bduk1Morning everyone05:20
Kiloshi captine  charl  Squirm  nuvolari  inetpro  and others06:03
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  07:01
Kilosand Spekko  07:01
Kilosohi superfly  07:01
superflyhi Kilos07:04
superflyand bduk1, Squirm and ThatGraemeGuy07:04
Kilosinterest bit of news07:08
nuvolario/ 07:10
* nuvolari val uit die bed uit07:10
nuvolarioh hi oom Kilos, Squirm, ThatGraemeGuy, Spekko, superfly 07:10
inetprogood mornings07:21
SpekkoMore Kilos & nuvolari07:27
* Squirm looks around07:30
Squirmanyone know if a decent VPS I could use/rent? Looking to host a mail server07:30
ThatGraemeGuyhaven't used them, but https://www.cloudafrica.net/pricing looks decent07:31
nuvolariblackberry is a huge pain hrr!07:41
nuvolaribeen trying for 2 days now to get the internet working07:41
nuvolariI've configured the APN and I can resolve names and ping using the tools, but do you think the browser wants to 'see' the internet?07:42
Kiloshi SilverCode  07:44
SilverCodemorning Kilos 07:44
Kiloshi Vince-0  hoe gaanit08:10
charlmorning Vince-0, SilverCode, Kilos, nuvolari, Squirm, ThatGraemeGuy, superfly, bduk1 08:17
charlMaaz: coffee on08:17
* Maaz washes some mugs08:17
ThatGraemeGuyhey charl 08:17
Kiloshi charl  08:18
Kilosohi bduk1  08:18
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!08:21
charlMaaz: thanks08:24
Maazcharl: No problem08:24
charlKilos: that's an interesting article, laser-based wireless is not a new idea (first time i heard of it was more than 10 years ago) but first time i hear about it actually being put to use08:26
charli think it's a nice idea for companies who have offices across the road, for example08:26
charlthe only major problem of course is that, say a bird or anything would fly in between, it would disrupt the signal08:27
Kilosluckily birds dont fly slowly so its like only one dropped package08:27
charlyeah exactly08:27
charli don't think it would be a huge problem in practise08:28
charlalthough even an insect could disrupt it i think08:28
charlbut let's say you would have two separate links some space apart, say on two opposite edges of the building08:28
charli think that would work really well08:28
charli really like that it uses visible light as the spectrum, no licenses necessary and very high bitrate08:29
Kilosline of site between them is the important thing i think08:29
charlyeah that would be a given, otherwise you have to set up long poles08:29
charlvisible light afaik is very high frequency compared to microwave08:30
Kilosvery fast though hey08:30
charlanythong > 1gbps is essentially fibre optic speeds08:30
charlalso visible light but then channeled through a glass or plastic fibre08:30
Kilosthey even higher extreme high frequency08:30
charlwell you can't go higher than visible light without causing a serious health risk08:31
ThatGraemeGuybiggest downside for those things down here is that they don't cope with fog08:31
ThatGraemeGuyand of course 2km isn't terribly great range for something like WUG used08:31
ThatGraemeGuyuh, "use"08:32
Squirmthanks ThatGraemeGuy, looks decent08:44
ThatGraemeGuykeen to hear your experiences if you try it08:45
ThatGraemeGuygot one from webafrica a while ago, but performance was pretty hideous, especially as far as disk i/o is concerned08:46
Kiloshi Golynx-  09:07
Golynx-Hi kilos09:07
charlhi Golynx- 09:08
Golynx-Hey charl09:09
Golynx-I thought i was gona die09:10
Golynx-I just got a lung infection09:10
Golynx-Oh sorry this not a medical channel09:13
charlwhat ?!09:22
Kilosai! again12:33
charlfreenode constantly under ddos now12:35
Kiloslooks like it12:37
charli wish they would release some more information - it would be extremely interesting to know what type of ddos they are receiving12:38
bushtechpardon my ignorance but how do you guys see that?12:38
Kilosnormally freenode sends out a message explaining why they have network probs12:39
charlbushtech: large amounts of users being connected due to ping timeouts or repeated netsplits from various servers in a short space of time12:40
Kilosi think somewhere in you settings you can activate those messages12:40
charlbushtech: indicative of connectivity problems which in this day and age usually relates to ddos12:41
charlthey don't always send out global notices anymore12:41
charlthere are too many ddos'es now, people just attempt to weather the attack12:41
charlthere is very little you can do about a modern ddos as an average server administrator12:41
bushtechAh, thanks.12:42
charlit's an inherent vulnerability in the structure of the internet and needs to be solved on a backbone level12:42
charlif bgp was intelligent (which it is not) it should be able to mitigate these types of attacks12:42
charlbut it gets tricky because ddoses are getting very tricky and advanced, difficult to block effectively without blocking legitimate traffic12:43
bushtechand in the (hopefully) unlikelely event of getting hit at home what can you do short of pulling the plug?12:43
charlfor the price of a few euro you can get a ddos launched at any particular ip address via paypal via these so-called booters12:44
charl*if* they can find your home IP there is nothing you can do other than pull the plug or maybe call your isp12:44
charlbut usually ddos attacks are aimed at servers12:44
charlbushtech: http://top10booters.com/12:45
charli have never been hit at home (that i know of) but at work we have regular ddos attacks12:46
bushtechand you work in a normal business and not some top secret military installation?12:48
charlour biggest ddos was 40gbps which is our actual internet capacity...12:48
charlno at a university12:48
charlafaik they are usually aimed at game servers, somebody loses at a game and ddoses the game server12:49
charllittle sissy boys12:49
charla case of "go home and cry to your mama"12:50
bushtechAh! disgruntled student?12:50
charlno probably external parties that just randomly hit us12:50
charlwe run an irc server too12:50
charlwell, one of the student organisations run an irc server12:51
inetprogood evening17:46
charlhi inetpro 17:50
charlthe ddos is strong today17:50
charlhow are you inetpro, still mining ?17:50
inetprohmm... looks pretty normal to me17:50
charlthere are about 4 sites i use that are now under ddos for the last 4 days17:51
charl3 days i mean17:51
charlone of my friends is also being ddosed right now17:52
Kilospower went for a rest18:38
charlwb Kilos 18:48
Kilosty charl  18:48
Kiloswhat did i miss18:49
Kiloshi inetpro  18:49
Kiloswakey wakey18:49
inetproKilos: uh?18:50
Kiloshi that18:50
Kilosnight all, sleep tight21:50

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