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dymHey! Im looking to extend my homeserver (KVM Virtualisation host) to have VDR capabilities. Therefore i was planning a VM that connects to our home DVB-C cabling. Which adapter (PCIe, USB) would be recommended for such usage inside a VM?16:35
Kwisherwould that be satellite tv?16:41
dymnegative. -C for cable16:43
Kwisherahh, i think you would be best to use a hd homereun prime network tuner16:43
Kwisherespecially for a vm16:44
dymHavent heard of those16:45
dymhow do they integrate with mythbuntu?16:45
dymlooks like a set top box16:45
Kwishervery small device, about the size of a 8 port mini-switch16:46
Kwisheri use one for comcast with mythtv16:47
dymokay, im from .de16:47
dymnot sure i even need a "cablecard"16:47
Kwishernot sure then for outside USA use16:48
dymbox looks decent16:50
dymaw, no EU support :(16:52
Kwisherthey also make a atsc model for antennae16:53

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