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nvrpunkLaney: evolution-ews breaks evolution entirely on a fresh install.  It just causes it to hang04:38
nvrpunkin utopic04:38
nvrpunkI would submit a bug report but the fact it hangs doesn't cause apport to do anything04:41
pittiGood morning04:49
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dholbachgood morning07:15
sladenguten morgen alle07:24
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SaviqMirv, do you know if we have a custom backend for QNetworkAccessManager or are we using upstream directly?09:41
SaviqMirv, on another topic, any reason why Qt includes are installed in multiarch dirs?09:43
MirvSaviq: check the network usage with Wellark09:43
SaviqWellark, when around, do you know if we have something custom for backing QNetworkAccessManager, or are we using upstream direct?09:44
MirvSaviq: the includes were migrated to multiarch during 5.3.0 in Debian, and we followed. without that it was not possible to properly multi-arch dev packages (even though we did it anyway earlier)09:45
Mirvif you diff between different archs, there are a small handful of differences if I recall correctly09:47
SaviqMirv, well, sure, I'm not saying -dev should be arch: all (they never are are they)09:47
SaviqMirv, just that I've never seen any includes to live in multi-arch dirs09:47
Saviqbut sure, you know what you're doing of course09:48
Saviqwas trying to get qmake to x-build over the weekend... that was one thing (qmake using incorrect include dir)09:48
Saviqln helped here, but then qmake couldn't find the qt modules :/09:49
Saviqlooks like mkspecs are not good enough to support multi-arch x-building yet09:49
MirvSaviq: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=734677 has the background. our earlier multiarching came as part of arm64 work, but I knew it broke policies so I didn't try to put that to Debian09:56
ubottuDebian bug 734677 in src:qtbase-opensource-src "src:qtbase-opensource-src: qt5 packages aren't multi-arch ready" [Wishlist,Fixed]09:56
SaviqMirv, thanks!09:56
MirvSaviq: yeah, x-build still doesn't seem trivial with Qt (qmake) :(09:57
SaviqMirv, indeed, right now it feels like we'd need cross-qmake- for every arch combination out there, really not good09:58
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MirvSaviq: btw feel free to keep https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CrossCompile maintained nevertheless, especially with examples that would work right now on utopic.10:51
MirvI tried it last week when I was asked about it, and failed with everything I tried (either the chain of deps not multi-arch, or some other failure when compiling eg qtbase or qtdeclarative)10:52
SaviqMirv, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir/+bug/135385510:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1353855 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Explicit g++ 4.9 dependency breaks cross-building" [Undecided,New]10:52
SaviqMirv, no one seems to care really10:53
MirvSaviq: yeah I had the same with qtdecl that defined 4.8, but after fixing that and it started building, it failed very early anyhow10:53
SaviqMirv, what build system?10:54
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SaviqMirv, with cmake and no 4.9 dep stuff's x-building fine for me?10:54
SaviqMirv, also that page seems to duplicate a lot of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild10:54
MirvSaviq: qtdeclarative, so qmake. I tried also camera-app (cmake) but that apparently had problematic dependencies.10:55
SaviqMirv, so yeah, qmake is just a no-no10:55
SaviqMirv, anything cmake (without an explicit 4.9 dep) should work10:55
* Saviq tries camera-app10:55
MirvSaviq: that /Touch/ page must be better since you're mentioned there :) but so it seems, I'll do some interlinking at least10:56
SaviqMirv, I ~wrote the SimpleSbuild one though :D10:56
Mirvoh, that's a hard choice then :)10:57
SaviqMirv, camera-app seems to x-build just fine here, the only big problem I know of is the 4.9 dep, otherwise anything cmake should build10:59
Saviqaaah wait10:59
Saviq--host=armhf helps to actually x-build...10:59
SaviqMirv, camera-app's just missing :any for the python3 build-dep11:00
Saviqor :native, but that's not supported everywhere yet11:00
Saviqsome other packaging tweaks needed apparently11:02
Saviqah, it's querying qmake...11:04
shadeslayer_is anyone able to access Jenkins via the public interface?11:04
MirvSaviq: yes, I added the :any there, I think after that I didn't figure out the next step. would there be some other easier example package?11:06
SaviqMirv, it's querying qmake for QT_INSTALL_QML11:06
SaviqMirv, which can't work for x-building11:06
Saviqsimple fix, will have a branch in a mo11:07
SaviqMirv, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/camera-app/x-build/+merge/23287811:20
MirvSaviq: thanks, I'll try that11:20
SaviqMirv, there's more changes than necessary (the move from qt5/qml to camera-app, could very well use the original one, but it didn't make sense)11:21
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MirvSaviq: nice to have a working example, now I can leave that sbuild config around and use every now and then12:22
SaviqMirv, cool12:22
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pete-woodsI've just done a dist-upgrade on my utopic install, and I no-longer get to the lightdm login screen13:46
pete-woodsI just get to a TTY with errors very similar to the following: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=75624713:47
ubottuDebian bug 756247 in systemd-shim "Failed to start unit user@1000.service: Unknown unit: user@1000.service" [Normal,Open]13:47
pete-woods(they are perhaps unrelated, as I don't usually check the terminal output on boot)13:47
pete-woodsFailed to start unit user@1000.service: Unknown unit: user@1000.service13:48
pete-woodsis pretty much the error13:48
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shadeslayer_dholbach: ping15:16
dholbachshadeslayer_, pong15:17
shadeslayer_dholbach: did anything happen wrt the Canonical legal thing wrt derivatives and stuff15:18
shadeslayer_I haven't heard back about that in ages15:18
dholbachshadeslayer_, is this about the changes discussed with the SFLC?15:20
pittismoser`: hey Scott, how are you?15:21
pittismoser`: so we tracked down a complete juju-local failure through an LXC template problem down to https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/query/trusty/server/released-dl.current.txt not having a certificate that wget accepts15:22
pittismoser`: any idea about that?15:22
pittismoser`: for bug https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/query/trusty/server/released-dl.current.txt15:22
pittierk; for bug 136383215:22
ubottubug 1363832 in juju-core (Ubuntu) "[utopic] fails to build template container -- ubuntu-cloudimg-query fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136383215:22
shadeslayer_dholbach: yes15:24
pittismoser`: wgetting that works in trusty, but fails in utopic, apparently it got stricter?15:24
dholbachshadeslayer_, thanks for the ping - I'll send a mail out to legal again and let you know as soon as I hear back15:24
shadeslayer_dholbach: cheers15:25
dholbachshadeslayer_, mail sent15:25
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pittismoser`: ok, followed up again with some more info15:37
shadeslayer_does Canonical run a relay SMTP server for ubuntu btw?I wanted to write some scripts that sends out emails, and was wondering if there was a server I could utilize15:40
flexiondotorgI've got a teeny tiny (but of real importance to me) merge proposal pending. Could someone take a look at it please? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubuntu/utopic/policykit-desktop-privileges/mate-fixes/+merge/23061015:42
flexiondotorgHere is the corresponding bug report - https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubuntu/utopic/policykit-desktop-privileges/mate-fixes/+merge/23061015:43
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mitya57flexiondotorg: I don't have rights to upload that, but why are you not using the Freedesktop standard interface for datetime?15:47
infinityshadeslayer_: We only run an SMTP relay for Canonical employees (well, for people with accounts on our network, which is basically the same set), nothing wide open for Ubuntu.15:47
shadeslayer_infinity: okie15:47
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infinityshadeslayer_: I suppose a starttls-authed relay that authenticated aainst SSO and only allowed ubuntu.com users to use it might not be a bad idea, but I'm not sure if it's ever been suggested an rejected, or just not really thought about at all.15:48
flexiondotorgmitya57, I am using what is define by the MATE desktop.15:49
shadeslayer_infinity: I see, do you reckon it would be a good idea to suggest it? I wanted to write scripts to email patch authors to add dep3 headers to their patches15:49
infinityshadeslayer_: (More traditional in our old skool "we want to pretend the internet isn't changing" UNIX admin world to just send mail from our own servers, so perhaps none of us really thought of the need. :P)15:49
shadeslayer_and I'd rather not run my own smtp server15:50
shadeslayer_infinity: hehe15:50
mitya57flexiondotorg: they should really adopt to 2014 realities ;)15:50
infinityshadeslayer_: Couldn't hurt to file an RT on rt.ubuntu.com and ask if it's feasible and something Canonical IS would be willing to cobble together.15:50
infinityshadeslayer_: The worst you can get is a "no", which is no worse than today.15:50
flexiondotorgmitya57, Well, that is happening. I'll raise that upstream but this is how is in MATE 1.8. I'll progress the change for MATE 1.10.15:51
saiarcot895Hi all, is there any place to float a proposal to change a package? I'm considering making a change to the qt4-x11 package.16:27
ogra_file a bug on launchpad and attach a patch16:28
ogra_then developers can take a look16:28
saiarcot895thanks, ogra_16:30
ScottKsaiarcot895: Also it should be discussed upstream unless it's just a change to the packaging.17:09
saiarcot895ScottK: that might be a good idea, considering I'm planning a change to a typedef used in OpenGL ES cases17:10
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apacheloggerstgraber: do you know of any issues with lxc-start-ephemeral and unprivileged containers? in particular the container seems to fail to start because of permission problems17:44
apacheloggerstgraber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8208189/17:46
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saiarcot895If a package was present in precise and utopic but not in trusty, and the package was backported to trusty, would it still go in the trusty-backports section or the trusty section?19:58
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hallynwgrant: say, your t440s, does it have the 45W slim charging brick, or the 65W brick?21:48
hallyni'm wondering whether the 65W one is overpowring my mobo (once in awhile it shuts off when i plug it in, and won't turn back on for awhile)21:49
TJ-hallyn: PSUs won't supply more power than the circuit draws; As long as the wattage of the PSU is sufficient for the maximum current draw of the system, any excess ability probably means the PSU will last longer since it doesn't operate so close to its maximum rating22:49
hallynTJ-: hm.  that's too bad.23:17
hallyni'd rather replace the brick than send the laptop in23:17
TJ-hallyn: Does the power plug have a central 'data' pin?23:18
hallynit has a central pin23:19
TJ-If it is anything like some infamous Dells, sometimes the very thin data wire in the power cable gets broken by repeated flexing. When that happens the PC can't get the power rating from the PSU. On some systems, that is enough for the firmware to decide to shutdown the PC entirely23:22
TJ-hallyn: On the Dells, the more common issue was the power socket on the PC would flex slightly as the power connector was pushed home. Over time that caused a broken track on the PCB which broken the data link too... required a new power socket PCB or clever soldering :)23:23
hallynthe first time it happened there was a smell of burning wire coming from near the 6cell batt, and it wouldn't start until the nxt morning23:25
hallynbasically the more i let the batteries discharge the more likely it is to get finicky.23:25
TJ-hallyn: That doesn't sound good! Replace the battery, it sounds like a cell has overheated23:25
hallyn(it's only a few weeks old)23:25
hallynthe battery wasn't what smelled, though,23:25
hallynhm, i forget which side it was on though23:26
hallynand i don't know offhand where the 3cell is23:26
hallynstil yeah, maybe it's the 6cell, as the last two times it started up fine whe ni pulled it out.23:27
hallyni'll have to experiment some more23:27
TJ-hallyn: You've certainly got a relatively serious power issue there. Will the system start without a battery attached?23:27
hallyndunno - the 3 cell isn't (meant to be :) removable23:27
TJ-if the charge controller detects problems it'll refuse to power the system, for safety23:27
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Unit193There's been an NMU for http://bugs.debian.org/759528, can that be sync'd?23:30
ubottuDebian bug 759528 in autoconf-archive "autoconf-archive: fails to install with dpkg (>= 1.17.13)" [Serious,Fixed]23:30
hallyndesrt|pdx: (if you're around) so systemd-shim currently listens to org.freedesktop.systemd1.Manager.  To make it listen to org.freedesktop.systemd1.Scope do I need to use a subtree, or is there a simpler way?23:48
hallynor is it supposed to be safe to call g_dbus_connection_register_object twice23:56

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