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holsteinfamax: when i change those settings and set them too extreme on *any* hardware, jack wont start15:01
holsteinrustyraptor: have you tried a live CD? or any other way to make sure its not a hardware malfunction?15:02
rustyraptorwell it happened after I installed the nvidia proprietary drivers15:06
rustyraptorlot's of annoying bugs and issues happened after I installed them.15:06
holsteinrustyraptor: try removing the drivers, and let the creator of them know that you are having issues..15:06
holsteinthough, i would take time to run a live CD and make sure its not something in the hardare, personally15:07
rustyraptorok thanks :) will give it a try tonight.15:07
holsteinnvidia proprietary drivers are basically (as the documentation states) "as-is".. code cant be looked at or "fixed"15:07
holsteinrustyraptor: you can try #ubuntu and see if you can find anyone with your sepcific hardware.. or #xubuntu15:07
rustyraptorI fixed the problems with the desktop. It seems the nvidia-Xserver settings were messed up.15:39
rustyraptorbut the login screen is still smaller than it should be but it's not a big deal really15:39
rustyraptorthe xfce4-panel applications menu was also lagging at startup but now it's fixed.15:40
holsteinagain, let nvidia know you would like the linux community to be able to assist you with that problem.. otherwise, you are looking at a greeter that has different geometry15:40
rustyraptoroh yes I will definitely let them know. I have reported various other problems in the past :)15:41
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