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ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (beid7712 porn)15:15
k1l_already gone with idoru15:16
Basketballi am so sorry16:45
ikoniafor what ?16:45
Basketballi didnt know it was that long o though 3 lines max16:45
bazhanguse a pastebin16:45
Basketballok i am honestly really sorry16:45
ikoniaoh you spammed16:45
ikoniadon't worry accidents happen16:45
Basketballk1l_,  i am sorry16:46
ikoniadon't worry, accidents happen16:46
ikoniakind of you to say sorry, no big deal though16:46
Basketballok i dont want to break another rule so bye16:47
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Tm_Twhy that user ring my bad bells18:28
elkyTm_T: basketball?20:00
elkybecause it's harris.20:00
rwwdon't think he's been much of a problem recently, since repeated applications of cluebat20:00
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