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Basketballso i wrote a script that sets up all my programs and icons right.  So i ran into a problem where the script is saving the zip file from the wget of the file to a .html file14:01
Basketballhow can i make my own repo and add the zips to it so i can do it from the repo not wget14:02
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dobeyyou shouldn't store compressed binary files in a repository.14:13
dobeyand what does that have to do with launchpad exactly? what file are you wgetting?14:14
Basketballdobey,  they are the zip files from wget http://www.deviantart.com/download/476103608/libreoffice_icons_by_traumad91-d7vgjw8.zip -O wget http://www.deviantart.com/download/476088838/pithos_by_traumad91_by_traumad91-d7vg8hy.zip -O wget http://www.deviantart.com/download/179766081/elementary_spotify_icon_by_spiceofdesign-d2z10e9.zipp -O wget http://www.deviantart.com/download/179766081/elementary_spotify_icon_by_spiceofdesign-d2z10e9.zipp -O14:28
dobeyBasketball: deviantart requires a token to download things, the token is in the link inside the html page, to the download14:34
Basketballdobey,  can you add the tokens here http://collabedit.com/m9yng14:37
Basketballwhy not14:43
dobeythe tokens are not constant14:48
Basketballwhat qdoes tht mean14:51
dobeyit means they change every time the page is loaded15:08
dobeyanyway, that is not a problem with launchpad15:08
Basketballso how can i add it to my script15:08
dobeyand i have to go15:08
dobeyask in #deviantart maybe15:08
dobeyor whatever their irc channel is15:08
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