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Ahmuckhi.  found my problem with gnucash.  it was in fact related to the input method.  if i do ¨ibus exit¨ the problem goes away.03:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1306500 in gnucash (Ubuntu) "some keys stopped working: left & right arrows, backspace" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:23
Ahmuckcurious.  some time years ago there was much ado in the linux community about propierty software that took forever to get patched and whenever the vendor chose to patch it.  the argument always was that linux was always better at responding to bug fixing.  has the linux user base grown so large and the dev base smaller such that it´s not possible to work through long standing bugs?03:26
wxlAhmuck: this is not necessarily a support question. might want to head over to #lubuntu-offtopic03:34
Ahmuckwxl, i´m about ready to justify the comment as a support issue ... currently reading through a forum where /etc/default/keyboard issues and ibus issues (several forums) have been exisiting since April 2014.  isn´t the keyboard one considered one of the primary pieces of hardware today?  or has everyone else gone to glass touchscreens (maybe i´m to old fashioned03:40
wxlAhmuck: long story short, it's not a linux development issue, nor an open source development issue. it's an ibus development issue. i have found their support to be rather poor. it's not a keyboard issue, technically, it's a input method issue, i.e. ibus. there are other input methods out there. xubuntu nixed ibus because of problems with it. lubuntu may follow suit.03:41
Ahmuckis ibus the default for lubuntu?03:42
Ahmuckah, i see.  yes, imho i might suggest nixing it as well.  the more reading ido the more issues i am seeing.  keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard drive, memory, mobo are all essential componets of the pc.  everything else can wait i would imagine.03:43
Ahmuckif i dump ibus do i loose my keyboard?03:44
wxlagain, it's not a keyboard issue.03:44
wxlibus is not a keyboard driver03:44
Ahmucksorry, keymap03:44
Ahmuckya, but it´s affecting my keyboard input.03:44
wxlif you don't use any different input methods, you're fine.03:44
wxltry `sudo service ibus stop` and see what happens03:44
Ahmucki use us international with alt ger03:45
Ahmucki´ve used ibus exit but i´m not really looking to do that all the time03:45
Ahmuckevery time03:45
wxlcan you use everything normally after exiting ibus?03:45
Ahmucki´ll figure it out.  i´d rather not enrage anybody in support for support03:45
Ahmucki can use the apps i need to after exiting ibus yes.03:46
wxlthen just uninstall ibus. problem solved.03:46
Ahmucki´m going to step away from the chat room for a sec and do some reading.  i may use some type of diagram to try and understand how lubuntu is set up with keyboard and keymaps.  it seems there are three different menu options for manageing the input/keyboard as well as /etc/default/keyboard03:47
Ahmuckto many options and i don´t understand everything that is going on with the keymaps yet.  going to try to find some documentation that makes sense03:48
wxljust remember that ibus = input method ≠ keyboard03:48
AhmuckYou can connect keyboards with different keyboard layout, but you ha04:19
Ahmuckthis should read "with a different keyboard layout" or "with different keyboard layouts"04:20
wxlman dpkg04:48
Ahmuckibus is causing me to require a hard reboot04:49
wxlnot if you uninstall it.04:49
wxlyou can always put it back.04:49
Ahmucki've purged it already but what input method is availble?04:49
wxlif you don't need it, why do you want it? :)04:50
Ahmucki can switch keyboard to spanish but don't know the spanish keyboard04:50
Ahmucki do need accents04:50
Ahmuck'a ~n, etc.04:50
wxladd a compose key04:50
Ahmuckbefore i was using us keyboard international with dead keys04:50
Ahmuckusing alt gr as i have in mexico04:50
Ahmucka compose key?04:51
Ahmucki'd recommend dumping ibus until they get thier stuff fixed.  it appears it's a problem.04:51
Ahmuckthat documentation does not match my menu04:55
Ahmuck(leafpad:2734): IBUS-WARNING **: The owner of /home/user/.config/ibus/bus is not root!05:03
Ahmucksudo leafpad /etc/default/keyboard05:04
wxldid you stop the service?05:04
Ahmuckso i purged ibus using "sudo aptitude purge ibus" but now am getting a warning about ibus.  are the configs still there?05:05
Ahmucki've rebooted out of necesatiy because ibus was hard locking the desktop05:05
Ahmuckibus exit05:05
Ahmuckdo you know if lubuntu went from gti to qt?05:12
Ahmuckin 14.0405:12
Ahmuckit appears this is a 14.04 bug.  after upgrading to 14.04 the keyboard becomes unusable with some applications05:12
Ahmucker, an upgrade from 13.x to 14.0405:13
Ahmuckno workie05:21
Ahmuckwith compose key05:22
Ahmuckgot it05:24
Ahmucktakes a reboot not a logout as suggested05:24
Ahmuckwxl: who does user interfaces for lubuntu?05:27
Ahmuckwho designs the layout, etc.05:27
Ahmuckvlc did something real nice for users.  they created a "simple layout and and advanced option layout05:47
Ahmucklooking at preferences and system tools, while i understand that there are different tools for different things, using the KISS principle would simply the menu and help users.  for example, there appears to be 4 different package manager options on the two menus05:49
Ahmuckthree different keyboard options05:49
Ahmucki recall way back when (it mattered to me) that often when i would run into a problem with package it was my responsiblity to go to the package channel and work with them.  for the keyboard using the KISS principle (would xim be default?), it would seem before using a buggy package to use05:51
Ahmucksomething by default, one good one with compose one and an interface to work with the options05:51
Ahmucktwo different network options across two menus, etc.05:52
Ahmuckanywho, life is short, and i'm off to do other things.  thx 4 the links05:52
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redemptionhello all12:09
redemptionwhere can i change the text of context menu in desktop?12:11
redemptionsome text are in english and others in french12:11
switchtehbeatLubuntu 14.04.01 install on all my systems. netbook, i7 laptop and i7 desktop. yay me! :)12:14
GreenDragonI need help.12:46
GreenDragonI need to set a program as default browser12:46
GreenDragonhow should I do it12:46
GreenDragonI've tried the normal manner but it has been ineffective12:48
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switchtehbeatIn Ubuntu, you can click system and click "about me" to see what GFX and cpu you're running, can this be done with Lubuntu?14:14
switchtehbeatsorry if it's been asked before....14:14
switchtehbeatsystem profiler and benchmarks is it correct?14:20
phillwswitchtehbeat: should be...14:26
phillwswitchtehbeat: if you want greater details of you machine, head to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hardware14:27
phillwswitchtehbeat: that will strip your computer naked and check every part of it.... (Think Doctor's exam :P )14:28
switchtehbeatlol thanks m814:32
Ahmuckhi.  xfce power manager is showing two icons in the systray  is this a result of a recent update?14:49
Ahmuckis a bounty option an available incentive for fixing the preferences / system tools / system tray / panel items issues14:58
holsteinAhmuck: i had 2.. it was due to me adding one manually before the fix came in15:10
holsteinAhmuck: sorry, this is not a "bounty" situation.. its likely only "broken" on your specific setup now15:11
holsteinAhmuck: will you look in autostart and see if you have added anything for the power manager?15:17
Ahmuckholstein, the problem is, double icons have appeared after a fresh vanilla install of lubuntu17:40
Ahmuckso it's not something i could have added.17:40
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KassadinHello, can anyone help me install Lubuntu to a secondary hard disk? I plugged the new drive into an available IDE cable but I am not sure how to do the install from the LiveDVD. The primary hard drive already has lubuntu.22:15
holstein!install | Kassadin23:04
ubottuKassadin: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:04
holsteinKassadin: really depends on what you are wanting.. not sure why you want lubuntu on the 2nd drive if its already on the 1st drive, but, just boot installation media and install23:05
holsteinyou may want to just add the hard drive to your existing system https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive23:06
holsteinor, you may want to install to both drives, and need https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair afterwards to sort out the boot loader23:07
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Kassadinholstein: The second one is for a friend's computer. When I run the livedvd and click "something else" for the install, only the primary drive shows up/23:31
holsteinKassadin: then, i would look at the bios.. see that the actual hardware is picking up the hard drive.. i would then boot the live CD to the desktop and try and see the drive in gparted, and manually partition it there23:52

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