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andlabsHi. I'm trying to build aisleriot from source, and I get the error spew listed here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=736454 I've confirmed this only happens on Ubuntu - anyone know what's up? Thanks.07:07
ubottuGnome bug 736454 in general "building master from jhbuild on ubuntu 14.10 beta/daily produces libtool garbage spew" [Normal,Unconfirmed]07:07
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lordievaderGood morning.07:57
elfygood morning lordievader08:07
lordievaderHey elfy, how are you?08:18
elfygood thanks :)08:23
elfythinking about doing as little as I can get away with08:23
lordievaderelfy: Sounds like a good plan ;)08:24
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knitt1when will utopic use systemd as default init process?09:07
elfyknitt1: utopic won't09:13
knitt1elfy: really? I thought the switch will happen with utopic09:15
elfynot afaik - sometime between now and 16.04 is what I read09:16
knitt1oh. still a few releases …09:16
knitt1elfy: so if I don't want to risk anything I should still stay with upstart?09:17
elfythough I've not had any problems using systemd instead09:18
knitt1alright. thanks. I thought the switch was due with 14.10 and already tried systemd :) but sometimes updates will not install cleanly, so I thought I'd ask09:19
elfyaah yes - had one or two of those at the beginning of the cycle, nvidia stuff generally09:19
knitt1I have them currently09:20
knitt1also, suspend to ram does not work (crashes my X upon resume). But I'm not sure if that's the fault of my nvidia-card when an external monitor is plugged in09:21
knitt1I've had problems for eons with my nvidia card09:21
elfysuspend works ok here for me09:23
knitt1yeah, I'm assuming my nvidia card at fault09:23
knitt1cannot use two monitors :-/09:23
knitt1xorg won't start when booting and the external monitor is plugged in09:23
knitt1but it will switch to the external monitor, once started09:24
elfyyea - I've seen others with similar issues knitt109:34
knitt1I had good results in the past with using the xorg option "NoExtendedGpuCapabilitiesCheck"~09:35
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:55
kyle__Is there any doc on enabling hibernate-on lid close?15:21
kyle__Also, on getting bluetooth to work again :/15:22
BluesKajkyle__, i just use, sudo pm-suspend in the cli15:42
kyle__BluesKaj: There were some things detailing how to make it hibernate on lid close with 14.04.  I was hoping to get that setup on 10 as well.15:43
kyle__Oh well, I'm sure someone who has time will eventually do a writeup after 14.10 gets widerspread adoption.15:43
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Nothing_MuchQuestion, does XMir work on 14.10 with radeonSI?23:29
Nothing_MuchQuestion, does XMir work on 14.10 with radeonSI?23:35
Nothing_Muchhell I should test that out right now23:35
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