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blkperlso I'm running samba on Ubuntu Trusty and file creation / deletion works, but copying from windows does not, any ideas?01:45
dustinspringmanwhat up fishes01:49
dustinspringmanblkperl: are you able to connect from the windows machine to the SMB without issue?01:50
dustinspringmanblkperl: also, that creation/deletion.. is that from a windows machine that is connected via SMB?01:52
blkperldustinspringman: yes and yes01:54
blkperlthe error is "not enough space"01:54
blkperland there is plenty of space, so I'm assuming it getting confused because the fs is nfs01:55
dustinspringmanblkperl: sounds "quota" related.. like there is a quota being imposed accidentally or improperly01:56
blkperlit was working on Ubuntu Precise01:58
dustinspringmanblkperl: and you upgraded or fresh install?01:59
blkperlfresh install01:59
dustinspringmanblkperl: Have you looked at the directory permissions? If you can create/delete but not modify (copy) then maybe that's the issue?02:01
blkperlon unix the perms are fine02:02
dustinspringmanblkperl: I'm not sure what that means.. on unix the perms are fine?02:03
blkperlsry, the perms look ok on the ubuntu server02:03
dustinspringmanblkperl: are you able to copy via SMB from another *nix machine to the NFS?02:16
blkperlI've filed a bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/136377402:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1363774 in samba "Samba fails to copy to shares with NFS filesystems " [Undecided,New]02:23
dustinspringmanblkperl: good to know, i'll keep my eyes out for that if I run into it.02:26
blkperlyeah i can't seem to connect to it from linux02:28
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lordievaderGood morning.07:48
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hadifarn_is there a script that adds a vhost on ubuntu for me?08:30
lordievaderhadifarn_: Why do you need a script for that, simply define one, enable it and reload apache.08:33
hadifarn_lordievader: if you're doing it way too often, a script helps08:33
lordievaderNot if every config is completely different from the other.08:36
ikoniahadifarn_: then write a script08:37
ikoniahadifarn_: if it's the same - make a tamplte and write a script that does "cp template $1"08:37
hadifarn_jee, thanks08:37
ikonia"template" sorry08:37
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hadifarn_I get 500 error. in logs it says "configuration error:  couldn't perform authentication. AuthType not set!"09:04
hadifarn_when I googled it, turns out I need to add allow all in httpd.conf09:05
hadifarn_but my httpd.conf is empty!09:05
hadifarn_or I don't know where it is09:05
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pmorrisHow can I load modules (from /etc/modules) before file systems are mounted?09:34
pmorrisOn two of my 14.04 servers modules are loaded first but on the third they seem to occur the other way around and it causes problems because a module is needed to mount a filesystem09:37
pmorrisOn the problem system I see `* Starting Mount filesystems on boot` as the very first entry in boot.log, before `* Starting load modules from /etc/modules`09:39
lordievaderpmorris: Put them into the initramfs.09:46
pmorrislordievader: I tried that and it works but why, for two of my machines, is it adequate to simply modify /etc/modules but for this one I have to modify the initramfs?09:57
pmorrisThey are all Ubuntu 14.04 server machines09:57
lordievaderpmorris: I've rarely done this on Ubuntu but I think you need /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and then update the actual initramfs with "sudo update-initramfs -u".09:59
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pmorrislordievader, again, I've tried that and it works10:01
pmorrisBut I want to know why I have to do this for one out of three machines10:01
pmorrisAnd I want to not have to do it that way10:01
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lordievaderpmorris: Err I cannot tell with the info you've given me. What module is required?10:13
pmorrisIt's a file system module so naturally it is required prior to mounting file systems10:13
lordievaderBut that is used for shared folders right? Shouldn't stop a linux box from booting.10:14
lordievaderOr at least I don't  suppose there are system files in the shared dirs.10:14
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pmorrisI added an entry in fstab to mount it there10:18
pmorrisAt the time fstab is read it has not been loaded one the problem system10:18
pmorrisBecause /etc/modules is read after mounting the file systems10:18
VladimirWhat's the best way to debug a tftp server ?10:55
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ikoniaVladimir: I told you earlier - get it working using the loop back interface so you know there is no networking involved, then move forward from there11:10
Vladimirwell I tried to send from the same machine and it worked11:10
Vladimirit updated the file date11:11
ikoniaso you know your tftp server is working file11:11
ikoniaso then - job done, your tftp server is working11:11
Vladimiryeah but still I can't send files from other devices to it11:11
ikoniayou don't have a problem with your tftp server11:11
ikoniathats not the tftp server11:11
ikoniayou've just proved it worked11:11
ikoniaso the problem is not with your tftp server11:11
VladimirI guess =)11:12
lordievaderVladimir: Check your firewall, they allways like to mess with things.11:15
Vladimirlordievader: Yeah, it's probably the firewall :/11:32
Vladimirlordievader: yeah it's probably the firewall, I tested to send to another tftp server machine11:34
Vladimirand got the same error message, thou with a small addition to the error message:  Error in sending rq message.  Exceeded 5 retransmits.11:35
ikoniaVladimir: what firewall rules does hour machine have11:37
ikoniadoes your machine have sorry11:37
Vladimirikonia: you mean that the linux machine may have firewall rules that's in the way of tftp ?11:41
ikoniaVladimir: on the tftp server, what firewall rules are there11:42
Vladimiri'm gonna take a look11:42
ikoniaso you've not even checked this yet ?11:42
ikonia[I told you 2 days ago to verify the file wall, especially around udp11:42
VladimirI did check the firewall but not on the machine but on network11:43
ikoniaI told you 2 days ago to do this11:43
VladimirAnd I checked if the linux machine have blocked udp11:43
ikoniaVladimir: I told you to check the rules especially around udp11:44
Vladimirbut I haven't checked any firewall rules on the linux machine11:44
ikonianot if the machine blocked udp11:44
ikoniaand I told you to do this on the tftp server11:44
sphenxes@search french revolution12:10
ikoniasphenxes: it's not that sort of but12:11
ikoniano ?12:15
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jamespagelynxman, you called?13:11
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sarthorHi, Is there any free and open source hotel management system ?16:42
sarthorSorry, I was writing there in Linux chan.16:43
RoyKsarthor: http://www.hoteldruid.com/ <-- first hit on google :P16:50
sarthorRoyK: Checked that one, and have installed on my machine. but I am unable to understand that software.16:52
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zertyuihow to connect to an server from existing key ?17:56
dustinspringmanzertyui: please explain..17:57
zertyuii got an ssh public key17:57
dustinspringmanzertyui: for like an Amazon web services ubuntu server?17:57
zertyuii don't know17:58
zertyuii don't know17:58
zertyuii got an ssh public key17:58
zertyuii got an ssh private key also17:58
zertyuii would like to connect to my server using that private key17:58
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zertyuihow to do ?17:59
RoyKzertyui: ssh-copy-id user@yourservershostname18:01
zertyuiu don't undersand18:03
zertyuii got public and private ssh key on textpad18:04
zertyuiand the key has been deployed allready18:04
zertyuiwith my user id18:04
zertyuii simply would like to connect using that key from windows pageant18:05
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iclebyte2what is the best way to downgrade your php5-cgi on an ubuntu 14.04 setup?18:27
iclebyte2we foolishly rebuilt a web server with 14.04 and it's now in production18:28
iclebyte2i'm trying to use raring sources.list in a test environment but i just keep breaking deps18:28
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dustinspringmanhey folks, I've got a problem I don't know how to google an answer for... I've got a Ubuntu 14.04 server that is effectively a PPTP aggregation point.. I have about 12 routers all connecting to this one server.. The problem I'm having is that in "top", my average load is 134%... i am pretty sure its because there are DOZENS AND DOZENS of pppd processes running.. It almost looks as if when a client disconnects/reconne23:19
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dustinspringmanokay, i'm certain is the pppd tasks that are hosing this server... some of them have been running for 85:22:01 and such.... I can't seem to kill them either.. =/23:39
dustinspringmanWelp, I can kill them manually, but not using sudo killall pppd23:41
pmatulisdustinspringman: maybe http://goo.gl/9e9NEq23:57

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