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mihirGood Morning guys :)06:38
dholbachgood morning07:15
chrispI'm working on a qml app for Ubuntu Touch with a C++ backend relying on gcrypt. It works well on the desktop but won't compile using the device kits due to the missing gcrypt.h header file (a shared object gcrypt library is available in the device kits but the header file is missing). Is there a way to add the header files needed for compilation to the kits on my machine or is the preferred way shipping my own version of gcrypt07:17
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Emma M Nutt Day! :-D09:07
justCarakasgood morning JamesTait09:50
JamesTaitjustCarakas, o/09:52
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dholbachpopey, is stock ticker still being updated?10:18
dholbachpopey, it needs to use a newer framework to be accepted10:18
popeydholbach: no, its not in the image any longer.10:19
dholbachah ok10:19
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nik90_popey: ===== Needs testing ====> https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/onetime-alarms/+merge/232519 (test suite updated)12:32
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popeynik90_: left a comment13:00
* nik90_ looks13:01
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nik90_rpadovani: if you have time, can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/onetime-alarms/+merge/23251913:05
* nik90_ goes for lunch, brb13:05
popeyzbenjamin: dunno if you're aware but when installing clicks to device the log gets spammed by the animations done in pkcon... http://paste.ubuntu.com/8206179/13:19
popeyany way we can make pkcon be a bit less animated?13:19
popeyzbenjamin: looks like you already do -p, but it's still a bit shouty13:19
zbenjaminpopey: yeah we can do that13:22
rpadovaninik90_, until dinner I'll do :-(13:25
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dholbachdavidcalle, salut mon ami - comment ça va?13:50
davidcalledholbach, bien et toi?13:51
dholbachtrès bien - merci!13:51
dholbachqu'est-ce qui se passe en France? :)13:51
davidcalledholbach, emulators are being launched and destroyed :)13:53
dholbachhaha, great :)13:53
nik90_rpadovani: cool14:00
ogra_DanChapman, hmm, not sure if you actually wnated to send two mails ? (i got a private reply with onyl my original mail as quote in it)14:16
DanChapmanogra_, yeah I've just seen that :-/ Sorry about that. Hmmm that shouldn't have happened14:18
ogra_DanChapman, no worries, happy to be a guineapig ... go on if you need to :)14:19
DanChapmanogra_, :-) thanks14:19
dholbachbeuno, thanks for the review - did you check the prerequisite branch too? (mostly just wrapping all the functions into a class)14:19
beunodholbach, have it open, didn't quite get that they were linked14:20
beunowill get to it soon14:20
* dholbach hugs beuno14:20
t1mpnik90_: wow, the startup animation for the clock-app is very cool :)14:21
dholbachzbenjamin, or https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/1363857/+merge/232864 I requested a review from you too, just so you can check if the output format generally makes sense to you14:21
nik90_t1mp: thnx, it is a bit laggy atm when the alarm model is loaded, but I have a fix for it in a branch waiting to land.14:22
dholbachzbenjamin, sorry, meant to say "for https://code...... I requested..."14:23
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nik90_renatu: hey, I need your help with bug 136208114:30
ubot5bug 1362081 in Ubuntu Clock App "[Clock] Transition to alarms is jarring" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136208114:31
nik90_renatu: Looking through the bottom edge component, you basically load the page in a sequential animation once the bottomEdge.y has reached its target value.14:31
nik90_renatu: would I able to do this when it reach 0.75% of the page height instead?14:31
renatunik90_, yes you can change the code14:32
zbenjamindholbach: sure14:32
nik90_renatu: so would calling page._pushPage() at 0.75 % of the page height suffice? Or would it appear out of nowhere?14:33
zbenjamindholbach: can i run the script without installing the package?14:33
t1mpartmello__: I like the updates to gallery-app. I only get a lot of these warnings: file:///home/tim/dev/gallery-app/gallery-app-new_header/rc/qml/MediaViewer/GalleryPhotoComponent.qml:111:21: Unable to assign double to QSize14:33
dholbachzbenjamin, yes, just branch it, run ./bin/click-review <.click file>14:33
renatunik90_, I do not known what this will cause, the SDK Page stack is very sensible , you will need to try14:34
renatunik90_, we have several problems on bottom edge due the way that pagestack works14:34
nik90_renatu: ah :/14:34
zbenjamindholbach: is there some sort of seperator between the objects?14:35
zbenjamindholbach: or do i need to write a incremental parser for that , i guess i will just receive a stream of text14:36
renatunik90_, the only way to test is trying :D14:36
dholbachzbenjamin, the output doesn't need to be json if that doesn't suit you - I can use something else as well14:36
dholbachzbenjamin, we can make the output format whatever you like it to be14:36
renatunik90_, I think this will cause a very strange visual14:36
nik90_renatu: yeah since the page will be pushed on top of the bottom edge rectangle14:36
nik90_renatu: so it will have a rather abrupt transition14:37
renatuthe header will appear without any animation14:37
renatuwe can not control that14:37
renatuthis is how pagestack works14:37
t1mprenatu, nik90_ that page._pushPage() function is not in the UITK PageStack. To the pagestack you either push a page or you don't14:37
nik90_renatu: well that we can control atm by changing the page title from " " to "somevalue"14:37
renatunik90_, yes but this will make the header to appear14:38
zbenjamindholbach: ok, well we could reuse the old format where this would show the start of a new section:   = click-check-scope =14:38
zbenjamindholbach: i will use the text between = =  as the heading for the test element14:38
renatut1mp, this function only does some preparation to call the pageStack.push14:38
dholbachzbenjamin, sure, let me add that14:38
renatunik90_, you need to set the title at the same time that you push the page14:39
renatunik90_, the problem is that they are different pages, and contains different headers14:39
nik90_renatu: welll for me the clock page doesn't have a header which is the root cause of the bug14:40
dholbachzbenjamin, if you pull again, let me know if that works14:40
renatunik90_, yes but at the moment you call the pagestack.push(new_page) the new header should appears14:41
nik90_renatu: so I was thinking when bottom edge is at 75% page height -> push page with title which will cause the header to slide down and meet the bottom edge14:41
renatudoes htat14:41
renatudoes that14:41
renatubut the header will not slide down14:41
renatuit will appear14:41
nik90_no animations14:42
renatunik90_, and I do not know how this will look like you need to try to see14:43
renatuI think this will be very ugly14:43
nik90_yeah I am trying although I am not optimistic14:43
zbenjamindholbach: looks good, only question i have is if it makes sense to have the header 2 times in the output, for example functional is in the header and in the object14:43
nik90_I think the bug will be post-rtm in that case14:43
artmello__t1mp: yep, those warning were there before but seems to be more frequent with the new header14:43
dholbachzbenjamin, ah ok, let me see14:43
zbenjamindholbach: or could a top level object have mutliple atrributes14:43
dholbachsure sure14:44
dholbachzbenjamin, try again?14:46
zbenjamindholbach: perfect, looks like we basically have the same output now14:47
dholbachit doesn't show stuff like "click-show-files", etc14:48
zbenjaminexactly we just need the tests14:48
dholbachso just actual test results of the individual modules of clickreviews14:48
dholbachso I guess you're all set? :)14:48
dholbachzbenjamin, not sure if you checked the return codes before?14:48
dholbachin any case you should have 0 (pass) and 1 (FAIL) as ret codes now14:49
zbenjaminlet me see14:49
zbenjamindholbach: doesn't look like it14:52
zbenjamindholbach: are you exiting with != 0 when there was a error?14:52
zbenjamindholbach: that should be enough14:52
zbenjamindholbach: approved14:53
dholbachzbenjamin, awesome14:53
dholbachnow I just need somebody to review the prerequisite branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/click-review-refactor/+merge/232861 :)14:54
nik90_t1mp: Do you know where I find the header divider that you implemented? I am going to create a fake header.15:00
nik90_t1mp: the fake header will slide in from the top with the bottom edge component. Once the bottom edge component is fully expanded, I will hide the fake header and show the normal page header15:00
t1mpnik90_: the code for that is part of PageHeadStyle.qml (there are two files named that, check them both) in lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit15:01
nik90_t1mp: ack. thnx15:01
t1mpnik90_: I have an item at the bottom of my TODO list, that says to replace the current divider visuals by a 5% opacity black rectangle15:03
t1mpnik90_: I won't get to that todo item very soon, but eventually the divider code may be simplified a bit15:03
nik90_t1mp: before or post rtm?15:03
t1mpjust fyi :)15:03
nik90_t1mp: if it is post rtm, I will use the current implementation15:04
t1mpnik90_: post. But what I tried to say is that maybe with some simple code it is possible to create something better-looking than what we have right now15:04
t1mpnik90_: sure15:04
nik90_ah ok :)15:04
t1mpnik90_: actually.. unity8 uses the PageHeadStyle to get the UITK header contents inside a custom header of which they control the show/hide15:04
t1mpnik90_: I don't know any details, but it is somewhere in the unity8 project15:05
t1mpnik90_: you can use a StyledItem with style: Theme.createStyleComponent("PageHeadStyle.qml", header)15:05
t1mpmzanetti ^ knows more about that15:05
t1mpnik90_: when you have an app with custom header, let me know and I can review the code and double-check that I don't break the app when changing the header style :)15:06
* mzanetti looks into the blue^Cgrey sky15:06
nik90_t1mp: it is for the clock app :/ will do so15:07
t1mpmzanetti: I just pointed nik90_ to unity8 for custom header with UITK styling15:07
mzanettit1mp: hah. speaking of which, using a Page with it's header, how can I make it slide in/out?15:09
mzanettiwanted to do that yesterday and failed15:09
nik90_mzanetti: you can't. that's the issue I am facing due to which i need to create a fake header15:10
nik90_mzanetti: you need to set title to "" to hide it. But it appears without any slide in animation15:10
mzanettiah... ok15:12
mzanettiwah! why is the terminal all pink?15:12
davmor2mzanetti: so you like it more15:12
davmor2mzanetti: settings and flick of the retro terminal option and then it is back to black iirc15:13
mzanettiseems to be caused by the "Enable effects:" setting15:14
mzanettiwhat's that supposed to do?15:14
davmor2mzanetti: blame popey (tm)15:14
ogra_"did you blame your popey today ?"15:14
* mzanetti blames popey15:15
popeymzanetti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/+bug/136341415:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1363414 in Ubuntu Terminal App "New effects don't work on krillin" [High,Confirmed]15:15
mzanettithanks popey :)15:15
popeyits being worked on15:15
t1mpmzanetti, nik90_ can you report a bug for the sliding in/out of the header?15:15
popeydifficult because the developer doesn't have that device15:15
popey</record type=broken>15:15
ogra_and the approver didnt either when it landed ;)15:16
popeyfixed that bug15:16
popeyin fact the devloper has no device at all, is using the emulator15:16
* mzanetti sees the effects for the first time15:17
popeythat one is in progress15:17
ogra_they look shiny on first sight but i find them annoying after a while15:17
mzanettiogra_: I guess I agree15:18
popeyyeah, its a bit of fun15:19
popeymight default off in the future15:19
mzanettipopey: the settings page is borked too15:20
popeyhow so?15:20
popeyit doesn't save between sessions?15:21
mzanettipopey: when the color schema option is collapsed, there's empty space at the end of the list15:21
mzanettiwhen its expanded the page doesn't fit15:21
popeymzanetti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/+filebug15:21
* mzanetti is busy flying his AR.Drone using the Ubuntu phone15:22
mzanettipopey: will file the bug :)15:22
davmor2wow did mzanetti just create a popey bug bot when I wasn't looking?15:23
mzanettiI wish15:24
dholbachbeuno, zbenjamin: thanks for the reviews - changes pushed to bzr15:25
zbenjamindholbach: awesome :)15:25
nik90_t1mp: fake header -> https://imgur.com/GjjQxNd15:29
nik90_t1mp: just cant get the color and icon size correct15:29
zetahi all!!15:32
zetacan i create chat app for android?15:33
zetawith qt creator, of corse...15:34
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nik90_zbenjamin: when you fix the console output logs being cut of in qtcreator when running on emulator or phone, please do give me a heads up.15:46
nik90_zbenjamin: it makes debugging on emulators pretty much impossible since it doesn't return all the errors in the code (if any)15:46
zbenjaminnik90_: next big release should be much better, but i'm blocked from releasing it atm15:46
zbenjaminnik90_: adb shell into the phone and tail the log file for your app15:47
nik90_zbenjamin: hmm yes I could do that...15:47
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* nik90_ tries15:47
zbenjaminnik90_: /home/phablet/.cache/upstart15:47
nik90_yup got it15:48
davmor2nik90_: 11 minutes for the 10 minutes alarm you are off by 115:51
nik90_davmor2: where? :D15:52
nik90_davmor2: you mean it rings after 11 minutes instead of 10?15:52
davmor2nik90_: Yeap15:52
davmor2nik90_: no it rings for 11 minutes instead of 1015:52
nik90_davmor2: platform bug I am afraid :/ since it is indicator-datetime that rings the alarm and not clock app.15:52
nik90_davmor2: clock app only allows you to create alarms and list them. Actual ringing is done by a platform service15:53
davmor2nik90_: I'm still blaming you, it's your app that lets me set stop alarm automatically after 10 minutes :P15:53
nik90_davmor2: lol15:54
davmor2nik90_: this is the auto shut of it rang on time it just didn't stop in time15:54
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davmor2shut off even15:54
davmor2nik90_: so who owns the setting for that is that in the clock app or the platform?15:55
nik90_davmor2: not sure I follow the autoshut of part15:55
davmor2nik90_: ie in clock settings change the auto shut off for alarms to 10 minutes,  Let the alarm ring until it stops,  It stops after 11 minutes not 1015:56
nik90_davmor2: that would be indicator-datetime15:57
nik90_davmor2: please ping me the bug number when you report it. I am tracking a huge list of alarm bugs in a blueprint at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+spec/alarms-rtm15:57
davmor2nik90_: will do15:58
nik90_renatu: you got a few minutes? I fixed the issue with the slide in header (by creating a fake header) at lp:~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-jarring-alarm-header16:44
nik90_renatu: however there is one last tiny issue when you drag the bottom edge all the way to the top which I am unable to fix16:45
nik90_renatu: can you help me fix it pls16:45
davmor2nik90_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/136408816:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1364088 in Indicator Date and Time "When the alarm ringing length is set to 10 minutes in clock app, it rings for 11 minutes." [Undecided,New]16:53
nik90_davmor2: thnx16:57
ahayzennik90_, were there really no docs for the usermetrics?16:58
davmor2nik90_: you know I'm going to keep blaming you till it's fixed though right ;)16:58
nik90_davmor2: ofc16:58
nik90_ahayzen: yup no docs16:58
ahayzennik90_, i thought i saw something somewhere....but maybe i'm thinking ur blog post was the doc aha16:59
ahayzennik90_, but as i stated probably the bigger issue is that usermetrics don't work since #20017:00
nik90_ahayzen: yup17:00
nik90_ahayzen: but tbh we still don't know if 3rd party app devs can even use that api in the first place17:00
nik90_ahayzen: need to track the usermetric info dev for both these issues17:00
ahayzennik90_, i think they can? just put the apparmor group in?17:00
nik90_ahayzen: well the decision for restricting/opening the apparmor group17:01
ahayzenpopey, any progress on bug 1363314 ?17:01
ubot5bug 1363314 in Ubuntu Clock App "App fails to launch on up-to-date utopic desktop" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136331417:01
nik90_ahayzen: atm yes any body can use it though it may not be intended17:01
popeysadly not ahayzen. I poked the landing team this morning but it seems everyone who can do anything on it is on vacation today (US Holiday)17:02
popeywill poke again tomorrow17:02
ahayzenpopey, :( my mps are stacking up! lol17:03
ahayzennik90_, yeah i guess we need clarification17:04
nik90_ahayzen: music app is unconfined! How?17:08
ahayzennik90_, magic :)17:09
ahayzennik90_, and it has a lifecycle exception \o/17:09
nik90_ahayzen: not fair :P17:09
* nik90_ wants one17:09
ahayzennik90_, basically we rule the device17:09
ahayzennik90_, we did get really close to being confined and having no lifecycle exception at one point...but yeah we had to revert...17:14
t1mpnik90_: font (weight) and colors are all in PageHeadStyle17:22
t1mpnik90_: PageHeadStyle that is in uitk staging has some animations already when switching Page (but the icon colors broke, so I need to fix that)17:23
nik90_t1mp: I fixed all of it. It is not indistinguishable from the real header :P17:24
nik90_t1mp: although I am now worries if the uitk staging animations might break it17:24
t1mpnik90_: -in I guess :)17:24
t1mpor -not17:24
nik90_t1mp: you cannot tell the fake header from the real one..they are very similar :D17:24
t1mpnik90_: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit/staging && cd staging && qmake && make && source export_modules_dir.sh && test your app :)17:25
nik90_t1mp: yup will try now17:25
t1mp^to see if staging breaks it17:25
* t1mp will cook a chicken now, bbl17:25
ahayzennik90_, surely bug 1359022 should be on the blocker list?17:28
ubot5bug 1359022 in libusermetrics "Welcome screen on image #200 always states that there are no data sources available" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135902217:28
nik90_ahayzen: well as a low priority bug I suppose17:29
ahayzennik90_, yep who do we ping to do that?17:29
nik90_ahayzen: I suppose sil2100 in ubuntu-ci-eng17:29
ahayzennik90_, cool i'll try17:29
nik90_t1mp: it breaks the continuity :/17:31
popeypretty sure i filed a bug for that already17:32
nik90_t1mp: in the current UITK, my fake header slides in and when the page is pushed, the page header nicely appears over the top but the user won't notice anything.17:32
nik90_t1mp: but now, after my fake header is in place, when the real page header loads it blinks and then the header contents slides in from the sides17:33
popeyahayzen: to confuse things further, usermetrics are broken on mako, working on krillin17:39
ahayzenpopey, wtf lol17:39
popeycommented on bug17:39
ahayzenpopey, thanks17:39
popey-> lasagne17:39
t1mpnik90_: ohh :(18:08
t1mpnik90_: I didn't have many apps to test it with. Can you report a bug with sample code?18:08
t1mpnik90_: assign it to me18:10
nik90_t1mp: well its a corner case since it only happens with the bottom edge component18:14
nik90_t1mp: so not the sdk's fault18:14
nik90_t1mp: checkout lp:~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-jarring-alarm-header to see what I mean with & without the sdk staging18:14
t1mpnik90_: how do I run it on desktop?18:17
nik90_t1mp: trusty or utopic?18:17
t1mpah, tim@trusty:~/dev/fix-jarring-alarm-header/app$ qmlscene -I ../backend/ ubuntu-clock-app.qml18:17
t1mpuh.. on utopic, although my hostname suggests otherwise18:18
nik90_t1mp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8208418/18:18
t1mpnik90_: works. looks cool :)18:18
* t1mp eating now. I'll try later with the uitk header animations branch.18:18
nik90_t1mp: oh .. enjoy your dinner :)18:19
renatunik90_, hi, sorry I only saw your messages now18:41
renatunik90_, do you still need help?18:41
nik90_renatu: yes18:46
nik90_renatu: it is all working except for that one issue18:46
renatunik90_, can you explain the problem?18:47
renatuDo you want block the user for drag the page until the top?18:47
nik90_I already set the StartY property to the fake header height18:47
nik90_however it stops like 1 gu units before when dragging the bottom edge18:48
renatunik90_, well there is a BIG WORKAROUND in the end of the file related with problems with page and headers18:50
renatuthis is very trick to change18:50
renatucan cause a lot of stuff to stop to work18:50
renatubut you can play with that18:50
renatumaybe this soulve your problem18:51
renatulook for that18:51
renatu  //WORKAROUND: The SDK move the page contents down to allocate space for the header we need to avoid that during the page dragging18:51
renatu                Binding {18:51
renatu                    target: edgeLoader.status === Loader.Ready ? edgeLoader : null18:51
renatu                    property: "anchors.topMargin"18:51
renatu                    value:  edgeLoader.item && edgeLoader.item.flickable ? edgeLoader.item.flickable.contentY : 018:51
renatu                    when: !page.isReady18:51
renatu                }18:51
renatuand since you have already change the startY value18:52
renatuthis should works fine18:52
renatu minimumY: bottomEdge.pageStartY18:52
renatubut yeah in fact the hole pageStack stuff was not done to work this way18:52
renatuwe have to do a lot of workarounds to get this working18:52
renatuand still a lot of problem is happening18:53
nik90_did you try out my branch, may be that might explain the issue better to you?18:53
renatumaybe in the future we should not handle the edge page as a "Page"18:53
t1mpnik90_: I see the problem. After opening the new page the new header animates again after it already appeared18:53
nik90_renatu: the issue i face happens before the page is pushed18:53
nik90_t1mp: yup18:53
renatunik90_, humm we do not have control over the header18:53
nik90_renatu: I created a fake header18:54
nik90_renatu: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-jarring-alarm-header/+merge/23291318:54
nik90_renatu: fakeHeader.qml18:54
nik90_t1mp: I was able to workaround the issue by removing the contents defined in my fake header18:54
nik90_t1mp: so it shows the empty fake header slide and then once the page is loaded, your page header animates in the from the side18:54
nik90_t1mp: so I think that is acceptable for now18:55
renatunik90_, maybe you should not use pagestack then. If you are not using the header18:56
renatuthis will make your life easy18:56
nik90_t1mp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8208750/18:56
renatuthe header is the only reason to use pagestack18:56
nik90_renatu: what do you mean?18:56
nik90_If I remove pageStack how do I show the alarms page?18:56
t1mpnik90_: ok18:57
renatuyou can use stackView18:57
nik90_renatu: I do use the header. When the bottom edge animation is complete, the real page loader just appears over the top of the fake header. The user doesnt really notice it.18:57
renatuok I will take a look later18:58
t1mprenatu: the header shows the back button, and actions of the Page18:58
renatuI need to run to a meeting right now18:58
t1mprenatu: that won't work with viewStack (from QtQuick.Controls I guess?)18:58
nik90_renatu: ok, no worries18:58
renatuyeah if you are using headers you can not use the ViewStack18:58
renatuyou should use the PageStack18:59
nik90_t1mp: btw was the header content animation requested by design?19:04
t1mpnik90_: yes19:05
t1mpnik90_: I implemented it a few weeks ago when I was in London with the designers19:05
t1mpnik90_: but it took until last week to get all the tests updated to pass with the animations19:05
t1mpnik90_: more types of animations and more control over the animations are planned, but only after a while since there are more important things to finish first19:06
nik90_t1mp: ok I think my workaround results in something better than what we have now. So I think for now I am just going to accept what I have implemented.19:06
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Akiva-Thinkpadhey all19:54
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey is there a global variable for the current time in the calender app?20:30
Akiva-ThinkpadI need to grab the hour to do an if statement20:30
Akiva-Thinkpadbetter question; is there a way in the sdk to view all the currently defined globals20:31
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, if in qtcreator you can press Ctrl+Space and that usually shows you which vars are in scope20:36
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, although there are issues when your a cmake project and a few random places it doesn't quite work perfectly20:37
Akiva-Thinkpadahayzen, yah ; usually globals have some underscors in fron tof it?20:37
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, depends who has been writing the app :) and which style they have used20:38
* Akiva-Thinkpad starts scrolling through the list20:38
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, it then depends where they've been put, eg in music app we have alot of things under mainView.abc or player.abc or tabs.abc20:39
ahayzeni see calendar has tabs.currentDay20:40
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, but if u just want the current time can u not get that straight from Date ?20:40
Akiva-Thinkpadwwhat is the syntax for defining a global in qml?20:40
Akiva-Thinkpadokay I'll check20:41
Akiva-Thinkpadfor some reason I thought they stored it in a global20:41
ahayzenthere is a DateExt ?20:41
* ahayzen is just scanning over the calendar code20:41
Akiva-ThinkpadYah I just need a conditional, "if (index == Date.getHour){do magic}20:44
Akiva-Thinkpadlooks like I will have to write it in dateExt...20:47
Akiva-Thinkpadhmmm. there is Date.now, but that is a raw number20:55
Akiva-Thinkpadnew Date().getHours()21:01
Akiva-Thinkpadthats how you do it. not sure if I need new21:01
Akiva-Thinkpadahayzen, popey I notice a lot of the imports in these projects are ubuntu.components 0.1; should I report this as a bug to make sure they are current?21:10
Akiva-Thinkpadwould updating the .components maybe have any speed improvements ? (I am not sure how the library devs are making tweaks like this)21:10
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, probably...i just bumped music-app to be all 1.1 but it depends if the app really needs the later stuff as well21:11
Akiva-Thinkpadahayzen, it would take longer to import I gather.21:11
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, i'm not sure if there is any requirement to move onto later versions, eg the old being removed?21:11
Akiva-Thinkpadahayzen, is there a library freeze on it at the moment?21:12
Akiva-Thinkpador are they working on new versions21:12
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, idk probably best to ask one of the SDK guys21:12
Akiva-ThinkpadGuess its time to play the waiting game21:19
ahayzenAkiva-Thinkpad, hehe :) and now we wait...21:23
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: the SDK API has been frozen for RTM. So what we have for 1.1 is final23:45
Akiva-Thinkpadnik90_, oh great23:45
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: It is supposed to maintain backwards compatibility with 0.1.23:45
Akiva-Thinkpadnik90_, any performance tweaks?23:46
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: If it is a core app, it is highly recommended to upgrade to 1.1 since core apps are supposed to be pioneers of using the latest SDK.23:46
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: I believe there were performance tweaks to ubuntu shape.23:46
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: not sure if that benefited 0.1 as well23:46
Akiva-Thinkpadnik90_, if you want to answer the question then, i'll accept it as the answer23:46
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: sure, give me a min23:47
Akiva-ThinkpadUbuntu.Components.Popups" version 1.1 not installed23:54
Akiva-Thinkpadfor those; what do we do?23:55
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: for those import 1.023:55
nik90_Akiva-Thinkpad: same applies for ListItems as well23:55

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