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marvin24ppisati: seen https://launchpadlibrarian.net/183544214/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-armhf.debian-installer_20101020ubuntu339_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?09:19
marvin24actually, the device tree isn't packed into the kernel-image anymore09:19
ppisatiit was moved to /boot/$(uname -r)09:22
ppisatibut there's a symlink from /boot/$(uname -r) to /lib/firmware/$(uname -r)09:22
ppisatiso it shouldnt happen09:22
ppisatihold on09:22
marvin24ppisati: btw, you silently assume that the filesystem understands symlinks (some people still use fat for /boot partition)09:24
marvin24even worse, you assume the bootloader understands symlinks (which is not the case for u-boot)09:24
marvin24but that's a different problem09:24
ppisatiyes it does09:24
ppisatii tested it09:24
marvin24which version?09:25
ppisatithe utopic version09:25
marvin24of uboot?09:25
* marvin24 didn't know that there is something like this09:25
marvin24uboot shouldn't be updated with the distro I think09:25
ppisatiin fact09:25
ppisatithe symlink is there just for flash-kernel09:26
ppisatiwhen you install a new kernel, flash-kernel is still run09:27
ppisatiso if you don't modify your boot script09:27
ppisatinothing changes09:27
ppisatihere is something completely different09:27
marvin24ppisati: well, I would be happy to be able to install a kernel :-)09:29
marvin24first the installer needs to be fixed09:29
marvin24I also have another question regard this (how the installer selects the kernel flavour), but this can also wait09:29
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ppisatimarvin24: i sent a revert for that patchset, i'll send a v2 and cc: you so you can raise your questions there11:31
marvin24ppisati: thanks11:36
marvin24I used the utopic installer on my tegra netbook11:36
marvin24everything went fine until it came to the kernel install11:36
marvin24there it says, can't find kernel flavour to install or something like this11:37
marvin24I guess there must be some hw detection which decides which flavour to use11:37
marvin24can you point me to some more infomation?11:37
marvin24I mean this one (with updated kernel) http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/utopic/main/installer-armhf/current/images/generic/netboot/tegra/11:48
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ppisatihonestly i don't know the installer enough13:14
ppisatiinfinity: maybe he knows the answer ^13:14
ppisatiogra_: or him ^13:14
infinitymarvin24: Yeah, libdebian-installer (and some other bits) need to know how to detect your system, though we really should switch it to just defaulting to "generic" for anything it can't detect, and wing it.13:18
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marvin24infinity: yes, generic would be nice (and the right one for me)14:02
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