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brouschrick_h_: I can't believe you put one on yoru wife's car00:31
cmaloneyThat's his old one.00:45
rick_h_so I needed a new one :)00:49
rick_h_but yea, whenever someone asks her about the plate she comes home and gives me some trouble00:49
cmaloneyGood morning, and happy labor day. :)12:26
rick_h_morning party party12:27
gamerchick02happy Labor Day, everyone. hope you're not laboring right now.14:45
brouschI am not in labor15:08
rick_h_laboring here, new starter in the UK means have to lead on15:12
rick_h_and living on dial up for days did not help my email mailbox :/15:12
brouschI thought you got your own country's holidays off15:23
derekvthey still have dial up?15:23
gamerchick02oh no, dialup15:24
gamerchick02that's worse than having NO internet15:24
gamerchick02slow is worse than none15:24
derekvIRC/imap should work fine (turn off attachements)15:25
rick_h_heh, well I had a 1 bar 3g connection that could send email if I tried really hard15:25
rick_h_on my mifi15:25
gamerchick02oh my gosh15:25
rick_h_so I counted it as dial up15:25
derekvthats worse than dialup15:25
gamerchick02that Oatmeal comic is perfect then15:25
rick_h_I downloaded a podcast episode across an hour15:26
gamerchick02it'd be faster if you sent letters15:26
gamerchick02with... stamps15:26
gamerchick02on... paper15:26
rick_h_it was cool in a way, but that's the most disconnected I've been in a LON time15:26
rick_h_no service at all through most of yosemite15:27
gamerchick02also what do you brilliant cell phone peeps know about the Galaxy S3? i'm super sick of not having any space on my current phone (LG optimus F3, love but no SPACE)15:27
gamerchick02well, it's a national park. you should be national parking, not looking at youtube on your phone15:27
rick_h_gamerchick02: what carrier15:28
gamerchick02Virgin Mobile, small red-haired child of Sprint15:28
rick_h_oh ugh15:28
gamerchick02yes i'm aware the phone will cost me $200, but i'm sick of having NO EFFING SPACE to update my apps15:28
rick_h_I was going to say just get a N515:29
brouschI use the S315:29
gamerchick02it has 16gb of onboard, and i know it's updated already to kitkat15:29
gamerchick02you like, brousch?15:29
gamerchick02my friend at work has one and she likes it a lot15:29
gamerchick02it's big but that's ok i guess15:29
brouschSmaller than the newer ones16:09
brouschI run cyanogenmod on it16:10
gamerchick02i'm planning on putting the google now home screen on it16:49
rick_h_lmorchard23: around?18:53
cmaloneyhah, just found a certificate for when I took a training course for VB 5.018:54
rick_h_woot! put that to good use did we?18:54
cmaloneyIf by good use you mean running as far away from that piece of shit as humanly possible, then yes. :)18:55
cmaloneyAlso: Java SL-230 and SL-270 from 199718:55
cmaloneyScanning and shredding18:55
brouschhang them in your cubicle19:06
cmaloneyToo late19:08
cmaloneyalso: don't care. :)19:08
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cmaloneygreg-g: Stop banning transphobic House staffers. :)20:49
greg-gsomething in the CA House?21:56
rick_h_greg-g: man, have you been hiking in yosemite?22:00
rick_h_greg-g: we want to go back so bad but with an older boy and some overnight gear22:00
greg-ghaven't really, no, drove through and stopped for a half day, but that was it22:01
greg-gon a roadtrip out to SF one summer oh so long ago (2008?)22:01
rick_h_we did a tour and then spent a second day hopping around22:02
rick_h_just can't get around your head how big the place is22:02
greg-gyeah, it's amazing22:04
greg-gI have a coworker who climbs there a lot22:04
greg-gshe's a member of a mountain rescue team, she's effing hardcore22:04
rick_h_yea, our guide was one of those22:04
greg-gone of the biggest drinkers I know :)22:04
rick_h_he was talking about 5 day trips up22:04
rick_h_we got a pic one person climbing22:05
rick_h_it's just crazy22:05
rick_h_I've got a couple of great pics of half dome, and then you have to zoom all the way in and you can see little spots of people on top22:05
rick_h_so tiny22:05
rick_h_https://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/15107990101/ snack time!22:07
greg-gso huuuge22:09
rick_h_greg-g: download the full size https://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/14924826669/ and peek at the top23:45

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