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nvrpunkanyone had any luck with evolution-ews?  I seem to hang after adding my office365 mailbox03:27
nvrpunk /join #ubuntu-devel04:35
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lordievaderGood morning.07:48
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BluesKajHiyas all12:48
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miyakohi everyone! apologies for my lack of google-fu / general ubuntu development process knowlege; I was wondering if anyone could give me a general idea if running the current pre-release is essentially equivalent to running Debian Sid, and can I just up date my /etc/apt/sources.list to those repos and upgrade, or is there a significant expectation of breakage without doing a clean install?14:10
penguin42you'd need to do a clean14:10
miyakoah, okay, I thought there was a good chance that was true but I hoped it wouldn't be :)14:11
penguin42miyako: I'm not exactly sure the point at which +1 split but it does fork at a point from debian, and then it's inconsistent with that; there are also a range of ubuntu specific patches on packages and some packages that are more recent in ubuntu than debian14:11
miyakopenguin42: oh, sorry, I am currently running ubuntu 14.04, I just meant can I track +1 instead of stable in ubuntu as I would be able to do tracking sid instead of wheezy in debian14:12
penguin42oh, yeh, if you want to switch from 14.04 to 14.10 run do-release-upgrade -d14:13
ikoniaI'd advise against that14:13
ikoniaas it WILL break14:13
penguin42miyako: It'll update your sources and also has some fixes in occasionally for other screwups14:13
miyakoikonia: is that "it will break" on the same scale as running Sid / Rawhide / Arch / etc. or "it will break" as in "we, the developers, are actively creating a system with known breakages in preperation for the next release"?14:14
ikoniamiyako: no as in it will break, refuse to boot and you'll need to re-install14:14
miyakoikonia: ah, okay14:14
miyakoI'm getting the feeling that if what I want is Sid I might be better off to just install Sid and be done with it, honestly it's just that I got all of my power management and SSD stuff tuned on this laptop and I didnt' want to do a clean install of anything and have to do that work again if I could help it14:15
ikoniamiyako: if you want something that works like sid - install sid14:16
miyakoI really wasn't sure how similar the ubuntu development model was, I have had ubuntu on this laptop for a while because, laptop, and ubuntu seemed, at least a couple of years ago, to work with less fuss on a laptop than anything else14:17
miyakobut I'm really more familiar with debian anyway14:17
miyakoand I'm not sure I want to wait for 14.10 to be able to have the new Qt stuff since until then I'll be stuck developing on Windows14:17
* penguin42 would still upgrade to 14.10 - if you know how to wrangle Debian problems you should be fine14:18
penguin42it's working fine here14:18
miyakoI suppose if I assume I need to re-install, do my backing up and creating new install media first, then if I try the upgrade the worst-case scenario is I just clean install Sid as planned14:19
miyakolife would be much easier if Qtcreator didnt' segfault when running under virtualbox =\14:20
penguin42that's pretty unusual14:21
miyakopenguin42: I've done a lot of research into this the last few days, apparently it has to do with a specific interaction between the OpenGL rendering extensions that are being used for previewing accellerated qtquick UI widgets and the virtualbox 3D accellerated video drivers14:22
penguin42ah ok, that does make sense14:22
miyakosince I'm doing game development just turning off OpenGL isn't really an option or I'd just do that14:23
miyakobut as it stands right now the only dev environment I have that's actually working properly is my Windows 8 machine, and having to use windows for programming should be a violation of the geneva convention14:24
penguin42yeh, that's a bit grim14:25
knitt1I'm unable to boot with nvidia drivers under utopic17:34
knitt1i tried to install with software & updates17:34
knitt1(ubuntu gnome)17:35
knitt1nouveau forces my system to reboot unfortunately17:35
knitt1which was already happening under older versions of ubuntu as well17:36
BluesKajknitt1, it;s the new kernel module that doesn't support nvidia , you obviously upgraded your kernel , it's not the desktop at fault. I have the dame problem and run KDE17:37
knitt1BluesKaj: oh. I see. so I have two options: downgrade kernel or wait for an nvidia update?17:38
BluesKajknitt1, what do you mean nouveau forces reboot , is the system crashing ?17:39
knitt1BluesKaj: screen freezes, and after a few seconds screen goes black and I'm at the POST screen of bios17:40
BluesKajknitt1, or run with the older kernel , it works, I tried it17:40
BluesKaj try 3.16.0-10 in grub knitt117:41
knitt1BluesKaj: ok, I will try later17:41
knitt1so much stuff to re-install in a new system :)17:42
knitt1and also finally switched from x86 to amd6417:42
BluesKajclean install to 64biit17:44
knitt1it was time17:45
knitt1I think x86 gets tested less and less :]17:45
BluesKajmost apps are 64 now, just a few 32 bit die hards still around17:45
knitt1I think nouveau is overwriting some memory it's not supposed to write to17:48
knitt1my VRAM is pretty limited, maybe that's a problem17:49
BluesKajmy nvidia card is entry level 8400gs  with 256mb memory and it wasn't a problem before the kernel upgrade , don't see how that should change if nouveau works almost as well as the 331 driver17:53
knitt1BluesKaj: well, it doesn't with my card. I had these problems with 14.04 too (and I think even with debian jessie)17:54
knitt1mine has 128M dedicated (displays as 256M in nvidia-settings)17:54
knitt1VRAM is almost always used 95% with nvidia proprietary drivers if I have a few firefox windows open17:54
knitt1and I'm only using a single monitor to keep VRAM usage low17:54
penguin42that should be fine17:56
knitt195% is fine?17:57
BluesKajhey penguin42 , would you know if the nvidia recommended driver bug has been fixed ? I haven't seen any nvidia upgrades yet17:58
knitt1but crashen happen mainly when browsing images on the webz with firefox17:59
BluesKajknitt1, could be a flash problem18:00
knitt1there's no flash most of the time18:01
knitt1sometimes I can trigger a reboot by going to the activities view of gnome-shell18:02
penguin42BluesKaj: I don't, I mostly run Radeon18:03
BluesKajpenguin42, ok18:04
knitt1or maybe my gpu gets too hot with nouveau?18:04
knitt1hm. 63 °C isn't too bad18:05
knitt1but my mouse is really really sluggisw …18:06
knitt1* sluggish right now18:06
knitt1hmmm. 3.16.0-10 with nvidia-304-updates boots with gallium llvmpipe and low resolution :( will try to install nvidia-331-updates and reboot18:21
knitt1suggested package nvidia-...-uvm – should I install it?18:21
knitt1but damn that last boot was fast :]18:23
knitt1meh. still nouveau :(18:26
knitt1do I still need to create an xorg.conf file?18:26
knitt1Xorg.0.log says: Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)18:27
knitt1am I missing something?18:27
elfyknitt1: I've just updated and upgraded in recovery mode - reinstalled nvidia and am booted with the newest kernel and nvidia18:28
elfyfixed package ubuntu-drivers-common - version
knitt1elfy: so a system upgrade should fix it for me?18:29
elfypossibly - I reinstalled the nvidia driver too18:29
knitt1which version exactly? and with CLI or with the software & updates gui?18:29
elfyversion of what?18:30
knitt1nvidia driver18:30
elfyand I did it in recovery mode18:30
elfywell I use -331-updates - no idea what you use :)18:30
knitt1I tried several today, none worked :D18:31
elfywell they'd not have done ;)18:31
knitt1elfy: I don't have any updates to install :(18:32
elfydpkg -l ubuntu-drivers-common18:32
knitt1maybe my ubuntu mirror lags behind18:34
knitt1ubuntu-drivers 1:0.2.9818:34
elfyknitt1: that's the current one - good18:35
elfywhat nvidia card do you have18:35
knitt101:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G86GLM [Quadro FX 360M] (rev a1)18:36
elfytry nvidia-331-updates18:37
knitt1that's what I have installed right now18:38
elfyok - and have you apt-get install --reinstall'd it?18:38
knitt1will try to reinstall: apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-331-updates18:38
knitt1I freshly installed it before the last reboot18:38
knitt1do I need the *-uvm package?18:39
elfyif it's saying it wants it18:42
knitt1ok, output of apt-get looks fine. dkms modules built for both kernel versions18:42
knitt1it's only in the "suggested packages" list18:42
knitt1"… contains unfied memory kernel module". hmm.18:42
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elfynot installed here18:43
knitt1hm. switched mirrors to main server, and now I have an update for ubuntu-drivers-common18:43
knitt1let's update and then reinstall nvidia once gain18:44
knitt1* again18:44
elfyoops - fed you a bum steer there - read the 1 at the beginning at the end18:44
elfyii  ubuntu-drivers 1: <- here18:45
knitt1yup, have updated it now18:45
knitt1my local mirror lags behind18:45
knitt1will use the main server for further dev release testing :]18:45
elfyI'm in the uk - I use the main server18:45
knitt1will try reboot in a few minutes18:48
knitt1elfy: I must be doing something wrong. my Xorg.0.log still contains the line "Failed to load module "nvidia{" (module does not exist)"18:58
elfymmm - not sure then19:00
knitt1will try older kernel once again19:00
knitt1also installing the -uvm package, maybe that helps19:00
elfyI'd just let it install what it wants to - I don't know what *buntu you're using either19:01
knitt1ubuntu gnome 14.10 fresh install from beta 1 live cd19:01
knitt1+ updates19:01
elfythat's what versions I've got nvidia working with19:02
knitt1http://pastebin.com/wejbPXwx mine looks identical19:04
elfyknitt1: really no idea what's going on, if you've done the same as me, updated/reinstalled it19:07
knitt1no problem. thanks for your help :)19:07
knitt1elfy: are you using upstart or systemd?19:55
elfyupstart at the moment19:55
elfyif you're using systemd - I have during this cycle had issues with upgrades to nvidia when using that - had to boot upstart to complete the job iirc19:56
knitt1ok. just booted with the -10 kernel again, still nouveau :(19:56
knitt1I'm on upstart too19:56
knitt1Xorg.0.log still says "module does not exist". weird19:57
elfydid you purge nvidia at anytime?19:57
elfyperhaps - purge nvidia and autoremove the ones left19:59
knitt1not that I remember19:59
elfythen boot the -11 kernel and then reinstall nvidia19:59
knitt1https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-drivers-common/+bug/1363675 same error in log, reported 1 day ago19:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1363675 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu) "Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)" [Critical,Fix released]19:59
elfyI might well have purged nvidia amongst all the things I did over the weekend20:00
knitt1but I have that update already20:00
knitt1ok, I will do an apt-get purge nvidia-*20:00
knitt1and then after my next forced reboot I will reinstall 331-updates20:01
knitt1or maybe I'll try another version20:01
elfyknitt1: afaik it's -331, -current (which is -304 I believe) and -34something with xorg-edgers ppa20:02
knitt1I also have -173, -310 and -319 in my apt-get autocompletion list20:03
elfy173 is legacy, not sure about the other 220:04
knitt1maybe I have more luck with the legacy drivers20:06
knitt1after all my laptop is 6 years old20:06
elfyperhaps - but the driver list lists yours :)20:07
elfyI don't think you're the only one that's still having issues - someone on forum is still not booting properly20:08
knitt1at least I'm booting :)20:09
knitt1constantly :D20:09
BluesKajknitt1, so is my desktop 6 yrs old , it seems the nvidia kernel module is being prevented from usage even tho it appears to be installed with 'glxinfo | grep openGL' , but 'lspci -knn | egrep -A 3 'VGA|3D' shows the nouveau driver as in use]20:10
knitt1from xorg log I assume that the kernel module is either missing or cannot be found20:11
knitt1I have purged all nvidia* now20:12
penguin42BluesKaj: Has nvidia dropped support for your 6 year old card?20:12
BluesKajknitt1, that shouldn't be necessary20:12
knitt1I'll wait for a few more days20:13
BluesKajthecard isn;t 6 yrs old , but the pc is20:13
elfyBluesKaj: possibly not - but I was just going through what I'd done to get it working here :)20:13
BluesKajthink the nvidia kernel module is disabled20:14
elfyanyway - I'[ve gtg now - good luck knitt1 - I'll leave you to have fun :)20:15
Zer000so I'm on 14.10 and I did a partial distribution upgrade and lightdm won't start and I have to run startx manually. It's complaining about a missing unit file http://dpaste.com/2AE8NBX could someone help?20:48
penguin42why did you do a partial dist upgrade?20:49
Zer000penguin42, it asked me20:49
Zer000the automatic update thing I mean20:49
penguin42looks like some systemd stuff; my 14.10 upgrade box (that was upgraded very early) doesn't seem to be using systemd yet20:51
Zer000penguin42, could you please check if you have a directory /etc/systemd/user and if anything's in it?20:52
penguin42I have it, but there's nothing in it20:52
usr13I've never heard of a "partial dist upgrade"  Is that something that really exists?20:52
usr13... or what is it ....?20:53
Zer000penguin42, ok20:54
penguin42Zer000: there seem to be a couple of bugs about that error message but they both seem to suggest it's a harmless error20:54
penguin42(note I'm running kubuntu not ubuntu, but it does have the systemd-logind stuff)20:54
Zer000usr13, well you know how the GUI prompts you to update packages? Once in a while it asks if I want to do a partial dist upgrade or "continue". This happened before and it just upgraded lots of packages (btw I was still on 14.10 it wasn't an actual upgrade). So I ran it again today and it just broke some stuff :(20:59
penguin42Zer000: What happens if you do an apt-get dist-upgrade ?21:00
penguin42Zer000: I wonder if it's some packages being held back for some reason21:00
penguin42but that shouldn't break anything21:00
Zer000penguin42, nothing. everything's up to date.21:01
penguin42Zer000: I'd have a dig about in /var/log/lightdm21:02
darkangelHello is this a place to contact Ubuntu team at to discuss features that 1 is working on and such?21:03
usr13darkangel: Why don't you just ask a question and see if you get a response.21:04
Zer000penguin42, so lightdm was just crashing (segfaulting?) so I replaced it with xdm. It's fugly but it works!21:18
penguin42Zer000: Oh that shouldn't happen!21:37
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