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shaunolol, go to sleep man03:53
diddledanI knew there was something I forgot03:54
ali1234no, i have to delete spam posts about kitchens03:54
ali1234stilhaus kitchens burned my house down and killed my dog03:54
ali1234would not recommend03:54
shaunodo you ever take spam as a value judgement?03:54
shaunoI mean like, "man, I get the most dull spam in the world"03:54
diddledanI get porn in my spambox03:55
ali1234i don't get spam03:55
ali1234it isn't my forum i'm deleting them from03:55
shaunosome people get russian brides, some people get purple pills ... I get kitchens03:55
diddledanand apparently I'm a very desirable man03:55
ali1234what i want to know is do they really think anyone who would actually pay attention to spam is either smart enough or patient enough to fix all the deliberate errors they introduced to get past the URL filter?03:56
diddledanali1234: I read an opinion that it's the idiots that are too dumb to realise there's any errors that they're targeting03:57
ali1234but if they don't realise there's an error, how will they ever get to the website?03:58
diddledanwell now, that's the question, isn't it03:58
shaunoI wish it would rain :(03:59
diddledanshauno: did you leave Ireland?!04:00
shaunoI know!04:00
shaunoI'm used to it washing the drunks off the street by now.  but 5am and still no rain.  what the hell04:01
diddledando you have a build-up of drunks you need got rid of?04:02
shaunolol, yes04:03
brobosti1onmorning boys and girls.08:45
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directhexis it? :(08:50
brobostigonis it what?08:51
Laneyno it's not12:27
* popey puts a 4-bar heater under Colin_brrrrr 12:33
* popey plugs it into Laney's leccy.12:33
Laneyit's alright, mine comes out of the lamp post anyway12:34
Laneyoff to rubberneck http://www.nottinghampost.com/Residents-shock-aftermath-blaze-20m-University/story-22920732-detail/story.html12:36
Laney2 minutes that way ↑12:37
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popeyyo czajkowski13:10
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czajkowskifolks may be interested in following this, this weekend https://geekli.st/hackathon/53acdd6d414544f30d5027eb13:35
mappsyay back15:10
mappsgot nbanned because i left squid open15:10
Myrtti"don't do that"15:11
mappsi was just messing about and left squid runnong on the pi15:11
mappswith dansguardian15:11
Myrttimapps: I take that #151093 can be closed then?15:12
MyrttiJust a friendly notice to everyone who hasn't noticed it from elsewhere, change your nickserv passwords.15:13
mappshow did you know Myrtti  staff here?15:14
mappshopefully now my pi will connect to my wifi automatically15:14
mappswont be able to do anything else15:15
mappsgonna use it for watching iplayer and using betfair ;]15:15
czajkowskipopey: you got an utopic machine there bby any chance15:16
czajkowskipopey: does flash player work on it15:16
popeyczajkowski: which browser?15:17
czajkowskipopey: chromium15:18
popeyi dont have that installed.. lemme see15:18
czajkowskipopey: when i get directed to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect  I download and install15:18
czajkowskibut then software center pops up and says There isn’t a software package called “adobe-flashplugin” in your current software sources.15:19
popeyits flashplugin-installer15:19
popeyinstall that?15:19
czajkowskiflashplugin-installer is already the newest version.15:20
czajkowski0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.15:20
popeydunno then, i use chrome which has flash built in15:21
czajkowskipopey: cheers15:25
ahayzenczajkowski, try pepperflashplugin-nonfree? see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Flash15:27
popeyyeah, good call15:27
czajkowskiwhooo that worked15:33
czajkowskithank you both15:33
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penguin42http://cakeageddon.com/  too far from Letshworth17:10
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brobostigonnew dr who ep on bbc1 at 7:30pm.18:02
daftykinspff ;)18:03
mappsanyone around?20:03
* penguin42 yawns20:05
mappsgot apache2 on my raspberry pi but i cant see where the doc root is set?20:05
mappscant see it mentioned in apache2.conf (/etc/apache2/)20:05
penguin42normally somewhere under /var/www isn't it?20:06
mappsthe doc root is /var/www yea20:07
mappsi just wanted to change it20:07
daftykinsjust use it ;)20:08
mappsjust habbit i guess20:08
mappsnxt question then ..ive got openvpn running on there all works fine..how could i create a script to automate adding clients like with just 1 parameter like client name..when u do ./build-key-pass it needs you to press enter etc ..i could use expect i thought?20:09
penguin42mapps: Do you have an /etc/apache2/conf.d or /etc/apache2/sites-available ?20:09
mappsyea both20:10
penguin42mapps: And do you have an entry in sites-available ?20:10
mappsah yes20:11
ali1234what's a good webstats analyser? not webalizer or awstats20:11
ali1234something that understands wordpress would be good20:12
mappshm thats annoying..when i load the link to a .ovpn (open von client config file) in safari on iuphone it just views the file as text20:12
mappswanted it to open it with openvpn connect20:12
Myrttiali1234: I've heard lot said about piwik20:15
Myrttinot tried it myself though20:15
ali1234well it certainly looks nice and modern. will check it, thanks20:15
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