SturmFlutmzanetti: I have both content_exchange and content_exchange_source in my apparmor profile. No luck.00:01
mzanettihmm... can you paste some code00:02
SturmFluthttps://github.com/Sturmflut/ubuntu-touch-pdf-viewer/blob/master/app/ubuntu-touch-pdf-viewer.qml and https://github.com/Sturmflut/ubuntu-touch-pdf-viewer/blob/master/pdfviewer.apparmor00:04
SturmFlutThe other QML files are just those created by Qt Creator during project creation, I'll remove them later00:05
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mzanettihmm... can't spot any difference either00:23
mzanettiSturmFlut: it works for me on the device00:31
mzanettiSturmFlut: might well be that the content hub doesn't fully work on the desktop yet00:32
mzanettiSturmFlut: what I did is this: schroot -u root -c source:click-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-armhf (same as clicking the chroot maintainance button in the sdk)00:32
mzanettiapt-get install libpoppler-qt5-dev:armhf00:32
mzanettiand then you can just run it on the phone with qtcreator00:32
mzanettiand it'll pop up some contenthub stuff00:33
SturmFlutmzanetti: Yes, that's what I did, and it doesn't open any content hub stuff on the phone. I just see the error messages in Qt Creator.00:33
SturmFlutmzanetti: Thanks for debugging it00:35
SturmFlutmzanetti: I think it is time for a clean install on the phone and a new chroot on the desktop. But thats something for tomorrow, now I definitely have to got to sleep.00:36
mzanettiok... o/00:39
SturmFlutmzanetti: nighty night00:40
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Akiva-Thinkpadanyone here?01:16
Akiva-ThinkpadI want to merge my working branch with lp:~akiva/ubuntu-calendar-app/1357260-ubuntugrey-dayview-background < a pending branch, so I can what my changes would look like with this01:17
Akiva-Thinkpadwhat command do I use?01:17
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coderus_what is default passphrase in 237 emulator?09:29
ogra_note that adb breaks after reboot (so better dont), this is currently being researched09:31
coderus_ah oh, i thought it fixed since... ok, i'll wait then, can't reinstall emulator every time :D09:34
ogra_you coudl use an older image ... like 220 or so09:34
ogra_(the emulator has a --revision option)09:35
coderus_cons vs pros?09:36
ogra_older software, depends what you do with it ... if its for app development that should be fine09:36
coderus_hm, okay. what is the revision number exactly then?09:37
ogra_dunno, somehwere between 200 and 220 i would guess09:37
ogra_(try 220 ... if you get a root shell, all is fine)09:38
ogra_(if not, try 200 :) )09:38
coderus_hm ok thanks :)09:50
mihirnik90_: ping10:11
nik90_mihir: pong10:41
nik90_ogra_: did you break my emulator :P?10:43
nik90_mihir: u there?11:10
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popeynik90: sanity check, is my comment here right? https://code.launchpad.net/~fcole90/ubuntu-docviewer-app/new-icon/+merge/23455011:44
nik90popey: yes11:45
nik90popey: also in most of the other core apps we do @ICON@ where ICON is the variable defined in the cmake files11:46
nik90zbenjamin: hey, I am not sure what happened, but as of today, I cannot run any app on the emulator (image #203 devel).11:46
nik90zbenjamin: I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/8334112/11:46
nik90bzoltan1: ^^11:47
nik90zbenjamin, bzoltan1: I can run it on the phone which is on image #239.11:51
popeynik90: you about?13:04
ahayzenpopey, ping13:11
nik90popey: I will be home in 10 mins13:12
popeynik90: np, for when you get in.. trying to figure out
popeyahayzen: PONG!13:13
ahayzenpopey, Regarding bug 1369050, I assume we would expect the full path ~/Music/Imported to be translated? Would you even translate the "yyyyMMddhhmmss"? ... Furthermore would you split the Music and Imported into two strings or one?13:13
ubot5bug 1369050 in Ubuntu Music App "Please add a translator comment to "Filepath must start with ~/Music/"" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136905013:13
popeyyes, Music and Imported are two strings, no, yyyyMMddhhmmss is not translated13:16
popeyonly people on the moon cannot understand that date format ㋛13:16
ahayzenpopey, hmmm and /home ?13:16
popeyno, thats always /home13:16
ahayzenpopey, basically none of the content-hub stuff really takes translation into account .. much13:16
ahayzenand phablet?13:17
popeythats $USER, so not translated13:17
popeyits a variable, in the tablet world we may well have multi-users13:17
ahayzenpopey, yeah we try to figure out what it is from the input path...but fallback to phablet if all else fails13:17
popeyalso, did we really agree on yyyyMMddhhmmss ?13:18
ahayzenpopey, ok so i'll add translations to Music and Imported13:18
popeyI thought we decided on YYYY/MM/DD/hhmmss...13:18
ahayzenpopey, we did...13:18
popeyor is that _hard_?13:18
ahayzenpopey, different folders hmmm that could be useful13:18
popeyit could get very messy with one giant folder13:18
ahayzenpopey, define _hard_ ;)13:18
popeyhard for me, easy for you13:19
ahayzenpopey, hehe ... ok i'll look at revamping it a bit then ;)13:19
ahayzenpopey, and then get back to multi file support \o/13:19
popeyunless you can think of a good reason not to do that13:19
ahayzenpopey, i prefer it13:20
popeycan you leave a comment on that DowNow bug to let them know you're working on multi-file support?13:20
popeyI'm sure they'll appreciate it13:20
* ahayzen tries to find bug number13:20
ahayzengot it bug 1368648 :)13:20
ubot5bug 1368648 in DowNow "Send multiple files via content hub" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136864813:20
popeyI'm really impressed by that app13:21
popeymust have put quite a bit of effort in13:21
ahayzenpopey, yeah they must have done it feels pretty complete when using it :) ... commented on the bug13:31
ahayzenpopey, does it use UDM behind?13:32
* ahayzen wonders how it actually works13:32
ahayzenah it has some library bundled in the click?13:33
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ahayzenpopey, would you leave this string as one translation string or cut it up? "Filepath must start with ~/Music/"13:36
ahayzenpopey, eg into "Filepath must start with" and "Music" ?13:36
popeyyes, the lib is bundled, which means it can die with lifecycle management. but you can now set the time your phone stays on, so less of an issue.13:37
popeyI would split it, but I am not a translation expert.13:37
ahayzenpopey, would be nice to have torrent support in UDM i suppose ;) hehe13:37
ahayzenpopey, ok :)13:37
popeypatches welcome! :D13:38
* ahayzen senses the need to read up more on c++13:39
ahayzenoh my second lecture is on c++ ... i really better read up!13:39
popey‽ heh13:40
popeynik90: \o/ https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-clock-app/new-add_world_city_test/+merge/231131 passes13:42
popeyhttps://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/checkbox-manual-tests/+merge/234164 also! :D13:42
nik90popey: you are too happy :P13:43
popeylistening to bouncy music does this to me13:43
popeyhttp://www.last.fm/user/popeydc ← see13:43
ahayzenpopey, so you have started the music now lol ... the number of times i've done the same just put headphones in and not hit play ;)13:44
nik90popey: do you have the link to the failing suduko app MP, I have an idea why it fails13:45
ahayzenpopey, i saw some other projects that have a checklist of things in their mp description...is this auto generated? .. or can it be?13:48
ahayzenpopey, oh god and how do i get around this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8334835/13:49
ahayzenpopey, oh it still build it...just i hadn't plugged my device in...'error: device not found' lol13:51
nik90ahayzen: they are not autogenerated. Each reviewer and submitter needs to go through that checklist manually13:51
nik90ahayzen: I created one for clock https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/Checklists/Clock13:51
nik90although too lazy too impose it on others :)13:52
ahayzennik90, it would be cool if you could tell lp to automatically put it in the description field as your proposing to merge13:52
ahayzennik90, then i would probably remember to update the .pot file ;)13:52
ahayzennik90, heh maybe i should raise a bug in launchpad itself as a wishlist item ;)13:54
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popeyahayzen: ignore the click reviewers tools output13:58
ahayzenpopey, would you split hhmmss up as well? this just looks a bit funny with random numbers /home/phablet/Music/Imported/2014/09/13/145457-3.mp313:58
popeywell, don't ignore them... you know.13:59
popeymusic has an exception13:59
ahayzenpopey, hehe and a lifecycle exception :)13:59
ahayzenpopey, and it nearly worked first time...it moved it to the right place...just doesn't seem to be matching in the db for some reason...13:59
nik90hmmm both the devel and devel-proposed emulators are broken...14:00
* nik90 sighs14:00
nik90mihir: ping14:02
popeywhat the fudge
popeythat works _fine_ on my desktop14:04
popeyooh The following packages have unmet dependencies: dropping-letters : Depends: qtdeclarative5-hud1.0 but it is not installable14:04
popeyE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.14:05
ahayzenmagic i restarted the device and it is working \o/14:09
nik90popey: are you fixing the dropping letters hud dependency issue?14:12
popeyi dont understand what the problem is14:13
popeyqtdeclarative5-hud1.0 is in the repo14:13
nik90true but we don't need anymore14:14
nik90might as well remove it14:14
popeyk, will do14:14
nik90I already did it14:15
nik90will propose a merge14:15
popeythanks ☻14:15
popeyYou young whipper snappers are too fast for this old man ㋛14:15
nik90you give us too much credit14:16
ahayzenpopey, the bug i was fixing suggested to add a translator comment, but i've now split the string in question up...so do you think i still need to add a comment?14:16
nik90didnt ken write dropping-letters?14:16
popeyahayzen: I would14:16
popeynik90: no, aq did14:16
popeyI am going to talk about you guys at XDA-DevCon in Manchester in a couple of weeks.14:17
ahayzenpopey, and what happens if you have // TRANSLATORS: before a line that has two translation strings lol14:17
popeyahayzen: one before each line14:17
ahayzenpopey, one before each line?14:18
popeyI think so, yes.14:18
ahayzeni'll just see what happens lol..14:19
ahayzenpopey,blimey ubuntu is the first image on the banner \o/ http://xda-devcon.com/14:20
popeyyeah ☻14:20
popeysponsors baby!14:20
ahayzenpopey, is it a presentation event or a stall/stand event?14:20
nik90ahayzen: did you mhall119 in that picture14:21
ahayzenah "Sessions and Workshops"14:21
ahayzennik90, yep :) ...did u spot jono in one of the others?14:22
popeywe have 3 sessions i think.14:22
popeydholbach is doing one14:22
ahayzenawesome :)14:22
popeyi need to write mine14:23
nik90popey: cool, more exposure14:23
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nik90popey: I think now all 3 dropping-letters MP should be good to merge.14:32
nik903 removed from the sponsored list :)14:32
popeyadd one, remove two14:34
* ahayzen adds https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/fix-1369050-content-hub-fix-translations/+merge/23457214:34
* popey approves14:34
popeydammit man!14:34
popeyneed to come up with a new unicode animal for next week. think I am going to change them weekly14:35
ahayzenunicode animal?14:35
popeysee my launchpad name14:36
ahayzenoh in your launchpad username14:36
nik90ahayzen: check out popey's name on luaunchpad14:36
popeyit's a little bear14:36
ahayzenpopey, a unicorn ?14:36
ahayzenpopey, or are you saving that for release week ;)14:36
popeyhehe, release week will be ǝdoԀ uɐl∀14:37
popeyhi twstddev14:38
twstddevpopey: heya!14:38
ahayzenooo loads of mps on docviewer now \o/14:38
popeytwstddev: would you have some time to take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-geonames/+bug/1366283 ?14:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1045224 in Ubuntu Geonames "duplicate for #1366283 search string 'Pari' doesn't return 'Paris' " [Low,Confirmed]14:39
popeyahayzen: yeah!14:39
popeyi love the new docviewer icon14:39
twstddevpopey: oh yeah. should be quick and simple14:39
ahayzenits nice :)14:39
popeysweet! thank you!14:39
twstddevpopey: But I have refactored code of the script, where should I make the change then? %)14:40
popeytwstddev: build atop that?14:40
popeywe land your first one, then the next, then deploy?14:41
twstddevI'll check it later today then14:41
popeythanks twstddev14:42
mhall119nik90: I like that you used my nick as a verb :)14:50
ahayzenpopey, haha the sponsoring page doesn't like your unicode animal ;)15:04
nik90mhall119: lol15:06
popeyI think that's chrome15:08
popeyit looks fine in irc15:08
popeywell, a font thing15:08
popeyboom, down to 3015:08
ahayzenpopey, yeah it appears as "Alan Pope ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ" in FF lol15:09
popeythat looks fine here ☻15:11
ahayzenhmm different here (in the IRC chat) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMbHRvYkZWQWFiNnM/edit?usp=sharing15:15
* ahayzen blames Ubuntu Mono font15:15
* popey wonders what font he's using15:17
popeymonospace it seems15:18
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FrozenZiaQUESTION - So is it possible to use the Ubuntu SDK with 12.04 or not? I'm slightly confused. (and a n00b, just getting ready to install the SDK)15:37
rpadovanipopey, did you have time to show the calculator app without labels to a designer?17:09
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popeyrpadovani: yes, but he was on vacation this week, so will ask on monday17:14
rpadovanigotcha, thanks17:14
twstddevpopey: i've made MP17:40
popeythat was quick!17:41
twstddevoh, that was a very easy bug %)17:41
popeyThank you!17:42
popeyfancy deploying it on :D ?17:42
twstddevhah, sure %)17:43
twstddevi've removed xchat, so history has gone17:44
twstddevmind sending my login details?17:44
popeyssh twstddev@
popeyyou should know the password, you would have set it?17:45
twstddevpopey: nope :P17:45
twstddevI connect from vagrant17:45
twstddevusually i destroy vagrant instances once I've done with development17:45
twstddevand I used history from xchat :)17:46
Akiva-Thinkpadhey all18:52
Akiva-Thinkpadanybody working today?19:19
mihir_nik90: you there? , sorry was away from my desk19:28
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: yeah :)19:30
Akiva-Thinkpadah cool19:30
Akiva-Thinkpadhey I got a screenshot of something; tell me your opinion19:30
Akiva-Thinkpadits for the all day events bug19:31
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: yeah i saw that , the one you reporeted right?19:33
Akiva-Thinkpadmihir_, yah but i'm working on a fix19:33
Akiva-Thinkpadits a bit mucky at the moment. but the idea I think is sound19:33
mihir_popey: you about ?19:35
Akiva-ThinkpadI replaced the rectangle with a button, and the button now sits above only the relavent day its used on.19:35
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: we are planning to re-design this whole view to utilize space betterly , http://i.imgur.com/SYKqQul.png19:36
Akiva-Thinkpadah >_<19:36
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: this may solve the problem , so first stake would be all events stake and then followed by normal events19:36
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: again this is very initial stage..19:37
Akiva-ThinkpadI think though if we utilized my two ideas though on this, to hide the header, and to have the all day event like that19:37
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: we can try that19:37
Akiva-Thinkpadtry both19:37
Akiva-Thinkpadsee which one is better19:38
Akiva-Thinkpadokay I'll make a branch for that; should be almost done.19:38
Akiva-Thinkpada redesign would not be a bad idea though as this is somewhat a hack job.19:38
mihir_nik90: popey , i spent couple of hours to re-design this day view  http://i.imgur.com/SYKqQul.png any comments  ?19:38
Akiva-Thinkpadmihir_, how does it effect the week view though?19:38
Akiva-Thinkpadbecause they both share common elements19:39
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: sorry i couldn't get your question19:39
Akiva-Thinkpadthat is the day view19:39
Akiva-Thinkpadwhat is the week view look like with your patch?19:39
Akiva-Thinkpadwhat does*19:39
mihir_ahh, nice question haven't tried, but it could remove Month year on top label19:41
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: and then MON 01 TUE 02 and then our timeline19:41
Akiva-Thinkpadif you get a screenshot; I'd love to see it19:42
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: it was in my to-do list but had some emergency so couldn't work today19:43
Akiva-Thinkpadno problem19:43
Akiva-ThinkpadIf I can figure out how to get the header to hide, then I can submit a branch19:44
Akiva-ThinkpadDoes anyone know what handle I should be looking for? Like how in NewEvent, when you pan down, the header hides?19:51
nik90mihir_: did you push?19:54
nik90mihir_: I am not at home atm19:54
mihir_nik90: nope i haven't pushed anything , was suppose to work but got some emergency so had to rush today19:54
mihir_nik90: okay did you look at screenshot?19:54
nik90Yeah I looked at the screenshot19:55
nik90Looks good19:55
nik90My phone is at 2% battery..so I might die out :p19:55
mihir_nik90: i had quick question19:55
mihir_nik90: i overrided the label , with head.content , now issue is19:56
mihir_it is hiding the right toolbar...i did try giving anchors but it didn't work19:56
mihir_if you notice in screenshot19:56
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: you there?19:58
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: nik90 popey weekview glimps , http://i.imgur.com/FrNd6aT.png19:59
mihir_nik90: if i might go off to bed, if you know the ans of my question , could you just email me , i'll work more tomorrow20:11
Akiva-Thinkpadhow do you hide that top menu bar?20:17
Akiva-Thinkpadthink its the flickable: property20:22
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: you got weekview screenshot?20:28
mihir_or you lost connection?20:28
Akiva-Thinkpadno connection issues20:28
Akiva-Thinkpadcould you resend?20:29
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: http://i.imgur.com/FrNd6aT.png20:29
Akiva-Thinkpadwow looks decent20:30
Akiva-Thinkpadonce I figure out how to get the flickable on that page20:30
Akiva-Thinkpadto set it to the header property, then we can both compare20:31
Akiva-Thinkpadbtw; what do all day events loook like on yours?20:31
Akiva-Thinkpadthat is basically what I have been tackling here20:31
mihir_Akiva-Thinkpad: ahhh , i have removed that component as of now20:35
Akiva-Thinkpadmihir_, yah lol; I did that too20:35
Akiva-Thinkpadi didn't realize at first that the blank bar actually had that purpose20:36
Akiva-Thinkpadthe code is a bit of a mess eh?20:36
Akiva-Thinkpadoh geez this code is really a mess21:28
Akiva-ThinkpadI try setting a flickable to one page, and the other page is sitting behind it21:28
Akiva-ThinkpadvidTollens, ah great21:43
Akiva-ThinkpadvidTollens, ping22:30
Akiva-ThinkpadvidTollens, sure23:09
Akiva-Thinkpadwhatchya need to know?23:09

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