wxlhey can i get the date for the next cycle's global jam? i couldn't set one up this cycle but i did find some folks that are willing to host!00:22
skellatHey there wxl00:35
skellatCanonical Community Team sets the date00:35
skellatWe only got late word this cycle00:35
skellatAnd with no schedule set for 15.04 yet, I don't have a date I could give you00:36
mhall119skellat: we would like the LC to be more involved in setting Global Jam dates02:18
ustazесть тут кто живой08:31
rafael_carrerasHere Catalan LoCo Team starting its Ubuntu Global Jam in Barcelona09:29
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mhall119rafael_carreras: \o/14:18
mhall119hope you have (had?) fun14:18
rafael_carrerasmhall119: still having fun :)14:18
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