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nvrpunkanyone had any luck with evolution-ews 3.12?03:29
nvrpunki have the same problem on both beta1 and trusty03:30
nvrpunkwhere after i add my mailbox it hands03:30
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Noskcajdarkxst, should be fixed06:41
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darkxstNoskcaj, thanks, uploaded08:44
darkxstNoskcaj, keep an eye on the build logs, if ppc tests pass, then can make those tests fatal again08:46
Noskcajwill do08:46
darkxstalthough its could still be problematic, don't think upstream tests ppc08:48
darkxstNoskcaj, it built already and its a pass, though my previous comment still stands09:13
LinDolhi all10:27
darkxsthi LinDol11:03
LinDoldarkxst, hi :) thank you11:04
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fleetfoxHello. Window unredirection seems to be broken for me12:50
fleetfoxif found https://git.gnome.org/browse/mutter/commit/src/compositor/meta-window-actor.c?id=90f2a3ae4ca205f7cbbc2daeba2ab7cfa5ed1613 this in upstream12:50
fleetfoxtried to compare with source for apt-get source and it's totally diffrenet, i wonder if it's older or newer12:50
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raj_is anyone there20:36
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darkxstNoskcaj, can you push some of our tracker delta to debian?23:21
CalebWMy gnome taskbar isn't working...23:36

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