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locodir-useris someone on line??00:30
locodir-userneed help with my ubuntu00:30
ibeardsleewhat sort of help00:33
kcjHelpful help probably.00:33
ibeardsleethat's helpful00:34
ibeardsleelocodir-user: what sort of help do you need?00:34
kcjlocodir-user: Also, this channel's kinda small. #ubuntu would probably be of more use.00:36
ibeardsleelocodir-user: but often #ubuntu-nz can help for some things especially if you find #ubuntu to full of other discussion that you can't get traction.00:38
kcjWell, we sure helped him.00:39
ibeardsleeawesome assistance there kcj, if all the help you can offer is by telling people that someone who has asked how they can help that they can't really .. don't bother00:40
ibeardsleeyou may be better off in #troll or something00:41
kcj#ubuntu is a much better equipped channel for assistance.00:44
ibeardsleesure, but I was here and was offering my assistance00:45
kcjYes, I wasn't getting in the way of that.00:45
ibeardsleeand then you basically said we can't help00:45
kcjSo no need for passive-aggressive attacks. Okay?00:45
ibeardsleeyeap, and no need to go knocking people's offering to help00:46
ibeardsleethat ISN'T helpful at all00:46
kcjYou done?00:46
ibeardsleeare you?00:46
kcjTelling a user where the main support channel is located is a helpful thing to do.00:47
ibeardsleetelling a user they are able to help here and now is even better00:47
kcjWhy not both?00:47
locodir-userthis computer dont work well... sorry about that00:47
ibeardsleeanyway, sorry locodir-user, what can I help you with?00:47
locodir-userhi, i'm from argentina and my computer is with this... Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 upgrade: Filesystem check or mount failed00:48
locodir-useri'm now in New Zealand, travelling around, is there any place where i can take it so somebody can fix it??00:49
ibeardsleeat what point does that happen? after the upgrade or as it is getting ready to start?00:49
locodir-usersoon as i start the computer00:50
ibeardsleeafter the upgrade?00:50
locodir-useri really dont know...00:50
locodir-useri think that the update never finish00:50
kcjOoh, not good.00:51
ibeardsleeouch, that'll makes things 'fun'00:51
ibeardsleewhere are you in your travels at the moment?00:51
kcjYou may need to re-install.00:51
locodir-usernow i'm in morrinsville00:51
* ibeardslee goes to google00:52
locodir-userbut we are leaving today to Te Puke and then to Auckland tomorrow morning00:52
locodir-userthe problem is that i don't have another computer and i'm using the internet in the library00:52
ibeardsleeahh ok00:53
ibeardsleeyou can probably get away without having to reinstall .. depending on what the real problem is00:53
ibeardsleedo you have the laptop handy?00:53
ibeardsleewhen it starts up, if you start hitting the 'left shift' key before ubuntu starts you should be able to get to the grub menu, and from their choose other ubuntu options and then the recovery option00:54
locodir-useryes, but after that i put any choice and came this:00:56
locodir-userFilesystem check or mount failed.00:56
ibeardsleeat what point? the grub menu or the recovery option?00:57
locodir-usernow i get something else... recovery mode, but i don't know how keep going00:59
kcj[work]http://askubuntu.com/a/40058 looks like the way to go.00:59
ibeardsleerecovery mode that's a good start.01:00
ibeardsleefrom there I suggest choosing 'root' or something like that, I think the bottom or second to bottom one01:01
locodir-useri get the root, what now??01:02
ibeardsleefirst type 'ls /etc/fstab'01:02
ibeardsleethat'll tell us what file systems the system expects to have01:03
ibeardsleegah .. 'less /etc/fstab' is what I meant01:03
locodir-usernothing happend01:03
ibeardsleewith the less or ls ?01:04
locodir-usernow work01:04
locodir-userwith less01:04
ibeardsleehow much do you know about linux/ubuntu?01:06
locodir-usernot much really01:06
locodir-useri get a friend in argetnina who was my support01:06
locodir-usersorry about that...01:06
ibeardsleeahh ok .. can you summarise what the output was?01:07
ibeardsleemainly after things that have /dev/ in them01:07
locodir-usersda1 during installation uuid=8b69687d6-8d4b-4837-96eb-bba3e93f29fe /01:09
locodir-userext4 errors=remount01:10
locodir-userswap was on /dev/sda5 during installation01:10
locodir-userUUID= 25bac448-fa27-44c0-b6f1-6b7b0b1613bc none    swap     sw01:11
ibeardsleeheh .. don't actually need all those letter/numbers ;)01:12
ibeardsleeit'd have saved you a bit of time if I'd mentioned it01:12
locodir-userits ok01:12
ibeardsleeis that all of them?01:13
ibeardsleeok .. now  'df -h'01:14
ibeardsleejust looking for the one entry in that .. probably the top one that is '/' in the mounted on column01:15
ibeardsleeand number in the 'Avail' column01:15
locodir-useri got lost... sorry...01:17
ibeardsleeok .. now type  'df -h'01:17
ibeardsleewe want to make sure you haven't run out of space (one of the reasons a upgrade will die, although it shouldn't)01:18
locodir-userits says waiting for data, is that ok?01:19
ibeardsleenot ideal01:21
locodir-usersorry, but is there any place where i can take the computer because i'm not so helpfull01:21
ibeardsleenot sure who I could point you to in the next couple of days01:22
ibeardsleemy worry about pointing you to a random computer shop could mean that you are stuck with someone who only knows windows01:23
locodir-useri was worried about the same01:23
locodir-userhere in the library they told us that maybe in the waikato university there is a group that helps with ubuntu01:24
ibeardsleeoh true, one of the key user groups is based there01:25
locodir-usercan we go there and ask for some help??01:25
ibeardsleenot sure01:29
kcj[work]There's a whole channel on this network that helps with Ubuntu.01:29
ibeardsleelocodir-user: I'm asking around to see if someone can give you some hands on attention01:30
kcj[work]I'd say.01:30
ibeardsleeI'm happy to keep walking you through it remotely, but it can't be quite frustrating if you are stumbling around.01:31
locodir-useryes, that's the reason because i'm asking for someone i can go with the computer...01:33
locodir-userit's quite hard because i don't understand about ubuntu01:34
ibeardsleeyeah I can understand01:34
locodir-userwell, i must leave the computer, thanks for everithing!!! sorry for don't understand!!!01:38
ibeardsleenp .. probably best bet to try a computer shop to see if they can help01:39
ibeardsleesorry I can't really help beyond that01:39
locodir-usernp!!... i will try that!! thank you!!!01:40
Gouch, powered on a laptop, still running 12.1004:40
GThe odd thing though, based on the file creation times it seems that it was put on in Aug 13, so it should've had 13.0404:51

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