Kilosohi not_found  07:05
Kiloshi inetpro  and all others07:06
Kilosohi superfly 12:25
superflyhi Kilos12:25
* superfly is moeg12:25
Kilosai! so vroeg al?12:26
theblazehenHey guys12:28
theblazehenWho's all going to SFD?12:28
Kiloshi theblazehen long time no see12:28
theblazehenWas procrastinating with installing IRC client12:28
Kiloson what os?12:29
theblazehenoops, not tmux12:29
theblazehenKilos, linux. Wanted to use quassel12:29
theblazehenBut now just using old hexchat on craptop12:29
Kiloslol thats a kde thing12:29
theblazehenyeah, well..12:29
theblazehenGonna run core on a VPS12:30
Kilosim on hexchat here too12:30
theblazehenGot an android phone now12:30
Kilosi use konversation on kde12:30
Kiloseeek those things are too much for me12:30
theblazehenI'd prefer to use weechat, but I kinda like having it on my phone12:30
theblazehenKilos: You going to SFD?12:31
Kilosi dont go anywhere lad12:31
theblazehenlol, ok12:31
theblazehenKilos: How much storage space you got? Found something to mine, makes me around R50 / 3TB /day12:32
Kilosill get a new 1TB drive next week, atm on 80g12:33
theblazehenkk, nice12:33
Kilosbut mining eats data12:33
superflyquasseldroid on phone == awesomeness12:33
theblazehensuperfly, can confirm12:34
theblazehenKilos, not much, I used 120 MB over last month12:34
Kilosoh thats ok12:34
theblazehen1 TB = R613 / month at current rates12:34
Kilosexplain what you go in normal english12:34
theblazehenhttp://theblazehen.com/burst.html for 3 TB12:35
Kiloslemme go see12:35
theblazehenbasically instead of mining on you GPU, you store data on your hard drive12:35
theblazehenMakes magic money12:35
Kilosi need real money not magic money12:36
theblazehenwell sell the magic money! bitx.co.za12:36
Kilosyou didnt say what you gotta do, that link tells me nothing12:36
theblazehenCeate huge file on your hard drive, then run the miner, and it pays you every couple of hours. You then sell that on c-cex.com to get bitcoin. Sell that then on bitx.co.za to get rands12:37
Kiloshow huge a file12:38
Kilosand what mines where12:38
theblazehenAs big as possible. The bigger, the more you earn12:38
theblazehenMines using your hdd's file onto the burstcoin network12:38
Kilosyou mean it lets something else use your pc12:38
theblazehenJust your storage space. Basically like normal mining, but with HDD instead of GPU12:39
Kilosyou got time on your hands go check clickworker they got lots of stuff needs fixing or checking and pay in eu cents12:39
theblazehenyeah, I told ya about clickworker, remember!12:40
theblazehenThey pay you yet?12:40
Kilosoh ya well they got lots now12:40
theblazehengreat! :D12:40
Kilosi havent done anything12:40
Kilosthere are 40,000 pages and links to check12:41
Kilosi dont savvy what needs doing on them so left it12:42
theblazehenah, kk12:42
Kilosone of those sites where you buy stuff12:42
Kilosill remember the name just now12:43
Kilosdidnt they mail you?12:43
theblazehenMail me about?12:43
theblazehenmore work?12:43
Kilosthe mail says something is back and needs checking12:43
theblazehenah, can't remember12:44
Kilosill see it when i swop drives and will leave you a message here with maaz12:47
Kilosoh theblazehen i think it says ebay is back13:04
theblazehenyeah, ty13:10
Kilosi wonder what they aim is in attacking irc servers14:59
grant1_does anyone have advice in starting a LUG in port elizabeth, there does not seem to be much of a community here. I'm doing my Masters in CS at NMMU19:21
Kiloshi grant1_ welcome to ubuntu-za19:22
grant1_Hi Kilos19:23
grant1_I've been getting a few students at NMMU interested in raspberry pi projects, but not sure how to develop a proper community19:24
Kilosi dont think we have many pe peeps here,  but hang around maybe someone from one of the other lugs will popin with advice19:25
Kilossuperfly, can you help/19:25
grant1_I'm giving an Open Source talk for my department next week, I want to get more people interested 19:26
Kiloswe also have the new headman of the durban lug here when he isnt too busy19:26
Kiloslets see what we can find for you19:27
Kiloswe had some guys here last year that were there19:28
Kilossuperfly, what is the ct lug channel19:29
Kilospatience grant1_ the fly is really busy19:29
grant1_cool cool19:30
superflyCLUG? #clug on Atrum19:36
Kilosty superfly 19:36
Kilosgrant1_, ask there they might know the pe guys19:37
Kilosi forgot they were on atrum not freenode19:38
grant1_ok, thanks i'll try them too19:38
superflytumbleweed: ping19:39
tumbleweedsuperfly: hi19:40
tumbleweedsuperfly: btw, https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Bids/Cape_Town19:40
superflytumbleweed: hi, I have a packaging question (again)19:41
superflytumbleweed: there's a package for Debian unstable that is not in Ubuntu (will probably get into 14.10 though), that OpenLP needs. I figured the best way to do it was add it to our PPA on Launchpad. Thoughts?19:42
tumbleweedsuperfly: 14.10 is past feature freeze, so you need to get a move on to get it in19:42
superflytumbleweed: it's already in Debian, so I think it probably made it for 14.1019:43
superflytumbleweed: I just want to back-port it for older versions of Ubuntu19:43
tumbleweedright, official backports are an option19:44
tumbleweedif it's to support an official backport19:44
tumbleweedif it's supporting the PPA package, backport it in your PPA19:44
superflyJa, I was thinking of sticking it in our PPA19:45
superflyJust because then we don't need to worry about doing anything in Ubuntu19:45
superflyI think it's just for 14.04 and 12.0419:45
tumbleweedif you're interested in the bid, join the mailing list, hang out in the IRC channel19:46
superflyI will do. Busy adding myself to the page.19:46
superflywell, requesting access...19:48
theblazehenRegarding the recent freenode server compromise: "/msg NickServ set password YOURNEWPASSWORD (maximum length 79 characters)" ಠ_ಠ20:00
grant1_what is the best way to detect if you laptop or server has been hacked?20:10
theblazehengrant1_, Have you checked the logs?20:10
theblazehenCheck /var/log/auth.log as well as ~/.bash_history20:10
theblazehenAlthough they might be cleared20:10
theblazehenIf they are empty then that's a bad sign20:10
grant1_thanks theblazehen, i'll check them20:11
Trixar_zaor you just use bleachbit20:11
theblazehenTrixar_za, that works on linux?!20:11
Trixar_zaYes - it can clear your logs20:12
theblazehenalso maybe check rkhunter20:12
theblazehenTrixar_za, is that a feature? It's a antivirus right?20:12
Trixar_zaWith Debian based Linuxes, it installs two shortcuts - One for normal users and one as root. And it's more like CCleaner for Windows. It's not an Anti-Virus20:13
Trixar_zaYou're thinking of ClamAV20:13
theblazehenah, kk20:14
grant1_lol, lot of Failed password for root from port 3091 ssh220:14
grant1_someone is trying to brute force my password :/20:14
Trixar_zaYeah, that's a sign somebody has been trying to hack you20:14
theblazehengrant1_, yeah, you will get lots of that. Look for the success20:15
Trixar_zaWhy do you have port 3091 open for ssh anyway?20:15
theblazehenoh, 3091.. Hmm..20:16
theblazehenroot@theblazehen.com:~# cat /var/log/auth.log | grep -i failed | wc -l20:17
grant1_i'm not sure, i use port 22, not sure why he is trying to connect through 3091, maybe it is open for some reason20:17
theblazehenmind if I do a nmap on your server?20:18
grant1_sure, can't hurt, too much
theblazehennothings open on port 3091...20:20
theblazehenperhaps 3091 is source port of the guy doing burte force20:21
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. see ya tomorrow20:22
theblazehenI see you're running gitlab..  might be good idea to do a backup, then reinstall? Then disable ssh password auth, and do key only20:22
Trixar_zaWell, I just discovered gitprep20:23
Trixar_zaIt's a github clone - and I like it20:23
grant1_theblazehen, yes, i need to completely redo that server20:23
theblazehenTrixar_za, nice. Language?20:24
Trixar_zaPerl - but it's alright - CGI20:24
theblazehenOnly thing I don't like about gitlab is ruby on rails20:24
theblazehenwell, as "yay" as perl can be...20:24
grant1_is gitprep easy to install, gitlab is quite a mission20:27
theblazehengrant1_, yeah, gitlab sure it. Ya know digitalocean.com has a gittlab image?20:27
Trixar_zaLooks easy enough20:28
grant1_mmm, might go with them someday, i've been using github though for my masters project, don't really want the overhead of maintaining my own server for my project20:29
theblazehengrant1_, any reason to not just use git on your own computer? Without github, etc?20:30
superfly-_- Ruby on Rails... don't use anything based on RoR if you intend to use it for longer than 2 months. Dependency management is HORRIBLE20:32
grant1_theblazehen, that is probably a good idea, but i like to have it online any sync my project with multiple computers, i need to run my project on windows and linux machines20:32
superflygrant1_: you can still do that if you have some sort of central server20:33
grant1_at home and varsity20:33
superflyor you can just mirror the Linux kernel and e-mail patches around.20:33
grant1_superfly: i'm not really sure how to do that, by using ssh tunnels?20:34
superflygrant1_: well, let's say you have a Linux server accessible on the Internet, and you have an SSH account on it, you should just be able to git push git+ssh://myserver/repo.git20:35
superflyactually... the url would probably be more like git+ssh://myserver.net/home/me/repo.git20:35
superflybut I hate git, so don't ask me for exact usage20:36
grant1_superfly, thanks, i'll definately try that, i have not read up on all the advanced git stuff20:36
* superfly prefers to use version control systems that don't require you to get out the manual every time you want to use it.20:37
grant1_superfly, i usually write bash scripts to automate it and not have to memorize commands or i integrate directly with Eclipse20:43
superflyMy point exactly.20:43
superflyhave you heard of git-flow? It apparently makes git almost useable.20:44
grant1_superfly, googling git-flow now, that is still a lot of commands to remember or am i just getting old :/20:48
superflygrant1_: like I said, git is probably the most complicated DVCS you could have picked20:48
grant1_superfly, i do like it, i mostly use Eclipse, so it mostly hides all the details with a pretty GUI20:50
arnaudHello guys 22:34
arnaudsleeping already22:40
arnaudwish i could find someone here who got knowledge of MTR and who can help me to get my hands on that tools quick quick22:41
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