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xubuntu464hi just upgraded via download it didnt ask for language... icelandic in this case .. now the keyboard is in english00:44
mattxtnsettings - language support00:50
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xubuntu666Hello? Is this working? Can I get help with my installation?01:42
knives2886hello anyone on?02:03
knives2886can anyone help me out02:07
voidfire_with what?02:08
knives2886going from 13.10 to 1402:10
knives2886i have a msi am2 apu and i know there were issues with them but idk if they fixed them yet02:11
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | knives2886, clean install is recommended.  in-place upgrade is doable but ... end-of-life02:11
ubottuknives2886, clean install is recommended.  in-place upgrade is doable but ... end-of-life: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:11
knives2886just seeing if anyone knows if they have been resolved or not02:11
knives2886iv done clean install and it still hangs up and reboost the pc02:12
knives2886in a endless loop02:12
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dia__My software updater keeps trying to install updates onto my /boot partition but i dont want that04:11
dia__can someone help04:11
vrkalakUnit193, hey, you here?04:34
Unit193Kind of, but not so sure or not so much.04:35
vrkalakI was installing a Debian-7.6 (weekly image) ... the 'inxi' apps/script was not included04:37
vrkalakI had a bugger of a time to getting inxi ( I noticed that a maintainer for inxi)04:38
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xubuntu891hello I have questions about xubuntu's Full Disk Encryption feature at the installation of xubuntu06:37
xubuntu891what is the quality of xubuntu's full disk encryption as compared with dm-crypt or any other encryption programs for xubuntu?06:39
DeddokatanaGood Morning Internet!06:47
xubuntu746Hi.  I can't start the Terminal console in Xubuntu 14.4.  It pops up a window, shows text, then closes before I can read it.07:07
xubuntu746Any ideas how I could fix this?07:08
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xubuntu979I a netbook with intel graphics media accererator 3150. is it nessesary to install the intel driver ?09:32
knomeif everything works as expected, not at all09:33
xubuntu979everything works fine.. no problems.. but not try any games yet.. it is a small computer anyway.09:34
knomeas the saying goes: "don't fix it if it ain't broken", so as long as everything works as expeted... don't install the drivers :)09:35
xubuntu979ok.. good.. i dont have to make more work for my self then...09:36
xubuntu979is it drivers in the softwarecenter or it need to be dowloaded from intel ?09:40
knomealways download drivers first from the software center if possible09:41
akishi all. i just clean installed 14.04 and for the moment is running smoothly (no special different compared to 12.04) but i realized that firefox although it starts fast it doesnt download any page before at least 1 min passes. any idea to override this issue?09:47
akishi all. i just clean installed 14.04 and for the moment is running smoothly (no special different compared to 12.04) but i realized that firefox although it starts fast it doesnt download any page before at least 1 min passes. any idea to override this issue?10:08
Wlsonjl3is there a way to encrypt a single folder?10:13
slickymasterWorkWlsonjl3: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FolderEncryption10:17
Wlsonjl3thank you, slickymasterwork10:17
Wlsonjl3i don't understand this, i have a file in my home directory called junk, do i just do encfs ~/.junk ??10:21
Wlsonjl3ohhhh nevermind10:22
Wlsonjl3fuse failed. Common problems:10:24
Wlsonjl3 - fuse kernel module not installed (modprobe fuse)10:24
Wlsonjl3 - invalid options -- see usage message10:24
knome!paste | Wlsonjl310:24
ubottuWlsonjl3: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:24
knomexubuntu637, ask your question and if somebody knows the answer, they'll most likely reply10:56
xubuntu637I figured it out :C10:59
xubuntu637hardware encryption on a WNA1100 usb wireless adapter  was broken and causing abnormally poor performance. Most google results gave the fix for the ath9k drivers, but xubuntu 14.10 ships with the ath9k_htc drivers, thus the fix wasn't working because it needs to be in ath9k_htc.conf and have ath9k_htc instead of just ath9k in the options line to disable hardware encryption11:01
xubuntu637options ath9k_htc nohwcrypt=1   in /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k_htc.conf   and a restart fixes11:02
xubuntu637I realized this only after logging on the the irc11:02
xubuntu637although I *am* getting some weirdness in the terminal occasionally when running sudo. it says something along the lines of "sudo: timestamp too far in the future:" and then a date and time after that11:04
xubuntu637clearly this desktop is a time traveler11:04
Junkawhat is the alternative iso?11:17
knomeJunka, it offers a text-mode installation.11:18
cfhowlettJunka, text based installation11:18
Junkais the installation the same as the standard iso?11:18
Junkaor is it more minimal?11:18
knomeJunka, it is exactly the same11:21
cfhowlettJunka, precisely the same11:21
Junkahmm interesting channel :D i get double support :P11:22
knomesorry for the inconvenience, i'll withdraw immediately!11:22
Junkadoes the minimal iso install the desktop?11:23
cfhowlettJunka, only if you choose it.11:24
cfhowlett!mini | junka11:24
ubottujunka: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:24
Junkai would like to install xubuntu-desktop but i would like to choose/install the packages for browser,media player etc, what's the best way for achieving this? I tried sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends xubuntu-desktop but i ended up with a crippled desktop i.e. no menu aka wisker, corrupted icons11:29
cfhowlettJunka, install the defaults, then add what you want11:29
Junkacfhowlett, if i install the defaults, then i would need to replace them11:30
Junkai have read that it is no good to remove default apps11:31
cfhowlettJunka, of COURSE you can remove!  you then need to set symlinks and preference to reflect your choices11:31
Junkaok :)11:33
Junkai read also that the alternative iso has a wider range for supporting hardware than the standard iso. Is that true?11:34
cfhowlettJunka, I'd be surprised if true, but IDK11:35
Junkacfhowlett, ok thanks12:03
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xubuntu687Hello I'm facing some problems with my dual monitor setup in xubuntu 14.04,is anyone willing to help me ?13:05
baizon!ask | xubuntu68713:05
ubottuxubuntu687: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:05
akishi all. i finished today with a clean installation of 14.04 and i realized that mozilla is very-very slow comparising with 12.04. is there any known issue? is there any solution for this?13:05
xubuntu687Oops sorry then. So...So I've installed xubuntu and I have a problem with my dual monitors. Well to move the mouse to the second monitor which is on the left of me (right monitor is my main one) I have to move the mouse all to the right instead of just going left. How can I solve this ?13:06
cfhowlettakis, current release is 14.04.1                 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade               may fix your issue and WILL bring you current13:06
baizonxubuntu687: install arandr, thats a nice guy for configuration. It should solve your problem13:07
baizonguy = gui13:07
xubuntu687well I installed it and used it but now my main display is the left one instead of the right one, though the mouse can move freely between monitors. Is there any way to change which is my main display of the two ?13:08
akiscfhowlett, when i finished with the clean installation the system asked for an update and proceeded already with this. the problem is still here!13:08
baizonxubuntu687: yes, drag the monitor to your left/right?13:09
baizonarandr supports dragging13:09
xubuntu687yeah that's what I did first, but if I do this again, if I rearrange the monitors again I will be back to step one where my right monitor is the main one(panel and all) but I can't move the mouse all to the left to get to the left monitor13:11
xubuntu687Basically I would like to know if it's possible to extend my main monitor(right one) to the left instead to the right so I can move freely between the two monitors13:12
xubuntu687Can you show me the way ?13:13
GridCubexubuntu687, go to the settings manager and find the monitors setting13:14
* MaSammiches 13:14
baizonxubuntu687: drag your main display to the right and set it as main display. Problem solved13:14
GridCubexubuntu687, there you should see the two devices, you can set up to be mirrored or extended13:14
xubuntu687hmm I can't do that in the display settings13:16
GridCubexubuntu687, what release are you using?13:16
xubuntu687Also I have catalyst installed too but still cant change my main monitor, 14.0413:17
GridCubewell then, install arandr13:17
xubuntu687I did13:17
GridCubeopen it and drag the screens to the position you want13:17
GridCubeclick apply, save the script that sets your screens how you want, add the script to the autorun of applications at log in on the settings13:18
xubuntu687look. I use arandr to change the position of my displays, but then the main monitor is the left one13:18
xubuntu687the panel and all are in the left monitor if I do this13:19
baizonxubuntu687: so set the right one as primary?13:19
GridCubexubuntu687, can you share a screenshot of your arandr screen?13:19
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.13:19
xubuntu687ok let me take a screenshot, but I don't see a button that will let me change the primary monitor13:21
GridCubexubuntu687, what happens if you place crt1 first and dfp5 last13:22
xubuntu687If I do this, the right monitor becomes the primary but I can't move to the left monitor moving the mouse all to the left. I have to move the mouse aaaalll to the right to get to the left monitor13:24
baizonxubuntu687: set your primary screen with xrandr --output DPF5 --primary13:24
baizonor CRT1 if you want it to be as you primary screen13:25
GridCubeim pretty sure you are able to do that from arandr too13:25
xubuntu687I can't find this option in arandr13:25
xubuntu687 output DPF5 not found; ignoring13:25
baizonxubuntu687: set your primary screen with xrandr --output DFP5 --primary13:26
baizonsorry for my missspell13:26
xubuntu687hmm nothing happened, should  I restart ?13:26
baizonok, im out13:27
xubuntu687well it could work better, not your fault and not my fault13:27
xubuntu687cinnamon worked almost out of the box but  I didn't like it as a DE13:27
xubuntu687I don't know I'm helpless13:28
GridCubei used to have some problems with dual monitors a few releases ago, but now it works pretty well13:28
akishi all. i finished today with a clean installation of 14.04 and i realized that mozilla is very-very slow comparising with 12.04. is there any known issue? is there any solution for this?13:28
GridCubeakis, not really, and not really13:28
cfhowlettakis, run top to see what's easting your system13:29
xubuntu687Man I searched arround but it seems that I only have this problem13:29
xubuntu687I'm furious. I would switch to unity but it's sluggy and bloated13:29
GridCubexubuntu687, probably privative drivers are being conflictive?13:29
GridCubetry to use generic drivers?13:29
xubuntu687hmmm good idea.13:29
xubuntu687will try later cause I have to do some errants now. Ty for the help. Will report back later13:30
akiscfhowlett, what are you mean?13:30
MaSammichesakis open terminal and run "top"13:31
GridCubeakis, he means you open a terminal and run the program called "top"13:31
MaSammichesit will launch a full terminal application that will give you a lot of different details, about 1/4 of the way down the screen (or as little as 1/8 if your full screen) will be moveing details13:32
MaSammichesthe moveing part will show what is currently eating the most ram by default (i think)13:32
* GridCube particularly likes htop13:33
akis<cfhowlett>, will this solve my problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8206267/13:34
MaSammichesi need to install htop... i work with old sles box's at work, so they dont have htop13:34
MaSammiches@GridCube thanks, its installed now to setup an alias :D13:35
GridCubeakis, what does that have to do with firefox?13:36
akisGridCube, what do you mean?13:37
akisfireffox is slow when it starts.13:38
akisvery slow.13:38
akisit takes 1 min or more to download pages13:38
akisthen it works better13:38
akison the same machine under 12.04 there was no problem, with the same edition of firefox.13:39
akisdoes anyone know why thunar has 2 "file system" in left side panel on 14.04?14:51
cfhowlettakis, multiple linux/ubuntu intall would look like that14:52
akisi just finished with a fresh clean install !14:53
cfhowlettakis, dual boot?   w14:53
akisno. nothing. single user on a single boot. the first file system icon is white and cannot be browsed. the second has an icon and i can explore it normally.14:54
cfhowlettakis, proceed carefully.  you cant mount the other filesystem?  strange....  how much space is it using?14:56
akisno i can do nothing with it. if i click on this "white" icon the system works without any other action.14:57
akisops!!! = network:///14:57
cfhowlettakis, ... time for you to take a nap or get a cup of coffee, I think14:58
akisto make thunar load faster i choose cd /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/ and sudo mousepad network.mount and i choose "false". Now thunar starts faster but network is now like a file system!15:00
xubuntu746I can't start the Terminal console in Xubuntu 14.4.  It pops up a window, shows text, then closes before I can read it. Any ideas?15:03
holsteinxubuntu746: 14.04*15:05
holsteinxubuntu746: you are launching a terminal emulator? how? by clicking on it in a menu?15:06
akiswhy thunderbird and other apps doesnt have any sound after my fresh clean isntallation of 14.04? i have to mention that i can hear sound from songs/videos or youtube normally15:07
holsteinakis: what sound are they supposed to make?15:08
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:09
akisthe sound i had on 12.04 !15:09
xubuntu746Righ, sorry, 14.0415:09
holsteinakis: the applications are different from 12.04.. the applications may not be set to make sounds any longer15:09
holsteinakis: what would i do? test my audio, and make sure its working as expected.. then, i would look at the specific appplications and see if there are settings for whatever sounds you are looking for15:10
akisin preferences of thunderbird there are still options for sound for incoming messages.15:10
akisno sound also when 14.04 starts or halt. is that normal too?15:11
holsteinakis: i turn all sounds like that off on all operating systems.. so, TBH, i dont remember if anything makes a sound when starting or stopping.. but, regardless, you are assuming you are having an audio issue.. please test your audio independent of application audio and notification sounds15:13
akisthunderbird doesnt paly any sound on preferences/general/play a sound when is clicked. i think that something is missing that in 12.04 existed so sound for applications is no more enabled!15:15
holsteinakis: i would fire up a live cd for 14.04 and test the audio in question.. i would try a different user account. .i would test my audio device and isolate what i can15:16
akisnot very serious issue to continue with this. but really something doesnt work well. another thing. i am trying to sychronize my time with internet server but i got the following message: Could not install package & The necessary applications to install the package could not be found.15:20
holsteinakis: try and manually install the packages you like15:20
akisyea...but which packages are they?15:21
holsteinakis: i would run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and make sure i have all the updates..15:21
akisi checked already. i have them all. fresh install and fresh followed upgrade!15:22
akisupdate sorry15:22
holsteinakis: its *not* a fresh install. and if it were me, i would try with another user account to remove my old user configs from the equation... i also like to test with a live CD15:22
akiswhy it is not? it is a 5 hours ago clean one!15:23
holsteinakis: if you upgraded from 12.04, thats an upgrade.. a fresh install is that.. you freshly install the operating system.. not upgrade 14.04 from 12.0415:24
akisi didnt upgrade from 12.04. i erased my previous system and i fresh installed 14.04 from the CD and i re-configure everything form the begiging. i am not a fresh user!15:25
holsteinakis: im not implying you are a "Fresh user". i was simply working with you since you stated you upgraded from 12.04..15:26
holsteinakis: i understand, and *still* say, remove your user config from the equation and test with a live CD..15:26
cfhowlettakis, agree with holstein15:26
holsteinakis: i personally never have to do anything to get the time server setup.. and i wonder about the state of the installation media.. etc15:27
xubuntu900I hope i have an easy fix and that i am just over looking something... How do i delete files off a removeable usb drive? thanks15:28
akiswhy??? the CD was on my drive 5 hours ago. did the CD write other files on my HD and other files are available in live version???!!!15:28
cfhowlettxubuntu900, right click, delete (NOT move to trash)15:29
holsteinakis: thats actually correct.. the live system you installed from *does* have older versions of packages and kernels on it than your installed, up to date install15:29
holsteinakis: i dont think that is the issue, however.. what i think is, you just need to take a little time to get accustomed to some changes, and address a few things that will make the operating system meet your personal needs15:30
holsteinakis: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/NTP.html for example.. though, i have never had to manually do this, and i dont know why you are needing to15:31
akisthe fact is that on a 5 hours fresh clean install which has been already updated through "software Updater" when the installation was completed doesnt have the possibility to be sychronized on NTP servers and i am getting this message: NTP support is not installed & Please install and activate NTP support in the system to enable synchronization of your local time server with internet time servers & Could not install package & The necessary appl15:32
akisications to install the package could not be found.15:32
holsteinakis: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ntp"15:33
xubuntu900thanks cfhowlett.... i  had to open and then delete... got it .. for future reference and way to just delete whole thing with out having to do each file15:33
holstein!paste ^15:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:33
cfhowlettxubuntu900, mount it, rm filename*15:34
xubuntu900ok thanks15:34
akisthanks for this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/NTP.html . Is that true that the time is always sychronized with Ubuntu's NTP server although the time is set to "manually" and to sychronized option? do i understand right or not?15:36
holsteinakis: again, i have literally never needed to look into this, personally, on *any* modern linux distro.. it makes me wonder what is going on with your specific setup15:37
holsteinakis: where did you get what iso? did you download a xubuntu 14.04 32bit iso?15:38
akisas far i can remember in older vers there was the option to setup and synch. now there is not ready. thats the point. but if i am sure that my time it woulf be always sync i am satisfied. but is it sure that?15:40
holsteinakis: is your time off?15:40
akisiso? -:))) i found it by coincidence. of course not !!! i downloaded from xubuntu official site. i am running 12.04 on 3 machines and i am running linux more than 15 years! time is on and as far as i can see is absolutely sync (in secs!) with my other pc which is still runs 12.04 and is sync with ntp server.15:43
holsteinakis: i would just watch it then, and only address the issue *if* its an issue15:44
akisis there is a page where can i post a screenshot?15:44
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.15:45
rustyraptorwhat does "enable base mosaic" mean in the nvidia X-Server settings?15:48
holsteinrustyraptor: im reading its something like this.. http://www.nvidia.com/content/quadro/mosaic-technology/desktop-management.jpg15:49
rustyraptoroh I see15:50
rustyraptorI don't want that then lol15:51
holsteinyou likely cant do it..15:51
rustyraptoryeah I need multiple GPUs I think15:52
rustyraptorand it's a laptop lol15:52
holsteinwhich has an external port, likely.. but, you probably just want dual head15:53
holsteinakis: if you want a volunteer to look at those, i would link them, all in one line, as easily clickable links15:54
holsteinakis: the question is, *is* your time syncing? if it is, then, just enjoy the system15:55
akisfor the time being it is synchronized. but it will be after some days. dont forget that 5 hours ago the system time was syncronized via 12.04 and although everything was erased to 14.04 be installed i think that the clock was already synced. but as the battery of the system cannot hold sync at every second if in future the system doesnt sync via a ntp server maybe will have different time.15:59
xubuntu431how do I go about setting up my wifi on here.16:00
akisanyone maybe knows if it is possible to hide or rename the "network" icon in thunar's side panel which is named as "File system" although it the network http://imgur.com/7BpGmyf ?16:04
holsteinakis: i *still* suggest, keep an eye on it, and just deal with a time syncing issue *if* its an issue16:04
akisshould i have to install ntpd, from a terminal or should this already be installed as i cannot believe that on 2014 a brand new system doesnt have a ntp sync ready for any user???16:06
MaSammichsnot sure if you need to install, but not many average users setup ntp16:07
holsteinakis: as i said, i have never had to do anything like that.. and, you are not reporting anything that makes me think you need to16:07
holsteinakis: if your time is in sync, please just check in on it, and deal with the issue *if* its an issue. otherwise, you are not having any problem16:08
MaSammichsholstein: sorry, i walked away and didnt see you were having a conversation with akis about this already16:09
akismy time is synced. but i am sure for that when i am reading that the time is not configured but only "manually"? look around you! is there any OS that it does not have ready this option? Windows? IoS? Android?16:09
akis<MaSammichs> you are welcome!16:11
holsteinakis: as i said, this volunteer has never needed to look into setting this up manually. its always just worked for me16:15
holstein!bug | akis16:15
ubottuakis: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:15
holsteinakis: if you feel you have found a bug, ^, or if you would like to make suggestions..16:15
ubottuTo see how you can help out with Xubuntu, please see http://xubuntu.org/contribute/16:15
holsteinakis: otherwise, we are volunteers here, and you should try and not expect anyone to have experience with other operating systems to provide you with support.. is your time in sync? if so, then, dont make a problem where there is not one.. my time is synced here16:16
holsteinif you are "bothered" and want to make sure, use the server link i gave and set up manual ntp16:16
akisi am not feeling that a found a bug. i just discuss the "issue" in this chat and i am wondering if it is right to take the message that " Could not install package & The necessary applications to install the package could not be found". Thats all. We can live without sync, but is it right? or maybe we have sync but we are not sure for this?16:18
holsteinakis: you are again assuming you do not have sync.. your time is synced.. and you didnt sync it.. correct?16:19
akismaybe we have to discuss about this next month. if the time it will be still sync, the system works find in the background16:20
holsteinakis: did you sync the time? or did that just happen automatically for you?16:20
akisno you didnt understand. my time is sync, as far as i can compared with another system which is running 12.04. but when i am refering to time & date i see that it is enable the "manual" option. and that is the point16:21
holsteinakis: let me ask you again.. did you sync the time manually? or did it automatically sync for you?16:21
akisalthough there is or should be an auto sync the system shows a manual option!16:22
akisno, no manual sync. auto sync.16:22
holsteinakis: friend.. did you set your time?16:22
akisbut still there a manual option under time & date. is it strange?16:22
Quantibilitydid Xubuntu recently update or ubuntu?16:23
holsteinQuantibility: xubuntu *is* ubuntu16:23
akisbig NO. AUTO sync. sorry for caps!16:23
Quantibilityhas it recently updated?16:23
Quantibilitycause im staring at it right now. but through Gui i can't up date.. says "not enough space" but, i can it do it perfectly fine though terminal16:24
holsteinakis: so, lets not assume your time syncying is broken, but, that maybe we can hope that, by the same method that your time got automatically set, it will be automactially synced, as it is for me here.. if you want to file a wishlist bug for a change in the UI to reflect a setting for auto/manual syncing, use the !bug link i gave. .thanks16:24
holsteinQuantibility: if you are on a supported version of ubuntu, upates come in regularly16:25
Quantibilityok. cool but, here's the issue now then.. re read above.16:25
Quantibilityreerr Can do it perfectly fine through terminal.16:25
Quantibilityim encrypted but ...? shoulnd matter right?16:26
Quantibilityperhaps the file is to a smaller partition?16:26
akisok. thanks for your support. i hope too that  it will be automactially synced althougt it set to "manually". If not maybe later we 'll discuss about it. thank you for your time today.16:26
akisany idea to fix this :  http://imgur.com/7BpGmyf ?16:27
Quantibilityand in that case maby my first two updates or so went fine, then this... brb with pastie link somehting.16:27
holsteinakis: you mean, you hope it *continues* to be automatically synced, as it has been already..16:29
holsteinakis: fix for what?16:29
akischange icon for network "file system" which is blank or even better hide it16:30
holsteinakis: what network file system is that?16:31
Quantibilityits refering to the /boot directory not /??16:32
akisi really dont know! thunar found it and shows it.16:32
holsteinQuantibility: i would just open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get autoremove" ..then, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:32
holstein^ share errors there, Quantibility if any16:32
holsteinQuantibility: please close the software updater, and try what i suggested above, in the terminal16:33
Quantibilityholstein ive done auto remove like a day or two ago because of this issue..16:33
Quantibilityim not dumb with this OS anymore, im pretty proficient in it16:33
holsteinQuantibility: ok.. please do it *again* and share errors16:33
holsteinQuantibility: im not suggesting you are dumb in any way.. only volunteering support16:34
Quantibilitylol holstein relax i know this, im being me, im not trying to argue with you. please take no offense to what i say.16:34
Quantibilityim dumb in many other ways as you will learn.16:34
akisother file managers like dolphin (a very strong one) or PCmanFM can hide items or change icons. Can thunar do the same? i s there any way for that option? i dont want to use dolphin although in my opinion is the best FM in linux because i dont want to load KDE depencies on my newly installed system and make it heavier.16:34
holsteinakis: if you prefer another file manager, i say, just use it.. no reason to fight with thunar if you prefer pcmanfm16:35
Quantibilityi guess this is a coder issue then. am i right? or can a user change that directory in my screen shot which i will post again.16:35
Quantibilitycause i have a few gigs of space on my hard drive.. and its asking megs16:36
holsteinQuantibility: please close the software updater, open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get autoremove"16:36
Quantibilitythen invoke the updater?16:36
GridCubeQuantibility, open a terminal and run df -h16:36
akisi really prefer dolphin and i am using it for years since i run kubuntu.16:36
holsteinQuantibility: no.. then, open a terminal, and run "sudo apt-get autoremove"16:36
holsteinakis: i would just use dolphin then.. problem solved16:37
QuantibilityHolstein, GridCube has suggested something, i will do as you ask in a moment.. GridCube please explain a little bit more?16:37
holsteinQuantibility: the command GridCube suggested list the free space16:38
holsteinQuantibility: the command i list will remove the kernels from /boot16:38
GridCubedf -h will show him what percentage of the drives are free, if he has a /boot partition then it will show how much space that partition has16:38
GridCubeif he has not a /boot partition then the space in / is the space /boot can also use16:38
Quantibilityand this is safe? lol alright right GridCube suggested an invesigational approach which i enjoy16:38
akisdolphin means KDE dependencies.16:38
holsteinQuantibility: you should have backups regardless, since *all* hard drives will fail16:39
Quantibilityguess thats the programmer aspect of me..16:39
GridCubethen doing an autoremove and autoclean should delete useless kernels16:39
Quantibilityyour right, i have two external internals lol connected via usb.. lol16:39
Quantibilitydont use them16:39
Quantibilityi should16:39
Quantibilityalright if this works im doing a back up16:40
akisand on the other hand is very interesting to solve a problem using a specific application and not to choose another although maybe is better.16:40
Quantibilitybecuase i believe i tried this before but i may have missed a step or too..  brb16:40
holsteinQuantibility: no.. you *will* at some point.. when a drive does fail.. and you should backup *before* doing anything potentially dangerous16:40
Quantibilityis what you suggested dangerous?16:40
Quantibilitybehonest im doing it anyway lol16:41
GridCubeQuantibility, deleting old kernels is potentially dangerous to a low level16:41
Quantibilityjust wanna know if i should backup before i do so.16:41
holsteinQuantibility: you should *always* research commands and know what is going on.. but, normal hard drive use breaks them.. so, that is, in a way, ultimately dangerous16:41
holsteinQuantibility: you should have *already* backedup.. *all* drives fail16:41
Quantibilitylow is good enough for me.. brb16:41
* GridCube seconds holstein 16:41
holsteinQuantibility: if you *never* address this problem, you should backup, since that data *will* be lost16:42
Quantibilityyes hostein i believe iv f-ked the first disto up16:42
holsteinQuantibility: that being said, the steps given above by GridCube and i are to clear out space and run updates16:42
Quantibilitythat how i f0ked the first distro up16:42
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holsteinQuantibility: i leave now.. let GridCube know when you are ready to follow the expert volunteer advice he is offering..16:44
Quantibilitythat went well, thank you both (hostein) though not present and GridCube16:50
Quantibilitytheres was an update to the latency driver16:50
xubuntu293Hello everyone! I am new to Ubuntu. I just installed it on an old Toshiba laptop model Satellite P105. All is well, except, my speakers dont work. I have checked the settings and performed the sound checks and nothing. If anyone out there could offer some help?17:22
xubuntu293PS: I dont know what kind of soundcard is in this machine. Thanks in advance17:22
GridCubexubuntu293, to know what sound card you have you can open a terminal and run, lspci | grep "Audio"17:24
GridCubexubuntu293, if that line says you have an audio device you can open pavucontrol, see if the device is activated on the last tab of the program17:26
GridCubesometimes sounds goest to "dummy" instead of proper speakers17:26
GridCubenot usual, buti happens17:26
xubuntu293Thanks Grid17:32
xubuntu293Might take me a bit, I've been a do-do Windows user to now17:33
xubuntu293Thanks for the info17:33
bobodreddhey, is there any help out there on installing diablo 2 game on xubuntu 14.04 LTS?17:39
xubuntu293do I type " lspci | grep "audio" all together? and also how do I get to pavucontrol? Thanks17:40
bobodreddtried a bit of this and that, but nothing worked yet... thanks17:40
GridCubexubuntu293, yes, type >> lspci | grep "audio" <<17:41
GridCubeand you can find pavucontrol either by typing "pavucontrol" on a terminal, or at the alt-f2 application launcer, or by clicking the speaker icon on the panel and going to settings17:42
GridCubebobodredd, have you read the appdb?17:42
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help17:42
GridCubebobodredd, ^17:43
bobodreddi believe the info there stands for different verisons of linux. on ubuntu forums i got a solution but its for plain ubuntu, and i can't get along with that17:49
GridCubeat that level, is always the same17:49
GridCubealso, wine should run it just fine automagically17:50
bobodreddokay, then just one question17:50
bobodredddo I have to mount the image inside the wine app, or on xubuntu interface?17:51
bobodredd*iso image17:51
GridCubebobodredd, theres an extensive guide on https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2560217:52
GridCubeeverything thats there should apply to you17:52
bobodreddthanks for your time, sir17:53
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voidi need to put a domain user as admin18:41
lullisHi, quick question: I just finally got to upgrade my xubuntu desktop from 13.10 to 14.04, and now I am not getting any indicators on the panel.19:23
lullisI have another machine with 14.04 installed from the iso, and this one had everything, no problem.19:23
brainwashlullis: try to (re)add the indicator panel plugin19:24
mattxtnIn the Panel Prefs under Items is Indicator Plugin on the list?19:24
mattxtnIf not hit add and bam.19:24
lullisTHe indicator plugin I get mention Unity indicators, only.19:24
lullisAnd it gives me global menu and other crap I don't even remember how I got them.19:25
holsteinlullis: i suggest experimenting with the guest account, or a live CD, so you know what is in the panel and what it does, and how to get them there19:26
lullisIt could be...19:27
lullisBut just to check... I (re)installed "xfce4-indicator-plugin", this is the one that should appear as available, right?19:28
holsteinyou mean, you re-added it? or actually reinstalled a package?19:28
lullisI reinstalled the package.19:29
holsteinlullis: you shouldnt need to be doing any package management here19:30
lullisI know. I am just trying to figure out where it could've gone wrong.19:31
lullisI mean, when I was on 13.10 and I am reasonably sure I manually installed stuff from xfce 4.12, in order to get gtk3 indicators and the messaging menu.19:31
holsteinlullis: maybe nowhere.. try the guest account, and see if all is normal.. try experiementing there, remove the panel item and put it back. note what panel item provides the functionality you seek19:31
mattxtnI'm still confused about the whole "Unity" part of that. -_-19:32
rlullisguest account also shows unity indicator plugin.19:37
holsteinrlullis: unity?19:37
holsteinrlullis: are you in xubuntu, or no?19:37
holsteinrlullis: regardless, in the guest account, you can see that you are recieving indicators, so you can experiement with removing them, and adding them back19:38
rlullisYes, this was a machine I installed 13.10 earlier in the year. When I installed I noticed the bug with no messaging menu and only gtk2 indicators. When I was looking for alternatives, I installed ubuntu-desktop and checked if the indicator-plugin from unity would give me the messaging menu.19:40
rlullisMy solution at the time was to install xfce-panel from source, along with some gtk3 indicator panel. That worked.19:41
holsteinrlullis: "the bug with no messaging menu".. what bug?19:41
holsteinrlullis: you can check and see if 14.04 is providing you with the version of xfce you are needing19:41
rlullisMessaging menu was not available on xubuntu 13.04 and 13.10, iirc.19:41
holsteinrlullis: what bug, friend.. what bug #?19:42
rlullisOh, I will have to find that out.19:42
holsteinrlullis: what messaging menu?19:42
rlullis"messaging menu", the envelope icon with notification from chat/email applications.19:43
holsteinrlullis: that is not a feature of xfce, correct?19:43
mattxtnDid you install xfce on ubuntu or are you using xubuntu?19:44
holsteinregardless, i would check and see that the version in 14.04 supports what you are trying to do19:44
rlullismattxtn, couple of messages up: "installed xubuntu 13.10..."19:45
rlullisAnd yes, I have two other machines I cleanly installed 14.04 (no upgrade), and all the indicators are there, as well as messaging menu (the envelope) and sound menu (to control music applications)19:46
holsteinrlullis: cleanly installed 14.04 xubuntu? no upgrade? what does that mean? no upgrade?19:46
rlullis"no upgrade" = clean install, from the latest 14.04 ISO.19:47
mattxtnrlullis: At one point you installed Unity to xubuntu?19:47
holsteinrlullis: are you saying, you had 13.x installed, and built packages from scratch on it? and upgraded it? and its not working? but, it works in the guest account? if so, i would try creating a new user, and see if the new user works as expected, if so.. the issue would be, for me, in the current users account configs19:47
rlullismattxtn, yes. It was still 13.10, xubuntu was broken in small ways that led me to check if unity could provide these things. So I installed unity, and it didn't solve the problem.19:50
rlullisholstein, it does NOT work in the guest account. It works in the sense that I get the unity indicators on the panel, which I do not want.19:50
mattxtnrlullis: So you completely removed Unity before upgrading to 14.04 or after?19:51
rlullismattxtn, after.19:51
rlullisI understand that I have got a bunch of things tangled with this mix of xubuntu install/unity install/source install. what I am trying to figure out is how can I undo it.19:52
rlullisI imagined that the upgrade procedure would give at least the same packages I got from a clean 14.04 install.19:53
mattxtnAll I can think of is that some of Unity is still there.19:53
rlullisThat is for sure.19:54
rlullisBut I would be happy if I could figure out why is it that I have a "xfce4-indicator-plugin" installed, and I am getting listed "this plugin provides an area for the Unity indicators".19:56
mattxtnCould you post a screenshot?19:58
mattxtnYeah that doesn't look familiar, this is mine.. http://i.imgur.com/AM3kFID.png20:04
rlullisExactly. This is what I have in my "clean install" machines.20:05
brainwashthe indicator plugin's job is to display the unity indicators20:06
brainwashlike indicator-power20:06
brainwashor indicator-sound20:06
rlullisSo perhaps it is just an issue of configuring this plugin?20:09
Necturanyone know how i can fix screen tearing?20:09
rlullisOr taking a look at the .desktop files from the indicators themselves (OnlyShowIn=Unity for the indicators I don't want in the xfce panel)?20:10
mattxtnrlullis: If you open up Synaptic and type in unity then sort by installed how many items are installed?20:10
rlullisabout 23...20:11
mattxtnI have 5, nothing to do with Unity tho.20:11
rlullisI just removed unity-control-panel-center...20:12
rlullisand they all went along.20:12
mattxtnThat may help.20:13
rlullisYeah, maybe I just need to get rid of the indicators I don't want.20:15
mattxtnIs it working the way you want to now?20:15
rlullisFunny, now am I getting a "no indicators" text along with the indicators that I set up to be visible.20:17
mattxtnMaybe you need to reinstall xfce-indicator-plugin20:18
rlullisI think this part is okay. Now is more about configuring the indicators themselves.20:19
rlullisThanks for the help.20:20
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Necturmaybe a simpler question:how come terminal appearance changes don'ttake effect20:58
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shishahilfe, wo ist die deutsche version wieder xD22:33
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shishaah ubuntu22:34
shishakannst du mir denn topic von ubuntu geben?22:34
toxinburnhey i had a question i am installing the builduntu flavor of xubuntu right now and since this comp has 12gb of ram should i really need a swap the same size?23:13
holsteintoxinburn: there is only xubuntu23:13
toxinburnwell this is xubuntu but its been modded i got it from nathanpfry.com23:13
holsteintoxinburn: i would get the official xubuntu.. i would read about swap and decide what your needs are.23:14
holsteintoxinburn: its *not* xubuntu, or ubuntu23:14
toxinburnya i have most say to make it same as ram23:14
holsteintoxinburn: they mod it, and they support it.. we cant keep up with all the spin-offs like that.. its not an official flavor, or supported here23:14
toxinburnright well its still xubuntu anyways....and will be used primarily for rom builds on android devices23:15
holsteintoxinburn: if i had 12gb's of ram, i would make like 4gb's of swap.. unless i had an ssd and wanted no swap.. otherwise, i would just let the installer decide and go with the defaults23:15
holsteintoxinburn: its *not* xubuntu23:15
holsteintoxinburn: if you want xubuntu, you should get xubuntu.. if its xubuntu that is modded, and its not xubuntu, and you didnt get it with the xubuntu iso.. its not xubuntu23:15
holsteintoxinburn: the reason you may prefer xubuntu is the larger community of support.. otherwise, one may fit your needs more than the other23:16
toxinburneven on the iso when i start installing it calls itself xubuntu just so you know....everything looks the same so far not really sure what the real differences are yet from what i read is that is just comes preloaded with most of the things one would need for rom development23:20
toxinburnanyhow ill read up some more and see what i can find out23:21
toxinburntake care23:21
holsteintoxinburn: friend, im not trying to be obtuse, i assure you.. but, thats not xubuntu23:21
mattxtnI missed something.23:22
* mattxtn giggles23:23
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