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urulama-afkmhilton: hi there08:33
mhiltonoh hello08:34
frankbanurulama-afk: morning08:47
frankbanmhilton: morning and welcome!08:47
mhiltonHi and thanks.08:47
frankbanurulama-afk: are you still reviewing the branch?08:47
urulama-afkfrankban: i'm actually out today08:54
frankbanurulama-afk: IC, ok!08:54
frankbanmhilton: since urulama-afk is out, feel free to ping me for any question.09:28
frankbanurulama-afk: do you know if Roger handed off his current extra-info branch?09:28
rick_h_morning party people11:05
rick_h_mhilton...doh left11:05
rick_h_oh the email, it burns!11:06
frankbanrick_h_: morning11:10
* frankban lunches11:10
rick_h_with that I run to make up some breakfast and coffee12:06
frankbanguihelp: I need two review for https://codereview.appspot.com/139010043 (quickstart/trivial)14:52
frankbananyone? thanks14:52
Makyofrankban, on it.14:53
frankbanMakyo: thanks14:53
frankbanguihelp: I'd also need two reviews for go code at https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/86 , if you're available/interested, thanks!14:54
frankbanjuju-gui call today?15:00
frankbanrick_h_, Makyo ^^ ?15:03
Makyofrankban, it's a national holiday for US+Canada, and urulama-afk is out as well.15:04
frankbanMakyo: yeah I know, ok15:04
frankbanMakyo: thanks for the review15:05
rick_h_Makyo: you're in today?15:07
rick_h_frankban: yes, want to do the call and intro martin and such15:07
rick_h_oh, guess I missed the call wtf15:07
frankbanrick_h_: there was no call, we can reschedule it15:08
Makyorick_h_, no, just heard the ping while cleaning, saw the review was quick.15:09
rick_h_frankban: that's ok, guess I'm too deep in email to listen to my alarms going off anyway. 15:09
rick_h_frankban: will pick up tomororw15:09
rick_h_bah, tomorrow15:09
frankbanrick_h_: :-) sounds good15:10
rick_h_frankban: ty for the QS updates15:11
frankbanrick_h_: thanks for the review!15:17
hazmatis there a known rendering issue on gui and icons? every time i click through tabs on a charm i get flickering around the icon,  sometimes double painting18:57
rick_h_hazmat: there's a bug about it and some fun trying to replicate it. 18:58
rick_h_hazmat: it seems to be a limited versions of chrome atm and the latest dev chrome people couldn't replicate it18:59
hazmatrick_h_, also charmworld seems to have a wedged ingest19:00
rick_h_hazmat: looking. I looked earlier and it seemed to be working and processing. At least the charm counts were going.19:01
hazmatrick_h_, last ingest was from 8/30 per changes view but  there's at lesat a half-dozen more recent from https://code.launchpad.net/charms19:01
rick_h_https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1358671 is the icon bug for tracking/input19:02
mupBug #1358671: Charm icons not rendering properly <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1358671>19:02
rick_h_hazmat: k, looking19:02
hazmatrick_h_, thanks19:02
rick_h_hazmat: no vangaurd atm on charmworld, will try to catch one or get one of the AU folks tonight. (The US ones are probably on holiday today)19:04
rick_h_hazmat: it does move but it's only moving one queued charm every few mins vs many per minute19:04
rick_h_hazmat: so guesssing a pipe is clogged somewhere. Will have to get logs and IS help19:04
* rick_h_ does an EOD dance and steps away19:35
rick_h_morning huwshimi 23:41
huwshimirick_h_: Hey23:45

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