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turboroohey guys i just installed kubuntu and am installing steam for tf2 on my laptop. What do you think?04:17
denza252 Go for it04:19
turborooyou guys are no fun04:19
turborooI mean what do you think about kubuntu?04:19
denza252I like it04:19
turboroolinux mint didn't support my intel gma 300004:19
turborooi was sad.04:19
turborooI know!04:19
turborooI like irc.04:20
turborooI am going to telnet to a bbs soon04:20
turboroothat way I can social network the way it was meant to be done.04:20
turborooAny recommendations on software for kubuntu?04:21
denza252muon package manager04:21
turborooI picked up this irc client when I was using mint.04:21
turboroohow has wine support been developing over the years?04:22
denza252like synaptic, but doesn't lock up dpkg04:22
denza252turboroo: its getting better04:22
* turboroo yay04:22
turboroocan I run cobal apps on here?04:23
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josePHPagoda_Hello everyone!  I'm having some issues with my touchscreen under Kubuntu 14.0404:34
denza252ah, state your problem!04:34
josePHPagoda_the first thing I would like to address is that with dual screen, it seems to try to map across both screens04:34
josePHPagoda_rather than just the touch screen04:34
josePHPagoda_so as a result, the left side of my touchscreen taps on my left monitor04:35
josePHPagoda_i'm assuming that can be fixed via calibration, but I've not found any tool to do so04:35
josePHPagoda_system settings doesn't seem to have one04:36
denza252try package x11-touchscreen-calibrator04:36
josePHPagoda_fetching that now04:37
josePHPagoda_ok, yeah04:38
josePHPagoda_it believes my screen is 3840x108004:38
josePHPagoda_which is the problem04:38
josePHPagoda_so it calibrated the touch for both screens, not just the touchscreen04:38
josePHPagoda_any ideas on how I could address that?04:38
denza252Alright, I should mention I'm no expert on most stuff04:39
denza252But I'll try...04:39
josePHPagoda_no worries :)04:39
josePHPagoda_i'm an expert at some stuff, but not this :P04:39
denza252System Settings> display and monitor > Display Configuration04:39
josePHPagoda_it shows my two screens04:40
denza252just try disabling one screen then calibrating the touch input04:40
josePHPagodadenza252: ok, so when I just had the one screen up, it worked fine, but immediately broke once I turned the other screen back up04:44
* josePHPagoda believes this is a bug.04:44
denza252alright, try unjoining the two screens in the configurator04:45
josePHPagodahang on, my panels just froze04:45
josePHPagodawhich is unpleasant04:45
josePHPagodaeverything else still works, but my kde panels stopped04:45
josePHPagodawhich i think is another bug04:45
josePHPagodaok, so separating them didn't work either04:46
josePHPagodai'm going to log out and then back in, hopefully that'll fix my panel issue04:49
josePHPagodawelp, i can't04:50
josePHPagodathe flag in the top right isn't clickable04:50
josePHPagodalooks like only applications are clickable04:50
josePHPagodagonna reboot04:50
josePHPagodaok, i'm back04:53
josePHPagodathings are happier now04:53
josePHPagodaany other ideas denza252?04:56
denza252Sorry, no :(04:56
josePHPagodaif need be, I can disable the second monitor when I need to use the touchscreen04:56
denza252Have you tried ubuntuforums?04:56
josePHPagodathe second issue is a bit diff04:56
josePHPagodai've searched them, but not posted anything yet04:56
josePHPagodaso the second issue is that clicks don't seem to work inside of SDL games04:57
josePHPagodaeven though SDL 2 should be handling touch events like mouse events04:57
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travelersup all05:22
traveler229 users and chat never scrolls lol05:22
travelerso, long time gnome user, new to kubuntu 4+, so far really like it. really liked what I saw with plasma 5 though.05:23
traveler-kde 4+05:24
travelerso.......... 2 guys walk into a bar,05:25
traveler3rd guy ducks05:25
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ussher_chat scrolls when there are questions.05:57
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nova_My networking stopped working last night after installing updates.  I'm running 14.04 on VMWare Workstation.  "Could not find plugin for 'connection preferences' for application 'systemsettings' Library 'kcm_kio' not found" is the message I see in the network-manager GUI.06:44
nova_I'm not sure how to troubleshoot or fix it, especially without internet access.06:46
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lordievaderGood morning.07:57
ubuntuuserhi guys. Why does Kubuntu 14.04.1 installer crash when installing?08:01
lordievaderubuntuuser: At what stage does it crash?08:18
ubuntuuserlordievader choosing TimeZone08:18
lordievaderubuntuuser: Are you installing Project Neon?08:19
ubuntuuserlordievader no. just 14.04. Why?08:22
ubuntuuserbut i plan to do it08:22
lordievaderubuntuuser: Seeing your post in #kde ;) Anyhow check the live-disk/usb for defects.08:22
aksCan anyone tell me when will Kubuntu 4.14 will get KDE 5 freame works08:35
aksOr is it not going to get this ?08:35
lordievaderaks: Not anytime soon ;)08:36
lordievaderIRRC 15.04 is the earliest it might be.08:37
aksOoh in that case need to upgrade to Kubuntu 10.14 Hope till then all the bugs for KDE 5 will be fixed08:38
aksThanks for your response.08:38
lordievaderaks: I hope you mean 14.04 ;)08:39
akslordievader : No the version which is about to come in Oct08:40
lordievaderaks: Upgrading to a development release is not recommended.08:41
aksHmm ... so I dont have a better way to checkout KDE508:41
aksOther than using that buggy release iso ?08:42
lordievaderaks: I'd do so in a vm. But in the current state KDE5 isn't ment for everyday use IMO.08:42
lordievaderErr KF5.08:43
aks lordievader : Yaa I tried that ISO which they are offering, but its buggy and apps crashes alot.08:43
lordievaderaks: Point made ;)08:44
aksI tried with Ubuntu with kf5 also .... that was also not functional08:44
lordievaderaks: KF5 is still very much in its first stages. Not really usable at this point.08:44
aksHmm ... Fine then will wait for a better version in near future. Thanks for your thoughts ... Bye08:45
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nova_My networking stopped working last night after installing updates.  I'm running 14.04 on VMWare Workstation.  "Could not find plugin for 'connection preferences' for application 'systemsettings' Library 'kcm_kio' not found" is the message I see in the network-manager GUI.09:57
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nova_can anyone help me diagnose my problem with connection-manager?  It stopped working after I updated last night.10:57
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lolzdo you know how to solve this problem with kubuntu(14.04) https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=156845 ?11:02
lolzwhole kde is crushing/freezing whole the time11:03
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:55
enrico91ciao ragazzi14:01
enrico91hi guys14:01
enrico91i need help.14:01
enrico91i start kubuntu today, and when is load with picture of kubunt dont go after14:01
enrico91is blocked14:01
enrico91dont ask the password14:02
enrico91what can i do?14:02
enrico91anybody can help me?14:03
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* RedDeath Back14:11
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trinityj ai achetée sacred gold via desura14:42
trinitymais j ai un bug au lancement du jeu14:43
lordievader!french | trinity14:43
ubottutrinity: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:43
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josePHPagodaso this is getting annoying...17:18
josePHPagodamy panels and widgets all suddenly stop responding17:18
josePHPagodathe only recourse is to reboot17:19
josePHPagodaanyone else experiencing that17:19
josePHPagodaand plasma-desktop seems to be consuming 70ish percent of oe of my cores17:20
josePHPagodawhich seems a little high17:20
josePHPagodaso i managed to get a terminal up17:21
josePHPagodadid a killall plasma-desktop17:21
josePHPagodathen started it again, and things seemed to work17:21
josePHPagodabut this has happened to me 3 times so far today17:22
BluesKajjosePHPagoda, have you updated and upgraded today?17:33
josePHPagodai haven't17:33
josePHPagodaare there updates available?17:33
josePHPagodaand do they address what I'm hitting?17:34
BluesKajthen do so17:34
josePHPagodabeen having internet issues17:35
josePHPagodaso updates take a LONG time17:35
BluesKajjosePHPagoda, is it your ISP or network manager ?17:36
josePHPagodamy ISP17:36
josePHPagodaand they are being super slow to fix it17:36
josePHPagodawhich is frustrating17:36
josePHPagodai'll try to run the updates though17:37
josePHPagodahopefully that will resolve the issue17:37
BluesKajjosePHPagoda, yes, if you can, upgrades will probly fix your plasma problem17:38
josePHPagodanone of the updates are related to kde or plasma17:39
josePHPagodai have an update for obs-studio, gcc and that's it17:39
BluesKajjosePHPagoda, make sure your sources.list is not blockiing some sources with a # in front, aka commented17:41
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yossarianukhi - why is deadline the default scheduler?17:55
yossarianukin a desktop isn't cfq a better choice ?17:55
yofelbecause... ask the foundation team. We added an udev rule to kubuntu-default-settings for 14.10 which changes it to CFQ17:56
yossarianukgood idea...  For a desktop 4 core machine I assume CFQ is a better choice ?17:57
yossarianukI do not have ssd17:57
yofelhard to say, baloo needs cfq to not act up while indexing, otherwise you shouldn't see much difference17:58
yossarianukok thanks17:59
yofelor rather whether you see one or not depends on very specific workloads.18:00
yofelso deadline is better for servers, and should work perfecly fine on desktops in most cases but not all18:00
yossarianuki know deadline is also better for ssd (perhaps a reason why that was chosen also.)18:02
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allstarsnorks2Is Project Neon based on Kubuntu?18:25
geniiallstarsnorks2: It's basically a Kubuntu Daily18:26
TheFakeazneD525hi genii18:27
* genii slides TheFakeazneD525 a fresh coffee18:27
TheFakeazneD525:D thanks18:27
allstarsnorks2genii I see. But I can still install it (on a VM), right?18:28
geniiallstarsnorks2: Certainly18:28
allstarsnorks2great. I just hope Ubiquity wouldn't crash.18:28
geniiallstarsnorks2: Instructions here: https://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Using_Project_Neon_to_contribute_to_KDE#Installing_Project_Neon18:29
allstarsnorks2genii thanks for the link18:29
allstarsnorks2KDE Plasma 5 looking good!18:31
jubo2Kubuntu, my fav OS18:33
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allstarsnorks2so I can upgrade to the Project Neon (14.10) beta whenever they're out?18:35
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skreech_crdpink2: thanks still having issues18:49
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BluesKajhi TelMeUK19:12
jubo2Hiya BluesKaj, TelMeUK19:12
TelMeUKhi BluesKaj, I'm new here as you probably guessed19:13
jubo2TelMeUK: You're in good company19:13
BluesKajhey jubo219:13
TelMeUKhaven't used IRC for years19:13
jubo2Today I edited my 1st video19:13
jubo2did it with kdenlive naturally19:13
natacushi, fresh install of kubuntu 14.04, am using  TP link usb wireless dongle for wifi - but after about 30min the connection drops, the usb stick is extremly hot ( almost meltting some plastic ), shutdown stalls until usb stick is removed. The same stick never gave any issues in win7.19:14
jubo2TelMeUK: I didn't irc from '98-'02. Before that I ircced from '95 and after '02 I've been on19:15
TheFakeazneD525Sounds like it's being constantly accessd19:15
natacusTheFakeazneD525: Any ideas fir a fix?19:15
jubo2natacus: consumer electronics are wise if they shut down before setting afire19:15
TheFakeazneD525Unless you need wi-fi constantly, I can only recommend to turn off wi-fi as much as possible19:16
TelMeUKI used to use Virgin's IRC Chat room until it closed years ago19:16
TheFakeazneD525or unload the specific driver for the device when not in use19:16
BluesKajcheck your /var/log/syslog19:17
natacusyes BluesKaj19:17
natacusi am after rebooting, does that matter?19:18
natacusok i have it,19:18
natacusBluesKaj: am i looking for anything in particular there?19:20
BluesKajlook for a repetition of text to do with internet/wifi connection19:21
BluesKajthink TheFakeazneD525 has an insight there19:21
TelMeUKjubo2, is this room just for support?19:22
TheFakeazneD525TelMeUK: support and general kubuntu discussion19:22
jubo2TelMeUK: mostly yes.. there is #kubuntu-offtopic for offtopic19:22
BluesKajTelMeUK, yes, but jubo2 doesn't seem to care :_)19:22
TelMeUKok  are there other rooms available?19:22
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BluesKajyes plenty19:23
jubo2TelMeUK: you know.. if it's a support channel then channel traffic is bad news19:23
jubo2No channel traffic == No support requests, good for us19:23
jubo2Channel traffic == support requests, bad for us19:23
BluesKajactually i don't mind answering questions if I can help, that's why I hang out there19:24
BluesKajjubo2, you speak for yourself only please19:24
TelMeUKI'm sure I'll need some support, only recently installed Kubuntu19:25
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natacusBluesKaj: dont see anything really, am letting pc run as normal and keeping an eye on syslog19:27
BluesKajTelMeUK, then you know where to ask, but there are other chats that give ubuntu support as well depending on the nature of the question19:27
TelMeUKok thanks19:27
BluesKajnatacus, check the kmenu>apps>system>system monitor and look for a series of closely spaced spikes in network history19:37
natacusBluesKaj: Will do, gonna let it run for a while, with youtube playing in the background and see what happens19:39
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derplioHey, I'm having a problem with OpenGL.21:28
TheFakeazneD525derplio: have you tried the proprietary drivers?21:30
derplioWhenever i try to use something that needs OpenGL i get the message "Could not find required OpenGL entry point 'glGetError' !"21:31
derplioI'm not that good with Unix systems.21:32
derplioHow do i try proprietary drivers?21:32
TheFakeazneD525open up the menu, and find Driver Manager21:33
TheFakeazneD525it'll load up the availible drivers21:33
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