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sabgentonjust wondering about  any rummors of next supported phone?   Thinking of buying nexus 4 but I would much rather have 4G!01:35
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sabgentonalso is it likely  they will announce a new phone with next Ubuntu version?01:45
sabgentonor is there nothing to know01:46
samescobarI need some help with the installation of ubuntu touch (for phones)04:45
samescobarI am trying to install it on my Nexus 4 and whenever I type the command :04:46
samescobarubuntu-device-flash --channel=trusty --revision=29904:46
samescobarI get the following message04:46
samescobar2014/08/31 21:43:36 Expecting the device to expose an adb interface... 2014/08/31 21:43:36 Device is |mako| 2014/08/31 21:43:37 Flashing version 299 from trusty channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device mako 2014/08/31 21:43:37 mkdir /home/sam/.cache/ubuntuimages/pool: permission denied04:46
samescobarsomeone can help?04:46
duflusamescobar: Looks like at some point you have run ubuntu-device-flash as root and that created some cache files you can't delete without being root. Try deleting that cache/ubuntuimages directory as root and try again. Also check that revision 299 exists for trusty. I thought r299 would have been utopic only (--channel=devel)04:55
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sabgentonanyone using a nexus 5 or have another phone working well with ubuntu touch?06:26
sabgenton(not nexus 4)06:27
sabgentonduflu: Any opinon?06:27
duflusabgenton: For phones, I have Nexus 4 sorry06:28
sabgentonok, hm they might as well call it the ubuntu nexus 4 touch06:29
sabgentonI wish the 4 had at least OTG hardware that didn't need external power for USB sticks06:30
sabgentonand 4G06:30
sabgentonduflu: do you ssh from your phone much?  Looks nicer than connectbot for android06:31
duflusabgenton: Only ssh to it a lot. Not from it06:32
sabgentonthat sounds nicer too06:32
duflussh means rsync support :)06:33
sabgentonlikes :)06:33
sabgentonduflu: can you sync your contacts from gmail?  I only ever use cloud contacts on android06:33
duflusabgenton: No I just mean to sync files. I don't use it as a phone06:34
sabgentonoh ha06:34
dufluI hack and reimage my phone a lot.06:34
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sabgentonlooks like its all there now06:36
sabgentonwhich nexus to buy is the big question06:37
sabgentonor if nexus 5 is working good enough anywhere06:37
memekahi, can i run unity on top of qtwayland ?06:39
memekaor any of the touch apps on the qml-compositor from qtwayland?06:39
sabgentonany voip software compadible with ubuntu touch?06:40
sabgentonSIP client06:43
dholbachgood morning07:16
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Saviqjibel, it's ofono's latest release: bug #136341307:41
ubot5bug 1363413 in ofono (Ubuntu) "Can't unlock SIM card" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136341307:41
jibelSaviq, ack. I updated the bug report, the SIM can be unlocked by entering the PIN a second time then pressing 'X407:45
Saviqjibel, hah indeed, it took three tries here or something, but it unlocked07:46
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seb128mpt, why should some list items not be copiable? It seems like consistency would be good there, if e.g a long press on an item give you a menu with a "copy" action I would probably expect that to work on any similar item08:27
deniswdoes the current ubuntu-desktop-next image reflect the current state of desktop support in mir/unity8, or are there further-along branches that are not on display there?08:30
seb128denisw, it's mostly the current state I think08:32
seb128denisw, there might be work being done on Mir but nothing ready to land yet08:33
deniswok. I hoped it would be farther along, the considering the huge amount of work that is probably needed to get everything in shape, I guess this is to be expected :)08:35
deniswseb128, is the desktop team still focused on unity7, or does it already work on 8?08:40
seb128denisw, both08:41
mptseb128, presumably a Copy action would appear on long-press. But for example, any checkbox item should check/uncheck no matter how long you press on it, and copying it usually wouldn’t be useful anyway.08:51
seb128mpt, k, still seems like consistent on the widget level/not some property we should manually change on e.g the settings side08:51
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Emma M Nutt Day! :-D09:07
tsdgeosogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/new-adbd/+merge/232724 only missing top approval because you can't? or want us to do another review?09:09
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ogra_tsdgeos, well, i'm not in the unity team09:14
tsdgeosi know09:14
ogra_i probably can top approve it, let me try09:14
ogra_ah, no button for me :)09:14
tsdgeosogra_: i'm just asking if you did try or just had a look at the code and said "looks good"09:15
tsdgeosbecause if you did try, i see no reason for me trying again09:15
ogra_tsdgeos, not with exactly this command because my dev phone doesnt have the right unity version but in general the sudo command is needed to get the right env, so the code is fine09:16
tsdgeosogra_: ok, so if you didn't try, i'll have to try it then09:21
ogra_i know mike tried it when we wen through the changes, i only tried with a different dbus call09:22
nik90_tvoss: ping09:25
tvossnik90_, pong09:26
nik90_tvoss: Hey I read your answer to http://askubuntu.com/questions/518470/how-to-detect-if-gps-sources-are-enabled-using-qtpositioning-in-ubuntu-touch09:26
tvossnik90_, yup09:26
nik90_tvoss: but when I try to console output the horizontalAcurracy I get NaN always in the emulator. I haven't tried on the phone yet.09:26
nik90_tvoss: but on the emulator, the location coordinates are still returned of a fake location09:26
tvossnik90_, might be that the emulator does not provide horizontal accuracy. There is a boolean flag indicating whether horizontal accuracy is valid09:27
nik90_tvoss: true09:27
tvossnik90_, well, more like false in the emulator case ;)09:27
nik90_tvoss: but does horizontalAccuracy let me know if the user has enabled location detection in the indicator?09:28
tvossnik90_, of course not, why do you need to know that, though?09:28
nik90_tvoss: since if it not enabled, I like to display something like "Location Services Disabled"09:28
nik90_tvoss: may be a user disabled them for privacy reasons09:28
tvossnik90_, well, that's what the indicator is for. No need to display it in-app09:28
nik90_tvoss: agree but I need to print out something to indicate that in my app, otherwise the user could be confused as to why clock app is taking a long time and showing "Retrieving location"09:29
tvossnik90_, hmmm, why don't you allow the user to keep on interacting with the app while the device is trying to acquire a fix?09:30
nik90_tvoss: I do allow the user, I just thought I should display a more accurate message than "retrieving location.."09:31
nik90_tvoss: but I know for certain that the location service is disabled, might as well stop trying to get the location fix and just let the user know :D09:31
nik90_if I know for certain*&09:32
tvossnik90_, well, if the location service is disabled, the position source emits an error signal09:32
nik90_tvoss: it doesn't. that's the issue I am facing09:32
nik90_tvoss: I already onSourceErrorChanged {} and it prints out nothing09:32
tvossnik90_, well, the location service is enabled on the emulator, so there is no error to be emitted09:33
tvossnik90_, however, that is really the signal you should connect to, I will take an action to check if the signal is correctly emitted in all cases09:33
nik90_tvoss: I disabled it using "stop ubuntu-location-service-trust-stored"09:33
tvossnik90_, that's not disabling the location service09:33
tvossnik90_, that's only disabling the integration of the location into our trust infrastructure :)09:34
* nik90_ looks silly09:34
tvossnik90_, sudo stop ubuntu-location-service is what you are after09:34
tvossnik90_, no worries :)09:34
nik90_ok now I can try that :D09:34
janimo`ogra_, where do I set the phone UI language?09:36
ogra_janimo`, see my last mail to the internal list ;)09:36
janimo`I have a custom tarball set it to es and I want it back to en09:36
ogra_janimo`, ~/.pam_environment09:36
janimo`ogra_, thanks09:36
janimo`ogra_, do bad things happen if I delete that file?09:37
janimo`would some other default be put in place?09:37
ogra_janimo`, i think it falls either back to C or to /etc/default/locale ... (which would be en_US)09:37
janimo`ogra_, great09:38
janimo`btw that is a weird place to put language settings imho09:38
ogra_pam_environment ?09:38
ogra_well, its the default for per user settings09:38
janimo`ogra_, ok, I though it would be something with locale in the file name09:41
janimo`ogra_, accidentally found a way to crash the dash, put nonexiting locale in ~/.pam_environment09:44
ogra_janimo`, report it ... Saviq ^^09:44
janimo`ogra_, will do09:45
Saviqjanimo`, already reported09:45
janimo`Saviq, ok, good to know09:45
Saviqor maybe not for unity8 itself, /me looks09:45
* ogra_ doesnt get a kbd on the unlock screen09:45
Saviqthere's bug #1294884 for mtp-server09:46
ubot5bug 1294884 in mtp (Ubuntu) "mtp-server aborts under incorrect locale" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129488409:46
janimo`well dash is in a restartloop with wrong locale set09:46
Saviqogra_, yeah, I had that yesterday too09:46
janimo`in this case nothing starts09:46
ogra_(and it asks for pw even though i selected PIN)09:46
Saviqogra_, bug #136340509:46
ubot5bug 1363405 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Storage of passcode vs. passphrase lock type unreliable" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136340509:46
* ogra_ confirms09:46
janimo`Saviq, in case it is a different issue I reported it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/136392209:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1363922 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Wrong locale in ~/.pam_environment results in restart loop" [Undecided,New]09:48
Saviqjanimo`, can you see in ~/.cache/upstart/unity8-dash.log09:48
Saviqjanimo`, where the exception comes from?09:49
janimo`Saviq, nothing obvious there, most errors are relatd to QML binding loops and geop.ubuntu.com not found09:51
janimo`Saviq, I'll re-break that file and see what new errors show up09:52
Saviqjanimo`, oh could you do apport-bug the .crash file then please09:52
Saviqjanimo`, so that we can get a retrace and see what actually crashes09:52
janimo`Saviq, hmm, actually I looked at /var/crash and nothing showed up09:52
Saviqjanimo`, huh?09:52
janimo`dash just said restarting, spinned, went black09:52
Saviqjanimo`, ok, leave that to me then09:52
janimo`then did that again09:52
janimo`so kept reastarting but no actual crash09:52
nik90_tvoss: On testing, I get that there is no source error when the location service is disabled. May be it isn't fired on your end.09:56
tvossnik90_, on my list, but likely by tomorrow09:56
nik90_tvoss: np thnx09:56
tvossnik90_, thanks for checking09:56
nik90_tvoss: also please do make sure that PositionSource.AccessError is fired when the user presses Deny in the trusty stored dialog that appears when you first open an app that requests location.09:57
tvossnik90_, yup, good point09:59
Saviqjanimo`, did unity itself even start for you? when I changed the file, it's unity8 that never started, so maliit and dash just crashed because they couldn't connect to unity10:00
janimo`Saviq, could be that unity was not working, there was some GU though on the screen (indicators I think were there)10:00
Saviqjanimo`, right, you did have unity then10:00
Saviqjanimo`, how did you "apply" the wrong locale? reboot?10:01
janimo`Saviq, I did sed the file and accidentally set us_EN  and the rebooted10:01
Saviqjanimo`, ok I'll push all the .crash files I got and see what's the initial cause10:02
Saviqjanimo`, ah, I did file it after all bug #132020010:03
ubot5bug 1320200 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "unity8 crashed with SIGABRT in raise() under incorrect locale" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132020010:03
Saviqbut it didn't retrace, let me file a proper one10:07
danilospitti, dholbach: hi, do you guys do approvals as ubuntu-core-devs for things like https://code.launchpad.net/~michael-sheldon/ubuntu-seeds/add-ubuntu-keyboard-serbian/+merge/232265 or should I just wait for it to be picked up by someone? ;)10:36
dholbachogra_, ^ I can't quite remember what the rules for this were, maybe you can answer?10:37
dholbachdanilos, FWIW I'm all for it: the package is installable in utopic, generated from the same source as the other ubuntu-keyboard-* packages, it's also in the same ubuntu component so it should be fine10:42
danilosdholbach, cheers, not sure what's the process so I was just wondering who to poke to get it in asap :)10:42
dholbachjanimo`, ^ do you know what else needs to happen to get a package seeded for touch?10:42
pittihey danilos10:43
janimo`dholbach, sergiusens_ or ogra may know, I don't know where the seeds are kept10:43
daniloshey pitti :)10:43
pittidanilos: yeah, no problem, I can merge that and update -meta; but I'm less sure how to get that into RTM10:44
dholbachjanimo`, it's an MP against the touch seed and it LGTM, I'm just not sure if there's any special procedure around it10:44
dholbachsil2100, ^ do you know how to resolve danilos' request?10:44
pittidholbach: no, not really -- merge, then apt-get source ubuntu-touch-meta, ./update, upload10:44
pittiat least that's how I saw/used it in the past10:44
dholbachok, cool10:44
dholbachin that case we should be all set10:44
pittiand ogra confirmed that, as he said the other day that -meta isn't using the train10:45
sil2100Yeah, it's not really controlled by our landing process ;)10:45
dholbachthanks everyone :-)10:45
pittiseed pushed10:45
Saviqjanimo`, hah, got your state where unity8 runs but dash is looping - bug #136394610:46
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 1363946 could not be found10:46
pittisil2100: supposedly we'll just copy the new -meta into rtm-proposed and let it propagate there?10:46
ogra_pitti, needs a copy-package to rtm after it built in ubuntu10:53
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ogra_but that should be it ...10:54
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pittiogra_: ack11:02
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K1773Rcan you attach a bluetooth keyboard to ubuntu touch?11:06
mardypitti: hi! Do you have a minute to help me with a pygobject issue?11:06
popeyK1773R: i dont think we support that yet.11:07
popeyK1773R: you might be able to associate it with comannd line BT tools, but the UI only does audio devices at the moment I believe (like headphones / speakers)11:08
K1773Rpopey: is there another way so i can use a PC/Keyboard as input when i want to write something on my ubuntu touch?11:08
popeyK1773R: depends on the device, it might support USB OTG?11:08
* ogra_ doesnt think we have a way yet to tell the UI to not pop up the OSK though 11:09
ogra_so you will still get that even if you have any kind of phys. kbd11:09
K1773Rpopey: i havent bought such a keyboard yet, tough id like to be able to input something per remote. if its a usb/bt or a VNC style would be both fine. SSHing into the phone and being able to input something this way would also be a good thing11:12
mptJohnLea, bug 135654211:12
ubot5bug 1356542 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "picking background image should use peer picker" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135654211:12
popeyK1773R: you can certainly ssh in11:12
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K1773Rogra_: thats not really a problem, aslong i dont have to use the OSK to type text11:12
K1773Rpopey: yes, but how do i send text to the UI when im on the shell?11:13
popeynot sure. we use autopilot to do that in the lab11:13
ogra_popey, by unconfining the apps partially ...11:14
ogra_which isnt such a great idea if you actually want to use the device ... (ok for hacking at home though)11:14
pixelatefun times11:17
pixelatequick question: i just got ubuntu for devices installed on a nexus 10 -- how do i go about doing things like ... being able to shell in remotely? installing other packages (via apt?) or whatever?11:18
pixelatei apologize in advance if my questions seem like they are answered elsewhere -- usually google is of great help, but i seem to be unable to find much (if anything) on u4d11:19
ogra_pixelate, install phablet-tools from the phablet-team ppa and use phablet-shell over USB ...11:22
pittimardy: hi! what's up?11:22
mardypitti: it's about /usr/bin/account-console, which has stopped working, probably because of some changes in libaccounts-glib11:23
mardypitti: in libaccounts-glib, I made the AgManager object implement GInitable11:23
mardypitti: account-console does: self.manager = Account.Manager(), and this produces a non-working object11:23
mardypitti: to get it to work right, I need to do self.manager = Account.Manager.new()11:24
pittimardy: does the account_manager_new() constructor do anything beyond initing properties?11:24
pittimardy: right; the former calls the GObject ctor, the latter the "proper" class constructor11:24
pittimardy: usually _new() ctors should just instantiate the object and init properties from the arguments, nothing else11:25
pittimardy: if it does anything beyond that, you have to call the particular ctor instead (but it's still a bug)11:25
pittieverything which isn't property initialization should go into _init(), not _new()11:25
mardypitti: account_manager_new() does not do anything fancy: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/libaccounts-glib/trunk/view/head:/libaccounts-glib/ag-manager.c#L181911:26
pixelateogra_: there is no 'phablet-shell' command in phablet-tools (i'm on trusty -- and yes, i checked the ppa)11:26
pittimardy: hm, I don't know about g_initable()11:27
ogra_pixelate, there definitely is :)11:27
pixelateogra_: on trusty?11:27
pixelate14.04 ?11:27
pixelatewhat package am i missing then, or where is the bin for it ?11:28
mardypitti: ah, got it: the initable interface does this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/libaccounts-glib/trunk/view/head:/libaccounts-glib/ag-manager.c#L162311:28
K1773Ranother thing i wonder/worry about. how can i disable adb and easely enable adb again? im happy creating a hacky bash script for it, tough i wonder how to do this w/o breaking things. i dont want that ppl can plug in my phone and have instant access to my device.11:28
ogra_pixelate, you want phablet-tools vrsion 1.1+14.10.20140715-0ubuntu1 ... thats in the PPA for sure11:28
ogra_ogra@styx:~$ dpkg -S $(which phablet-shell)11:29
ogra_phablet-tools: /usr/bin/phablet-shell11:29
pittimardy: that still looks ok for an _init() function, though; this is the kind of stuff that's supposed to be in _init()11:29
pixelateogra_: there's two phablet-team ppa s -- phablet-team and phablet-team/tools11:29
mardypitti: that call to open_db() is essential, and it appears that creating the object with Account.Manager() doesn't pass through the GInitable interface11:30
pixelateinstalling the phablet-team/tools ppa now then11:30
pittimardy: would be interesting to see if the same happens if you call it from C with g_object_new()11:30
pittimardy: I suppose it does, as Account.Manager() is essentially just g_object_new(ACCOUNT_MANAGER_TYPE)11:31
pixelateogra_: thanks11:32
ogra_pixelate, dont expect to much though, manta (N10) isnt in a great condition atm ... everyone focuses on phone for the "release to manufacturer"11:33
pixelateogra_: is there a default password for user 'phablet' ?11:33
mardypitti: yes, I'm quite sure that we need to call g_initable_new() in order to have the object initialized properly11:33
ogra_pixelate, not on recent images, nope11:33
pixelateogra_: i see -- i happened to have a nexus 10, and am evaluating options for some custom hardware deployment crap -- so was looking at using the nexus10 as a simple web client11:34
pixelatebuying a nice touchscreen costs many thousands of $, or whatever -- whereas nexus 10s are, well, cheap11:34
pittimardy: ah, so GInitable clases don't support g_object_new() instantiation in principle?11:34
pittimardy: I'm afraid I don't know much here; might be worth asking in #gnome-hackers perhaps?11:35
pixelatehow much further advanced is the utopic vs trusty u4d ?11:35
pixelateogra_: i can't seem to change the password or anything via phablet-shell -- i'm running the 'stable' (trusty) channel on the nexus 10 --11:36
pixelatedoes that have a default password for the user ?11:36
popeyooh, thats old11:36
ogra_yeah, ancient ...11:36
popeyyou probably want to update that11:36
pittidanilos, ogra_, sil2100: new touch-meta copied to rtm-proposed FTR11:36
pixelateso, i guess i should be running the 'devel' channel then11:36
pixelateok, thanks11:36
pixelatewill downloading and try then11:37
ogra_pixelate, iirc we used "phablet" as password in that11:37
ogra_pixelate, thanks11:37
ogra_pitti, thanks11:37
pixelatei had tried 'phablet'11:37
pixelate(was my first attempt, before i even asked here ... ;) )11:37
mardypitti: I think that PyGObject should do something like "if (g_type_is_a(type, G_TYPE_INITABLE)) { return g_initable_init(type, ...); } else { return g_object_new(type,...) }11:37
ogra_well, in newer images we dont set a pw at all ... in older ones you needed to use "ohablet" for sudoing11:38
mardypitti: but I'll ask to the channel now11:38
pixelatebut i seem to be retarded -- i must have typed it in wrong, as it works now11:38
pixelatei had tried it11:38
pixelatei dunno11:38
pixelateyeah, must have been a typo11:38
mardypitti: ah, that's not freenode... uff :-)11:38
pixelatewith ubuntu-device-flash -- what channel is the 'latest' that would be stable? i just want to try it out on the device ... (manta/nexus10)11:39
pixelate--channel devel ?11:40
ogra_that should theoretically be the most stable ... but as i said, manta ddnt see much love recently ...11:40
pixelateogra_: should i use --server="http://system-image.tasemnice.eu" ? or is the documentation on the site outdated too ?11:43
ogra_uh, where did you get that from11:43
ogra_thats only for some ports ...11:43
ogra_you shouldnt use the --server arg at all for official images11:43
ogra_better read the install page then the devices page :)11:43
pixelateogra_: i understand -- i was just thinking there might be more stable images 'somewhere' ;)11:44
ogra_there wont11:44
ogra_manta uses eth side-stage in the UI ... thats still rather unmaintained and will likely get in your way11:44
ogra_flo (nexus 7) would be the cleverer choice if you want something relatively stable11:45
mardypitti: anyway, the documentation makes it rather clear that if an object implements the G_INITABLE interface, then it must be initialized (with g_initable_init(), or directly created with g_initable_new())11:45
pixelateogra_: i only have a nexus 5 + nexus 10 ...11:46
mardypitti: I'll workaround it by calling Account.Manager.new(), but is it OK if I file a bug on pygobject as well?11:46
pixelatebuying a nexus 7 seemed ubitiqutous at the time ...11:46
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danilospitti, cheers!12:11
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nik90_cking: regarding the bug 1363968, is the digital time display ok?12:18
ubot5bug 1363968 in Ubuntu Clock App "clock-app is rather a busy app (analogue clock display)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136396812:18
ckingnik90_, not tried that yet, but I will do that shortly12:18
nik90_cking: at the moment we update the UI every 10 ms to ensure a smooth seconds hand movement. While in digital mode it every 1s.12:18
nik90_cking: in the old clock app I circumvented that issue by disabling the seconds hand by default12:19
nik90_cking: ack12:19
* cking will measure the power utilisation with a multimeter and see what it costs12:19
greyback10ms polling is a lot for a something that changes every second. A new frame is drawn every 16ms12:27
ckingso a 0.0625 ms delay is sufficient12:30
* cking being stupid, ignore that12:31
nik90_greyback: I could set it 16ms, however the power issue will still be there12:32
ckinga 62.5 Hz frame refresh rate? so perhaps updating every 20ms is sufficient.  given that eyes don't really  notice a 24 Hz framerate will a 40ms delay be as good?12:33
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ckingnik90_, the "digit" display is much better, I can't measure the current drawn overhead and it's ~1% CPU12:34
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nik90_cking: ok atleast we know where the issue is then.12:34
nik90_cking: I will experiment with better refresh rates and see what's the minimum acceptable one12:34
greybacknik90_: I'm not sure what the issue is, was just commenting that running a timer with such high refresh rate is not something to be done lightly. Also note that depending on the timer implementation, it may not fire at exactly every 10ms12:34
nik90_greyback: true, I read online about the 16ms minimum timer refresh rate12:35
* cking wonders how often the digital display is being updated, seeing clock_gettime being called > 35 times a second12:36
greybacknik90_: I don't know about a minimum, but I do know that timers are often queued by the kernel to try to reduce number of wakeups12:36
nik90_cking: every seoncd12:36
ckingbut it only displays hh:mm on my display, so why not every minute or so?12:37
jgdxseb128, thanks for the comments. I am working on improving that branch right now. Sorry it wasnt in WIP.12:37
jgdxseb128, I've addressed your comments in https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/show-ip-and-mac/+merge/232487 btw. Thanks12:37
nik90_cking: because say you opened the clock at 08:10:15, would you wait for a minute to update to 08:11?12:38
ckingnik90_, no, you wait for 45 seconds and the update every minute thereafter12:38
nik90_cking: true but it isn't that simple in terms of time-keeping. I need to take into account stuff like app being suspended and brought from background and so on12:39
ckinggettimeofday();  wait = 60 - tv.tv_sec; sleep(wait)12:39
seb128jgdx, yw, great12:39
ckingnik90_, can't you catch those events and handle those separately?12:40
nik90_cking: the suspend and resume? yes. I do that atm by immediately updating the time when they happen12:40
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deniswis it possible to hack on unity8 and the core apps without for 14.04? or is it recommended/required to have a 14.10 install somewhere?12:49
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mardypitti: hi! I've been pointed to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=72427512:54
ubot5Gnome bug 724275 in introspection "Automatically call g_initable_init for classes which implement GInitable" [Normal,New]12:54
Cimimterry, do we have a way to test the wizard on the desktop?12:57
pittimardy: ah, nice! so until then I suppose calling the real ctor will do fine12:57
mterryCimi, I do a debuild and then ./wizard/test.sh12:58
Cimimterry, thanks, trying12:59
mardypitti: yes, this seems to work: https://code.google.com/p/accounts-sso/source/detail?r=6810de5712c5122d03b75283c0811b1f9d9f5552&name=python-manager-fix&repo=libaccounts-glib#12:59
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pittimardy: heh, or a shim like that, yes :)13:02
Cimimterry, but you have to install the package, right?@13:05
Cimimterry, my debuild fails13:05
mterryCimi, you don't have to install if you use ./wizard/test.sh13:09
mterryCimi, I dunno about failing debuilds13:09
Cimimterry, bluetooth test issues13:18
Cimimterry, I commented the cmake to skip them13:19
Cimimterry, but when I ran test.sh i cannot see anything on screen13:19
Cimimterry, do I need sth special?13:19
mterryCimi, no...?13:19
mterryCimi, well then try installing13:20
Cimimterry, running system-settings-wizard works for you?13:24
Cimithe system wide one13:24
Cimimterry, ?13:32
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mterryCimi, I'm actually on holiday today, so I don't really have time to go through it, sorry13:33
tsdgeospitti: can you make the force push .pot to dialer-app again?13:37
tsdgeosobviouslt the developers continue to ignore updating the .pot13:37
tsdgeosand there's still things missing13:37
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pittitsdgeos: ah sure; you can't?13:45
pittimore importantly: STOP CHANGING THE EFFING STRINGS!13:45
pittipretty please13:45
pittiI've seen pretty hilarious things, changing "Hello" to "Hi", this is not helpful13:46
tsdgeospitti: guess i could haven't done much pushes tbh, be happier if you could13:46
pittitsdgeos: yeah, I'm at it13:46
* ogra_ quickly goes through the code and changes all occurneces from "Hi" to "Moin" 13:47
pitti-msgid "on hold"13:48
pitti+msgid "%1 - on hold"13:48
pittioh c'mon13:48
* pitti misses the days when we had proper feature/UI/string freezes13:48
ogra_heh, thats so non-rolling13:49
pittiwell, we don't do rolling, we were supposed to have a release last week13:49
ogra_we do rolling13:49
ogra_for touch/rtm13:49
ogra_well, kind of at least13:49
ogra_thats the whole purpose of the landing process13:50
pittiwell, someone is misinformed in the chain then -- we got told "fix all translations for Spanish, German, and a few others", but the strings change faster than anyone can translate13:50
tsdgeosi'm ignoring my "check spanish and catalan" works tasks13:50
ogra_then we need to integrate translations into the landing process more13:50
tsdgeosevery time i find something untranslated is not because it was not translated by the teams13:51
pittitsdgeos: pushed13:51
tsdgeosbut because some developer ignored the translation process13:51
tsdgeosand then i file a branch that gets ignored for a month13:51
tsdgeosso if develoeprs are going to ignore translations13:51
tsdgeosi'll spend my time somewhere more valuable13:51
tsdgeospitti: thanks13:51
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pittitsdgeos: on that note, I had system-settings completely translated on Thursday or so, and now the wizard is again half English :/14:09
pittiit seems the strings subtly changed again14:09
* pitti does a POT update, take 293842314:10
pittihm, only two new strings, so something else broke14:12
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sergiusens_pitti: do we provide translations for en_US?14:39
ogra_we definitely have langpacks14:40
ogra_well ... en in general ... but containing US14:40
pittisergiusens_: the -en langpacks are more for the en_GB deltas14:40
ogra_and /etc/default/locale defaults to it in the touch images14:40
ogra_(i still need to rip out the locale hacks from /etc/environment one day)14:41
sergiusens_pitti: can we consider it? since I have this bug where the text in english is wrong, but if I change it now; it breaks all translations14:41
pittisergiusens_: we also have en_AU and en_CA, and some en@shaw; but C is supposed to be en_US14:41
* pitti hugs sergiusens_14:41
ogra_the builder generates en_US during build iirc14:41
pittisergiusens_: but everyone else is breaking strings all the time, so it's not much different really14:41
pittisergiusens_: but what you can do is to use sed to also change the msgid in all the *.po files14:42
pittisergiusens_: if it's just a typo/capitalization etc., and not changing the meaning14:42
sergiusens_pitti: yeah, it's just grammar; I'll do the sedding14:42
pittisergiusens_: otherwise we can certainly consider it, you can in principle just add an en_US.po (although I wonder if that's worth the trouble)14:42
pittiogra_: I suppose you mean the POT?14:43
sergiusens_pitti: just something that was done at Intel, string freeze came early and proper linguists created the "strings" for all languages including en_*14:43
pittisergiusens_: yeah, I've seen that too; there's nothing that prevents us from doing it, just that usuall projects don't have an en_US.po14:44
pittisergiusens_: I've also seen projects where the "C" strings were in French :)14:44
pittiand in principle there's no definition that the msgids need to be US English, it's just a convention14:44
ogra_pitti, i mean locale-gen :)14:45
pittiogra_: ah, I thought you meant package build14:45
sergiusens_thanks, I guess it opens a can of worms we are not ready to deal with14:46
sergiusens_I'll keep it on a scratchpad as possible topic for the online summit14:46
pittisergiusens_: yeah, I'd say for now fixing the string in the source and sed'ing the .po files is the least intrusive way, and will probably also avoid translators trying to chase down the typos/grammar :)14:49
sergiusens_pitti: yeah, the translations look fine (the spanish one at least) :)14:49
sergiusens_do you guys use your desktop in german btw?14:50
pittiI do14:51
pittialthough I don't really see much of it in my primary workspace -- just a bunch of terminals14:51
pittiand everyone talking English :)14:52
pittibut firefox, pidgin, etc. are in German14:52
nerochiaromhall119: if you are the same M. Hall in charge of the calendar app, can you have a look at this quick MR when you have a minute ? https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-translations-with-arg/+merge/232903 Thanks !15:09
popeynerochiaro: mhall119 is on vacation, I'll take a look15:11
nerochiaropopey: thanks15:12
mhall119nerochiaro: I'm not in charge of the calendar app, I create the Launchpad project, that's about it15:13
mhall119pkunal is the main developer, popey oversees everything15:13
nerochiaromhall119: i see. do you know who is ?15:13
mhall119also, "vacation"15:13
davmor2mhall119: then stop looking at irc :P15:15
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nerochiaromhall119: or name yourself mhall_vacation or something :)15:16
popeynerochiaro: http://sackheads.org/~bnaylor/spew/away_msgs.html15:18
nerochiaropopey: nah, if anyone really has still notifications enabled on nick changes they deserve to be distracted for pointless things15:21
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nerochiarorenatu: in the messaging app, can you send a message to a number without having that number in your contacts ?15:40
renatunerochiaro, yes, you can type the number and press space15:40
renatunerochiaro, btw there is a bug on that coma "," should does the same15:41
renatunerochiaro, I think tiagosh will fix that15:41
nerochiarorenatu: ok15:44
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mzanettidavmor2: you've been reporting the issues with the hanging dash, right?16:21
davmor2mzanetti: well I didn't report the issue but I am effected by it,  20 times over the weekend16:22
mzanettidavmor2: I finally found a way to reproduce16:23
mzanettidavmor2: tap and hold something in the dash, then use the launcher to start an app with the other hand -> input lost in dash16:24
davmor2oh /me tries16:29
davmor2mzanetti: that certainly seems reproducible :)16:30
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davmor2mzanetti: on mako anyway16:31
davmor2mzanetti: and other devices too16:31
davmor2mzanetti: at least it looks something like the issue,  the fact you can click on the power down button means it isn't identical but close as damn it :)16:32
mzanettidavmor2: hm... but the power button is managed by unity, not the dash16:34
davmor2mzanetti: that's what I'm saying I think it might be partially the issue but not complete.  When the lock up happens for me you can't interact with anything, only side swipes. no clicks at all ogra_ might be able to confirm though16:46
ogra_davmor2, well, i think thats two different bugs ... i saw both ...16:47
ogra_(just had that "no input at all on krillin" one today16:47
davmor2mzanetti: there you go16:47
ogra_while in the bug i initially reported the side edges still work ... havent seen that in a while but then i also havent used my mako extensively in a while16:48
davmor2ogra_: only once16:48
mzanettiogra_: well, there's also only side gestures missing in units :)16:59
mzanettiogra_: so that you can still drag in the indicators, but not left/right any more16:59
mzanettibut I think in the end all the same issue16:59
mzanettiif a touch gets interrupted without completing for some reason, it makes it break in that part17:00
ogra_well, i see it more often when the music app is running (and the touchscreen stays fully active while screen is off) than without ... that would indeed eb an explanation17:01
ogra_i guess there are a bunch of weird touch events going on in my pocket when listening to music ;)17:02
ahayzenogra_, i think that is this bug 1359264 ... (the inputs going through when the screen is off)17:02
ubot5bug 1359264 in Mir 0.7 "Surfaces receive input even while the screen is off" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135926417:02
ahayzenit started as bug 1337239 for more info..17:03
ubot5bug 1359264 in Mir 0.7 "duplicate for #1337239 Surfaces receive input even while the screen is off" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135926417:03
ogra_ahayzen, yeah, there is even an older one somewhere that i files months ago17:03
ogra_and an even older one from popey iirc17:03
ahayzenogra_, yeah lol ... we're hoping for the input going through to be fixed in the next mir release?17:04
ogra_well, i at least hope for it to be fixed for final release ... i really dont know how to explain the police that my butt made emergency calls while i was walking with the phone in my pocket and listening to music17:05
ahayzenhaha me neither17:05
* popey tries to stop picturing ogra_'s butt17:06
ogra_stop staring !17:06
ahayzenand sometimes it continues after the music app has closed... and then seems to kill your battery...but thats another issue i need to discuss with peeps17:06
ogra_(at least without permission from my GF)17:06
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monei have a question. does anyone know if it is possible to install ubuntu touch on a galaxy tablet with andoird?18:35
moneor is it better to wait ?18:36
master_samsung galaxy?18:36
moneyes galaxy18:52
master_Which one is it in this table: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices18:53
mone iwas searsching at net18:53
monebut without results18:53
master_There are quite a few Samsung Galaxy's out there to choose from!18:54
monehmm it is a gt p521018:55
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master_Its not in the table. I would assume there is no support and no-one is working on getting it ported18:56
moneso it is still not possible you guess?18:56
master_I guess that is the correct answer. Nexus devices are your best bet, if you just want to try UbuntuTouch18:57
monedo you know if there is a alternative? because im not really interested to use google and android18:58
moneim using ubuntu since 2 years and its really nice for beginners18:59
moneahh cool18:59
moneill check it out19:00
master_if you are talking about mobile OS'es19:00
moneyes for tablets for example19:00
monethank you for your support19:04
monehave a nice evening19:05
VeDroid4hey guys.19:20
VeDroid4how is prosgess going for motorola xt894?19:20
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seb128hum, after turn flight mode off/on my krilin says "no sim", is that a known issue?20:34
seb128cyphermox_, ^20:34
deflepnut2003I believe it is.20:34
seb128is there a known workaround?20:35
deflepnut2003Did it say that before switching between flight mode on/off20:35
seb128no it didn't20:35
deflepnut2003well the only known thing I know of is a reboot OR go into terminal and type “sudo stop ofono” and then pull the sim, reinsert and then do “sudo start ofono"20:36
deflepnut2003in Terminal20:36
deflepnut2003doo doo doo20:45
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mhall119asac: are we in traincaon-0 now?21:01
popeymhall119: tomorrow I believe21:08
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utackHi. is there any experience with proprietary music streaming services unter ubuntu touch? like deezer/napster/gmusic/spotify and how they are all called23:10
utackor if it has to be ampache from owncloud23:10
dakerutack: https://github.com/Elleo/cutespotify23:11
utackthank you mr daker23:11
utackand one of the hot and hated topics: did i find out correctly that whatsapp is not working or WIP either?23:12
popeynobody is working on that, as far as I am aware23:13
utacktoo bad.i ditched all google services and this is the one factor holding me back. :(23:14
utackregardless i'll test a newer rom. quite a while back i tested it23:14
hackersarchangelOk I have a question: Does SMS send both over 2g/3g and LTE?23:30
hackersarchangelI’m trying to nail down my APN settings and having a little bit of fruitless luck with it.23:30
SturmFluthackersarchangel: AFAIK SMS go over 2G only23:47
hackersarchangelThat’s what I thought.23:47
hackersarchangelIs it normal for ofono to change the GPRS file after modification?23:48
hackersarchangelBecause I have had it do that when stopping/starting ofono23:48
hackersarchangelOtherwise I’m having no issues with the device except for SMS23:48
hackersarchangelThat’s it.23:48
hackersarchangelI’ll need to explore my provisioning on the Android side, see if something else is gunning up the works.23:49
SturmFlutHm. I never looked at it in detail.23:49
SturmFluthackersarchangel: MMS need some form of TCP/IP communication, so they should need GPRS at least, but SMS should be 2G only and not go over GPRS.23:50

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