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bluesabreUnit193: uploaded01:22
bluesabreknome: updated strings uploaded, should be available in the morning01:53
bluesabretomorrow I will release/upload mugshot, upload menulibre with new strings01:53
bluesabreochosi: xubuntu-default-settings with better dpms and lock-on-suspend uploaded01:53
Unit193xfce4-power-manager-daily: Unit 193 <unit193@Sigma> xfpm-pkging * 8 /  debian/changelog debian/control debian/rules: Merge in 1.3.2-0ubuntu2, enable lxpanel plugin.02:05
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ochosibluesabre: nice, we should do the xfwm4 workspace dragging setting too at some point (or at least: not forget about it)06:24
Deddokatanagood morning06:52
* elfy really hopes there's a kernel or nvidia or whatever they've broken fix today07:33
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brainwashali1234: any idea what's going on here? bug 131078808:24
ubottubug 1310788 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Thunar exists with segfault when accessing the context menu a second time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131078808:24
brainwashunity_gtk_menu_shell_get_items  assertion08:24
ali1234brainwash: that's either unrelated or it is something to do with dbusmenu08:56
brainwashali1234: unity-gtk-module-common?09:01
brainwashmaybe it's easy to reproduce if the unity stuff is installed09:03
brainwash"Disable unity-gtk-module on non-Unity desktops. Fixes: 1307657"09:07
brainwashthe reporter uses Unity as dekstop09:08
brainwashali1234: "UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 thunar" should disable the module, right?09:10
ali1234should do09:17
ali1234i doubt that's what it is though09:18
ali1234try to get a backtrace09:18
bluesabreochosi: d'oh, I knew I forgot something11:20
ali1234brainwash: actually that won't work because of thunar daemon mode11:27
ali1234you need to kill the daemon first11:28
ali1234otherwise if you run it it will just signal the daemon to open a new window and then exit11:28
bluesabreochosi: pushed the change, sitting in bzr until we decide to do another release11:29
brainwashali1234: maybe, in case he is running the Xfce session11:32
brainwashotherwise there shouldn't be a thunar daemon running the background, or?11:33
ali1234the first copy you run starts up in daemon mode i think11:33
ali1234not really sure about that11:33
ali1234daemon mode might also be broken by the gtk_init thing11:34
ali1234this crash is really unique though11:34
ali1234we would have hundreds of reports if it was reproducable that easily11:34
ali1234let me check e.u.c11:35
ali1234what's the latest version?11:36
brainwashe u c?11:36
brainwashI guess that there should be a crash file in /var/crash11:37
ali1234yeah you could try apport-collect <bug-number>11:37
ali1234seems we're still getting that memory corruption crash, but maybe people aren't updating gtk11:38
ali1234there was no actual new release of thunar11:39
brainwashperhaps some people using the live mode11:39
ali1234so if people don't update, they'll still get the crash11:40
brainwashlive mode of 14.04, not 14.04.111:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1147349 in thunar (Ubuntu) "thunar crashed with SIGSEGV in thunar_file_is_directory()" [Medium,Confirmed]11:40
ali1234this one is really common :(11:40
ali1234i don't see anything that looks like it involves context menus in the top bugs11:42
ali1234so this is either memory corruption or some really weird corner case11:42
ali1234ah, found something involving unity11:43
brainwashmmh, you have to request access to be able to see the error reports11:43
ali1234i asked, they gave it to me :)11:43
brainwashonly thunar?11:43
ali1234no, everything :)11:43
ali1234it doesn't have that kind of access control anyway11:44
brainwashby filing a single form?11:44
brainwash"What software project are you requesting access for?"11:44
brainwashwhat was your answer?11:44
ali1234i said i was an upstream Xfce developer11:44
brainwashwell, I'm not :/11:45
elfyI keep meaning to do that - but I also appear to have logged into it11:45
bluesabrefor you, say you're a part of the Xubuntu Team bug squad11:45
ali1234if you're in bugsquad then you should put that. and if you;re not in bugsquad you should be11:45
knomebrainwash, get the bugsquad membership..11:45
elfyyea that 11:46
brainwashnow back to thunar and segfaulting11:46
brainwashali1234: "ah, found something involving unity"11:47
brainwashwhat did you find?11:47
ali1234well basically a crash report from thunar that ends up inside unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_visible_indices11:47
ali1234but this should not affect context menus11:48
ali1234it might be a case of "user tried to add indicator-appmenu to the panel" (which is known to not work11:48
ali1234but yeah... that shouldn't touch context menus at all, so i dunno11:48
brainwashvery strange11:49
ali1234unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_items: assertion 'shell->menu_shell != NULL' failed11:51
ali1234is your bug11:51
ali1234and the thing i found gets into unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_visible_indices with items = NULL and then crashes11:51
ali1234so it's the same bug 99%...11:52
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 99 could not be found11:52
ali1234so look slike the assertion fails, then it carries on anyway, then crashes11:52
brainwashis the report you are talking about hidden?11:53
ali1234there is no bug report attached to it11:53
ali1234i'll looking on the data on e.u.c which has a backtrace11:53
ali1234https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/61622b42dc47a39ce14e7f1764b25b3df5c0cc63 - but you can't see it11:54
ali1234getting reported about twice per day11:54
ali1234a lot of the reports are from the same people11:56
brainwashare these reports uploaded automatically or manually by the user?11:57
ali1234it's where the report goes when you see "Ubuntu crashed, do you want to send a report?"11:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1363975 in thunar (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/thunar:11:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_visible_indices:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_separator_indices:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_sections:unity_gtk_menu_shell_get_n_items:g_menu_exporter_menu_prepare" [Undecided,New]12:00
ali1234so there's a button you click on e.u.c and it makes a bug on launchpad12:00
ali1234so that's what i just did. i'm sure that's the same issue12:02
brainwashwait what12:06
brainwashthis bug report is not that helpful12:06
brainwashit's more like a link to the actual error page (restricted)12:06
ali1234yes i know12:08
ali1234i didn't know what the button would do before i clicked it12:08
ali1234i thought it would let me link an existing bug tbh12:09
brainwashah ok :D12:09
brainwasherrors.ubuntu.com seems to be very handy12:10
ali1234#15 0x00007f3f7c90a7c8 in thunar_standard_view_context_menu (standard_view=standard_view@entry=0x7f3f7de10200, button=button@entry=0, timestamp=10563804) at thunar-standard-view.c:415912:10
ali1234appears earlier in this trace12:10
ali1234this is 100% the same bug :)12:10
brainwashbut still no clue what unity's gtk module is doing here, or?12:11
ali1234well, it's doing what unity does \o/12:11
ali1234let me check this stack trace has no identifiable information12:12
ali1234then i will pastebin it12:12
ali1234somehow thunar is passing a corrupt menu into "unity menu shell" whatever that is12:17
ali1234it might be HUD12:18
ali1234you know unity hud right?12:18
ali1234this person might be running thunar in unity and trying to use the hud12:18
brainwashhud? the dash?12:20
brainwashI'm not that familiar with the unity environment12:21
bluesabrehud = the quick menu search and running part of unity12:21
bluesabre(the best part)12:21
brainwashisn't that the "dash"?12:21
ali1234no the dash searches applications and websites12:22
ali1234the HUD is alike a command line interface for accessing menu items12:22
bluesabrehud: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/screen-shot-2012-01-24-at-15.48.24.jpg12:22
ali1234so it sucks in all the menus of the program so it can search them12:24
brainwashget the unity people involved, so they can fix their stuff?12:24
ali1234it's pulling the thunar context menu for some reason, but then it can't parse it, so it crashes. and because it's a gtk patch, it takes down gtk and thunar with it12:24
ali1234yeah, i'll try to get someone to look at this12:24
brainwashthanks :)12:25
ali1234this is still guessing btw12:25
ali1234i need to do more research i think12:25
ali1234find that code, see what it really does12:25
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elfyhi GridCube 13:28
GridCubehi elfy 13:30
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slickymasterWorkochosi, do you have any idea on how to deal with Bug 1363223? is it to be dealt upstream or are we going to work on it? 14:59
ubottubug 1363223 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "xfce4-power-manager outdated on-line help" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136322314:59
ochosislickymasterWork: it'll definitely be dealt with upstream15:03
ochosibut if you have time to help with it, that'd be great15:03
slickymasterWorkis there anyone I should poke upstream?15:05
ochosime :)15:05
ochosii'm one of the upstream devs15:06
elfyhi ochosi 15:06
slickymasterWorklol, ochosi 15:06
ochosislickymasterWork: i suppose we'd do it the same way as we did with parole15:06
ochosistaging wiki -> docs.xfce15:06
ochosihey elfy 15:06
slickymasterWorkok, I'll have a go with it ochosi 15:06
elfyI can help if needed15:07
slickymasterWorkwhat about the bug in LP? should we close it ? 15:07
ochosiyeah, just mention that upstream will take care of it and that it#s not release-critical for xubuntu anyway15:08
ochosiand that ppl are free to join the effort15:08
ochosii'll set up a staging site shortly15:09
ochosielfy: that'd be very welcome!15:09
ochosielfy, slickymasterWork: here's the staging site: http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=xfce4-power-manager-docs15:15
ochosiif you don't have access there yet, i think you should be able to register15:15
ochosiand i can give you the needed rights (or if i can't, bluesabre can)15:15
bluesabreochosi: you're an admin15:15
bluesabreor should be15:15
ochosioh wow, hey bluesabre15:15
ochosiyou're around at this odd time of the day?15:15
slickymasterWorkbluesabre gave them during the t cycle ochosi 15:15
bluesabreUS holiday15:16
slickymasterWorkat least I seem to remember thata15:16
ochosielfy, slickymasterWork: you need xfpm 1.3.2 to be able to work on the docs15:16
ochosior ideally xfpm daily15:16
ochosifrom our staging PPA15:16
ochosibluesabre: btw, did you add the catfish search command to whisker in 14.10 yet?15:19
bluesabreochosi: not yet15:19
bluesabreI'll add that to x-d-s15:19
ochosinice, thanks15:19
bluesabrekeep thinking of more things for me to fix with that today ;)15:19
ochosithat'll be quite an awesome feature15:19
ochosiwell you could add the additional super+space shortcut for whisker15:19
* elfy needs access it seems15:22
ochosielfy: have you registered already?15:23
ochosiwhen you have, ping me15:23
elfyochosi: no idea - I thought I did - but have no idea what username was15:23
ochosiand i'll give you write-access15:23
ochosihm, i don't see you in the userlist15:23
elfyno obvious way to register 15:24
elfythere's just a login button15:24
ochosii'll add auser for you15:24
elfyI've got 1.3.2 in utopic it seems15:25
ochosibluesabre: hmpf, if i wanna add a user in your dokuwiki i simply get a "user addition failed" :/15:26
bluesabreochosi: I'll take a look... I recently ported from apache to nginx, still fixing issues as I find them15:26
ochosiah ok15:27
elfynever let it be said that I didn't at least offer to help - even if I couldn't :)15:27
ochosiadd elfy while you're at it please ;)15:27
ochosihehe, nice one elfy 15:27
elfyochosi: you any idea when you're setting the meeting for?15:27
ochosiyeah, in fact i had already decided15:28
ochosibut obviously forgot to announce15:28
bluesabreochosi: worked for me, elfy, account added15:28
ochositue next week15:28
ochosiso it's shortly before UIF15:28
ochosiso we can review whether anything is missing and get that in15:29
elfyochosi: mmk15:29
elfywell if it's during bst daytime I'll be elsewhere15:30
bluesabreelfy, ochosi, slickymasterWork, if you give me a few minutes, I need to tweak a few things on my wiki15:30
bluesabreand upgrade the release it seems15:30
ochosibluesabre: hm, what about you next tue for meeting time?15:30
elfysame can be said for any day other than Friday's 15:30
bluesabrelet me know if/when I'm safe to do so15:30
ochosifrom my pov you can go anytime15:31
ochosii'm not working on anything there now15:31
elfyand I'm not logged in :p15:31
bluesabreochosi: same as always, can't make it when the rest of the team can :)15:31
bluesabrebut I can add updates on the wiki or on this channel prior15:31
elfybluesabre: don't include me - I'm never going to be about during the times people keep setting the meeting :)15:32
bluesabreI'll start upgrading my wiki in 5 minutes, just in case15:33
bluesabreslickymasterWork: starting the upgrade, should be just a few minutes15:38
slickymasterWorkok bluesabre, thanks15:41
bluesabreelfy, ochosi, slickymasterWork: release updated, security notices removed, should be ready to go15:49
slickymasterWorkok bluesabre 15:50
GridCubeslickymasterWork, theres is a problem with the translation tho, i've asked people to translate for a long time and we started doing it, but all the translation we do remain as suggestions and it keeps saying that its not translated, they been "suggestions" for more than 8 months now15:52
GridCubeim talking about the spanish translations15:52
astraljavaNobody expects a spanish translation.15:53
* astraljava gets his coat15:53
bluesabreastraljava: if you only appear to say that, I applaud you.15:54
slickymasterWorkGridCube: exactly how were those strings translated? In reviewer or translator mode?15:56
GridCubeslickymasterWork, people logged their launchpad account and translated15:57
slickymasterWorkGridCube: If you're making translations for a project that uses a Structured or Restricted permissions policy and you're a member of the appropriate translation team you can work in one of two modes:15:57
slickymasterWorkReviewer: This is the default working mode. All changes you make are approved automatically. If you want to make a suggestion, rather than a new translation, you need to manually select the Someone should to review this translation check-box.15:57
slickymasterWorkTranslator: When entering new translations, they're treated as suggestions that someone else needs to review. You can make a direct translation by deselecting the Someone should to review this translation check-box. How this affects team workflows15:58
slickymasterWorkGridCube: FWIW -> https://help.launchpad.net/Translations15:58
GridCubethen, all the work we did is useless?15:59
GridCubepeople stop caring when they logged and saw none of what they did changed the status of the translation15:59
slickymasterWorkno, it's there, maybe you could poke someone on your LoCo Translator team so they can review/approved what is already translated16:01
GridCubei tried that and no one answered, i asked to be accepted as a translator but 6 month later it was rejected16:01
slickymasterWorkyou mean on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-es?16:02
elfythat's more or less why I stopped trying with docs GridCube - same thing16:02
GridCubeyes slickymasterWork 16:03
slickymasterWorkteam owner, Paco Molinero, seems to already review a few translated strings, namely a few translated by you GridCube 16:04
GridCube>The status of your membership in the team Ubuntu Spanish Translators16:04
GridCube(ubuntu-l10n-es) was changed by Paco Molinero (franciscomol) from16:04
GridCubeProposed to Declined.16:04
GridCubewell i don't know then, why are so many there that say "proposed by gridcube" and keeps giving me them to translate? 16:05
slickymasterWorkperhaps you could poke him directly about it. He does has a email address on his LP page https://launchpad.net/~franciscomol16:05
GridCubei can try again16:05
GridCubemaybe this time he will answer16:06
slickymasterWorkthanks for that GridCube 16:06
slickymasterWorklet's hope so16:07
GridCubei will send them a message using the "contact the admins" form from lp16:08
astraljavabluesabre: I'll try to get around more often. ;)16:10
bluesabreastraljava: np, I just thought it was a great comment :D16:10
bluesabre(though I might be easily amused)16:11
astraljavaWell, glad you liked it. Thought it was fitting.16:12
slickymasterWorkare there any ML admin available?16:12
slickymasterWorkelfy: iirc you're admin in the ML, right?16:13
elfynope - not an admin 16:14
elfycan approve stuff etc only16:15
slickymasterWorkthe call I sent to the ML has been deleted -> Msg Deleted: Probably Spam (http://osdir.com/ml/xubuntu-devel/2014-09/msg00001.html)16:15
slickymasterWorkare you able to see what might happened?16:16
GridCubewelp, he answered already16:17
GridCubeXD 16:17
GridCubethat was easier than i was expecting16:17
slickymasterWorkif not, perhaps knome might16:17
slickymasterWorkgreat GridCube 16:17
slickymasterWorknever mind elfy, it hasn't16:24
skellatUnit193: apt-offline made it to 1.4 ( https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/apt-offline ) and I've got a utopic sync via backportpackage sitting in a PPA ( https://launchpad.net/~skellat/+archive/ubuntu/flow1 ) /cc: bluesabre16:41
bluesabrewoo, commented on it before brainwash got to it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mugshot/+bug/136407917:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1364079 in mugshot (Ubuntu) "User Profile Image is missing "Select from stock" menu option" [Undecided,Invalid]17:17
slickymasterWorkhe he bluesabre the reporter praised the quality of mugshot online help documentation 17:20
bluesabreindeed, good job on that ;)17:20
slickymasterWorkgotta run guys17:23
slickymasterWorkbbl ->17:23
brainwashbluesabre: meh, why not reassign to xubuntu-meta and mark as wishlist? :P17:50
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bluesabrebrainwash: just seems like it'd be extra fluff, but I can do that as well18:19
bluesabreupdated the theme and front page my docs wiki http://wiki.smdavis.us/doku.php?id=start18:20
skellatSo that I have it on record, this one is for you Unit193: http://www.researchut.com/blog/apt-offline-1418:40
Unit193skellat: That post didn't have much, http://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs/main/a/apt-offline/unstable_changelog has more.20:15
skellatUnit193: Already read both and ran backportpackage to put 1.4 in ppa:skellat/flow120:23
skellatVersions for utopic and trusty20:24
Unit193Mhmm, so I read.20:24
skellatDo we want to go past what we have or leave 1.4 for the 15.04 cycle?20:24
knomeit's a bit late for new versions at this point20:26
skellatknome: True.  1.4 rolls up the fix we have in 1.3.1ubuntu1.20:27
skellatMeh, we can leave it20:27
knome14.10 is a regular version anyway, so it's not a big issue20:27
knomeas long as the whole issue is fixed for 16.04, most people are fine20:27
knomeif you have limited connectivity (and need apt-offline), you probably don't want to upgrade every six months anyway20:28
knomehey, i'm not saying we shouldn't fix it before...20:28
skellatknome: Time Warner Cable had a national outage in the past seven days and we just had a major outage overnight regionally for me20:28
skellatI wish I had another broadband provider I could switch to but the National Broadband Map so they're all I've got for choice20:29
knomeskellat, well i'm sorry to hear that... but i'm not sure how i can help with that :)20:29
dkesselwow, that's still a lot of stuff to translate for the german xubuntu translation...20:36
knomeit's not going to translate itself, though20:40
SkippersBossTranslating needed ? My german is a bit rusty though :-)20:44
dkesselyup :/ I am at string 127 of 797....20:45
dkesselSkippersBoss: slickymaster made a call for translations today. German is the only thing I can do ;) If you want to help, here are the languages needing translation: https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs20:46
knomedkessel, if you translate about 45 strings per day, you'll finish the translation before the string freeze20:47
dkesselknome: too bad I don't have time every day ;)20:47
knomethere was another person doing the german translations, maybe you could both handle about 22 strings per day ;)20:48
knomeno, seriously20:48
knomeone night i translated 400 strings to finnish for another project20:48
Unit193knome: All he has to do is make it to 80%20:49
knomegranted, they were much shorter, but otoh, had to think context more...20:49
knomeUnit193, sure, but a 80% translated translation is a bit meh20:49
knome"wait i need this exact information and it's in english!"20:49
knomebut yeah, there are sections that can probably wait20:49
Unit19380% easier to read.20:50
knomeone of the easiest things to translate is chapter 1120:50
dkesseltoo bad the translations don't approve themselves ;) then again... that is probably better =)20:50
knomedon't even need to check a lot of labels20:50
knomedkessel, i guess you should apply to the german translators team20:51
SkippersBossSorry missed that call due to other activities20:58
dkesselknome: I just applied ;) let's see what they say...21:01
dkesselwell that's it for today - good night!21:01
knomei thought the idea of email was to be able to read the message when it's fine for you, but maybe i'm mistaken here...21:07
SkippersBossI ve started on Dutch. WHen is it's due date ?21:13
Unit193September 18th21:14
SkippersBossSome work to be done then :-)21:14
Unit193Perhaps October 9th, actually: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline21:15
knomeUnit193, ssh! ;)21:20
Unit193GridCube: So you got a reply back, but you didn't say what the result was?21:21
GridCubehe will ask his team to review and approve the proposed21:22
Unit193elfy, forestpiskie: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-drivers-common/+bug/1363675  I decided to track down the problem, identified a suspected application, was going to downgrade to test but saw they just released a new version fixing that. :P22:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1363675 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu) "Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)" [Critical,Fix released]22:19
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Unit193(Knew it couldn't actually be the kernel, since downgrading didn't work and neither did liquorix.)22:23
Unit193And, fix works here.22:25

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