user@126.service" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135943919:31
brainwashmost likely19:33
Luyinok, I'm on it elfy 19:33
Luyinjust give me a sec to find myself around there19:33
elfyok ... so that's random brainwash - what are you talking about :)19:33
elfyLuyin: okey doke - I'm about for a while if you need anything 19:33
brainwashelfy: your report "mage fails to start try/install screen" :P19:33
elfyoic - that makes more sense now :)19:34
Luyinelfy: the xubuntu desktop at the bottom of the page?19:34
elfypossible - I'm not that worried about it tbh brainwash - more likely to be sorted by a ubuntu type person 19:34
elfyLuyin: yep :)19:35
Luyinok, which one? or just both?19:35
elfyLuyin: there are 5 tests in each - choose one arch and go for it :)19:35
Luyinokay, I'll take the 64bit one19:35
elfyanything that you do will have my gratitude :)19:36
* elfy wonders what lxpolkit actually is and if it's what it sounds like whether we could have similar19:37
brainwashthat's a random thought19:38
elfynot *completely* random - saw mention of it in -quality :p19:39
brainwashwe already use gnome's polkit auth agent I think19:39
elfyaah - okey doke - just wondering :)19:40
Luyinelfy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough here it says one should get the iso via TestDrive, but I'm downloading it via browser atm, is that correct?19:40
brainwashelfy: yes, it's policykit-1-gnome19:40
elfyLuyin: you can use testdrive - but if you know you're way around a vm then it's not really needed - and in that case download however you want19:40
Luyinokay ^^19:41
* Unit193 ponders why it'd say to use testdrive.19:41
brainwashelfy: luckily we don't hate gnome as much as LXDE does :)19:41
elfyLuyin: once you've got it - you can use zsync to update it if you want to not download the whole thing everytime - depends who long between test19:41
elfyUnit193: check the wiki page last edited by ;)19:42
Unit193elfy: I didn't have to.19:42
elfyha ha ha 19:42
* elfy has no idea what testdrive even looks like 19:42
Unit193Erm, requirements?  Well then.19:43
Unit193Guess we don't support qemu, kvm, or VMware's.19:44
elfyif I was interested enough I could rip that up and start again19:44
Luyinhmm, seems my virtualbox is only able to run 32bit kernels.19:46
elfydo 32 bit then :)19:47
elfybrainwash: thanks 19:48
Luyinok, it's getting interesting :D20:02
Unit193elfy: I presume you didn't see my question the other day.  Utopic seem a bit slower to you than Trusty?20:03
elfyUnit193: nope didn't notice that - sorry. It *seems* a bit slower sometimes if I've booted systemd 20:04
elfybut generally I don't notice much with upstart20:04
elfyunless I've been using vbox - then everything seems a lot slower than it did using it in trusty or saucy20:04
Unit193systemd 214 vs systemd 214, seems to hang a couple seconds at times.20:06
Luyinelfy: I've got a question about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hardware this. it says one should edit the top table – but there's no button or similar to click where I can edit anything. or am I missing something?20:10
Luyinand something else: I chose the "manual partition"-version for testing. so I guess I'm allowed to partition myself in order to finish the test?20:11
elfyLuyin: none of that's really all that important tbh /Hardware 20:11
elfyyep - you can choose the partitions yourself for that test20:12
elfyI tend to do it in this order, but then I tend to do the whole lot - whole disk, resize, then manual on one of the resized partitions20:13
Luyinyou're kidding? when I help, I'm doing it thoroughly :P20:13
elfyLuyin: you won't see me on that list and I've been doing this for years 20:13
Luyinokay, lol20:13
elfyyou'll not find balloons on there either and he's the Canonical Community QA guy 20:14
elfyso - you can do it if you want - but quite frankly - getting more than a couple of people testing is a LOT more important to me :)20:14
Luyinhehe okay20:15
* elfy really should write a more detailed QA procedure for us rather than have to send people to ubuntu pages and then it not be *quite* what we want20:16
Unit193brainwash: What about it?20:18
brainwashUnit193: ubuntu is stuck with 208, isn't it?20:18
Unit193elfy: "core is now available on the tracker for testing" does that mean do it right now?20:18
Unit193brainwash: Yep, in utopic at least, FF and all.20:19
brainwashstill don't like to boot with systemd.. it feels like voodo magic :)20:20
elfyUnit193: no - I was just letting you and ochosi know where we are :)20:20
elfythere's not much chance of me asking anyone to do that right at the moment :p20:20
Unit193brainwash: Heh, yeeeah.  I'm not sure if I like it or greatly dislike it, it's hard to tell as some of the features are nice, and some really bad.20:20
Unit193elfy: OK, great then!20:20
brainwashUnit193: exactly20:21
Unit193brainwash: systemd-analyze, the information it keeps per service, and some of that is dang nice, others not so much.20:21
elfyI wish I got the desktop as quickly as systemd says it takes :p20:33
Unit193Hah. :P20:33
Unit193elfy: Try 214! :P20:33
elfyI think I boot to desktop in about 40-50s20:33
elfysystemd ~25s20:34
elfyUnit193: did you look at the core draft on xubuntu.org yet?20:35
elfyneed to get that sorted before we call 20:35
elfythough I could do it in the mail if necessary20:35
knomere: release notes, i think the release team should generally take the lead on that, especially since the current setup is (by design): project lead, one person who's on top of development, one person who's on top of QA/testing/Bugs20:37
knomeelfy, i can do twitter..20:37
knomewhat do you want in there? probably a certain mail mentioned?20:38
Unit193elfy: Oh, we even want to mention the second one?  OK, works for me.  Seems to be about what I wrote up too.  Perhaps it'd be useful to link to http://docs.xubuntu.org/1404/appendix-packages.html ?20:38
knomeoh, hmm, somebody tweeted20:38
elfyknome: pleia2 did do something though - not checked what yet20:38
elfyUnit193: it was a draft - I just copied what you wrote in yours and tacked on testing :p20:39
knomeyep, she's definitely tweeted 3h ago20:39
elfycool - thanks knome 20:39
knomewe definitely need to involve the "other" social media admins more on this channel20:40
elfyUnit193: yea - agreed to adding that to the page 20:40
knomewe have *at least* pleia2 + 1 other person on each outlet20:40
elfyknome: I'm glad that doesn't involve me :p20:40
ochosielfy: why do the release notes say "xfwm4 4.12"?20:40
Unit193elfy: Right, sounds good to me.  Figured it might be, kind of wrote it last cycle precisely for xubuntu-core.20:40
knomeelfy, heh, well it should make your work easier :)20:40
elfyochosi: was just picking up information from bluesabre's list 20:41
Unit193ochosi: I have no idea if you're interested, but you are not identified.20:41
ochosielfy: says 4.11.2 there though :)20:41
ochosiUnit193: ah, thanks20:41
elfyfat finger syndrome then I suspect ochosi :)20:41
elfyochosi: and are we just going to do a release announcement or both? 20:42
knomeelfy, holstein is an admin of the FB group..20:42
ochosielfy: both?20:42
elfyknome: orite - useful to know :)20:43
knomeyep, will ask him to join this channel the next time i see him active (and remember)20:43
elfyochosi: suits me - but I'll not be about morning tomorrow20:43
elfyknome: he is now 20:43
ochosielfy: no, my question was what do you mean with a release announcement *or both* ?20:44
elfylol - sorry - announcement is on xubuntu.org release notes are on ubuntu wiki20:44
ochosioh right20:44
ochosiwell i'd probably do both20:44
elfyok - well I'll ensure that the wiki one is ok by tomorrow afternoon20:45
knomeannouncement has generally been the non-technical one, notes the more technical one; and usually useful for anything else than point releases at least20:45
elfywb boss :p20:46
elfyknome: yep20:46
ochosiknome: if you wanna help us move along a bit, that'd be much appreciated: http://pad.ubuntu.com/S030Pt7VHy20:48
knomewhat are we drafting? the notes or the announcement or both?20:52
ochosii guess both20:54
ochosibluesabre started by listing app updates20:55
ochosiand elfy added a skeleton20:55
ochosinot sure what for though tbh :)20:55
elfyI'll not bother again then20:55
knomethat skeleton is okay though :P20:56
ochosielfy: why? i think it's nice, i'm just not experienced enough with this stuff :)20:57
elfyochosi: well basically it's a whole lot easier doing it before by a day than by 5 minutes ... 20:58
ochosiright, i guess so20:58
ochosiwhat the heck, bluebrain??21:01
Luyinpuh, finally, test is nearly done21:01
elfyLuyin: \o/21:01
brainwashochosi: that's me... surprise21:02
knomeochosi, watch your language, sir :P21:02
* ochosi will remember to never say "bluebrain" again to an old lady21:03
Luyinok, test passed. and I'm off to bed ;)21:03
brainwashLuyin: good night21:03
elfyLuyin: don't forget to report it ;)21:04
elfyand thanks :)21:04
Luyinelfy: done ;) good night to all of you!21:05
elfynight :)21:05
Luyinelfy: might do the next one tomorrow evening if I can make it21:05
knomenight and thanks Luyin 21:07
elfyLuyin: if we've had sufficient results by then we'll be marking it ready - so no testing, but dailies will start again until the next beta 21:07
elfywe've done that :p21:08
elfyUnit193: I added that table link - and I removed the second command line install bit21:09
elfythe testcase is just the first 21:09
Unit193OK, whatever works best for you.21:09
Unit193Sounds good though.21:09
elfyoooh - didn't know alt-tab is clickable ... 21:11
Unit193Mhmm, nice shiny alt+tab from ochosi, been using it since slightly before trusty was released.21:12
Unit193(PPA I made, of course.)21:12
knomeelfy, i'm waiting you to bombard the known issues section :P21:15
elfyI've not noticed very much to be honest - certainly not much in the way of Xubuntu specific stuff we need to make people aware off21:16
elfywhich is the result of hardly any reporting of tests21:16
ochosior a very stable beta ;)21:17
Unit193FWIW, I think more of us are activly using utopic than before.21:17
knomedo we carry bugs from 14.04 release?21:17
ochosiand we've been trying to sort most pressing bugs in 14.04.121:17
ochosi(and the indicators haven't changed their API [yet])21:18
Unit193Hah, no that waits until after FF.21:18
brainwashand wait until xorg 1.16 lands (FFe)21:18
Unit193elfy: At least this is earlier than I normally update, and I've moved 3 computers (netbook counts, right?) to utopic.  It's more of a daily/weekly use than a "report test complete" type of thing though.21:19
elfythere is 1 bug reported against xubuntu and utopic bug 1330171 that I can find21:19
ubottubug 1330171 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "4th slide become much bigger therefore some buttons become unvisible on following slides" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133017121:19
elfyhardly worth noting ;)21:19
ochosiyeah, slideshow hasn't even been updated yet21:19
elfyUnit193: yea - cadence/exploratory testing - that's fine, if you happen to use something - check the package testcase21:20
elfyochosi: yep21:20
knomeelfy, taking on that bug.21:23
elfyright I've got to go - I'll catch up in the morning - night all 21:34
knomenight elfy, and thanks :)21:35
ochosinight elfy and thanks for your help!21:35
elfyochosi knome - in the pad I linked to the minimal install draft on xubuntu.org - it's only a simple page - be good to publish that asap - I'll be calling for testing as soon as beta is released21:36
elfyanyway - night :)21:36
Unit193Logan_: Pingalinga?21:53
knometime to go to bed. nighty!22:15
ochosinight knome 22:22
Unit193bluesabre: Why you no MOTU??  I need one! :P22:23
bluesabreUnit193: D:23:16
ochosihey bluesabre 23:21
ochosimight wanna give the release notes a read23:21
bluesabrelooking over them now23:22
bluesabreer, was23:22
bluesabrenow disconnected23:22
* bluesabre searches for link23:22
bluesabreand I'm back23:22
Unit193bluesabre: So, what'd you decide on the xfpm-plugins/lxpanel stuff?  Going to mirror for the daily ppa, and also wondering how you resolved it. :D23:22
Unit193bluesabre: also, xfwm that contains brainwash's patch is in the normal place, if you want to look and decide if you like it.23:23
bluesabreAren't we unable to resolve until lxpanel hits the archive?23:23
Unit193Sure, but still have to fix the hard dep on xfce4-panel.23:23
bluesabreoh right23:23
bluesabreaaaand, brainwash's patch..?23:24
Unit193From before, no maximize if no maximize.23:27
bluesabreoh right23:27
bluesabreochosi: no known issues, yet?23:28
bluesabreand maybe add a note with the xchat removal "If you need to reach the Xubuntu team, go to xubuntu.org/irc"?23:28
bluesabreor smth23:28
bluesabremaybe not23:29
ochosiwell, or use pidgin ;)23:29
ochosibtw, apt-offline doesn't really seem to be such a terribly new version23:29
Unit193/kban ochosi no23:29
ochosior maybe i misread, but it seemed like nothing spectacular was going on there23:30
bluesabreochosi: well, the difference is that it actually works now23:30
Unit193ochosi: The point is, it works whereas trusty doesn't.23:30
ochosilist that in bug fixes then please23:30
* bluesabre assigns to Unit19323:30
ochosiUnit193: http://pad.ubuntu.com/S030Pt7VHy23:30
Unit193Actually a bit busy, but sure later.23:30
bluesabreochosi: how long are you around?23:30
ochosinot very much longer23:31
ochosiwhy, what's up?23:31
bluesabrestick around for a few, I can actually test xfpm now23:31
bluesabreunknown state is now a dead mouse23:33
bluesabrewhich is better23:33
ochosidead mouse?23:34
ochosiyou mean with an empty progressbar23:34
bluesabre1px red tick at the bottom23:34
ochosiyeah, that's the minimum load23:34
ochosii didn't want it to ever be actually just empty23:35
ochosiotherwise ppl might wonder what that is23:35
bluesabreright, makes sense23:35
bluesabreawesome, we already have 5/5 on both arch23:36
bluesabregood job guys!23:36
ochosiapply that pls ^23:37
ochosiand if that works, i'll reward you with a blue (?) hovering on top of your mouse ;)23:38
bluesabrebuilding now23:44
bluesabreprefix=/usr, right?23:44
Unit193Naaaah, /libexec/usr/23:45
bluesabreochosi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8163876/23:47
ochosinot UKNOWN23:47
bluesabrefixed typo, looks the same23:50
ochosiright, that's what i was afraid would happen :s23:50
ochosisomehow that check doesn't work23:50
ochosiand i don't get why23:50
ochosisince i can't debug, mind to add a debug message there and print the state?23:52
ochosiiirc 0 is UNKNOWN23:53
bluesabreochosi: any idea where to see g_prints for panel plugins?23:55
ochosiyeah, you have to start the panel with debug mode23:55
ochosione sec23:55
ochosiPANEL_DEBUG=1 xfce4-panel23:56
bluesabreok, next question, what do you use for printing debug msgs?23:58
bluesabreg_print goes to the void23:58
ochosig_warning usually23:58

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