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airurandoevening mokmeister and andru18318:55
mokmeisterhello airurando , how are you tonight?18:56
airurandogood mokmeister18:56
airurandoand you18:56
airurandomokmeister: looking at the irc logs I  read your chat with andru183 a while back18:58
airurandogood stuff18:58
mokmeisteryes, indeed, I'm grand now, kids are settling back into school, all good!18:59
mokmeisteryeah, we were chatting there the other night18:59
airurandokids also settling back now18:59
airurandoit was good to see andru183 set up19:00
airurandoreboot the reboot19:00
mokmeistertwould be good to sort something out for the global jam19:00
mokmeisteryes indeed! :D19:00
mokmeisterI think if we came up with some kind of plan for ubuntu-ie, mech the plan with release schedules, it might help organize the whole thing a bit better, what do you think?19:01
airurandoon that....19:01
airurandolast reboot I proposed19:01
mokmeistermesh rather than mech, is what I meant to say!19:02
mokmeisterok, hang on a sec...19:02
airurandoonly an idea19:02
airurandothought it fitted in well with the cadence19:03
airurandoand was only put forward as a starting point, to be added to or to be further minimised.19:03
airurandogot no traction on it19:03
zmoylan-pigroup is too small to get much effort going19:04
airurandohi zmoylan-pi19:04
zmoylan-pihey all19:04
airurandoalas I agree zmoylan-pi19:05
mokmeisteryep, looks good. What if we were to go with something like that, and then we get anyone interested in participating to agree to do something specific for each event?19:05
mokmeisterhi zmoylan-pi19:05
mokmeisterFrom the smallest seed great things grow! ;)19:06
mokmeisterand all that!19:06
zmoylan-pitrying to raise the profile of ubuntu is difficult when the linux community is wary of it now and the rest of thw world uses windows/mac19:06
airurandoIt's hard to find the right path19:06
mokmeisterI think if we have agreed actions and targets it might actually work a bit better?19:07
mokmeisterairurando: True19:07
airurandoI've been on contact with coderdojo19:07
airurandohappy to say several dojos around the country have accepted DVDs.19:07
airurandoI hope to build on that19:07
mokmeisterairurando: Great!19:07
airurandoslow burner19:08
mokmeisterwhich dojos?19:08
airurandolet me check19:08
airurandoCarrick on Suir19:09
airurandoand finally so far.....19:11
airurandoOh and of course Athy :-D19:11
zmoylan-pithat's some good coverage19:11
airurandoblog post on the long finger about it19:12
airurandoCoderDojo central have been very positive and helpful19:12
airurandoTried Mens sheds also but no bites there :-(19:14
zmoylan-piaren't mens sheds aimed at older crowd?19:15
airurandozmoylan-pi: all me particularly those with lots of time on their hands19:15
airurandosometimes they have a techie who refurbishes old machines to sell on for funding19:16
airurandozmoylan-pi: all meN particularly those with lots of time on their hands19:17
zmoylan-piso might be below par in terms of knowledge of i.t.19:17
airurandothe guy here in athy was keen19:18
airurandobut that may be the exception19:18
zmoylan-piit might take more than just sending dvds19:18
airurandozmoylan-pi: i haven't sent DVDs to any mens shed yet19:19
airurandoonly coderdojos that specifically requested them19:19
mokmeisterairurando: zmoylan-pi I just checked up the men's sheds website and there is a men's shed festival to be held in Dublin in October, I wonder would that be worth sending some DVDs to?19:20
zmoylan-pior even seeing if we could do a talk at?19:20
mokmeisterIndeed, maybe an install fest or something, show the guys what's involved in putting Ubuntu on refurbed PCs?19:21
zmoylan-piof course installing on uefi is still an unpleasent experience19:25
airurandosorry dishwasher duties19:28
mokmeisterCan't say I've really had the pleasure!19:28
zmoylan-pionly the once, ick19:28
mokmeisterStill messing around with pre-uefi hw19:28
airurandomokmeister: you volunteering for that talk?19:29
airurandotdr112 you about?19:29
airurandomokmeister: could you provide a link to the mens shed festival?19:30
airurandozmoylan-pi: with my severe lack of geek creds I put a disclaimer in against uefi19:31
zmoylan-piit may be it's gotten better but once bitten...19:31
mokmeisterairurando: http://menssheds.ie/2014/08/13/the-international-mens-shed-festival-2014-dublin/19:31
mokmeisterermm, I dunno what way I'm fixed for heading to Dublin in October, let me think about it.19:33
airurandomokmeister: I like your idea and I've checked my shift pattern.  I am off on 4th of October and I don't know of any family event planned for that day yet.19:38
mokmeisterWhat say I am on for it, how do I go about it? Do I just approach the organizers and suggest that I'd like to do a talk on Ubuntu, FOSS and open source?19:38
airurandoI'd support you19:38
airurandoJohn seems to be Irish head19:39
airurandohe was initially contacted through: info@menssheds.ie<info@menssheds.ie>;19:40
airurandoand always replied through that e-mail address19:40
mokmeisterhmmmm, ok19:41
airurandoIF you are available and IF you can do a talk or man a stand then I'd suggest giving John a buzz on that address19:41
airurandozmoylan-pi: what do you think?19:42
mokmeisteralright, one sec, gotta go afk, coming up to bedtime, will be back soon.19:42
zmoylan-piit's an idea worth thinking about.  even if we come with a standard spiel about linux/foss it might be used at other events?19:43
tdr112airurando: yo19:51
airurandohi tdr11219:51
airurandowhat do you think about the above?19:52
airurandoback in a min19:53
tdr112i had planned on going to it19:58
airurandoback again.20:12
airurandotdr112:  any interest in supporting a ubuntu initiave as outlined above?20:14
tdr112airurando: I am not sure I follow what the idea was to do20:16
airurandomokmeister: suggested a possible talk on refurbing older machines with Ubuntu20:17
airurandopossibly a stand with DVDa20:18
tdr112I can sure help out20:20
airurandobrill, me to if it pans out20:20
mokmeisterhiya! I'm back!20:20
airurandomokmeister: read above, are you on?20:22
mokmeisterjust looking at my calender, I don't have anything else on that day....20:22
mokmeisterAlright so, I suppose the plan of action is like this, let me think...20:23
airurandooh..... good20:23
airurandodo you want to email John with the query?20:23
mokmeisterok, I suppose the first thing to do is contact John and see if he is receptive to the idea20:23
airurandogo for it mokmeister!!20:25
mokmeisterwill do.20:26
mokmeisterI'll email John and ask if we can set up a stand and maybe either do a talk on ubuntu / foss or do a demo on installing ubuntu on a PC.20:27
mokmeisterI have a laptop that I could bring with a spare hdd that I could do a fresh install on for the day.20:27
mokmeisterI could also bring along my nexus 4 and show off ubuntu touch to anyone interested.20:28
mokmeisterDo we have any existing material for doing a talk?20:28
mokmeisterIt shouldn't be too hard to hack something together, I suppose we need to find out how far we can go with our target audience first20:29
airurandoczajkowski: did many talks20:30
mokmeisterI'll email John so. Will I send the email onto the mailing list first to see what ye think or will I just go ahead?20:32
airurandodo you want a copy of my initial verbal gobbly de gook e-mail ( I did put some thought into it and it might make a slide or two)20:33
airurandosend it on yourself20:33
mokmeisterok and ok! :)20:33
airurandonight all, I hope things pick up soon.21:01
zmoylan-piwhen the sheep herds are fans... :-p21:13

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