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MartijnVdSpopey: http://www.reddit.com/r/britishproblems/comments/2f3ejm/a_vulcan_flew_over_our_house_this_afternoon/04:10
shauno_yaknow, I spotted that one, and wondered if it might be anyone here :p04:26
Myrttiirssi 0.8.17-rc2 \o/06:13
Myrttigood morning06:13
nigelbI'm dealing with a wordpress bug, not good.06:13
MyrttiI've got both stomach problems and the first kickoff meeting after most people come back from holidays. I'm <sarcasm>extatic</sarcasm>06:15
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foobarryanyone use copy.com? i can't get the auto photo upload working08:32
foobarryMartijnVdS: saw it at the air show, sounded like the sky was ripping in half08:34
foobarrywas brilliant sound08:34
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popeyMartijnVdS: i saw that reddit thread ☻08:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Emma M Nutt Day! :-D09:07
SuperMattanyone in london interested in learning to swing dance on friday?09:14
davmor2JamesTait: it's US labour day today so it must mean that lots of babies are born in the next 24 hours ;)09:28
JamesTaitdavmor2, http://instantrimshot.com/09:29
davmor2foobarry: well it was that or they celebrate working by taking a day off09:30
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:36
brobostigonmorning hazrpg10:35
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hazrpgmorning brobostigon :)10:52
zmoylan-pigreetings mammals10:52
zmoylan-piand our avian comrades as well of course :-p10:54
* penguin42 hands zmoylan-pi a herring10:55
zmoylan-pihands over a kipper in mark of mutual respect10:56
popeypip pip10:59
SuperEngineerSuperEngineer is on 2 weks leave - coincidence that the sun has started shining?  Nah!11:28
zmoylan-pifirst week of september is often sunny to annoy the kids going back to school :-)11:29
zmoylan-pisitting in class after wet summer looking outside at sun beating down to start crushing their spirits at a young age :-)11:29
SuperEngineer[every 1st week in September I wave at every location that might have a school - laughing on my way to havivng some fun.11:34
popeyour kids go back soon11:35
popeynot soon enough11:35
foobarry"Take an extra 40% off ANY subscription on Zinio.com!"11:37
zmoylan-pirun past with ballons and giant inflatable toy :-)11:37
foobarryzinio have big offer on atm if you don't really care about read your magz when the company goes away11:37
Myrtti"when the company goes away" :-D11:37
foobarryit was offline over the weekend and i couldn't even read my offline magz11:38
foobarryfeel like there's no other option for online mag reading11:42
zmoylan-pionline mag reading... isn't that the internet? :-)11:42
Myrttifoobarry: Google News & Magazines11:42
foobarryi tend to rad niche non tech mags11:42
foobarrygoogle mags doesn't have any good ones11:43
* SuperEngineer prepares to do list of "things that I *must* pack"... includes netbook11:43
SuperEngineerwell it is a UUPC week :D11:44
zmoylan-piphone, phone charger, phone booster battery pack, netbook, netbook charger, 1 pair underwear and a hammer11:45
penguin42don't forget the gaffer tape11:46
popey"niche non-tech mags"11:46
zmoylan-pinah the hammer is make sure the underwear still bend on day 7 :-D11:46
foobarrypopey: modelling but plastic ones , not ladies11:47
foobarryoh, that sounds even worse11:47
zmoylan-piat least not a trainspotter11:47
SuperEngineerI like the hammer idea... so much lighter than the mallet I was going to take in case anybody asked me "while you're here - could fix my pooter"!11:51
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1363975 in thunar (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/thunar:11:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_visible_indices:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_separator_indices:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_sections:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_n_items:g_menu_exporter_menu_prepare" [Undecided,New]11:58
ali1234i just made that :)11:58
ali1234oops wrong channel, derp12:00
penguin42oh that's quite neat actually12:16
switchtehbeathi, there. :)12:16
ali1234popey: what is unity_gtk_shell_menu?12:19
ali1234is it related to appmenus (global menu) or HUD?12:19
ali1234it's definitely one or the other12:19
ali1234zero hits on google for unity_gtk_shell_menu12:20
zmoylan-pigoogle isn't what it used to be12:20
ali1234i have a feeling that the HUD integration patches are crashing thunar now12:21
ali1234we already fixed the crashes caused by the global menu inegration hacks12:21
zmoylan-pii recently had to switch away from unity as he bugs were getting weirder12:21
ali1234yeah the thing is you only have to have unity installed, and it patches your gtk to hell :)12:22
ali1234and then all other desktops break really bad12:22
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foobarryis there a tune that sounds like gentle ben tune but isn't?13:51
foobarryi was whistling it absent mindedly, but when i checked on youtube it was a bit different13:51
ali1234it sounds a bit like the music from ocarina of time14:18
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)14:33
davmor2bigcalm: where in the world have you been you slacker ;)14:37
bigcalmdavmor2: burred under 1s and 0s14:39
bigcalmI'm hoping to make it to the LUG this week though14:39
davmor2I'm not even thinking that far ahead ;)14:40
bigcalmI really should do something with my RPi15:12
SuperEngineerbigcalm: suggestion for something to do with it - send it to me [pretty please] ;)15:14
bigcalmSuperEngineer: and what will you do with it?15:14
SuperEngineer1/ enjoy the fact that you paid for the postage15:15
SuperEngineer2/ learn15:15
SuperEngineer3/ say thankyou15:15
SuperEngineer4/ refund the postage ;)15:16
SuperEngineer[& buy you a beer or two]15:16
bigcalmLearn what?15:16
SuperEngineerdunno - ain't got one15:16
bigcalmIt's just a linux capable machine. One can do everything that you can do on the RPi on a desktop machine15:17
SuperEngineerwhat - you mean it doesn't windoze?!15:18
bigcalmApparently one can... http://www.raspberrypi.org/tag/windows/15:20
SuperEngineerwow - now I *am* surprised!15:20
mappsgbraltar ore expensive than i thought15:23
mappsgonna be paying £733 each for a 2bed apt;/15:23
SuperEngineerhowever - if I ever did have one - I'm sure all I would do with it was stuff a couple of old time games on it - carry it around with me - and watch people's jaws drop ;)15:23
SuperEngineermapps: why not try Malta instead - used to be a lot better value15:24
mappsil be working in gib15:24
mappsso cant really :)15:24
mappsfor 6-12 months15:24
mappscompany paying £500 rent allowance per month though15:25
mappsand 8% payrise15:25
SuperEngineerhmmmm - slight fail in my suggestion there then ;)15:25
mappsthey will provide free accomodation BUT its 15min taxi from gib border and 30min walk15:25
mappsid prefer the 500quid towards rent15:25
SuperEngineerdo you mind commuting?  there's always the "rent in Spain - work in Gibralta" option15:26
SuperEngineerif you don't mind border queues15:26
mappsthats what work provide -- see above15:26
mappsfor free..but i dont want it15:26
mappsits too far imo 15min taxi every day from apartment to border..and border to apartment15:27
mapps30min walk or taxi from border to apartment15:27
SuperEngineeroh well15:27
mappskinda tempting to go permanent15:27
mappsthey'll pay 500 quid for rent allowance and 8% rise forever15:27
mappsso almost living rent free15:28
SuperEngineer[& there's me thinking I had a quiet week coz I didn't do more than 400 miles on any day last week15:28
bigcalmIs the move to Gibraltar a big one?15:28
foobarrybigcalm: tried native riscos?15:29
mappsnot really..il be leaving most here15:29
foobarryonthe pi15:29
mappsjust taking suitcase and hang luggage15:29
mappsshould be back in 6months15:29
mappsor 12monthd15:29
foobarrythey have M&S out there15:29
foobarryso everything you need15:30
bigcalmfoobarry: I haven't, but I want to now. I had several Archimedes in my teens15:30
SuperEngineer[those underpants are gonna be lethal weapons by the end of that time with only a suitcase worth of luggage]15:30
SuperEngineeruse the M&S15:31
bigcalmfoobarry: seeing the icons in the web page is giving me wonderful nostalgia15:32
shauno_SuperEngineer: that's what I've done .. RetroPi & a wireless gamepad.  makes for a very tidy way to hide my sins behind the TV15:32
shauno_I still find it astounding you can fit your entire childhood on an SD card15:33
SuperEngineershauno_: so send me yours - save bigcalm the postage ;)15:33
SuperEngineer...and if anybody is about to suggest the "buy your own" option..............15:34
SuperEngineerservermsg: [continuation of that has been deleted for reasons of decency]15:35
mappslove that video lol15:37
bigcalmSuperEngineer: you've got a decent job with RackSpace. I'm sure you could afford one15:38
mappsi went to see FC Jumula v Ventriplils last thursday and lol top league..under 100 people there...and free15:39
mappswhen i went to buy a ticket the girl on reception laughed 'nono is free' ;15:40
shauno_I thought that was the other Super*15:40
SuperEngineerbigcalm: the reason I could afford such things is because I try to get peeps to give me theirs F.O.C. ;)15:41
mappsyet the match is streamed on bookmakers sites around the world...£120000 matched on over 3.5 goals at half time15:41
mappsso strange15:41
bigcalmSuperEngineer: the B+ has just come out, get one of those :)15:41
SuperEngineer....but yeah, apart from the emplotyer, you're right15:41
bigcalmDoh, sorry15:41
* bigcalm scratches head15:42
bigcalmI thought you were the same person, hence much confusion15:42
SuperEngineerjust posted this #ubuntu-steam - might be worth posting here as well...15:42
SuperEngineer...anybody want a -75% coupon for Dear Esther? I already own it so no good to me - but it runs out tomorrow so you need to use it today!15:42
bigcalmI have it from a Humble Bundle15:42
Myrttibigcalm: Super M a t t vs. SuperEngineer15:43
SuperEngineerbigcalm: that's whwere I got it as well15:43
SuperEngineerMyrtti: why would I go into a me vs xxxx battle - I'm so magnanimous & kind it would would hurt me to put the opponant down [but h boy - you'd hear them hit the ground when I did] ;)15:45
bigcalmIs it possible to reverse a YouTube playlist?15:54
* penguin42 hands bigcalm the mindbleach15:57
SuperEngineerbigcalm - using a combo of SMPlayer & [playlister of your choice] - i suspect it os15:57
bigcalmUsing a chome plugin in chromium, seems to have done the trick15:58
* SuperEngineer hugs SMPlayer YouTube Browser15:59
SuperEngineerbigcalm: a thought - have you got Dear Esther working in 14.04?  It wouldn't install for me cos the libraries are deprecated... all research came up with "iffy" options - late found to be confirmed.16:04
bigcalmSuperEngineer: haven't tried it since the bundle release16:04
SuperEngineer[i now have a miniture Mint partition just for Dear Ester lol[16:04
* SuperEngineer knows of someone else on this channel who has been seen on Steam playing it]16:07
SuperEngineer... no names mentioned but "he" also has a windows pooter which I suspect is where "he" was playing it...16:09
SuperEngineer...or was *he* playing on Mint himself, I wonder16:11
SuperEngineer[damn - *he*'s not taking the bait]16:12
SuperEngineerWondering - what's the *best* [not related to Apple in any way] music download site these days?16:40
* SuperEngineer misses U1 music store - who was it they used, can't remember :(16:41
shauno_SuperEngineer: 7digital I think ?16:55
davmor2SuperEngineer: 7 digital16:56
SuperEngineercool -thanks17:01
SuperEngineerthanks shauno_ & davmor2 - that's the one! 20p a track more than avewrage but UK site and legal, non-DRM, non-WMA, non-Ipod. that'll do me fine17:08
foobarryamazon also , but they don't pay tax :S19:36
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doubacohey hey, nyone awke?23:20
* penguin42 yaaawwwnns23:20
doubacoluxury. i cant even yawn as my lubuntu netbooks no sound23:20
doubacoi tried volume contol nothing. i tried bbc r4.asx stream nothing, i tried iplayer, nothing.23:21
penguin42doubaco: Personally I like to use a program called paman to debug sound23:25
doubacopenguin42: what's paman and how can a noob like me use it?23:27
penguin42doubaco: Start by installing the paman package - it's a manager for the 'Pulse audio' system that does a lot (but not all) of the audio work23:28
penguin42doubaco: It's got a GUI and I can talk you through some stuff; if you don't find it with that then you might need to try alsamixer, but start with paman23:29
doubacoit found it23:29
penguin42doubaco: So start paman and go to the devices tab, and look at the list of 'sinks' - does it list something like Built-in audio/analog stereo?23:30

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