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hyper_chhi there, I wonder, if baloo kcm / baloo kcm advanced will be added soon as package?06:08
bipul!info jenkins07:08
ubottuPackage jenkins does not exist in trusty07:08
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aggreyishmael, is solr server off, b'se i am getting errors concerned with it07:40
lordievaderGood morning.07:48
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Moscherkoboldgood morning everyone09:24
Moscherkoboldany suggestions how to sync some folders between my livingroom-pc (win7) and my office pc (kubuntu 14.04)09:25
hateballMoscherkobold: rsync + robocopy perhaps09:28
Moscherkoboldhateball: how can I acess the files on the windows machine with rsync?09:35
hateballMoscherkobold: How are you sharing files now?09:36
hateballMoscherkobold: You'd use rsync on linux, and robocopy on Windows. Or just one of them.09:36
Moscherkoboldthey are freed one the windows machine and i can acess them in dolphin with the samba thing09:37
lordievaderCan't rsync do samba?09:46
Moscherkoboldhateball: they are shared one the windows machine and i can acess them in dolphin with the samba thing09:46
Moscherkoboldlordievader: I dont know, I think it is possible but i dont know how at the moment09:47
hateballI'd mount the SMB share on the linux machine, and treat it like a local folder09:47
lordievaderMoscherkobold: http://rsync.samba.org/examples.html09:47
Moscherkoboldhateball: lordievader thank you I will try this later this day09:49
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BluesKajHiyas all12:48
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Riddell** anyone on trusty? we need testers for kde-workspace 4.11.11 ping me in #kubuntu-devel if you can help14:56
barbyi need to share a disk with rdesktop15:15
barbydoes anyone can help me?15:15
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Dathello, I was using the latest and greated kubuntu and did a recent update a few days ago and it seems I have lost my desktop. Anyone run into this lately?16:51
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MarceloHello everybody18:04
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Guest31731I need to sort out a little problem. Anyone maybe can help me?18:04
ikoniaif you just explain the problem, people will help if they want to and can18:06
Guest31731I am a newie and trying to make DOS boot a secondary HDD so later on I can remove it an put it in another PC to use it as primary. If you want me to explain why then it is going to be a long story...18:06
Guest31731thanks ikonia18:06
ikoniaok, so what do you mean by dos boot a secondary hdd ?18:06
ikoniado you mean the grub boot loader ?18:06
Guest31731DOS or WinXP Operative systems18:07
ikoniaGuest31731: so that's really an ubuntu issue18:07
ikoniaGuest31731: configuring windows XP isn't really something that's part of ubuntu18:08
Guest31731I know18:08
ikoniaok ? so you're in #kubuntu18:08
Guest31731I don't want help to configure WInXP18:08
ikoniaok, what do you actually want18:08
Guest31731I am running kubuntu on this pc18:08
Guest31731OK, it is going to be a little long jajja18:09
ikoniadoesn't need to be long18:09
Guest31731I have 2 PCs, almost the same18:09
ikonia"what do you want to happen"18:09
ikoniawhat is the answer to that question18:09
Guest31731One is this one running ubuntu18:09
Guest31731the other one needs to run WinXP as there is a soft I can only use in WinXP and I don't have the hardware requirements to run a virtual PC18:09
ikonia"what do you want to happen"18:10
ikoniajust answer that question18:10
Guest31731both PCs are old so there is no USB boot option18:10
Guest31731the other PC at the moment cannot even boot from a CD or DVD18:10
ikoniaok, I've lost interest18:10
Guest31731Ok thanks anyway18:11
Guest31731anyone else who can help please?18:11
lordievaderGuest31731: Try to explain clearly what you are trying to do.18:12
Guest31731sorry I was concentrated in my explanation and I missed your questions18:12
Guest31731I NEED to make the other PC work with WINXP and I only have this PC with kubuntu to help me doing that18:12
lordievaderGuest31731: Burn an iso.18:13
Guest31731and then what? I can't use USB or DVD on the other PC18:13
lordievaderAh, is it capable of reading a CD?18:14
Guest31731only using an external CD via USB but that does work only once in WINXP or Kubuntu, etc18:14
lordievaderGuest31731: And you want to install Windows on it?18:14
Guest31731I need to install winxp on it, yes18:15
BluesKajbuy a cdrom drive for 25bucks18:15
Guest31731no, it is a notebook, military type,18:15
lordievaderGuest31731: Good luck, Windows doesn't like to be transfered from hardware to hardware.18:15
Guest31731the PCs are almost the same specs, manufacturer, etc18:15
ikoniathe host id's are different18:16
lordievaderGuest31731: Put the hdd in the other pc and install from there. But don't come crying when Windows blue screens when you put the drive back into the original pc.18:16
Guest31731that is more or less what I am trying to do18:17
Guest31731but there are catchs18:17
ikoniathis really isn't an ubuntu issue18:17
Guest31731but Kubuntu can help as it is what I am running18:17
ikoniakubuntu has nothing to do with it18:17
lordievaderGuest31731: Kubuntu cannot help with installing Windows ;)18:18
Guest31731I don't need help to install windows, just to make that HD boot on DOS or WINXP18:18
ikoniathat's nothing to do with kubuntu18:18
ikoniaand therefore nothing to do with this channel18:18
Guest31731I just need to write that info on the MBR using kubuntu18:18
ikoniano you don't18:19
ikoniathe mbr will not install windows18:19
Guest31731but If I am able to write into that and install a FreeDOS or something with support for USB then I am fine18:19
ikoniano, you're not18:19
ikoniafree dos has nothing to do with it18:20
Guest31731actually I've found a couple of tools which can do the job18:20
Guest31731it is just me that I am not very good to understand the instructions18:20
ikoniawhich tools ?18:20
Guest31731as I am quite new with Kubuntu18:20
ikoniathats nothing to do with kubuntu18:22
Guest31731it looks like it runs on kubuntu18:22
Guest31731you think it doesn't?18:22
ikoniait doesn't run on anything18:22
ikoniait's a boot manager18:22
ikoniait lives on the masterboot record of a disk18:22
lordievaderGuest31731: Have you read their page: Its based on a Linux Kernel and can load only other Linux kernels!18:22
lordievaderWon't boot Windows.18:22
Guest31731but it will give me access to USB18:23
ikoniano it won't18:23
lordievaderGuest31731: Like BluesKaj suggested, your best bet is to simply go out and buy a cd/dvd drive.18:23
Guest31731no I can't as my new solid state hard disk occupies the space where the CD player goes18:24
Guest31731It says on the website: You can boot Linux from USB even if there is no Bios USB support.18:24
ikoniaGuest31731: right, you can do that18:24
ikoniaGuest31731: however you want to boot windows18:24
ikoniayou can't do that18:24
lordievaderGuest31731: Why would you put an ssd into an old XP machine?18:25
Guest31731This tool is by the same guy who made Plop and I used plop to boot DOS from USB, that is my confusion then, sorry18:25
lordievaderForgive me, but my logic fails me here.18:25
ikoniaGuest31731: listen very carefully18:25
ikoniaGuest31731: "what you want to do is not practical, nor is it anything to do with kubuntu - this is not the channel you need"18:25
Guest31731because the old HD needs an adapter that it is broken and it happened that I have a SSD disk and its adapter18:26
lordievaderGuest31731: ##windows is a more suited channel.18:26
Guest31731It won't because I am running Kubuntu and I don't have access to any other PC18:27
Guest31731My option is probably Plop18:27
ikoniait is not18:27
Guest31731I just need opinions about it18:27
ikoniabut if you think it is, talk to the plop support resources to find out how to do it18:27
Guest31731Ok if you don't want to help you don't have to18:28
Guest31731I can't be sending emails and waiting for answers, it will take me months18:28
ikoniathen talk to the plop resources18:28
ikoniathis channel is not what you need18:28
ikoniaplease drop the topic18:28
Guest31731are you the administrator of the channel?18:29
ikoniathat has nothing to do with it18:29
ikoniathe topic of this channel is for kubuntu support18:29
Guest31731or maybe you were busy with some other topic?18:29
ikonianot 3rd party applications that are nothing to do with kubuntu being configured to do things that are outside of kubuntu18:29
Guest31731It looks like you don't want people to become insterested in using Kubuntu18:29
ikoniaGuest31731: ok18:30
ikoniaGuest31731: either way, it's a dead topic18:30
Guest31731so it is forbidden by you to talk about it?18:31
ikoniaGuest31731: correct18:31
Guest31731are you the admin?18:31
ikoniaGuest31731: not that it matters18:31
ikoniabut yes18:31
Guest31731have good luck, because with that attitude you are going to need it...18:32
ikoniaok, thanks18:32
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ShalokShalomhi there, what is the path to costumize the kdm themes please ?19:33
BluesKajShalokShalom, system settings>login screen, but why are you using kdm ?19:40
ShalokShalomBluesKaj: Its for a friend of mine. I mean: Where is the path in the filestructure, where the kdm themes are saved ?19:41
ShalokShalomHe want to edit a theme from kde look19:41
ShalokShalomyou recommend lightdm or sddm ? or another one ?19:42
BluesKajShalokShalom, the theme installer for the login screen has the option to install from a file. lightdm is default on 14.04 that uses plasma4 which is also default19:44
ShalokShalomHe want to edit a downloaded theme19:45
ShalokShalomchange the wallpaper of a complete kdm theme19:46
BluesKajyes tell him to use the login page installer in system settings and choose the file after he edits19:50
ShalokShalomhow to edit it ?19:50
ShalokShalomsomebody explain me the path in #suse, i am on openmandriva19:50
ShalokShalomi mean, somebody in #kde explain me the path in openSUSE19:51
BluesKajhow does he want to edit the image or just use the image at the login page19:51
lordievaderShalokShalom: You are not on Kubuntu? Paths to such things are often disto specific.19:53
ShalokShalomlordievader: yep, thats the question, why i ask here ;)19:54
lordievaderShalokShalom: Lightdm themes are in "/usr/share/kde4/apps/lightdm-kde-greeter/themes".19:56
ShalokShalomkdm ?19:56
lordievaderShalokShalom: Kubuntu used lightdm by default.19:56
ShalokShalomhe use KDM19:57
BluesKajthere's no other theme available unless he downloads from kde-look or some such, then he gas to install it from the downloads folder by clicking on the background image in the login page to find the load from file option19:57
ShalokShalomhe already do that19:58
ShalokShalomand want to change the wallpaper in this theme19:58
lordievaderShalokShalom: Does he use Kubuntu? If so, why does he use KDM?19:58
BluesKajthere is no theme just a wallpaper image19:58
ShalokShalomhe use 14.04 and use kdm, because he want to use this theme19:58
ShalokShalomno positions ?19:58
ShalokShalomno icons ?19:58
BluesKajnot for the login page19:59
BluesKajunledd he finds an image at kde-look that contains them20:00
nellso kubuntu come with kde5?21:08
lordievadernell: Not yet, but you can add a ppa.21:09
nelloctober is release21:09
nellI like KDE + ubuntu for my AV media workstation21:09
nellI'm doing stuff with VR and its nice to work in21:09
nellif I wanna get ubuntu studio packages21:10
nellshould i get ubuntu studio w/ kde or kubuntu w/ ubuntu studio sources21:10
lordievadernell: By the by, Plasma5 is not really what I call usable yet. Best to stick with Plasma4 for production machines.21:13
nellThanks, I think im satisfied with that21:15
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